Prem Sarovar of Barsana: Secret Meeting place of Shri Radha Krishna!

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Information About Prem Sarovar, Barsana

It is a privilege to visit Prem Sarovar of Barsana. Everyone must visit Prem Sarovar at least once. This is the place where Radha ji used to meet Krishna ji.

My friend Divyakshi Gupta, who brought me here, made sure that I didn’t leave Barsana without visiting Prem Sarovar. We spent some quiet time here along with the local guide Virender.

We performed a parikrama of the temple and Virender who is a very good singer, sung melodious Radha Krishna bhajan for my You Tube channel.

I walked around the Prem Sarovar for a long time, at times looking lovingly at the lush Kadamb trees. The boat shaped Rajasthani style architecture of Prem Sarovar mesmerised me as I soaked in the ambiance of the holy water tank.

If you are searching for things to do with family and kids in Barsana, look no further. Also, not many know it is a free thing to do here. Visiting this unique weekend getaway from Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida is one of the best things to do. Here is the most comprehensive travel guide on Prem Sarovar of Barsana.

Poem on Prem Sarovar

प्रेम सरोवर प्रेम की भरी रहे दिन रैन, 

जहाँ जहाँ प्यारी पग धरत श्याम धरत तहँ नैन”

  • श्री कुंभन दास

Other version of same poem:

“प्रेम सरोवर प्रेम की भरी रहे दिन रैन,

जहां प्रिय प्यारी पग धरैं तो कृष्ण धरों दोऊ नैन|”


Prem Sarovar of Braj is perennially full of divine love. Shri Krishna wants to have darshan of every place our beloved Radha puts her foot-steps at. This is why his eyes gaze at the holy soil of Braj on which she left her foot imprints.

Who made Prem Sarovar?

How was Prem Sarovar formed? Original Prem Sarovar was built by the tears and sweat of Shri Krishna and Radha Rani ji. You can read about this beautiful story below. No wonder, Prem Sarovar is top place to see near Barsana.

Did Radha live in Barsana?

Yes, Hindu deity Radha ji lived in Barsana while Krishna ji lived in Nandgaon after he left Gokul. This sarovar in india is also important as it is located near Barsana.

Where is Prem Sarovar located in India?

Prem Sarovar is located just 1 kilometer away from Barsana, while one drives towards Nandgaon in my home-state Uttar Pradesh. It is located near Mathura, Vrindavan etc. You can read about these places in my blog A Soul Window – ranked as Top Travel blog of India several times.

Nomenclature of Prem Sarovar

Prem Sarovar is also known as tears of love. The literal meaning of Prem is love while Sarovar means water tank or pond.

Why is Prem Sarovar world famous?

What is special about Prem Sarovar?Prem Sarovar is the most ancient and famous water tanks of Barsana and Nandgaon. Prem Sarovar is also the top place to visit in Barsana.

The Radha Krishna prem katha which took place in Prem Sarovar also makes it famous.

My local guide also told me that the Raas Leela or the loving pastimes of Radha ji and Krishna ji used to take place around the Prem Sarovar area.

What are some beautiful stories of Shri Radhe and Shri Krishna? Do you know about the secret of Prem Sarovar? Let’s find out more!

History: Radha ji and Kanha ji met at Prem Sarovar for first time

Radha Krishna prem katha has many versions and episodes. All of it started right here, in Prem Sarovar.

It is said that it was in Prem Sarovar where Shri Krishna and Radha ji met for the first time. Radha ji heard praises about the good looking and extraordinary Krishna ji and wanted to meet him. Shri Krishna also got to know that Radha ji, who is an epitome of beauty, is daughter of Vrishbhanu ji and lives in Barsana. He wanted to meet her as well.

In Dwapar Yuga, Shri Krishna arrived at Prem Sarovar with his male friends or gwal bal friends while Radha ji also arrives here with her female friends or sakhi. Radha ji began playing aankh michoni (Eye spies) with her female friends. She started searching for her friends as a part of the game. It was then that she comes face to face with Shri Krishna.

On seeing her beauty, Shri Krishna loses his consciousness and falls on ground. His clothes loosened and his flute and peacock feather which adorned his head fell on ground. His male, friends came running to him and tried to wake him up but to no avail.

On the other hand, friends of Radha Rani ji clapped and asked her to leave as it was quite late in the day.

The friends are finally able to wake up Shri Krishna. He does wake up and leaves for home, immersed in the thoughts of Radha Rani ji.

