Om Banna – The curious case of Bullet Baba temple!

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About Om Banna

Om Banna Temple also known as the Bullet Baba, located on the Jodhpur Pali highway is the most offbeat Hindu Temple I have ever visited. Of my extensive travels in India since 2008, I have come across many bizarre places. Om Banna Temple is one of those mysterious places I visited on a cold winter afternoon. I went here while I was on a trip to see undiscovered Rajasthan.

I have lived as a Rajput Hindu in India all my life but this was still quirky for me. This exhaustive article is the most comprehensive travel guide on Om Banna Mandir ever. All the frequently asked question on Bullet Baba are answered here. Visiting Om Banna is an unusual thing to do near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Who is Om Banna?

The real name of Om Banna was Om Singh Rathore. He was the only son of a well to do Thakur and studied in Pali College. Name of the father of Om Banna is Shri Jog Singh. He lives in Chotila village, 3 kilometres away from the temple.

Om Banna was a regular young man from rural Rajasthan who ended up joining the 30-crore strong pantheon of Hindu Gods. The latest Hindu God that he has now become, the magical powers of his motorbike is still unknown.

He must have not even imagined in his lifetime that after his death, people will worship his statue and his bike, better known as the Bullet Baba.

Nomenclature of Om Banna Temple

Om Banna Temple is also known by below names

  • Bullet Baba
  • Baba Banna
  • Shri Om Banna
  • Shree Om Banna
  • Om Banna Mandir
  • Bullet Baba Mandir

Just to clarify, the above-mentioned names of Om Banna Temple are used interchangeably in this comprehensive travel guide on Om Banna Mandir. All the above alternative names mean the same thing.

Age of Om Banna

Om Banna was very young when he breathed his last. Age of Om Banna must have been only around 23 or 24 when he died. Some say he was 21. It is a pity that a young man left the world so early.

Family of Om Banna

Wife of Om Banna was Urmila Kanwar. He had a little family discord after he did love marriage with a girl of his choice. He then started staying with his wife, separately from his parents.

Name of the son of Om Banna is Maha Prakrami Singh. Om Banna’s son took birth 2 months after he died in the accident.

Why is Om Banna World-Famous?

Om Banna Mandir aka the Bullet Baba Temple is world-famous for its bike temple near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It is one of the most unusual Hindu Temples that I have ever visited. What adds to the popularity of the Om Banna temple and Bullet Babaare the mysteries and miracles of the temple.

Both the idols ofOm Banna as well as the real motorcycle of Om Singh Rathore are being worshipped here daily by thousands of people who firmly believe in the magic of Om Banna.

The fame and popularity of Om Banna Mandir has risen so much in recent years that people from far away villages of Rajasthan visit it to not only pay their respects but also perform important life events such as Mundan ceremony and weddings etc.

Soul Window Thoughts

Hinduism sure has many forms, the most unusual of which I saw in rural Rajasthan. The one thing I love about Hinduism or Sanatan Dharm is that it is plural and allows one to be both a believer and a heretic or atheist.

Sanatan Dharm also allows one to modify their believes, questions the existing faith and even invent new Gods. The quirky Om Banna Temple in rural Rajasthan is a perfect example of this. It is the only place in the world where an ordinary motorcycle is worships by thousands on people, no questions asked.

For the people who believe in the magical powers of Om Banna do not need any explanation. For them Om Banna is beyond any doubt or research. It is the immense power of their faith which drives thousands of people every day to Om Banna.

Om Banna Story

There is a very interesting Om Banna Story behind this quirky Hindu Temple. It was a cold winter night of 1988 when the story of Om Banna unfolded in Rajasthan. On 2nd December, 1988, at 10 p.m., a young man known as Om Singh Rathore, was on his way to Chotila and Rohat from the small town of Bangdi near Sanderao in Pali. He was riding a motorcycle along with his friends when he got disbalanced and hit a Jaal tree.

He breathed his last after he met with the accident on the Pali Jodhpur highway. His beloved motorbike fell in a ditch. His friends survived though. What happened next is a tale of mystery and intrigue!

Mystery of Om Banna

There is an unsolved mystery which actually led people to worship Om Banna. On the next morning after Om Singh Rathore had an accident, the police had taken the custody of the bullet. They had emptied its fuel tank and locked it up with chains in a police station in Kerla, now called Rohta. The police had even deflated the tyres of the bike.

