Nandgaon: Guide to home of Nand Baba

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Information About Nandgaon

Nandgaon was where Krishna ji, his elder brother Balram ji, parents Nand Baba, Yashoda Maa used to stay. Krishna ji lived in Nandgaon after the age of 11.

While Mathura is famous as the birthplace of Krishna ji, Gokul was the place where Krishna ji grew up with Balram ji and Govardhan was where he displayed the famous Krishna Leela, Nandgaon and Barsana stands out for the place where he did various Raas Leela with his beloved Radha.

The epitome of love, their loving pastimes are still remembered and celebrated with much zeal here.

Graffiti in Nandgaon

While one wall of Nandgaon is covered in cow dung cakes drying in sun, other walls are decorated with beautiful graffities from the life and times of Krishna ji, especially from his childhood.

Why is Nandgaon famous?

What is special about Nandgaon? Nandgaon is the 16th destination on a classical Braja Mandal Parikrama itinerary. Many devotees who perform Braja Mandal Parikrama, often stay at Nandgaon for 2-3 days because there are so many places to visit in Nandgaon.

Nandgaon is also famous because Krishna ji and Balram ji spent their childhood here. In fact, their name giving ceremony was also done here in a cowshed which was located near the present temple.

Did you know that there are close to 56 sarovar or ponds in Nandgaon? Even I had no idea until I actually visited Nandgaon. The mere darshan of each sarovar is desired by devotees.

Apart from the colossal Nand Baba Mandir, there are a total of 56 kund or water bodies in Nandgaon, each one of them significant and beautiful!

The graffities of Nandgaon, much like the similar graffities in Ayodhya are commissioned by Shri Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. It was neglected before he took action.

Where is Nandgaon located?

Both Nandgaon and Barsana are located on separate hills. While Nandgaon is located on Nandishwar Parvat, Barsana is located on Brahmachal Hill. Nandgaon is located just 8 kilometres away from Barsana.

Famous Tradition of Nandgaon and Barsana

There is an old tradition here that is still followed by the residents of Nandgaon and Barsana. The villagers of Barsana never marry their daughters to men of Nandgaon. This is so, because residents from Barsana believe that only one son in law (damaad) should belong to Nandgaon, which is Shri Krishna.

The belief is so strong because they feel that if the daughters of Barsana are married to sons of Nandgaon, then people will forget the immortal love of Radha ji and Krishna ji.

To this date, people of Barsana consider Radha ji as their daughter and men from Nandgaon as their son in law. They are showered with same love, respect and gifts when people from Nandgaon arrive or leave Barsana.

Even today the elders of Barsana do not even accept water from Nandgaon. And even now anyone who visits Barsana from Nandgaon is showered with money and gifts when they return. Therefore, in a way, residents of Barsana and Nandgaon complete each other despite never marrying in each other’s families.

Even in present times, all the boys of Nandgaon are considered to be friends of Krishna ji and all the girls of Barsana are considered to be friends of Radha ji.

This is why, despite the fact that thousands of years have passed, local people of Barsana and Nandgaon have continued to celebrate the relationship between Shri Krishna and Radha Rani ji.

Soul Window Thoughts!

Who knows, the present residents of Barsana and Nandgaon might actually be real descendants of people who lived here in Dwapar Yug? This 5,000 years old tale still feels so fresh!

Top Places to see in Nandgaon

Below are the main attractions in Nandgaon. These unique must-see places in Nandgaon are not to be missed. The best sightseeing attractions of Nandgaon are mentioned below in detail.

Nand Bhawan, Nand Mahal or Nand Mandir

The entrance to Nand Baba Mandir, accessed through narrow lanes is grand. It is after all, a major attraction in Nandgaon.

The top place to see in Nandgaon is the home of Nand Baba. He had shifted here from Gokul along with other villagers. This is where Nand Baba, Yashoda maa, Krishna ji and Balram ji used to stay for a long time, which some say, is 8-10 years.

Much like the beautiful Kirti Mandir of Barsana, which I visited earlier in the day, the temple of Nand baba is also built on a grand scale.

You can participate in a bhandara on a daily basis here. Yes, free lunches are available in India! You must accept the Bhandara prasad.

