Khuri sand dunes: Dreamlike camping in Jaisalmer

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Khuri sand dunes

Khuri Sand Dunes, which is located just an hour away from Jaisalmer is one of India’s best desert safari destinations. Gorgeous desert vistas and lack of crowds make Khuri Sand Dunes the right choice for the discerning traveller. Being one of the best sand dunes near Jaisalmer, it is fast gaining popularity with the discerning traveller. For me, Khuri turned out to one of the most unusual places to see in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Being one of the best places in Rajasthan to do a desert safari, I chose Khuri sand dunes without much debate with my friends who accompanies me. Exploring the Khuri sand dunes at my own pace turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me! Since then, I have been telling everyone that Khuri sand dunes is a must-visit place.

Camping on the edges of the Khuri Sand dunes in a beautiful resort was another cherry on the cake. The best part is that Jaisalmer to Khuri distance is only 50 kilometres. Below are some amazing facts about Khuri.

Why is Khuri Sand Dunes famous?

Our driver Pintoo was keen that we visit the more popular Sam Sand Dunes. But we stuck to Khuri Sand Dunes because of various reasons one of which was that Khuri Village is not over run with tourists. Being an offbeat destination near Jaisalmer, Khuri is known for its secluded location, lack of crowds, zero sound and air pollution.

Though there are fewer camps in Khuri Jaisalmer, as compared to Sam but the quality is equally excellent! Despite its offbeat location, Khuri has some excellent tent camps in the desert with numerous modern frills and urban amenities that you may (or may not!) fancy!

This is why for many tourists, Khuri is the best place to see desert in Rajasthan. Like me, you should also stay in a desert view resort Khuri. The fact that Khuri is the best sand dunes in Jaisalmer is a well-kept secret! Since Khuri is located close to Jodhpur, it is also a quick weekend escape for those who know this well guarded secret.

What makes Khuri Sand Dunes far quieter, authentic, peaceful and cleaner is the fact that it is not crowded and not over commercialised. The advantage of staying in a place NOT overrun by tourists is that you experience and feel the place more. It also leads to several opportunities where you can interact with the locals more deeply.

Desert stay in Jaisalmer is everyone’s dream! The fact that the tent price in Jaisalmer is also very reasonable makes it very popular. Just to give you a fair idea, Jaisalmer safari camp price is within reach of most of the middle-class citizens of India. I have shared more on this in the ‘Jaisalmer tent price’section.Best tent in Jaisalmer is located in Khuri Village. Jaisalmer tent stay packages can be bought months in advance, as per your convenience, whims and fancies.

Khuri Sand Dunes: An offbeat destination

Those who love going off the beaten track, head to Khuri village near Jaisalmer. What makes Khuri Sand Dunes stand apart is the fact that it is not overrun by noisy tourists and campsites. In fact, Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort which we wisely chose is the only big campsite in the area. There was no other human construction nearby. Now you know why sand dunes in Rajasthan are so different and unique!

Khuri Sand Dunes: International destination

Khuri Sand Dunes is a foreigner’s magnet. Many travellers from United States of America, United Kingdom and other nations of Europe and Australia etc visit Khuri Jaisalmer and other tourist places of Rajasthan regularly.

In general, foreigner travellers to India prefer silent, clean and uncrowded tourist places such as Khuri sand dunes. Cocooned away from the noisy crowds and shielded against over-tourism, Khuri is indeed loved by foreigner tourists. Most foreigners love Khuri sand dunes because it is off the beaten track.

During my visit, I noticed that many foreigners from nations as diverse as Vietnam, United States of America, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Germany were traveling in and around Khuri Sand Dunes. A large biking group of 7-8 western male travellers had even stayed in the Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer.

My Experience of Khuri sand dunes camping

I had an incredibly peaceful time in Khuri sand dunes. I and my friends Jeetendra Sharma, Pooja Sharma and their son Dhruv visited Khuri Village as a weekend destination from New Delhi and Gurugram. There are so many things to do with family and kids in Khuri that it made sense to travel here with the loved ones.

Khuri Sand Dunes: Camping in Jaisalmer
Khuri Sand Dunes: Camping in Jaisalmer. Dhruv, Pooja and Jeetendra enjoying a vacation. Adjacent to Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer.