However, quite mysteriously, the next day the motorbike vanished from the local Police Station. It was later found at the place where Om Singh Rathore met his accident. No one knows the secret behind this incident.

This repeated for a few days. No matter how much the police tried to keep the bike under a lock it kept starting on its own and kept returning to the same ditch where it fell.

All the attempts to keep the motorcycle of Om Singh Rathore at the police station were in vain. Every time they tried to lock the bike at the police station, the bullet of Om Banna returned to the accident site before dawn.

The police then decided to send the mysterious bike to the home of a local potter of Chotila named as Hukma Ram. The same thing repeated as the bike started on its own in the home of the potter as well.

Secrets of Bullet Baba Mandir

Nobody was able to solve the mystery of Om Banna.

Soon the news spread. The local people saw it as nothing less than a miracle. Soon, other nearby villages also got a whiff of the news. The motorcycle was shifted back to the accident spot after which it never started on its own. And thus began the legend of Om Banna.

People started to worship the place, bike and Om Banna informally. The faith in the Bullet Baba Temple started to grow and it began attracting huge crowds from nearby places in Rajasthan. Within 6 months of death of Om Banna, the locals started to feel the magical and mysterious powers of Om Banna.

This is when, in order to formalise it a Bullet Baba’s Temple was built in the honour of Om Singh Rathore aka Om Banna. Banna is an honorary word used for addressing young Rajput males. I have yet to come across a story as unique as the Om Banna Story. The mystery and miracles of Om Banna Temple has remained unsolved and unexplained.

Another miracle story around Om Banna is that he appeared before her grandmother in night and claimed that he is not dead yet. He requested her to donate 2 Bigha land to Hemraj Purohit which his grandmother eventually did. Grandmother of Om Banna is not alive anymore.

Om Banna for Newly Weds

During my visit to the Om Banna Mandir, I observed many rituals taking place. I noticed many newly-weds couples, tied to each other via a knot. They were clad in red. The couples circumambulated around the sacred bike and the idol of Om Banna for blessing.

I asked some of them the reason behind it and they said that they were locals who find it auspicious to visit Baba Banna just after marriage.

Bullet Baba for safe journey

A local man told me during my visit to Om Banna temple that many people who ply on the Jodhpur Pali highway make sure that they stop and offer prayers to the Om Banna temple. They believe that it blesses them with a safe journey. I saw many truck drivers and local families clad in colorful dresses, making a quick stop to offer prayers at Om Banna Mandir or the Bullet Baba.  

The locals of Rajasthan firmly believe that the spirit of Om Banna helps distressed travellers plying on the Pali Jodhpur highway. This is why people do not forget to bow their heads and leave behind offerings when they pass through the Pali Jodhpur Highway.

Not only the drivers from Rajasthan but others too such as Punjabi and Muslim drivers make a stop here before they move ahead. You may call it superstition because you do not understand it but locals believe that if someone refuses or forgets to stop at Om Banna Temple while riding on the NH65 then he is on a dangerous journey ahead. It is not considered a good omen to not stop here before proceeding ahead.

There are many mysteries and miracles associated with Om Banna. It is said that Om Banna was instrumental in saving a few accidents in the area near the Bullet Baba Mandir. Some truck drivers have also claimed that they have felt the presence of unknown as they drove on the National Highway 65 during the night hours.

Anecdote from Om Banna

There is a famous incident known to the locals. Few years ago, another man fell from his bike near the same ditch which killed Om Banna. He was profusely bleeding and injured when the soul of Om Banna rescued him. Such stories enhanced the reputation of the Bullet Baba Mandir, thereby strengthening the beliefs of the locals.

Worship of Baba Banna

The Worship of Om Banna, made me curious. I have grown up as a Rajput Hindu from Uttar Pradesh in North India and have never seen the rituals that I saw in Om BannaTemple. It was very similar to what you will see in a Hindu temple and yet different.

I saw Hindu devotees, mainly from the villages of Rajasthan, jostling to touch the idol of Om Bannafor blessing. They offered sweets, coconut, fresh flowers, liquor and big packets of incense sticks to the idol of Om Banna. Men and women also tied red threads as a mark of respect and to seek blessings.