You can also make donations to Shree Nandlala Sewa Samiti. The famous Namaj fiasco had also happened here in which some Muslims desecrated the temple complex by deceitfully reading Namaj inside the temple complex.

Why Nand Baba shifted to Nandgaon?

Nand Baba and is family found a safe haven here as no demon or asura sent by Kans, maternal uncle of Krishna Ji could reach here. It is said that if a demon attempts to visit Nandgaon, he or she would turn to stone. Devotees can have the darshan of entire family of Krishna ji here. It is a rare place where you can have darshan of entire family of Krishna ji.

Just like how devotees visit the home of Ram ji, Sita ji and Dashrath Maharaj in Ayodhya, Nandgaon is the same for Krishna ji.

Banyan Tree

The courtyard of the temple itself is huge. There is a huge sacred banyan tree located here. Devotees tie colorful threads on the tree, to attract prosperity and good luck. A temple devoted to Kali Maa is also located in the shadow of Banyan Tree.


The drop-dead gorgeous interiors of Nand Bhawan are decorated with colourful painting from the life of Krishna ji.

Many of the leelas (miracles) which Krishna ji performed here are depicted on the paintings of wall and ceiling. Other events from the childhood of Lord Krishna are also painted beautifully on the walls and even the ceilings of Nand Bhawan. The carvings on the pillars are equally stunning.

Inside Nand Bhawan

Did you know that Nand Bhawan is the only Hindu Temple where Nand Baba and Yashoda Maa, the foster parents of Krishna ji are worshipped?

Idols of Nand Baba, Yashoda Maa, Krishna ji, Balram ji and Radha ji are worshipped by lakhs of devotees here. Rohini ji and Revati ji (wife of Balram ji) are also worshipped here. Even the idols of friends of Krishna Bhagwan such as Madhumanhala and Sudama are worshiped here.

Who built Nand Bhawan of Nandgaon?

Who constructed Nand Bhawan? It is said that in ancient times, Nand Bhawan was built by Vishwakarma ji, who is the divine architect of the universe much before the advent of time. However, it was destroyed over time. The new temple was built again here.

The present structure of Nand Bhawan was constructed by Raja Rupa Singh on the same spot at Nandishwar hill where Nand Baba and Yashoda Maa used to stay with young Krishna ji and Balram ji.

When was Nand Bhawan constructed?

The history of Nand Bhawan can be traced back to 19th century. I noticed many features of Rajasthani architecture here.

Shri Charan Pahadi

Footprints of Krishna ji can still be seen at the Shri Charan Pahadi, much like how footprints of Radha ji can be seen in Radha Rani Mandir of Barsana. You must not leave Nandgaon before having the darshan of charan (footprints) of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. It is located very close to the Nand Bhawan. This is one of the best places to see in Nandgaon.

Nand Kund

Nand Kund is located on the same road as Yashoda Kund. This lesser-known place is off the beaten track.

Yashoda Kund

One of the most important Kunds of Nandgaon, many childhood memories of Bala Krishna and Balram ji can be traced back to here.

This pious water tank is devoted to Yashoda Maa, the foster mother of Shri Krishna. This was the place where Yashoda Maa used to visit along with her sons Krishnaji, Balram ji and the sakhas.

Maa Yashoda used to come here every day to have a bath along with the kids. Hau Bilau Statues are located towards the western banks of the pond.

Hau Bilau Statues

Do not forget to see the ancient statue of Hau Bilau near Yashoda Kund. Popular with history buffs and devotees alike, the statue of Hau Bilau is very unusual. It is a top place to visit in Nandgaon.

Some miscreants had stolen 4 of these statues to sell in international markets in the year 2013. However, they were caught and the statues of demon/hobgoblins were recovered in New Delhi.

You can still see 2 of the statues of Hau Bilau here. However, unfortunately, it is in broken or khandit state. The Hau Bilau statues are located on the western banks of Yashoda Kund. The Hau Bilau statues measure 2 feet or 70 centimeters tall and 3 feet or 1 meter long

To scare the kids when they didn’t listen to her, Yashoda maa used to scare them saying a demon named Hau Bilau will pick them up and eat them alive if they continued to disobey her. On saying this, both Krishna ji and Balram ji used to run hurriedly towards her. She would pick them up and they would leave.

“What a beautiful story!”, I told to myself. Isn’t it lovely that so many years have passed and mothers still do the same in India?