Based on our own experience, I am sharing how to plan a desert getaway in Khuri, what to expect here, how to reach, what to eat and other travel tips! Also, did you know that there are many free things to do in Khuri.

I was lucky that I ended up in the best desert camp Jaisalmer. The tent house I stayed in had everything I could ask for! I am sharing a detailed guide to Khuri Sand Dunes Jaisalmer. This is the most comprehensive and exhaustive guide on the Khuri sand dunes of Jaisalmer. My blog A Soul Window has

I have shared some deep insight on Khuri Sand Dunes in this information packed travelogue, based on my own travel experience. All you wanted to know about desert camp in Jaisalmerand Khuri is explained in this elaborate travel guide. Here is why you should visit Khuri sand dunes & what to expect! been ranked as No.1 travel blog of India and listed as Top Travel Blog of India several times.

Khuri Desert Camps

Khuri is a hidden gem. Khuri Desert Camps are few and far between. The debate between Khuri vs Sam sand dunes is an old one. Unlike the plethora of camps in the Sam sand dunes area, there are fewer camps in Khuri, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy going off the touristy trail. This lesser-visited place is not to be missed.

It is a good idea to book desert camp in Khuri Jaisalmer in advance, especially on weekends and special holidays. There are also some hotels in Khuri Jaisalmer but most travellers prefer a tent or Khuri desert resort.

Enjoy local music of desert

As soon as I entered the reception of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort, a faint hint of local music pulled me towards it. “When did they start?”, I asked the owner Mr. Khem Singh excitedly while I was still doing the formalities at the reception. “Don’t worry. The music and dance show happens all night!”, he told us. Later I got to know this is the norm in every Khuri desert resort Jaisalmer.

I, Jeetendra, Pooja and Dhruv ran towards our tent, dropped our luggage, washed our faces and rushed towards the large area where the music and dance was being performed. This sand dunes resort is already impressing me! No wonder, this desert safari camp and resort is a highly rated one. This is why this luxury camp in Jaisalmer has been running successfully since several decades now.

Folk music and folk song of Rajasthan. Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer, Khuri Sand Dunes.
Local song and dance performance at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer

The local singer who sang as well as (maybe even better) the more famous Mame Khan belted out one soulful song after another. The soulful voice of the singer flirted with the silence of the desert! He and his team played harmonium, tabla and Khartal (hand cymbal or Rajasthani version of manjira) like how fish takes to water.

The innate skill or ability of people of desert to sing so beautifully is to be seen to be believed. “My family also belongs to the clan of musicians.”, said Dinesh who didn’t pursue music but instead managed Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer. “We know Mame Khan and his family. It is a small village. Everyone known everyone here.”

Kalbelia dancer at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer, Khuri Sand Dunes
Female Kalbelia dancer at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer, Khuri Sand Dunes.

I am sure, most of the singers of the desert sing as well as those who made it big in Bollywood. Mame Khan achieved fame through singing in Bollywood films and Coke Studio. Many other lesser-known singers from this region have also made it to the big bad world of Bollywood with limited or mammoth success. The singer we met asked us for farmaish. What song do you want to listen to? “Song of soil. A song of the land. No Bollywood please. No crowd pleasers!”

He was pleasantly surprised at the request that I made. A couple from Mumbai also agreed with me. What followed was a soul piercing song which none of us had heard ever before, but which everyone enjoyed. “No one made such a request in a long time. I am happy that you want to listen to my music.”, he said before he began singing, leaving us agape mouthed. You can have such soulful experiences only if you book a tent stay in the best sand dunes resort in Jaisalmer. The best camp resort in Jaisalmer will leave you with many more such memories!

Enjoy Kalbelia dance

The beautifully dressed female Kalbelia dancer swirled around on his tunes in her black sequined dress. Covered ornately with beads, mirrors, jewels and sequins, she looked stunning in her traditional tribal dress! With her grace, nimble dance steps and her beauty, she could give run to any Bollywood heroine for her money. Her agility left me gobsmacked. After few minutes of dancing, she bent down to pick the mud pots kept one above another, seven of them. A fire was lighted on the top most pot. She continued to dance with 7 pots above her head, leaving us shocked.