Om Banna was an open-air temple when I first visited it. I noticed that the eternal flame was going strong even during the day. Nearby, big bunches of lit incense sticks made the air fragrant. A priest aka pujari named Shri Poonam Giri and his helpers sat next to the idol of Om Banna. People queue up to make offerings in honour of the helpful spirit.

Hindu devotees and travellers offered prayers to both the bike and its late owner Om Bannaaka Om Singh Rathore. I could see the devotion in their eyes and body language as they folded hands and closed their eyes in devotion.

While some people applied Tilak mark on the forehead of the idol of Om Banna, others tied sacred red thread on the motorcycle of Baba Banna. The locals sat on the ground with a harmonium and sung paeans in the glory of Om Banna. The Om Banna bhajan added to the atmosphere of the bizarre Hindu temple.

Whiskey Offering in Om Banna Temple

I noticed that almost all the Hindu devotees offered whiskey to the idol of Om Banna. There is a tradition here as per which devotees open a fresh whiskey bottle and offer it to Om Banna. I saw that after sprinkling the whiskey on the bust of the idol of Om Banna, hand over the bottle of whiskey to the presiding pujari.

The locals offer bottle of whiskey here when one of their wishes are fulfilled by Om Banna. Whiskey is the preferred choice of liquor offered here because that was what the favourite tipple of Om Banna was.

I noticed many young male devotees, extending the freshly opened whiskey bottle and pouring it near the lips of the idol of the bust of Om Banna, perched on an elevated concrete platform.

This reminded me of the Bhairavnath Temple of New Delhi, located near the Purana Qila or old fort. What makes it unusual is that Liquor is the main prasad served at this ancient Hindu temple.

After the Bhakt or devotees offer Liquor to Bhairo Baba, it is distributed to them as a prasad (holy food). The temple dates back to the ancient Mahabharat times.

Soul Window Travel Tip

Please note that since the Bullet Baba Mandir is located on a highway, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in and around the temple. You can get in serious trouble if the local police catches you drinking alcohol.

Location of Baba Banna

Unlike any other major Hindu temple that I had visited, the Om Banna Temple is located right on the highway. Situated near Chotila Village of Rajasthan in North India, Om Banna can be accessed via the wide Pali Jodhpur highway.

Om Banna Mandir is located just 20 kilometres or 12 miles from Pali and 53 kilometres or 33 miles away from Jodhpur. Om Banna temple location is easy to find as many local people and bus conductors know about this place.

If you enjoy going off the beaten track then this lesser-known place is not to be missed!

Om Banna Bike number plate

Here is an amazing fact on Bullet baba. Om Banna Bike number is RNJ 7773. Hindu devotees worship a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet in Bullet baba temple. The Om Banna bullet number RNJ 7773 was easily visible when I traveled here. This is also the reason why it is known as the Bullet Baba Temple.

Bike of Bullet baba

The Om Banna bike is a sort of a new Hindu deity itself, what with many devotees garlanding it, worshipping it and doing a parikrama around it. In case you are wondering you are allowed to take pictures of the Om Banna bike no.

The Royal Enfield Bullet of Om Banna used to be kept near the Jaal Tree, which is located close to the highway. However, due to road widening work, the Bullet was moved under a shade in a field located at walking distance from the Jaal tree.

Om Banna Jaal Tree

There is a Jaal tree which is located closer to the Pali Jodhpur Highway where Hindu devotees throng for worship. This is the exact tree which collided with the motorbike of Om Singh Rathore aka Om Banna, leading to his unfortunate death.

The tree that caused death of Om Banna itself has become worthy of worship and is considered holy by the local people. I also saw many women in groups at Om Banna. Turns out, they are the wives of those who are frequently on the road. The women pray here for their protection when they are driving.

I saw many young and old women tying holy red threads on the sacred tree here. They tie the thread to seek blessings and prosperity.

The actual Om Banna Temple where rituals happen is located a bit inside to avoid the crowds spilling on to the highway.

I observed that the local women and girls also offered bangles and scarves at the sacred tree of Om Banna Mandir. Om Banna is a must-see place near Jodhpur.

Om Banna Bhajan

Also known as the Om Banna Aarti, I saw local people singing it even as devotees offered prayers to Om Banna God. These are some lesser-known facts about Bullet baba, the hidden gem of Rajasthan.