Pavan Sarovar

Pavan Gopa ji, who was the father of Vishakha Sakhi ji is credited with the construction of Pavan Sarovar of Nandgaon.

It is said that Nand Baba expressed desire to perform Tirth yatra. He asked Krishna ji to take him on Tirth Yatra someday. Krishna ji closed his eyes and created the Pavan Sarovar, thereby fulfilling the promise to show Tirth to Nand Baba.

Krishna ji and Gopas used to visit Pavan Sarovar every evening with their herd of cows. They would drink water here, play, swim and pass time.

As per the tradition, the devotees visit Pavan Sarovar, sprinkle its holy water on their head and move to the Nand Baba temple, which is located on a hill.

It is a very quiet and peaceful place. There are many temples around the Pavan Sarovar. Monkeys are also not far behind. Devotees do visit Pavan Sarovar to take a holy dip in the pond!

The sheer apathy and lack of public amenities here is concerning. The Pavan Kund is a huge pond which is spread across 20 acres.

A darshan of Bhajan Kutir of Shrila Sanatan Goswami is alsoadvised. This was the holy land where Sanatan Goswami sat and meditated.

Panihari Kund

Also known as Panghat Kund, it is one of the most important of all the kunds of Nandgaon. Do you know about the secret of Panghat Kund of Nandgaon?

This is where the gopis used to come in Dwapar Yuga to fill their pots with fresh water.

Krishna ji had made a promise to Gopis that he would meet them here. The Gopis, therefore used to regularly come to Panihari Kund, in anticipation of looking lovingly at him. True to his promise, Shri Krishna used to sit at the Panihari Kund and wait for them patiently.

When Shri Krishna used to visit the Panihari Kund, the gopis used to get lost, looking at him. The gopis used to even lose track if they are even filling the water or not?

As per the book Braj Yatra Granth, which was written by Murlika Sharma, Shri Krishna had special affection for Panihari Kund. It is said that mother of Krishna ji, Maa Yashoda also used to come here to fill pots with water.

On the half Aashan Amavasya, Krishna ji had organized a Gval Mandal on Panihari Kund in Dwapar Yuga. In this event, a wrestling match or Kushti was played out between Krishna ji and his brother Balram ji. First Krishna ji had won the match and later Balram ji own the match over him. Their father Nand Baba had gifted flute and patka to Krishna ji and Balram ji respectively! I am sure you did not know about this fact!

One of the miraculous properties of the water of Panihari Kund is that in winters, by merely clapping, the water of the tank becomes warm.

There are stairs and ghats at Panihari Kund where people still come to fill water. The water here is so fresh that people still drink water from Panihari Kund. Although, we live in Kaliyug and the tube-wells have replaced the tradition of carrying water in pots, the charm of Panihari Kund has refused to wane.

Very few people come to this offbeat place to visit in Nandgaon. It is a pity to see the dismal maintenance of the Panihari Kund, which is such a historical place in Nandgaon.

The quaint Panihari Kund is located on the way to Kama from Nandgaon. Starting from Nandgaon, you need to turn left after 1 kilometer to arrive at Panihari Ghat, which is spread across 15 acres.

Since Panghat Kund is a quiet place, you can see many peacocks here, especially during the early morning! Just like how it must have been during the time of Krishna ji! The air here is fresh and polluted as it is located in an isolated place. There are many temples on the ghat of the temple tank – Panihari Kund.

Rare Peelu Tree

You can also see the rare peelu tree (Also known as meethi jal or Salvadora oleoides) around the ghats of Panihari Kund. It is no co incidence that the peelu tree also finds mention in the great Hindu epic- Mahabharat. Found in India, Pakistan and South Iran, the peelu tree has antimicrobial agents and it is traditionally used as toothbrush, just like the medicinal Neem. Another tree found here is Kadamb tree.

Such is the aura of the place that even today in Kaliyug, you can see some Hindu Sadhus meditating in the forests around Panihari Kund.

Raas Mandap

A modern Raas Mandap is built on the ancient site near Panihari Kund. A traditional Raas Leela has been organized in Rass Mandap of Nandgaon since medieval India. Beautiful figures of peacocks can be seen on the Rass Mandapa.