Kalbelia dancer
Kalbelia dancer at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer, right next to Khuri Sand Dunes.

As if she was not satisfied with her own stunt, she did something which could almost qualify for a magic trick. While she was still dancing, a staff placed a wooden plank next to her. 2 plates were kept on the plank, followed by 2 water tumblers. Another set of plates were kept upon both the water tumblers which was further topped with another set of 2 water tumblers.

She decided to stand upon it with seven pots on her head, the flame on the top of which was still alive. ‘Bravo” shouted a European man who was enjoying the show attentively between drinks! The dancer defied all the laws of gravity and wowed the audience with her inimitable craft and beauty.

So good were the music and dance performances that even on the second day of our stay in the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort, we watched the show. On both days, the audiences which included the guests joined the music show and danced the night away. Experiencing all this and more, right next to Khuri sand dunes Jaisalmer made it all the more special for me.

Enjoy Bonfire on Khuri Sand Dunes

Since Khuri Sand Dunes are located right next to the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort, they also arrange for bonfire and even camping in the desert on request once it turns dark, of course. For the lesser adventurous, bonfire is also arranged every night at the common tent area or the entertainment courtyard section.

Bonfire, Music and song show at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer, Khuri Sand Dunes.
Bonfire and Musicians singing Rajasthani folk music. Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer. Khuri Sand Dunes.

I, other guests and the performers danced to the Rajasthani tunes around the bonfire under the open sky. I have enjoyed many bonfires under the open night sky, such as Hornbill Festival, Basar and Mechuka in North East India, but this was special! Spending some time in special places such as these are stuff dreams are made up of!

Camping in Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort

Camping in Jaisalmer is an experience like no other! Night camp on sand dunes of Khuri is also popular. Many people, in a bid to be more adventurous, also love spending time in the open Khuri Sand Dunes in night. Despite its popularity in small circles, night safari is one of the most unusual things to do in Khuri, Jaisalmer.

Some even spend the night sleeping under the stars on the vast open sand dunes of Khuri. As romantic as this may sound, you must take care of safety if spending time in the sand dunes after dark. Do it only under trained staff of hotels and resorts etc.

During our stay in Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort, a group of 7-8 male foreigners (white) had also showed up. They wanted to sleep under the stars. They had requested the resort staff to arrange for camping on the Khuri sand dunes under the stars.

The staff gladly made the arrangements for the same. Some resorts also arrange for dinner and breakfast on the dune apart from local tourist guides, beds, mosquito repellent, snacks, water, the works!)

We preferred staying in our tents with tiled bathrooms though! I personally enjoy sleeping and staying in big tents. But if camping is your thing, then go for it!

Glamping in Jaisalmer. Sand dunes in Rajasthan. Top Travel Blogger of India Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Siingh at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer. You can see Khuri sand dunes behind. Sand dunes in Rajasthan

Discover the local desert culture of Khuri Village

The ancient desert culture which has survived through the test of times still thrives in and around Jaisalmer. In an increasingly homogenised world, it is not always easy to find and access such unique experiences. However, in Khuri, you can still acquaint yourself with the old-world lifestyle of local people.

A professional Khuri sand dunes safari camp can help you immerse in the local culture. Many desert tent stay options will arrange these experiences for you. Do ask trekking camp of Khuri about what all they can arrange for. The tent city of Jaisalmer has something for everyone. Since I stayed in best resort in Khuri Jaisalmer, much of all that I desired had been taken care of. This is why, choose your camp stay wisely. It is best to book a Jaisalmer dunes camp through a trusted source or recommendation.

Khuri Village Walk: Visit Local Villages

While paying a visit to the local villages of Khuri, I observed the day-to-day routine of the local Rajasthani people who have called it home since centuries despite the harsh living conditions. The interaction with the small Rajasthani community who live here left me with lasting memories.

The urban Indian in me was impressed to notice that the cultures, livelihoods, customs, food, attires of the local people are still inextricably linked to the desert even in the modern world. By the way, you can see sand dunes from Khuri Village as well. But the views are far better from the resort I was staying in.

This uniqueness of Khuri village Rajasthan makes me want to come back here again and again. I was happy to see an absence of mindless shopping malls, super stores and clubs here. Khuri is a different world!