My Experience of Bullet Baba Temple

I visited Om Banna temple after seeing the imposing Mehrangarh Fort and the brilliant Jaswant Hada in Jodhpur on a crisp winter afternoon. I made a day trip to Om Banna from Jodhpur.  The bus from Jodhpur dropped me on the other side of the Highway. I was curious to visit this unusual place to see in Rajasthan.

A huge shop next to a restaurant intrigued me with massive posters and other merchandise of Om Banna.

I walked my way to the other side of the Jodhpur Pali highway, watching carefully at the speeding trucks and cars. The first sight I saw was of women tying thread on the sacred tree of Om Banna Mandir. The energy of the place and the commotion made it stand apart from the other places in the vicinity.

The Om Banna temple had created a culture of its own, I noticed. The entire area around the temple cantered around the Om Banna Mandir. The sweet shops, Pooja Samagri shops, the souvenir shops, the works! Honestly, I had not expected such grand celebrations around Om Banna.

Before I had visited Bullet Baba Temple, I assumed it to be a gimmicky touristy attraction. I was proved wrong when I saw the devotion on the face of people. There were more locals than tourists present there. Om Banna is indeed a must-visit place in Rajasthan.

I saw many newlyweds and their relatives seeking blessing from the Om Banna. One of the bridegrooms I talked to even wore a western suit with a Rajasthani Pagdi and was well spoken, and urban. He was a Rajpoot and explained to me about Om Banna Temple in great details.

I stood there for a while and soaked in the ambiance. I took a step back when a profusion of the fragrant smoke from the incense sticks filled my nose. The locals were undeterred though. Nearby some rituals were taking place in a mandap. A couple actually got married in the premises of Om Banna Temple.

Bullet Baba: Motorcycle of Om Banna

I moved behind the main Om Banna main shrine to get a close ‘darshan’ of the famous motorcycle of Om Singh Rathore or Om Banna. It was kept in a huge glass box, protected from dust and the touch of unruly people. I saw many marigold garlands around the handle of the bike, much like how we offer garlands to Hindu deities by putting in on their necks.

I saw the newlyweds, their nuptial knots still tied, doing a parikrama or circumambulation of the motorcycle. It is considered auspicious to do that in Rajasthan. I saw many locals people dressed in the hues of primary colours such as bright red, pink, yellow, orange, blue and greens.

Also read: My Parikrama of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Om Banna for tourists

Off late, many Indian and foreign travellers also visit the Om Banna Temple to see what all the fuss around the Patron Saint of NH65 is about. I saw a big group of travellers from Europe, who looked visibly amused as their English-speaking Indian guide explained the story of Om Banna Temple to themin English.Visiting Om Banna Mandir is the most unusual thing to do in Rajasthan.

They had travelled all the way from Jodhpur in air-conditioned cars and a local guide. Many Indian and foreign tourists and travellers to Jodhpur make it a point to club the Om Banna Temple in their Rajasthan itinerary.Om Banna temple is an offbeat place to visit in Rajasthan. This unheard-of tourist place is still unexplored and located away from the crowds.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Om Banna Temple

What to buy at Om Banna Mandir?

I saw many shops selling Baba Banna merchandise across the highway. The shops sold paraphernalia associated with Om Banna such as:

  • Om Banna Aarti
  • Om Banna shirts
  • Om Banna Bhajan
  • Om Banna posters
  • Om Banna Lockets
  • Om Banna Keyrings
  • Om Banna magnets
  • Om Banna music CDs
  • Stickers of Om Banna
  • Om Banna showpieces
  • Om Banna photo frames
  • Om Banna Fridge Magnets

All of the above-mentioned Om Banna merchandise had the face of Om Banna embellished on the product. I did not pick any of these souvenirs but I saw the local people and Hindu devotees shopping for these. You can buy these quirky (to me) Om Banna Temple merchandise only on the location. It is located across the road from the temple.

I try to bring such unique and bizarre stories from across India on my award-winning travel blog A Soul Window, which has also been mentioned as the number one travel blog of India. My blog has also won many mentions as Top Travel Blog of India several times.

You will not find such detailed travel guide in the outdated old school travel guide books.

Entry Fee to Om Banna

Like with many major Hindu temples and tourist attractions of India, Om Banna temple is also a free thing to do in Rajasthan. There is no entry fee to visit Bullet Baba Temple.

