Raman Reti, Brahmand Ghat, Chintaharan Ghat: In a time capsule!

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Information About Raman Reti

This was the location where Krishna ji, Balram ji and their cow herder friends used to play in sand in their childhood. Raman Reti is thus one of the most important religious sites for the devout Shree Krishna devotees.

Even today, some devotees roll in the sand of Raman Reti. This is seen as a blessing of the Bhagwan Shri Krishna. Raman Reti is spread over a large area and there are many points of attractions here after every few steps.

History of Raman Reti

It is said that Krishna Bhagwan himself appeared before Swami Gyandasji, who did severe penance for 12 long years in Raman Reti. This had pleased the supreme God and he presented himself before Gyandasji. This event unfolded around 200 years ago. This is the most detailed travel guide on Raman Reti.

Nomenclature of Raman Reti

The literal meaning of Raman is ‘divine play’. Reti means sand. Since Krishna ji and Balram ji used to play in sand here with other cow herder kids, it is named as Raman Reti.

Why is Raman Reti Famous?

What is special about Raman Reti? Raman Reti is famous because Shri Krishna, Balram ji and their friends used to play here in sand as kids. This is also the place where Shri Krishna used to wait for Radhaji after which they would go to Vrindavan together.

Raman Reti Mandir is also famous because Shri Krishna had also killed several demons here. He also performed countless miracles here.

Where is Raman Reti located?

Raman Reti is located in close proximity with Brahmand Ghat, Gokul and Mathura, in that order.

Ambiance of Raman Reti

Throughout the day, you can expect devotees and pujaris singing bhajan in the praise of Lord, chanting and surrendering! The serene environment here is apt for yoga and meditation under a tree.

Places to see in Raman Reti

I was surprised to discover that there are many places of interest within the walled compound of Raman Reti. The best part is that all the tourist attractions of Raman Reti are located at walking distance from each other. Below are some of the major attractions of Raman Reti.

Deer Park of Raman Reti

There is also a deer park located here. This is one of the top places to see in Raman Reti. Spotted deer and blackbucks can be seen here. I had seen black bucks in Tal Chappar Blackbuck Sanctuary and a Bishnoi Village in Rajasthan. The deer here are domestic and face no threat from predators. It is a very popular tourist place in Raman Reti.

Soul Window Observations

I am against zoo but this looked like a good place for the blackbucks and other deer species to stay. Since it is located on a huge ground, I don’t think the animals feel claustrophobic or caged here. In wild, animals anyways have a limited territory where they roam.

The animals here are well taken care of and fed several times in a day. I also noticed a small cage with birds and other animals. Though I was annoyed to see animals caged in a small place but it could also be a rehabilitation of recovering animals.

Roll In the sand

When I entered the premises of Raman Reti at 4 a.m. when it opened, I was amused to see all the devotees running towards the large area filled with sand. Located behind the main temple here, hundreds of devotees playfully threw sand at each other. This is the thing to do here with family and kids.

Many devotees also rolled in the sand here. Devotees feel blessed when the holy sand of Braj touches their body. The devotees firmly believe that the foot marks of Shri Krishna are still imprinted in the holy sand of Raman Reti.

After all, it is not every day that devotees get to touch the same sand where Krishna ji and Dauji once played as kids. It is observed that the sand of Raman Reti doesn’t stick to the clothes. I sprinkled some holy sand on my head and spent a long time here observing the activities. It is the best place ever for people-watching, I discovered.

Raman Reti tour is incomplete without a visit here. I saw that people visited Raman Reti in large groups of family or friends. Raman Reti is also a favourite picnic spot for many. People sang bhajans or holy song and even danced in groups. The sheer joy and devotion I saw in Raman Reti is infectious. This is one of the highlights of Raman Reti Tourism.

Raman Sarovar

A sacred kund known as Raman Sarovar is located right behind Raman Reti. Thousands of devotees take a holy dip here on a daily basis. A signboard warns that ‘water level is very deep here’. It is therefore advised to stay safe and bathe only near the stairs of the ghat of the pond.

It is a large and well-maintained pond, surrounded by trees on all sides. It is also known as Shri Bihari Ji Kund Marg.

I walked for some time here in silence before moving on to other major attractions of Raman Reti. This is one of the top sightseeing attractions here. There are many such offbeat places to see here. I also noticed Sculptures pf various avatars of Vishnu ji such as fierce part man and part lion Narsimha avatar as I walked around Raman Sarovar.