Jeep Safari in Khuri Sand Dunes

Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort also arranges for Jeep Safaris. Unfortunately, I was unable to do jeep safari as someone else had booked the safari at the last minute. This is why I will not be able to tell you what a jeep safari in Khuri Sand Dunes is about. I did a jeep safari in Mleiha near Sharjah in United Arab Emirates which was grander than what I had expected.

The starting point for Jeep Safari was right behind the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort. Since we were sitting quietly on the sand dunes, we observed that the jeep safari started just before the sunset and ended after few minutes. It is always a better idea to do camping in Jaisalmer with jeep safari. So, if you want to enjoy best desert safari in Jaisalmer, always book in advance. Jaisalmer dunes safari is worth every penny!

Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Khuri Sand Dunes

When in Rajasthan, I always make sure that I eat local food. The food served at the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort was vegetarian, nutritious, delicious and healthy. In breakfast, we had bread (with butter/jam), poha and idli in their onsite al fresco Indian restaurant. We didn’t have lunch as we spent the day exploring the Longewala War Memorial, Tanot Mata Mandir and the haunted village of Kuldhara.

We had two dinners which comprised of bajra roti, ker sangria, gate ki subzi, churma (sweet), rice and salad.

Bajra roti, ker sangria, gate ki subzi, churma, rice and salad.
Bajra roti, ker sangria, gate ki subzi, churma (sweet), rice and salad. Dinner at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer

Duration of visit to Khuri Sand Dunes

How many days to spend in Khuri Sand Dunes? Is one day enough for Khuri Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer? What can I do in two days in Khuri Sand Dunes? These are some of the frequently asked questions. We had spent a total of 2 nights and 2 days in the campsite of Khuri Sand Dunes.  Though I feel sand dunes of Rajasthan deserve more time and love!

Soul Window Thoughts

Sand dunes in India are few, so it is a good idea to spend more time here. The other sand dunes I saw were the high-altitude sand dunes in Nubra valley in Ladakh and in Tibet during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. The sand dunes I saw in Mleiha near Sharjah in United Arab Emirates and Wadi Rum in Jordan, both in Middle East were huge ones. Spending more time in sand dunes Rajasthan is equally worth it!

2 days, 3-nights Itinerary of Khuri Sand Dunes

Below is itinerary of Khuri Sand Dunes for 2 days and 3 nights. You can customise this itinerary as per your preference and the time and budget you have.

Day 1

  • We started from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer in a car.
  • We arrived at Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort after dark at around 7 p.m.
  • We ended the night with dance and music program
  • It was followed by a local authentic dinner and bonfire. You can also order drinks from the in-house bar!

Day 2

  • We woke up early morning and climbed up the sand dunes of Khuri village right from the small entrance gate near our campsite.
  • We enjoyed breath-taking views of sunrise from the sand dunes.
  • We sat for 2-3 hours at the famous Khuri Sand Dunes, doing nothing!
  • After breakfast, we headed straightway towards Longewala War Memorial and Tanot Mata Temple.
  • In evening, we visited Kuldhara-the haunted village.
  • In night, we again enjoyed Kalbelia dance and music show, bonfire and dinner.
  • I left in the night to catch the 18 hours long and oddly timed 3 a.m. train from Jaisalmer to Sarai Rohilla Railway Station in New Delhi. Pooja and Jeetendra stayed back since their train to Mumbai was from Jodhpur.
Breakfast at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer
Breakfast at Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer. Poha, idli and chai

Day 3

  • Pooja and Jeetendra woke up early and enjoyed sunrise again from the Khuri sand dunes adjacent to Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer.
  • Enjoyed breakfast buffet
  • Checked out from Pal Rajah Resort
  • Explored Bada Bagh, Gadaria Lake aka Gadisar Lake, medieval havelis, Jaisalmer War Museum and the imposing Jaisalmer Fort.
  • Left for Jodhpur
  • You can stay back and leave for Jodhpur/Delhi/Chennai/Kolkata/Mumbai etc the next day)

Where to Stay in Khuri Sand Dunes?

Which are the best camps in Khuri Sand Dunes? It is a commonly asked question. Best tent stay in Jaisalmer is located in Khuri Village. It is important to choose the Khuri sand dunes stay wisely as that will make or break your trip. The best camping in Jaisalmer is available in Khuri. Glamping in Jaisalmer is also very popular.