ATM in Om Banna

There are not many ATMs around Om Banna, so it is good to withdraw some cash in Jodhpur which is a bustling city with many ATMs.

Solo budget trip tips to Om Banna

I was on a week-long solo budget trip to offbeat places in Rajasthan. Om Banna can easily be visited as a solo traveller on a shoestring budget. Easy availability of public transport and low costs make it an excellent place to see for solo travellers like me.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Om Banna

It is possible to visit the Bullet Baba Temple on a very low budget. The only money I spent to visit Om Banna Temple was the money spent onthe bus.For lunch, I was carrying some packed food from Jodhpur.

It is not an exaggeration when I say that you can easily visit Om Banna Temple from Jodhpur under only Rs. 200 if you take public transport such as buses.

Luxury travel Tips for Om Banna

I saw many European tourists who visited Bullet Baba Mandir in luxury. The cost to visit Om Banna will increase if you travel by a private cab and dine at unnecessarily expensive restaurants. Jodhpur has some of the finest luxury amenities of the world.

Soul Window Reflections

 A visit to the quirky Om Banna Mandir is not only worthwhile but also opened up my eyes to the unlimited possibilities that Hinduism offers. Unlike other religions, Hinduism is still the only religion which is evolving and adding new dimensions to it without much of a furore and opposition. Hinduism in not stuck in a universal book or a single male God. Hinduism is all about plurality.

The Om Banna Temple shows why Sanatan Dharm, the most ancient of all religions is tolerant of different viewpoints and accommodative of alternative thoughts and practises. You may dismiss it as mere blind faith or find it funny, amusing or even foolish to see thousands worshipping an ordinary man and his cool bike.

But for most Hindus of India, the unexplained mysteries and miracles have always been worthy of worshipping. Come to think of it! Hindus worship trees, snakes, monkeys, river Ganga which we find normal. However, I find these natural elements as mysterious as the self-driving bike of Om Banna.

And that is the beauty of Hinduism. To celebrate the unexplained!

Excursions: Places near Om Banna

There are many interesting sight-seeing places to visit near Om Banna. During my week-long trip across offbeat places in Rajasthan, I visited Bikaner, Jodhpur, Khichan, Pushkar, Karni Mata Mandir, Tal Chappar Blackbuck sanctuary, Nagaur and so on.

Here are some of the best places to see near Om Banna Temple

  • Ladnu
  • Bikaner
  • Nagaur
  • Jodhpur
  • Khichan
  • Pushkar
  • Bishnoi Village
  • Khejarli Village
  • Guda Bishnoi Lake
  • Karni Mata Mandir
  • Tal Chappar Blackbuck sanctuary

How to reach Om Banna Temple in Rajasthan

This is one of the most commonly asked question on Bullet Baba Temple. Om Banna Temple is located on the NH65 or the National Highway 65. The Highway is informally known as the Jodhpur Pali Highway. It is fairly easy to arrive at Om Banna Temple from Jodhpur. I reached Om Banna Temple from Jodhpur via a straight bus.

You can catch any buses heading from Jodhpur Bus Depot to Pali, Abu Road or Sanderao in order to reach Om Banna. Just tell the conductor to alert you once Om Banna temple comes on the way. The bus drops at a walking distance from Om Banna temple, across the highway if coming from Jodhpur.

Om Banna is a nice unexplored place to see in Rajasthan with family and kids.

Distances from Om Banna

Distance between Jodhpur to Om Banna is 45 kilometres and it takes around 45 minutes via NH65

Distance between Pali to Om Banna is 22 kilometres and it takes around 30 minutes via NH65

Distance between Guda Bishnoi Lake to Om Banna is 29 kilometres and it takes around 30 minutes via NH65

Distance between Khichan to Om Banna is 187 kilometres and it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes via NH65 and RJ SH61

Distance between Guda Bishnoi Lake to Om Banna is 29 kilometres and it takes around 30 minutes via NH65

Local Transport for sightseeing in Om Banna

You will not need any local transport in Om Banna as there is no other tourist attraction within 2-5 kilometres of Om Banna. Just hop on to a bus from Jodhpur to Om Banna and return from another bus. You will be dropped straight at the Bullet baba temple

Where to stay in Bullet Baba Mandir

Om Banna Temple is located on a highway. It is not a well-developed place. I saw just few buildings near the temple. Like me, most people prefer to stay in Jodhpur and make a day trip to Om Banna Temple.