Shri Raman Bihari Kreeda Sthal: Children’s Park

I saw that a large number of kids visit Raman Reti with their parents. Kids have their own kid zone within the Raman Reti precincts where they can play and keep busy. There are many swings for the children here. What better way to pay a tribute to Bala Gopala, the infant Krishna ji.

I also noticed many adults enjoying the swing as well. It is a popular picnic spot in Raman Reti where families sit on bedsheets under the dense canopy of trees.

Raman Reti Ashram

It is an ashram located in the Raman Reti premises. Lots of lovely ‘kutiya’ or cottages are built in the Raman Reti Ashram premises where saints and Rishis stay. The walls are decorated with stunning carvings of scenes from the life of Krishna ji.

It is a very quiet and peaceful location. Surrounded by dense trees, birds love to sing here. It is a quaint place, located away from the crowds. Do not miss this point of attraction.

Wall carvings

This is a must-visit place. Through this comprehensive travel guide to Raman Reti, I want to show you all the aspects of this unique place. There are many beautiful carvings on the white wall opposite the Ramn Reti Ashram. Episodes from the life of Shri Krishna and Radha Rani are depicted here. Each and every carving here is worth admiring for a long time. It is a free thing to do here.

Raman Reti Mandir

This must-see place is located ahead of the ground where people roll in sands. When I entered this huge hall which housed many temples, I was greeted with two pujaris singing bhajans. I stopped here for sometime and donated them some money.

Beautiful idols of Radha Krishna are worshipped here by the devotees. You must offer prasad here. The hall which houses these individual temples is huge. Beautiful art work is also done on the walls of this temple hall.

I also had darshan of other deities here such as Hanuman ji. Do visit Raman Reti Mandir before rolling in the sand. There is also a small Shiva temple near the Raman Reti Mandir. It has a tall Shikhara and a beautiful work of jaali is done on its walls.

Ramanbihariji Mandir

Ramanbihariji mandir is the exact spot where Shri Krishna, impressed with his penance, appeared before saint Swami Gyandasji some 200 years ago. The Krishna idol made in stone at Rangbihariji Mandir is much talked about.

When the local people of Gokul asked what Ramanbihariji looked like and wanted to have his darshan too, Gyandasji decided to install an idol in the Ramanbihariji temple which resembled the description of Krishna Bhagwan as given by him to others.

Gyandasji, the famous saint is the man behind the idol housed in Rangbihariji Mandir.  Ramanbihariji temple is located in Karshni Ashram, Raman Reti in Old Gokul. This is one of the best offbeat places to see here.

Raskhan Ji Samadhi Sthal

This is located just 150 meters away from Raman Reti. It is a major pilgrimage for devotees of poet Raskhan. Old Taj Bib Samadhi is also located near Raskhan Ji Samadhi Sthal. It is a lesser-known fact. Both the samadhis are well-maintained and located in a sprawling garden area.

As I walked in the manicured lawns, I couldn’t help but pause and read the Raskhan ke dohe which were written after every few steps. You can read my blog on Raskhan Ki Samadhi in my detailed blog. These places make for a great weekend destination from New Delhi.

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Brahmand Ghat

We in India, have all heard of the stories from the Mahabharat era. Dwapar Yuga was when Shri Krishna showed many miracles or better still, performed his leelas. One of his baal leela happened when Yashoda ji, the foster mother of Shri Krishna saw the universe in mouth of baby Krishna after he ate the mud here.

The place where this miracle happened is now known as Brahmand Ghat. This episode from the life of Krishna Bhagwan is very well known.

Till date, the soil of Brahmand Ghat of Gokul is considered to be sacred as devotees feel blessed when they touch the same soil which was once played with and eaten by Shri Krishna. No wonder, many devotees pack mud from Brahmand Ghat and take it back home.

It is said that a person who gets darshan of Brahmand Ghat gets Mukti. Devotees also sprinkled the drops on themselves from the divine Yamuna River.

Soul Window Thoughts

In today’s world, when we are distancing ourselves from nature and growing abnormally obsessed with safety, hygiene and cleanliness, it is refreshing to visit Gokul. Unlike the pampered and cocooned kids of urban India of today, growing up in Varanasi and Kanpur, I used to frequently put mud in my mouth.

