Mysteries and Miracles of Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha

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Mysteries and Miracles of Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha

Jagannath Temple unknown facts

This blog is the most comprehensive detailed account of the mysteries, miracles and unknown facts associated with the holy Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha in east India. Based on my visit to Odisha and conversation with Odia people with authority, I am documenting my observations on the various miracles, unsolved mysteries and shocking facts about the Jagannath Mandir or the Grand Temple here.

What is the mystery of Jagannath Temple?

There are several unexplained science, mysteries and miracles surrounding the Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. The historians, scientists, even priests and common people have been trying hard to solve these mysteries, with little success. The Odia people do not bother though. They simply accept these unexplained miracles as ‘Kalia Ra Leela’ or wonders of the Lord Jagannath! Faith indeed has many faces in Odisha! Char Dham pilgrimage has the most mysterious one.

Why do birds and planes not fly above the Jagannath Temple of Puri?

The area around the Puri Jagannath Temple has been declared as the No-Fly Zone, not so much officially though. It is still a mystery why no birds and planes fly above Shri Jagannath Temple of Puri. Some call it divine intervention and some try to explain hard through science. No such behavior is observed in other Hindu temples of India.

During my visit to the Jagannath Temple, I had observed that the birds were strangely nowhere to be seen around the shikhara of the Grand temple. It is not common to have a lack of avian life around tall structures such as this one. What else can we call it than another of magical unexplained miracle of Prabhu Jagannath.

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Religious Explanation

It is not known what metal is used in the construction of the Neelchakra, which is perched on the top of the Sri Jagannath Temple. The fear of flying near and unidentified object, keep planes away from the temple area.

The main savari aka vahana or transport of Lord Jagannath is Garuda or a huge Eagle like mythical bird. Since the ‘King of Avian Life’ sits inside the temple, other birds do not dare to fly around the temple. Garuda is also the vahana of Vishnu Bhagwan also referred to as Lord Vishnu by west.

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Scientific Explanation

Some claim that birds don’t fly due to the formation of eddies that are caused by the sea wind moving at a high speed towards the Jagannath Temple. This is apparently also the reason why the flag or the Bana flows in opposite direction. The scientific term to explain this phenomenon is Karman Vortex Street

Since birds always take the easy route which has minimum resistance, therefore they avoid flying above the Jagannath Temple. Towards the Shikhara of the temple, the sudden changes in the air direction due to Vortex Street keeps the birds away from flying above the temple.

Christened by the fluid dynamicist, Theodore von Kármán, the Kármán vortex street is the repetitive pattern of swirling vortices.

Others claim that since birds avoid areas with magnetic phenomenon and seismic activity, therefore they do not fly here. However, no such activity around the Jagannath Temple has been observed or reported yet.

Hope the above explanation answers why birds and planes do not fly above the Jagannath Temple of Puri? While other call it pure myth, nothing has been finalized as the perfect answer yet by the scientist or avian industry.

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Why Jagannath Temple has no shadow?

It has been observed by many that miraculously, no matter what time of the day it is, the Sri Jagannath Temple casts no shadow. Yes, there is no shadow of Jagannath temple! This unexplained mystery remains unsolved. Some attribute it to divine force while others claim that this phenomenon is due to the brilliant architecture of Jagannath Temple. Jagannath Dham is indeed a place like no other!

The Food Mystery Of Jagannath Temple

Also, while cooking the Mahaprasadam in the temple campus, the cooking is done on firewood, in 7 pots which are kept on top of each other. Mysteriously, the pot which sits on the top gets cooked up first followed by the bottom pots. Some call it Miracle of Lord Jagannath.

Constant Food Supply Miracle

Throughout the year the quantity cooked inside the Jagannath Temple premises remain the same, irrespective of the fact whether the footfall on a day is in thousands or lakhs of people. No food goes to waste in the Jagannath temple ever. On normal days, the number of devotees range from 2,000 to 20,000 and in lakhs during special festivals such as Rath Yatra or Ratha Yatra and Sri Krishna Janamashtami. However, neither the food gets wasted nor remains insufficient.