When Lalita ji, her sakhi, notices that Radha ji looks crestfallen and sad, she asks him the reason for it. Radha ji replies,

“A beautiful Neel Mani (Krishna ji) came face to face with me and feel on ground. You pulled me away from him by clapping. I am not sure if he has gained back his consciousness. This is why I am sad.”

On this Lalita ji exclaimed that he was actually (Lord) Krishna, son of Nand baba. She promised her to bring him to her home. When the sakhis asked Yashoda Maa for permission to take Krishna ji with them, she allows. Kanha ji also agrees for the same. He was after all eager to meet Radha ji as well.

But Yashoda Maa adds that Krishna ji can go only in Sakhi bhesh (dressed as a female sakhi). When Krishna ji, dressed as a female, arrived at the home of Vrishbhanu ji, father of Radha Rani ji, they asked “who was this girl?” To this the sakhis replied that it was the daughter of Nand Baba.

Radha ji was then taken to meet Krishna ji. It is said that it was in Prem Sarovar that they had met for the first time. Ever since, many leelas had happened at Prem Sarovar at regular basis.

Prem-vaichittya bhav

Also, did you know that the Prem-vaichittya bhav had manifested in Radhika ji and Shri Krishna right here? The literal meaning of Prem-vaichittya bhav is ‘extreme love, which brings sadness at the mere thought of fear of separation’. The Radha Krishna separation is beautifully portrayed by this bhav.

This is also a lesser-known fact!

What is the story of Prem Sarovar?

Here is another mystery about Prem Sarovar which few know. Do you know what is the other legendary story of Prem Sarovar? This heart-warming story of love and separation dates back to thousands of years ago.

It was in Prem Sarovar area that a honeybee whizzed past Radha ji and almost stung her, when she was spending some time here with Lalita and other sakhis (friends) of her. She was sitting on the lap of Shri Krishna when this happened.

The bee mistook the face of Radha ji to be a flower and attempted to sit and drink the nectar of her visage. When the bee didn’t stop hovering around the face of Radha ji, she attempted to chase her away but failed. Afraid of honey bee sting, she covered her face with her palms.

On seeing this, Krishna Bhagwan asked Madhumangal, one of the friends present there to keep the honey bee at bay. The Sanskrit word madhusudan which means honey, stands for both Krishna ji and honeybee. After the friends chased the honey bee away, he told Radha ji that Madhusoodan is gone away.

Though she was sitting on the lap of Shri Krishna, she didn’t realise it and imagined that he had gone away. She didn’t understand that Madhusudan is another name for bumblebee as well. This condition of her is known as prem-vaichittya in Sanskrit.

This made Radha ji cry inconsolably as she imagined that it was Krishna ji who had gone away. Unable to bear the pain of separation, her tears failed to stop. Shri Krishna got so involved in the whole scene that even he forgot that Radha Rani was sitting on his lap only.

On seeing her boundless love, He also started crying copiously and they both fainted. The sakhis who accompanied them also lost sense and fainted when they saw them in this condition.

It was only when the female parrot of Radha ji uttered her name and the male parrot chanted the name of Shri Krishna loudly, that they gained consciousness.

The way they then gazed upon each other with great yearning is the subject of many songs and bhajans which echo in this holy land till today. No wonder, despite not marrying each other, Radha Rani and Shri Krishna epitomised true love in its purest form.

Their tears and the sweat gave birth to the Prem Sarovar, which is still visited by crores of devotees. The lanes of Barsana still echoes with the tales of manifestation of Prem-vaichittya bhav which happened in the jungles of Prem Sarovar. Radha Krishna prem katha is immortal for sure!

Isn’t the story of Prem Sarovar and Radha Krishna separation so beautiful? I am sure you had no idea about this! This is how Prem Sarovar was formed! These are some beautiful stories of Shri Radhe and Shri Krishna.

Soul Window Thoughts!

A parrot flew past me as I strolled around the Prem Sarovar. “Was he the descendent of the lucky parrot who uttered the name of Radha and Krishna in Dwapar Yuga”, I thought to myself, sat in the car and left silently for Nandgaon!

Architecture of Prem Sarovar

The present structures around Prem Sarovar are made in typical Rajasthani architecture. The pink coloured steps made me remind of the similar structures I had seen at many places in Rajasthan. I walked on one of the narrow pathways which leads towards the centre of Prem Sarovar, bringing the devotee close to the divine.

There are many such pathways and chattris (shade) at the end of this octagonal sacred water tank. There are 8 of these pathways that resemble the eight tentacles of Octopus.