No wonder, my immunity is way stronger than many of the people around me. And that helps me travel anywhere in the world without health worries and infections.

It is believed that this sacred mud blesses devotees in achieving success and good luck. Many devotees also smear it on their body as it helps in curing certain diseases.

Brahmand Ghat is located very close to Raman Reti and Nand Bhawan. You can cover this distance of 1-2 kilometres on foot as well.

Brahmand Mandir

Brahmand Mandir is located within the complex of the Brahmand Ghat. Situated on the banks of the holy Yamuna River, Brahmand Mandir is one of the top places to see in Gokul. Episodes from the life and times of Krishna ji finds links with Brahmand Mandir as well.

The sacred Pipal tree near the Brahmand Mandir is worshipped by women. On any day, you can see well-dressed Indian women tying threads on the branch of the holy Peepal tree. They pray for prosperity and long life of their husbands.

Many shops are located here which sell prasad, clothes for Krishna ji, pooja samagri etc.

Chintaharan Ghat

This peaceful ghat is one of the top places to see near Raman Reti. You can sit here for hours and mediate or do yoga in silence. Beautiful pavilions and domes are built here facing the sacred Yamuna River. Red sandstone is used for building these beautiful structures. Carved railings add to its beauty. Yamuna River used to exist where the pavilions are built at present.

There is an interesting anecdote on why Chintaharan Ghat is call so. When Yashoda Maa saw the universe in the mouth of infant Krishna ji, she got worried. She walked towards Chintaharan Ghat and this was where all the worries vanished. The literal meaning of Chinta Haran is one that takes away worries.

You can still see monkeys playing around on Peepal Tree here. When a small Krishna ji noticed Peepal tree, he asked Yashoda Maiya, “Which tree is that the leaves of which have a tail?” Pipal tree are considered very sacred in Hinduism. Emitting oxygen throughout the day, it is a plant with high medicinal value too. This tree is great for environment. Visiting here is an unusual thing to do near Raman Reti because it is a lesser-known place.

Chintaharan Mahadev temple

Chintaharan Mahadev Mandir is a Shiva temple in Gokul. This unexplored temple is located just 1.5 kilometres away from Brahmand Ghat.

There are 1,111 Lingas in Chinteshwar Mahadev Mandir. If you look closely, you will notice that 1,111 small Shivlingas are carved in one Shivalinga. The singing birds and the random bell of the temple adds to the soothing ambiance of the place. These are some amazing facts few know about.

Idol of Maa Yashoda pulling ears of Krishna ji because he was very mischievous is worshipped here. Idols of Hanuman ji, Dauji (brother of Krishna ji) with his wife Revati are also worshipped here.

Mahavan or Purani Gokul

Mahavan, which is also known as Purani Gokul is a hidden gem. Mahavan is known for its Kheer Mohan sweet. The streets of Mahavan are lined with many sweet shops. Madan Ka Lala, Kheer Mohan Wala is the most famous shop here. Mahavan is located just few kilometres ahead of Gokul near Brahmand Ghat.

Temples like Yogmaya temple, Mathura Nathji temple, Shyamlalji temple and the Chaurashi Khambha temple are located in Mahavan. Mahaban Bangar is a small village located here. This is an unusual place to see near Raman Reti.

Where to stay in Raman Reti

Can we stay in Raman Reti? Yes, you can even stay at Raman Reti at very low rates. Both AC and non-Ac rooms are available.

Yes, it is possible to stay at Raman Reti at astonishingly subsidised rates. Both AC and non-Ac rooms are available at very low cost.

Distances from Raman Reti

Chintaharan Ghat is 6.6 kms away from Raman Reti

Brahmand Ghat is 5.6 kms away from Raman Reti

Kavi Raskhan Ki Samadhi is 150 meters away from Raman Reti

Excursions from Raman Reti

Most of the top places near Raman Reti are associated with the early life of Krishna Bhagwan. These nearby places can be visited over a week in a car. I had visited these excursions with few days in public transport.

Below are some of the best places to see near Raman Reti.

Festival of Raman Reti

Shri Krishna Janamashtami is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Raman Reti. It is a nice idea to pay a visit to Raman Reti and other nearby sightseeing places on the special occasion of Janmashtami.