Rooms of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer , Khuri sand dunes
The rooms of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer near Khuri Village

The best part about staying in a countryside camp of Jaisalmer is that it is located away from the crowds. But only if you know where to stay in Khuri Rajasthan!  Here is my top recommendation for best places to stay in Khuri Sand Dunes.

Whether you choose to stay in a Khuri Resort or Khuri Hotels or even Khuri Homestays, make sure that the property is run by a local for a more authentic experience. I am mentioning this because several Khuri sand dunes camps are also run by people from big cities who have nothing to do with Khuri, Jaisalemer. You can also do camping in Jaisalmer. There is also an option to stay in an oasis camp in Jaisalmer. Just bear in mind that the best Jaisalmer desert camp should offer you an all-inclusive package.

If you are looking for best camp in Jaisalmer, look no further. For me, staying the night at the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort was an experience like no other! It is a seasonal glamping-style camp, located far away from the village, on the outskirts. What I absolutely loved about staying in Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort was its gorgeous desert location. They even managed to offer plethora of luxury amenities in the middle of nowhere. Since this Khuri tent resort is located outside of the village, that ensured privacy and silence as well.

It reminded me of my tented stay in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat during Rann Utsav but it was not a sand desert like Khuri Rajasthan. Desert safari camp Jaisalmer are different! Sand dunes camp in Jaisalmer is a completely different experience altogether. I had also stayed in a tent near Tso Moriri in Ladakh, which was also a differemt exprience.

The daily music and dance show happens in the main courtyard of the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort. The courtyard is also where the mud cottages, bar, a restaurant and the buffet are also located. I noticed that the mud huts were quite popular with foreigner guests. A common toilet is also present here. To add, every tent here has en suite bathroom, fans and ACs (not required in winter though!) as well.

Cottage of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer, Khuri Village
Abhinav Siingh in the mud hut or cottage of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer.

There are some permanent guesthouses, lodges and hotels in the Khuri village as well but I prefer staying next to the sand dunes in a camp. You can also stay with authentic homestay-like guesthouses run by local families. Facilities in Khuri guest house is mostly limited though. Khuri hotels may also be very basic. For best desert camp in Jaisalmer, always go for a sand dunes resort.

This is why, you should book Khuri tent resort Jaisalmer only after quick research. Khuri resort Jaisalmer can be taken from website of Pal Rajah Resort. This Khuri sand dunes accommodation should meet all your expectations. It is best desert safari camp in Jaisalmer for a reason!

Jaisalmer camp booking

A vacation in Rajasthan sand dunes is memorable! There are several sand dunes in Jaisalmer and around it! It is always a good idea to do Jaisalmer sand dunes camp booking in advance. Jaisalmer tent booking can be done through an agent, online portal or directly through the websites of the owners. Do ask for budget camp in Jaisalmer before booking so that you can compare prices.

To tell you the truth, I had looked up on Instagram before zeroing in on the desert glamping resort of Khuri I had stayed in. Khuri resort Jaisalmer, therefore can be booked through many sources. For camp booking in Jaisalmer, it is best to look for 2-3 options.

To summarise, below are some of the ways you can do Jaisalmer desert camp booking:

  • Book a stay in a desert camp such as Pal Rajah Resort Jaisalmer.
  • You can book an all-inclusive tour to Khuri Sand Dunes online.
  • Book a complete package from the websites of service providers.
  • You can book activities and desert safari through the resort/hotel/guesthouse you are staying in.
  • You can book an all-inclusive desert stay and sightseeing trip from Jaisalmer over the counter.
  • Camp booking in Jaisalmer can also be done through travel agents in big cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai.
  • Jaisalmer camping booking is best done in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Jaisalmer desert camp package 

Jaisalmer desert camp package should be booked only through a trusted source. To mu surprise, I learnt that Jaisalmer desert camp package price is not too high! The best part is that most of the Jaisalmer camp packages are all inclusive. This means that once you buy a camp package in Jaisalmer, everything is taken care of so that you can focus on your holiday.

