Top Things to do in Lucknow

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Must-See Attractions in Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and is located in the northern part of India. This city has a lot of things to offer ranging from rich cultural heritage, historical sites, shopping malls and restaurants. In short, Lucknow has something for everyone. Also, the infrastructure is top-notch, making it easy for people to travel around. This is the reason the city is flooded with tourists throughout the year. There are so many amazing things to do in Lucknow that even a week is less. Here is the complete guide to the top things to do in Lucknow

Easy to Access Tourist Attractions in Lucknow

Checking out the Riyadh to Lucknow flight ticket price can be done online before planning your vacation, bearing in mind that ticket prices vary. There are different fun activities you can do, or sights worth visiting during your stay in Lucknow. Below are some suggestions you can consider when visiting the capital city of Uttar Pradesh:

See ruins of Dilkusha Kothi

Uttar Pradesh and India at large are known to house some unique architectural designs from the previous centuries. Dilkusha Kothi in Lucknow is well known for its English baroque architectural design that dates back to the 19th century. The ruins of this house give you the chance to understand its historical significance, and why it is among the attraction sites in Lucknow. You will be privileged to see the beautiful garden around this structure. Additionally, you will be privileged to see the remaining external walls and the towers of Dilkusha Kothi.

Top Things to do in Lucknow Dilkusha Kothi

Learn about 1857 mutiny at the Residency

These are a group of several buildings that were built during the Nawab era. Additionally, this renowned tourist attraction site was part of the historical 1857 siege, making it an interesting place worth visiting. The shattered walls, and the cannon shots, which are visible to date can give you a glimpse of what the war was like. Flower beds, and the lawns around the residency, attract more tourists to come to this historical site. I also explored the nearby Bithoor in Kanpur which is also associated with the 1857 mutiny.

Explore the Lucknow Museum: Top Things to do in Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh, and India at large have a rich and interesting history. Anyone who wants a glimpse of the history of the local people must make a stop at the Lucknow Museum. This museum houses different things that explain the history of the local people. They range from galleries and sculptures. Consider embarking on a guided tour here. The tour guides are more knowledgeable. One of the top things to do in Lucknow in observe the well-preserved Egyptian mummy in the Lucknow Museum.

Have fun in the Anandi Water Park

Anandi Water Park should be your next destination because there are plenty of fun activities, which can be enjoyable for both adults and children. An example of such activity is thrilling slides. You will also see the famous lazy river. Next to it, there is a big resort that serves local meals. That’s not all; the surrounding environment in Anandi water park offers a perfect background for taking memorable pictures. This surely is one of the the top things to do in Lucknow.

Do Birdwatching in Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary has numerous bird species. King Crow, Peafowl, and the Indian Roller are some of the bird species found here. Apart from birds, you might be lucky to spot different wildlife. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary was renamed Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary in 2015. People have an easy time accessing this attraction site as it is near the Kanpur-Lucknow highway. There is also a lake inside this bird sanctuary. Anyone who visits this bird sanctuary in Lucknow will forget about the noisy city and have some fun.

Hang out in Ambedkar Memorial Park

This memorial park is made from red sandstone, which attracts a lot of people throughout the year. As the name suggests, this memorial park is dedicated to Dr. Ambedkar. Inside the memorial park, there is a photo gallery, and monuments of Drashya Sthal, Pratibimb Sthal and Ambedkar Stupa. That’s not all; Ambedkar Memorial Park has a park that covers 107 acres. You will not only enjoy the surrounding view but also get a perfect background for taking memorable pictures.

Hang out at the beautiful Gomti Riverfront Park

Looking for more top thing to do in Lucknow? Located at the banks of River Gomti, Gomti Riverfront Park is an excellent spot for picnics and unwinding. People travel from different regions just to enjoy the musical fountains, especially at night. Boat riding, bike riding, and a jogging track are other reasons why this riverfront park is among the top attraction sites. Gomti Riverfront Park also offers an excellent background for taking pictures.

Enjoy the breeze at the Marine Drive Lucknow

The famous marine drive is a renowned spot by the residents. It offers an excellent view of the Gomti River. Most people visit this spot either in the morning or evening hours. Additionally, Marine Drive Lucknow has many parks, making it an excellent spot for relaxing with your loved ones while in Lucknow.

The different online booking sites make it easy to check Riyadh to Lucknow flight ticket price from your comfort zone. Flight ticket prices vary depending on the airline and the time of the year. You will easily find a flight that matches the day you intend on travelling to Lucknow. Also, you will be in a position to compare the different prices and settle down for the best ticket price.

Visit Lucknow Zoo

True nature lovers have every reason to visit this zoo. The local people commonly refer to Lucknow Zoo as Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden. Apart from admiring the beautiful nature, you will be able to admire some beautiful wild animals like the ostrich. There are also plenty of fun activities you can engage in while in Lucknow Zoo. They range from boat riding, embarking on a toy train ride, boat riding, and enjoying quiet nature walks.

People are always amazed by how this zoo situated within the city has managed to remain well preserved since its inauguration in 1921. What sets Lucknow Zoo apart from other zoos in the world is the fact that it is home to a very famous museum. I have also admired the heritage baradaris or pavilions which dot the landscape of the Lucknow Zoo.

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My friend Eileen at Imambara

Observe the Jama Masjid

Your tour around Lucknow will be incomplete if you skip Jama Masjid. The marvellous 15th-century architectural design is the first thing you will notice when you visit this site. Pay attention to the picture-perfect domes, the marvellous minarets, and the calligraphy on the white sandstone. That’s not all; you will be marvelled by the over 260 pillars around the Jama Masjid. It is the top thing to do in Lucknow.

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