The Food Scent Miracle

After the food is being prepared and taken to offer Bhagwan Jagannath for blessings, it is devoid of any smell. But after it has been blessed by the trinity and taken to the Anand Bazaar for sale to devotees, the Mahaprasad is smells divine. Just another secrets of Lord Jagannath!

The Sea Mystery of Sri Jagannath Mandir

Normally the sea wind flows from sea to land in the morning and land to see in the evening. However, it is observed that the exact opposite happens in Puri Jagannath Temple. Even the geographical laws are revered in Puri!

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Sudarshan Chakra Miracle

No matter where you stand in Puri, the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Jagannath that sits atop the temple, will face you. The Sudarshan Chakra is 20 feet tall and it weighs up to a ton. It is another mystery how such a heavy and huge Chakra was placed in ancient times when no sophisticated machinery was available. It was just manual labour in those days, which made it happen!

Mystery of Singhadwara

Another strange phenomenon is observed here. While entering from the first step of the Singhadwara, from inside the Jagannath Mandir, you will notice that there is no audible sound of ocean. However, as you enter the temple from outside, you will be able to hear the sounds of ocean.  This phenomenon is more prominent during the evenings. I observed that I could not hear any sound of sea waves as I was inside the Jagannath Temple premises. You can also try this. After entering the temple, turn back and walk in the direction you entered in the temple. You will still hear no sounds of sea waves. The temple has a total of 4 doors.

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Jagannath Puri Temple Flag Story

Let’s now talk about the Jagannath temple flag mystery! In normal life, the objects always flow in the direction of the wind. But the holy flag known as Patitapabana, which stays on the top of the shikhar of the Jagannath Temple, always flows in the opposite direction of the wind.
All my scientific reasoning remained suspended seeing this mysterious phenomenon. What else can explain this than some miraculous divine force behind the strange event. Whether it is an engineering feat or super natural power, remains to be ascertained. Having seen this unexplained phenomenon myself, I can vouch that it is not a mere hearsay.

To add to the intriguing Jagannath Puri temple flag story, it is considered a bad omen if the Patitapabana is harmed in any way.Recently when the Patitapabana fell due to the strong rainfall and strong winds which Odisha is so used to every monsoon, it resulted in panic amongst the devotees.

The Daily Climb on Shikhara

Also, as per an 1800 years old tradition, a priest climbs atop the Shikhara of the Jagannath Temple every day in order to change the flag. Practiced religiously since the past 1,800 years, it is believed that in case this ritual is ever missed, the Jagannath Temple will remain closed for a total of 18 years. By the way, the temple is as tall as a 45 storey building! No protective gears are used for the same and it is performed with bare hands. Any professional climber will be put to shame seeing the grip and flexibility of the priests.

Why Lord Jagannath has no hands?

There is a long story behind this legend. Please read my detailed separate blog on the same.

How to reach Puri?

You must visit Puri to see these miracles and mysteries by yourself. It is easy to reach Puri.

Trains: Puri has a train station, connected with most of the big and small cities of India.

Bus: Puri is well connected with other cities of Odisha such as Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack via cheap government buses

Flights: Puri doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is in Bhubaneshwar, which is just 1.5 hours away!

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Is the Jagannath Temple Mystery Solved

Well, the matter is still debatable! No one has been able to agree to a single answer and some questions have not even found its logical denouement. That said, our understanding of such super natural phenomenon is still evolving and I am sure we will find some new aspects to it soon. Watch this space to remain updated!

Conclusion: Jagannath Temple Miracles

We live in a world where science has been given too much importance despite the fact that there are many mysteries left in the world that remain unsolved. There have been many miracles not just in Shri Jagannath Puri in Odisha but across the globe. Not everything has a scientific explanation always. And instead of trying hard to justify everything through the prism of what we already know, let us just suspend our learnings, unlearn and accept an alternate reality, which we know little of!

We may or may never be able to solve the mystery of Shree Jagannath Temple at Puri, but that will do little to shake the faith of crores of Hindu devotees that throng the ancient temple premises with complete surrender! Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting and intriguing facts on Sri Jagannath Mandir, one of the Char Dham!

The views from my Soul Window are full of mysteries and miracles!

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