Even today Panihari Leela is performed during Raas Leela here every year on the Dwitiya of Shukl Paksh of Aashan Maas, as per the Hindu calendar.

Shri Moti Kund/Mukta Kund – Mystery and secrets!

Do you know about the secret of mysterious Moti Kund?

There is an interesting story behind Moti Kund, as per the Garg Samhita, which is a detailed reputed account about the life of Shri Krishna Bhagwan. When Krishna Bhagwan lifted the Govardhan mountain on his small fingers, many eyebrows raised. The gopas understood that their friend Krishna ji is no ordinary boy. The gopas went to meet Nand Baba in group.

The gopas accused Nand Baba of hiding the identity of Krishna ji. They claimed that Shri Krishna was not the son of Nand Baba (which was true!). They asked him to come clean. Nand Baba relented and explained everything to them. He told the gopas what Garg Muni had told him. That their friend Krishna ji was extra ordinary! That he has various avatars! That he is NOT ONE OF US!

When they got to hear that Krishna ji was going to be son-in-law of Vrishbhanu ji, they reached the home of latter. The gopas doubted that Krishna ji was indeed a supreme power! Not only did they want to test him, but also wanted to see the supernatural powers he had.

They chose Vrishbhanu ji as a medium of their test. On insistence of gopas, Vrishbhanu ji sent a necklace of precious pearls in the home of Krishna ji as ‘shagun’.

On receiving such as expensive shagun, Nand Baba got worried. Each pearl in that shagun was very precious. The inability to send back a shagun which is worth more, made him concerned for his honor.

On seeing the dilemma of his foster father, Krishna ji dismantled the pearl necklace and sowed the individual pearls in soil. Others who were amused at his charming antics initially, were shocked to see plants growing out of pearls. Each plant bore several pearls. These pearls were sent to Vrishbhanu ji by Nand Baba.

This established the fact that Krishna ji indeed was a supreme deity. The place where Krishna ji sowed the pearls is now known as Moti Kund. It is also known as Teerth Raj or Mukta Sarovar.

Peelu fruits

Circa Kaliyug! There are many karil and peelu trees that surround the Moti Kund aka Mukta Kund. However, one species of tree stands out!

Beautiful small white fruits flood the peelu tree, which is located around Moti Kund. These white fruits look like pearls which is also the English word for ‘Moti’. This is a lesser-known fact.

The local people and devotees collect these white fruits as they consider it a good luck to do so. It is said that if someone keeps these white fruits in their safe locker or wallet, they will never face dearth of money in life!

This is also why Krishna ji is also worshipped as Moti Bihari ji. You can visit an old temple on the ghats of the Moti Kund where it is possible to have a good darshan of Moti Bihari ji. It is a famous temple, visited by many devotees. If you are lucky, you will be able to hear Akhand Ramayan during your visit. Bhandara is also distributed here regularly.

Address: If you drive from one kilometer from Nandgaon to the famous Gidoh village, you will arrive at Moti Kund. It is also near to the path between Kama-road and Pavan Sarovar.

Entry: Entry is free here.

Vrinda Kund

Did you know that it was Tulsi Maharani, also known as Vrinda Devi, who was the person who used to organize the pastimes of Radha ji and Krishna ji? Devotees sit by this lake and spend the time chanting and meditating. Since it is an unexplored place, you will find lot of peace here.

From reading sacred Hindu text such as Krishna Bhavanamrta and Govinda Lilmrta, we know that Vrinda Devi arranges the asta-kaliya lila of Shri Radha Rani and Shri Krishna.

Her parrot, headed by Daksha used to inform her of the activities of the divine couple, so that she could prepare for their meeting. Vrinda Devi is worshipped in a temple which is located near the kund or water tank. She is seen here holding a parrot.

Tulsi Vivah festival or Tulsi Shaligram Vivah is celebrated in the month of Kartik, every once in a year with much fanfare at Vrinda Kund.

Vrinda Kund is located only 3 kilometers away from Nandgaon and 4 kilometers away from Ter Kadamb. It is sad that the Muslim invaders had desecrated this place as well.

Gupta Kund

Gupta Kund is located right behind Vrinda Kund. This was the place where Radha ji used to meet Krishna Bhagwan in the morning. It is one of the top places to see in Nandgaon.