There is actually no need to stay overnight around Om Banna as there is nothing else to do here. If you still want to stay, then you can consider a small Dharamshala nearby with basic facilities.

Best Time to Visit Om Banna

Winter: I visited Om Banna temple in the pleasant winter month of January.It was a sunny day and the weather in Om Banna was very pleasant when I visited here.Winter is the best time to visit Om Banna. Winter months in Rajasthan are September (very mild), October, November, December (extreme cold), January (very cold), February and March (windy)

Summer: Summer months are not the best time to be in Om Banna or anywhere else in Rajasthan. Temperatures may soar up to 50-degree Celsius in summers in Rajasthan. Hottest months in Rajasthan and North Indian plains are April, May and June.

Monsoon: The months of July and August are when it rains in Rajasthan. Some days can be dry while on other days it can rain heavily. That said, I have travelled in places in Rajasthan like Alwar and Bhangarh Fort near New Delhi in the monsoon months as well and it was a lovely experience.

Timings of Om Banna Temple

Om Banna temple is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

What to wear in Om Banna

Wear respectfully since it is a Hindu shrine. Wear light cottons in summer and woolen clothes in winter.

How many days to spend in Om Banna?

What can I do in Om Banna in 1 day? I visited Om Banna mandir as a half day tour from Jodhpur. It was a quick getaway from Jodhpur.

I would suggest you leave Jodhpur early morning so that you can arrive at Om banna early and leave by afternoon. This will leave you with more time in Jodhpur which has more places to see and things to do.

You do not need to stay for 2 days or more in Om Banna. Half day free tour is enough for visiting Om Banna temple.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food around Om Banna

Where to eat at Om Banna Temple?

Nice vegetarian and vegan food are available right across the highway at walking distance from the Baba Banna Temple. You can sample some of authentic local food of Rajasthan here. You can also try the tea and Mogar Ki Kachori at the nearby Prajapat tea stall run by Prahladchand Mangilalji Prajapat.

Soul Window Travel Tip

In my experience, the best vegetarian and vegan food of Rajasthan I had were always in the small restaurants in the rural areas.

Om Banna Temple is located in a rural setting so keep your eyes peeled for delicious local food of Rajasthan such as Daal Baat Churma, Lahsun Ki Chutney, Gatte ki sabzi, Haldi ki sabzi etc.

The vegans need to watch out for Desi Ghee or clarified butter which Rajasthanis love!

Photography Tips for Om Banna

Om Banna temple is great for portraits of people of Rajasthan. Keep your eyes peeled for faces with character and people dressed in their traditional best.

You can also take pictures of various rituals as photography is allowed here.

Toilet facility in Om Banna

Clean toilets are available at the hotels and restaurants across the road from Om Banna Temple.

Languages spoken in Om Banna

Hindi, Marwari and Rajasthani are the most spoken and understood language in Om Banna Temple. Very few people here understand and speak English.

Is Om Banna Temple safe to visit?

Rajasthan is one of the safest places I have been to. Om Banna Temple is no exception. I found it 100% safe place to travel to. Do visit this unlikely shrine without fear. That said, visiting between morning and afternoon is advised. Due to lack of amenities here, you can get stuck in unfavourable situation.

Conclusion: Why visit Om Banna Temple

Is Om Banna Temple worth a visit? The Bullet Baba Temple, also known as the Om Banna Temple is one of the most unusual places of India I have ever been to yet. To summarise, the worship of a once ordinary man (Om Singh Rathore) and his motorcycle attracts Hindus devotees from the villages of Rajasthan for its miracles.

People from all corners of India and abroad come to visit Om Banna Temple, the main deity of which is a Royal Enfield 350 cc motorbike and its rider Late Om Singh Rathore.

It is not every day, after all, that we, as a traveller come across a quirky temple in what was once a nondescript place in the middle of nowhere. While traveling to the big city of Jodhpur therefore it is a good idea to make a day trip to the offbeat Bullet Baba Mandir.

Do share this well researched information packed travel guide on Om Banna Mandir with your friend and family. All you wanted to know about the famous Om Banna Mandir is explained here.

The view from my Soul Window is bizarre!

Pin this blog to save the blog and plan a trip later!

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