Overnight desert safari Dubai: What to expect?  

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Things You Can Do at Overnight Dubai Safari 

Dubai is known for its abundance of luxurious resorts, hotels, and malls along with its advancements in technology. These are just a few of the many reasons people decide to go to Dubai. 

However, a trip to Dubai won’t be complete without going on at least one overnight desert safari. The desert is around 1 hour away from the city which makes it convenient to fit into your itinerary. 

There are a lot of different types of safaris to choose from. For example, morning, evening, overnight, self-safari, etc. 

Overnight desert safari in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Pic by: Pixabay

The overnight Dubai safari will be the best option for you as it will give you plenty of time to participate in countless activities while also enjoying the night-time out in the desert. 

Nothing can compare to spending a night in the middle of the desert under the stars. During the evening, Dubai safaris offer a wide variety of exciting and unique experiences. Spend the night immersed in entertainment while surrounded by nature. 

All of this will make for an unforgettable night in the Arabian desert. There are also a lot of other things you can do. This article has listed down the various things you can do at an overnight Dubai safari. 

Dubai cityscape


The best part about spending time in the evening desert safari in Dubai is the wonderful sights of nature, especially the stars. The starry sky will show some of the most spectacular events and stellar sights for you to enjoy every time you look up. 

You can enjoy complimentary snacks and amazing Arabian coffee while stargazing in your camp. 

This is a very peaceful atmosphere that will help you unwind after a tiring day. An astronomer can also take you on a tour of the night sky and teach you about its wonders. 


Overnight desert safaris offer a broad variety of performances, such as buffets, barbeque feasts, dancing on stilts, belly dancing, etc. You will get to experience the desert’s oldest traditions while enjoying all of these events. Tourists have the best time of their lives while witnessing these performances in the beautiful setting of the Dubai desert. You may also see the courageous performances of fire dancers, who will spin and swirl during a raging fire.  

Overnight desert jeep safari Dubai United Arab Emirates sand dunes
Overnight desert jeep safari in Dubai, United Arab Emirates sand dunes

Try local cuisine

You will also get the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Arabic feast in your camp. Desert safaris will offer a buffet dinner or a BBQ feast depending on the tour you choose. You will get authentic dishes like kebabs, kafta, mansaf, khubz, etc. After dinner, you can also try the local specialty flavored tobacco called “Sheesha”. The food here has a subtle yet delicious taste which is suitable for everyone. The buffet dinners can also include amazing Iranian and Lebanese delicacies. You will get the true experience of an Arabian night, especially with the performances. 

Spice markets of Bur Dubai
Spice markets of Dubai


One of the best things about the overnight desert is getting to witness desert dawn. During sunrise, you can see dunes as a backdrop that acts as a bare horizon. It amplifies the beauty of the sunrise. You can truly see the magnificence of the desert during dawn with the warm orange tones of sunrise as it rises over the horizon. You will get the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time in the cool morning before starting your day. It is a brilliant way to start your day. During this time, you can also get the most picturesque photos. 


Another unique thing you can do during your safari is get a henna tattoo. Most desert safaris will have professionals there to give you beautiful Arabic-inspired henna tattoos. A henna tattoo is like a temporary tattoo that will disappear after a few weeks. It also doesn’t hurt at all but may be slightly time-consuming. 

You can choose to get anything tattooed, be it your hands or your feet. No matter the placement, you will be left with a lovely new look. It will also leave a very subtle calming scent on your hands. Make sure you indulge in this local practice at least once during your trip. You can pick a design of your choice from the wide variety of options offered to you on sight. 

Dubai skyline


A trip to Dubai can’t be finished without a desert safari. When it comes to desert safaris, it is obvious that the overnight kind is the best option for anyone who has the time. An overnight safari will allow you to do so many more things than you originally thought. You can get the opportunity to do anything from adventurous and thrill-seeking activities or peaceful activities. After reading this article, you are prepared to plan your perfect safari trip as you are now aware of all the different things you can do.

Overnight desert safari Dubai United Arab Emirates
Overnight desert safari Dubai United Arab Emirates

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