Ter Kadamb

This lesser visited place is located just 1.5 kilometers from Nand Bhawan. This offbeat place to visit is significant because Krishna Bhagwan played melodious tunes from his bansuri or flute and called 9,00,000 cows. Do visit this offbeat place in Nandgaon. It is one of the most sacred places of Vraj Bhumi.

Also, the tree under which Srila Rupa Goswami used to sing bhajan or holy songs is still present here. This is also an important place because Srila Rupa Goswami had spent much of his time here and composed literary work on Radha Krishna as instructed by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The people who follow Srila Rupa Goswami are known as Rupanugas or Gaudiya Vaishnavas. It is said that chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra even once at Ter Kadamba is as good as chanting it 9,00,000 times. During the Kartik or Purusottam month, devotees throng the premises of the temple and chant and sing bhajan all day. It is a good time to visit Ter Kadamb.

Some of the festivals celebrated at Ter Kadamb are Gopastami and Srila Rupa Goswami Appearance Day. Srila Rupa Goswami Bhajan Sthali is located away from the crowds. What’s more? The original manuscript of Updesamrta or The Nectar of Instruction, which guides people to find the true purpose of human birth is also located here.

Legend of Ter Kadamb

There is a famous legend associated with this place, according to which Radha Rani made a special kheer for Srila Rupa Goswami ji. Since he didn’t have any food because he was so absorbed in writing, Radha Rani appeared as little girl or lali and served him the kheer. You can see associated pictures which depict these events around the temple premises.

Also, when his brother Sanatan Goswami, who was visiting him, tasted it, he knew that it was no ordinary kheer. Experiencing a certain devotional ecstasy, he was able to figure out that this divine kheer was made by no one else but Radhan Rani.

Aasheshwar Mahadev Mandir

It is one of the most important temples devoted to Shiv Bhagwan in Braj Bhoomi. I and my travel blogger friend Divyakshi Gupta visited this holy temple on the auspicious day of Monday.

In Dwapar Yug, Shiv Bhagwan had visited Braj Bhoomi several times. It is said that when Vasudev ji had left Bal-Krishna in the safe custody to Maa Yashoda and Nand Baba, Shiv ji had visited the place for divine darshan of infant Krishna ji.

However, Yashoda Maa was unable to recognize Shiv ji because he appeared in the form of a Yogi. Thus, she refused him the darshan. Annoyed, Shiv ji sat here for a long time, till Yashoda Maa gave him darshan of Baal-Krishna.

I offered milk here and Divyakshi also performed pooja at the Shivlinga with sacred bel leaves and fresh flowers she bought from a shop outside. I have noticed that every where I go in Braj Bhoomi, I have seen a water tank or sarovar or kund. I saw a beautiful water tank near Aasheshwar Mahadev Mandir as well.

I even had a bhandara (free lunch), in a building right outside Aasheshwar Mahadev Mandir. It consisted of a unique red colored sweet poori with delicious bhaji.

The other important Shiv Temples in Brij Bhoomi are Rangeshwar Mandir and Gopeshwar Mandir. Lakhs of devotees visit these temples.

Is Gokul and Nandgaon same?

Many people are confused if Gokul and Nandgaon are same? Well, Nandgaon is not same as Gokul. Both are located at close distance from each other in Braj Bhoomi.

Nomenclature of Nandgaon

Nandgaon is named after Nand Baba, the foster father of Krishna ji. Nand here stands for him and Gaon means village. So Nandgaon is village of Nand Baba.

Etymology: Nand Bhawan is also known as Nandgram temple or Chaurasi Khamba Temple because 84 pillars support the temple here.  The number 84 holds great significance.

As per the religious scriptures of Sanatan Dharm, the number 84 represents 84,00,000 species of life in the material world. So, it signifies that the pillars present here contain all life forms which co-exist in the universe.

History of Nandgaon

Nandgaon has great historical significance which dates back to the times of Mahabharat. Since 5,000 years, Nandgaon has remained a bustling hill town which still tells the tales from the early life of Krishna Bhagwan.

Me at a door near Nand Bhawan in Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh. Pic by: Divyakshi Gupta

Excursions from Nandgaon

Below are some of the best places to visit near Nandgaon.

