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Even when I was not a professional blogger, I had ended up becoming a social media influencer. Ever since I have started traveling 10 years ago, people have taken notice and bombarded me with requests for recommendations, even plan their birthday and honeymoon vacations. One of the reasons why this blog exists is because it helps me in organizing all the information under one roof and of course, telling my audience that ‘you can do it too’. At the risk of sounding immodest, I have a very dedicated audience who keenly follow my journey, trust my recommendations and have expressed satisfaction and delight on repeating my experiences. The trust and bond between me and my audience is built over the years on the foundation of authentic information and realistic content.

Connect with me for :

  • FAMS/Press Trips :

I enjoy collaborating with tourism boards, airlines, property owners, travel companies for hosting me in exchange of promotion.

  • Reviews :

I am open to collaborate for reviews of product/gadgets/ adventure sports /transport/restaurants/properties/travel books and movies.

  • Speaker/Workshop/ Photo walks : I like to talk about travel and share my knowledge on all things travel . I am open to speaking at events, leading photo walks and conducting workshops.
  • Brand Promotions and social media campaigns :

               I would love to collaborate for:

  1. Hosting contests
  2. Brand Ambassador
  3. Launch of a new product/company/service/travel book and movies
  4. Open to your suggestion
  • Travel stories and photographs: Seeing my name in print media gives me kick even after so many years of being published in print. I love writing for online media too for its reach, permanence and instant feedback. Hire me to contribute photographs and articles for travel magazines/newspapers/guidebooks/coffee table books/online portals. I need my kicks.
  • Videos : I am a video enthusiast and would love to promote things via video.

affiliate marketing, banners, advertising, direct links, sponsored blogs, content writing,

Do let me know if you have a proposition not mentioned by me here.

Contact me at : 

Mail : 21abhinav21@gmail.com

Instagram handle: @asoulwindow

Twitter handle : @asoulwindow

Facebook Page : A Soul Window 



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