Places to see near Prem Sarovar

  • You can visit Shri Sudamakuti Mandir near Prem Sarovar.
  • Shiv temple: There is a small temple with Shivling at the start of the stairs of the Prem Sarovar.
  • Ram temple: I also visited a beautiful white temple which is located right opposite the Prem Sarovar. Shri Janki Ballabho Vijayate is written at the entrance of this beautiful white Vaishnavite temple which is devoted to Shri Ram. Twoelephant heads who flank the either side of the entrance, welcome the devotees. A huge bow and arrow sits at the top of the entrance against the backdrop of an impressive towering shikhara. There is a smaller Sankirtan Mandir located within the premises of this Ram temple. When I visited they were doing kirtan. My guide Virendra, who also happens to be an amazing singer, sang some melodious Radha Krishna bhajan here. You can watch the same on my You Tube channel.

How to reach Prem Sarovar

Prem Sarovar is located just 1 kilometre away from Barsana in the north direction. While we were driving from Barsana to the adjacent Nandgaon, Prem Sarovar fell on the route.

As we headed to Nandgaon or Nandgram from Barsana, Prem Sarovar lied towards our left, approximately 100 meters away from the highway.

Where to stay near Prem Sarovar

You can stay in Barsana. I had stayed in a hotel by Teerth Vikas Trust in Govardhan and drove with my friend Divyakshi to Prem Sarovar. I had returned the same day.

Best Time to visit Prem Sarovar?

Prem Sarovar is a year-round destination. However, winter months like November, December, January, February, March, April are the best months to visit Prem Sarovar. March is also Holi, so you can time your visit accordingly.

Timings of Prem Sarovar

There are no timings at Prem Sarovar. You can visit Prem Sarovar anytime of the day and evening.

Is Prem Sarovar Safe to visit?

There was not a soul in sight when I visited, except some precocious local kids. I travelled with a female friend, a local guide and a local driver. I never felt unsafe in Prem Sarovar or the other places in Braj Bhoomi, which I visited as a solo male traveller.

You have to be careful of the slippery last steps inside the water of the tank. I had almost slipped into the Sarovar while descending down the stairs. Also, do not go very deep inside the Prem Sarovar.

Entry Fee at Prem Sarovar

Just like most places to see in Barsana and Nandgaon, Prem Sarovar is also free to visit.  There is no entry fee in Prem Sarovar.

Soul Window Thoughts

It is a pity that a sacred place with such divine past has little promotion or poor maintenance. The government must clean the Prem Sarovar and beautify it with lights, much like the gorgeous Kusum Sarovar.

How many days to spend in Prem Sarovar?

30 minutes to 1 hour in the unexplored Prem Sarovar is sufficient. I visited Barsana, Prem Sarovar and Nandgaon in a day as road trip from Govardhan.

Soul Window Travel Tips on Prem Sarovar

You can easily come here as solo traveler. But you will need to hire a rickshaw to reach here.

Photography Tips for Prem Sarovar

You can get great pictures and videos in the backdrop of the modern Rajasthani canopies and walkways in the Prem Sarovar.

Where is Prem Sarovar in Vrindavan?

There is no Prem Sarovar in Vrindavan. The only Prem Sarovar of Brij Bhoomi is near Barsana and Nandgaon.

Excursions from Prem Sarovar

These are the main attractions near Prem Sarovar of Barsana:

  • Nandgaon or Nandgram
  • Barsana
  • Mathura
  • Gokul
  • Raman Reti
  • Raskhan Ki Samadhi
  • Vrindavan
  • Goverdhan
  • Alwar
  • Bharatpur

Conclusion: Why visit Prem Sarovar?

“If you don’t find love here, you won’t find love anywhere!” That’s what the local people say about Prem Sarovar.

Radha Krishna separation therefore is not just another story!  It is the epitome of selfless love.

Prem Sarovar is one of the best places to see near Shri Radha Rani temple and Kirti Mandir or Barsana and Nand Bhawan in Nandgaon.

All you wanted to know about Prem Sarovar is explained in this detailed travel guide. The Radha Krishna prem katha is simplified for all to understand.

Devotees and tourists alike come and sit at this historical water tank and reminisce the Prem-vaichittya bhav of Shri Radha Rani ji and Shri Krishna ji.No wonder, Prem Sarovar is one of the most sacred water tanks of Braj Bhoomi and visited throughout the day.

This tourist attraction is worth a visit for sure! Prem Sarovar, the hidden gem, also makes for a great weekend destination from Delhi NCR. Prem Sarovar, sure is off the beaten track.

The view from my Soul Window is laced with love!

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