  • Agra
  • Gokul
  • Barsana
  • Mathura
  • Vrindavan
  • New Delhi
  • Govardhan
  • Raman Reti
  • Raskhan Ki Samadhi

On A Soul Window, you can read my blogs on these religious places. Abhinav Siingh of A Soul Window has been listed as one of the best travel influencers and bloggers of India many times.

Festival of Nandgaon

Holi in Nandgaon

Holi of Nandgaon, which is also known asNandgaon ki Holi or Nandgaon Barsane Ki Holi is popular festival known across the world. Holi is played on a grand scale in Nandgaon as well as Barsana. The Holi in Braj Bhoomi is world-famous for a good reason. Lakhs of people from India and other foreign nations come to Nandgaon to experience the unique festivities here.

Holi of Nandgaon is unique because it takes place a few days before the actual date of Holi. It is an experience of a lifetime for sure. Do join the celebrations! Holi takes place every year in March. You need to check dates every year as it keeps changing.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Nandgaon

It is easy to find some great vegan and vegetarian dishes in Nandgaon as most of the local people are vegetarian by default. The vegans may need to watch out because food culture of Nandgaon is heavy on dairy products such as ghee, dahi, paneer. Mil based deserts and chena sweets.

You will find dairy in most of the food. If you are a vegan, then for many dishes you can request a non-dairy vegetarian version of the meal too.

I had delicious lassi right outside one of the shops that line Nand Bhawan. You can also have poori sabzi at the bhandara here for free. Yes, much like Sikhs, Hindus do a lot of community service across the world and offer free lunches.

Vegan samosa, Kachori, bedhai are also popular snacks here.

Is it safe to visit Nandgaon?

Nandgaon is one of the safest places near Delhi I have traveled to. Nandgaon lacks the crime of Delhi as most people here are friendly and peace loving. Both males and females can easily travel to Nandgaon safely, even during the festival of Holi when the crowd surges.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Nandgaon

There are many shops that line the narrow street that leads up to Nand Bhawan. You can buy anything from pooja samagri, flowers, metal idols of Gods, trinkets, artificial jewellery, sweets for prasad, toys and even a refreshing glass of every one’s favourite lassi.

Explore rural life of Nandgaon

Despite being located so close to New Delhi, Nandgaon has been able to retain its village charm. While walking around Nandgaon, I felt that perhaps this is how it must have been like thousands of years ago in Dwapar Yug.

Taking a self-guides free walking tour in the villages of Nandgaon is the best thing to do here. I had a lovely time interacting with a local kid who explained to me on the story of Ukhal Bandhan. You can see our conversation on my video on Nandgaon on You Tube. Simply search for ‘A Soul Window Nandgaon’ on You Tube.

ATM in Nandgaon

There are not many ATMs in Nandgaon. It is better to withdraw some cash in Mathura and New Delhi, so that you don’t face any disappointment and waste time in locating ATM in Nandgaon.

Photography Tips for Nandgaon

Nandgaon is a scenic place. The picturesque hill top temple offers great views of the surrounding area. The graffiti on the walls near Nand Bhawan is also a great photography opportunity. If you are into architectural photography, you should also click pictures of the beautiful paintings on the walls of the main temple here.

Hire local tourist guide in Nandgaon

If you hire a local tourist guide, he can take you to several hidden gems of this historical destination. There are many unheard-of places in Nandgaon which only a local tourist guide can take. They also reveal so many stories associated in Braj at the places they actually happened.

Languages spoken in Nandgaon

Hindi and Bhojpuri are the main languages spoken in Nandgaon. English is also widely understood and spoken here.

Toilet facility in Nandgaon

Clean toilets are available near the Nand Bhawan temple.

Entry fee in Nandgaon

Of course, there is no entry fee to visit all the points of attractions in Nandgaon. There are indeed many free things to do in Nandgaon, including having free lunches.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Nandgaon

If you love are on a backpacking budget and prefer going to inexpensive and pocket friendly places, then Nandgaon is the right choice. Since there is no entry fee to visit all the places of interest in Nandgaon, it saves a lot of cost.

Also, you can visit all the tourist attractions like temples and sarovars with low-cost public transport, lowering the cost further down. The prices of accommodation and food are also very low.