Bhandara in Raman Reti: Free Lunches

What is there to do in Raman Reti? Much like the langars (free community food) of Sikh community in Gurudwaras, you can also participate in a free bhandara in Raman Reti. It is offered during the lunch time at around 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

You will have to wash your own plate which is available at a counter here. The hall for bhandara is a huge one. There is also a kitchen here.

Although the food is free of charge, I highly recommend leaving behind a good donation amount if you are well off so that the service can continue and benefit the lesser privileged who can’t donate. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Raman Reti

I ate some Alu Tikki, kachori and kadi-chawal in a canteen which is run outside Raman Reti. They sell great tasting Dal-chawal, Rajma Chawal, pakoras and what not. You can have a full healthy meal here for reasonable prices till as late as 6 p.m. You must try the chats as Mathura and surrounding area of Braj is known for its chats.

I also had lip smacking hot samosa and lassi at a shop located right at the entrance of Brahmand Ghat. Gokul also has many restaurants and halwai shops will sell great tasting snacks, chats and sweets. Do not forget to pack some famous local peda from here. Peda after allwas invented inBraj.

Kheer Mohan from Mahavan is also delicious. Madan ka lala, Kheer Mohan Wala is a famous shop here. Kheer Mohan is made with chena, semolina and maida flour. It looks like Rasgulla but tastes different. Mahavan is just a few kilometers away from Gokul.

Shoe Rack

Shoe rack is located outside Raman Reti premises. I had left my shoes at the entrance of Raman Reti under a tree. It was safe and no one took it away despite being not guarded by anyone.

Is it safe to visit Raman Reti?

Despite being located in a remote village, Raman Reti is a very safe place to visit. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit Raman Reti every day. There is always a buzz of tourists who visit Raman Reti in large numbers even on weekdays.

However, to be on a safer side, I advise you to leave Raman Reti by 4-5 p.m. because you can get stuck due to lack of public transport and lack of any other hotel in the vicinity.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Raman Reti

There are some souvenir shops in the Raman Reti complex as well as the Brahmand Ghat. I saw the vendors selling small dresses for Krishna ji, beautiful metallic idols of Krishna ji, religious books, trinkets and what not. These shops are located right at the entrance of Brahmand Ghat.

ATM in Raman Reti

There are very few ATMs in Raman Reti and Gokul. Therefore, I advise you to bring along some cash from Mathura which has many more ATMs.

Photography Tips for Raman Reti

When in Raman Reti, you should take pictures of throwing sand at each other and even rolling down on the patch of sand behind the temple area. The areas around the ghats are picturesque. You can also take pictures around the scenic Yamuna River especially during the sun set and sun rise.

Hire local tourist guide in Raman Reti

Hiring a local tourist guide in Raman Reti can show you some hidden spots and take you to places you didn’t know about. For example, I missed visiting some places of interest here because I didndt know how to reach them. Hiring a local guide can help you visit these hidden gems without wasting time.

Languages spoken in Raman Reti

Braj Bhasha dialect, Bhojpuri and Hindi are the main language spoken here. Many people here also speak and understand good English.

Toilet facility in Raman Reti

I used a toilet which was located on the right side of entrance of Raman Reti. Several clean toilets are also located across the huge campus of Raman Reti. I saw a spic and span toilet near Raman Sarovar as well.

Entry fee Raman Reti

There is no entry fee in Raman Reti. People take a free walking tour of the premises of Raman Reti throughout the day.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Raman Reti

As a solo backpacker, I found Raman Reti to be an inexpensive place to visit. It is a pocket friendly destination as costs in general are very low here.

Whether it is a reserved auto rickshaw or food, you end up spending very little. In fact, the only money I spent here was only on food and the 2-3 autos I hired. This information is not written in the old school travel guide books.

Solo Trip Tips for Raman Reti

I visited Raman Reti as a solo male traveller. I found it one of the easiest places to visit as a solo traveller. Both male and female solo travellers can easily visit Raman Reti. The fact that this pilgrimage is located so close to New Delhi makes it all the more easier.

Luxury travel Tips for Raman Reti

I feel the quiet and peaceful environs of Raman Reti in itself is a luxury. Though you will not find the luxury of big Indian cities such as the nearby New Delhi or Mumbai, but to be able to stay in a special place like Raman Reti is no less than a luxury.