Solo Trip Tips for Nandgaon

If you are a solo traveler like me, you will love to visit Nandgaon. Since it is located just 2 hours away from Delhi and Agra, Nandgaon is an easy destination to travel to as a solo traveller. Nandgaon being a low-cost destination also helps.

Luxury travel Tips for Nandgaon

There are not many luxury activities available in Nandgaon. However, if you stay in Mathura or Goverdhan, where I stayed, you can avail luxury facilities such as 5-star hotels, AC cars etc.

Where to stay in Nandgaon

Since it is a small village near Barsana, Nandgaon has very basic hotels. There are many lodges, guest houses, dharamshalas and budget hotels in Nandgaon but do not expect ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts in Nandgaon.

What to wear in Nandgaon

You must dress up respectfully and modestly because Nandgaon is a highly sacred place.

Timings of Nandgaon

The temples and other tourist places in Nandgaon are open from early morning to late evening. I visited most of the must-visit places of Nandgaon in the afternoon.

Best Time to visit Nandgaon?

Krishn Bhakts visit Nandgaon throughout the year. For them good weather is not a criterion. That said, winter is the best time to pay a visit to Nandgaon.


I visited Nandgaon around my birthday in the third week of November. Days were pleasantly warm in November during my visit. It was the best time to wander around Braj Bhoomi, with a balmy sun kissing me as I hopped from one sightseeing place to another. October, February and March also have mild temperatures. December and January are the coldest months in Nandgaon. March is the best time to be here as this is when the famous Lathmar Holi of Nandgaon and Barsana takes place.


Summer months of April, May and June are very hot in Nandgaon. You can still visit Nandgaon as many people come here during summer.


Thanks to a pleasant climate, it is a pleasure to visit Nandgaon in monsoon. The rainy season is when temperatures are low and weather is perfect. A rain here and there can be managed.

Duration of Visit in Nandgaon

How many days to spend in Nandgaon? What can I do in 1 day in Nandgaon? All the must-see places of Nandgaon can be easily visited in a span of few hours. In fact, I and Divyakshi were able to visit all the top places to see in Nandgaon and Barsana within a day as a road trip from Goverdhan.

What can I do in 2 days in Nandgaon? If you have an extra day in Nandgaon, you can explore several lesser visited places around the Nand Bhawan. There are many secret places and sarovars that you can take several weeks if you fully want to visit Nandgaon and Barsana.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Nandgaon

Easily available local auto rickshaws are available for both fully reserved and shared basis. These are available across Nandgaon but most of public transport is commonly available near the main attractions of this temple town.

How to reach Nandgaon

Here are all possible ways to reach Nandgaon.


There is no airport in Nandgaon. The nearest airport from Nandgaon is located in Agra. But better connectivity is available at Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi, which is also just 2-3 hours away.


There are no railway stations in Nandgaon. The nearest big railway station from Nandgaon is located in Mathura, Agra and New Delhi. Railway station at Kosi Kalan is also located just 10 kilometers away from Nandgaon.


Buses to Mathura are available from New Delhi. You can take local transport or hire a taxi from Mathura to reach Nandgaon

Road Trip

I and Divyakshi did a road trip from Govardhan to Nandgaon. The roads here are very smooth and passes through scenic locations. You can even stop at the undulating mustard fields here in the winters.

Distances from Nandgaon

Nandgaon is located very close to all the important places to see in Braj Bhoomi such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Raman Reti, Govardhan and Barsana. Govardhan and Barsana are the other major Hindu pilgrimage sites located close to Nandgaon.

Most of these places are located just 1-2 hours away from each other. I visited all of the above-mentioned places as a male solo traveller within just a week using public transport.

Conclusion: Is Nandgaon worth visiting?

Why visit Nandgaon? Here are my final thoughts. Nandgaon, is one of the top spiritual places to see in Uttar Pradesh and India. Since two prominent deities, Krishna ji who was an avatar of Vishnu ji and his brother Balram ji were raised here, crores of people visit Nandgaon.

In a nutshell, if you have not visited Nandgaon, then your pilgrimage across the sacred Braj Bhoomi is incomplete. To summarise, a visit to Nandgaon is the best way to pay your respects to Krishna Bhagwan. Famous internationally for its Lathmar Holi, Nandgaon is indeed a top place to see in Braj.

The view from my Soul Window is not a secret anymore!

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