What to wear in Raman Reti

You should dress respectfully because it is a sacred space. Also carry some extra clothes if you are taking a holy dip in the Raman Sarovar.  You should also carry extra cloth because after playing in sand for hours, you might want to wear fresh clothes.

Timings of Raman Reti

I didn’t know about Raman Reti timing before coming here. So I decided to visit Brahmand ghat and Gokul till it reopened in the evening.

Raman Reti temple is closed from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Best Time to visit Raman Reti?

It is a frequently asked question. I am covering all the aspects in this information packed travelogue.


I visited Raman Reti and Gokul on 25th November. It was the onset of winter in the Braj region. I found the weather very pleasant in the day as well as night. I just wore a thick sweat shirt. I did not need to wear jackets as it didn’t get very cold even in the night.

However, please bear in mind that December and January are the coldest months here. October, February and March are also perfect time to visit Raman Reti. This is high season in Raman Reti. Most people visit Raman Reti during holiday in winter.


Though it gets very hot in April, May and June, you will still see many devotees visiting Raman Reti every day. Though it is low season, but this is also a good time to be here. Be prepared for the high temperature here though.


Monsoon is a lovely time to be in Raman Reti. The climate is very pleasing in Raman Reti during monsoon. However, expect wet sand if it had rained recently. You might not be able to roll in sand if it is wet. A vacation to monsoon can still be planned.

Duration of Visit in Raman Reti

How many days to spend in Raman Reti? What can I do in 1 day in Raman Reti?

I paid only a half day visit to Raman Reti. I visited all the major attractions of Gokul, Raman Reti, Raskhan Samadhi and Brahmand Ghat on a single day. Despite my slow pace, I was able to visit all the above-mentioned sightseeing attractions easily.

What can I do in 2 days in Raman Reti

Due to time constraint, I did miss out seeing a few places. If you stay for 2-3 days in one of the beautiful cottages of Raman Reti, then you can definitely discover more nearby places to visit.

Parking space

Ample parking space for cars is also available. I have covered a all you wanted to know about Raman Reti in this article.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Raman Reti

Shared and private auto rickshaws are available throughout the day. The rickshaws are standing outside Gokul temples, Raman Reti, Raskhan Samadhi and Brahmand Ghat all day. I had taken a reserved auto rickshaw from the entrance of Gokul to Raman Reti. When I found that Raman Reti is closed for few hours, I took a rickshaw to Brahmand Ghat.

After my visit to Brahmand Ghat I took another rickshaw to Gokul. I visited all the top places in Gokul and hired a private rickshaw again to Raman Reti. After I enjoyed my time in Raman Reti, I took a shared rickshaw to a place from where I got another shared rickshaw to Mathura. In between the Rickshaw driver stopped for some time at Yamalarjuna-bhanjana-tirtha or Utkhal or Ukhal Bandhan. Read about it on my mammoth blog on Gokul.

How to reach Raman Reti

It is a commonly asked question. Raman Reti is an easy and quick weekend getaway from New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad. This historical destination must be visited with friends and family.

Here are all the possible ways to reach Raman Reti.

Auto Rickshaw

From Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi, I took a shared rickshaw to Mandi Chauraha. From Mandi Chauraha I took a shared rickshaw to the oddly named Tonsic Chauraha. From Tonsic Chauraha, I booked a rickety reserved rickshaw to Gokul for a small sum of money. Chauraha means crossroads.

Road Trip

I know several devotees who book a weeklong road trip across Brij Bhoomi on a private car. Depending upon your budget and comfort, it can be self-drive or a hired car with a driver.


Raman Reti doesn’t have a railway station since it is located in a small village. The nearby Mathura Railway Station is the nearest big rail junction. The railway station of Mathura is connected to all the big and small cities of India.


The nearest big international airports from Raman Reti are located in Agra and New Delhi.

Conclusion: Is Raman Reti worth visiting

Why visit Raman Reti? Here are my final thoughts.Raman Reti is a must visit place if you are visiting Mathura. In a nutshell, a place which still carries forward the stories from the childhood of Shri Krishna needs no advertisement.

To summarize, people have revered the sand of Raman Reti since times immemorial and will continue to do so. The discerning traveler, who loves going off the beaten track will enjoy a trip to Raman Reti.

The view from my Soul Window is blessed by the God!

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