This is a big relief in case you are an NRI or foreigners or even Indians traveling with family or in group. This is why it is wise to book a Jaisalmer desert safari camp package instead of doing everything by yourself. Here is a travel tip which will help you budget your trip. Desert camp Jaisalmer price is charged mostly for per person. So, things may look very cheap but if you are two people then just double the amount of desert safari price and camping cost in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer tent price 

Jaisalmer camp price is not much if you see the value that is given to you as a customer. Jaisalmer tent stay price also includes your food and entertainment. Jaisalmer desert safari camp price depends on many factors. For example, exotic luxury camps of Khuri, Jaisalmer where I was staying, the packages depended upon what service I wanted. The higher end rooms and tent suites were priced higher of course. Since I stayed in the best luxury camp in Jaisalmer, I was able to see everything that was on offer.

My desert camp rates were an all-inclusive one. Desert camp in Jaisalmer price which I paid included meals, Khuri village accommodation, music and Kalbelia dance show.

Where are Khuri Sand Dunes located?

Where is Khuri Sand Dune located? Khuri Sand Dunes are situated a little away from the more popular Sam Sand Dunes. It took us approximately one hour to arrive at Khuri Sand Dunes from Jaisalmer, which is also the nearest big city in this region of Rajasthan.

Did you know that the small desert village of Khuri near Jaisalmer is situated only 60 kilometres away from the border of India and Pakistan? I wonder what the Pakistan side must look like?

No. 1 travel blogger of India. Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer , Khuri sand dunes
Author Abhinav Siingh atop Khuri Sand Dunes during sunrise . Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer can be seen in the background!

Top things to do in Khuri Sand Dunes

What is there to do in Khuri Village sand dunes? There are many points of attractions in and around Khuri which kept us busy all day. Most of these places of interest are located next to each other. Whether it is visiting a tourist attraction or indulging in an adventure activity, there is a lot which a tourist can do in Khuri Village. Some of the best things to do in Khuri Sand Dunes are as below:

  • Bonfire
  • Jeep Safari
  • Village Walk
  • Camel watching
  • Staying in a tent
  • Posing with windmills
  • Listening to local music
  • Walk on the sand dunes
  • Dancing with Kalbelia dancers
  • Watching Sun Set from the sand dunes
  • Watching Sun Rise from the sand dunes
  • Sampling local vegetarian and vegan food

Excursions from Khuri Sand Dunes

You can visit many places near Khuri Sand Dunes. Some of the best excursions from Khuri Sand Dunes are as below:

  • Osian
  • Barmer
  • Pokhran
  • Khinchan
  • Ramdevra
  • Bada Bagh
  • Jaiselmer City
  • Tanot Mata Temple
  • Longewala War Memorial

Festival of Khuri Sand Dunes

The International Thar Desert Festival or Jaisalmer Desert Festival is the best way to enjoy and appreciate the culture, food and costumes of Rajasthan under one umbrella. The Jaisalmer Desert Festival happens every once in a year in winter, mostly in the month of February. Expect puppet shows, longest moustache competition, local folk music, tribal dances such as Kalbelia dance, turban tying competitions, tug of war, juggling events and much more! Watching Maru-Shri or Mr. Desert competition and Indians competing with foreigner tourists is also very common.

Also known as Maru Mahotsav, this desert festival of Rajasthan spans 4-5 days.

Is it safe to visit Khuri Sand Dunes?

Yes, despite its remoteness, it is very safe to visit Khuri Sand Dunes. The people of Rajasthan, even in this remote land are generally nice, helpful and kind-hearted. However, be warned that there are no street lights on the path from Jailsamer to Khuri Sand Dunes.

The lights of the car or scooter or bike will be all that you will have after dark. Hence it is wise to arrive at the resort before dark. What if your tyre punctures in pitch dark with no human in sight? What if someone is lurking in the dark?

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Khuri Sand Dunes

While I didn’t see any souvenir shops in Khuri Sand Dunes, you will see many such shops in Jaisalmer. Desert camps in Jaisalmer are located in isolated places, therefore they have fewer shops and facilities. Having said that, it is possible that the best desert camp in Jaisalmer will have souvenir shops as well.

What currency is used in Khuri Sand Dunes?

INR or Indian Rupee is only accepted in shops of Khuri Sand Dunes. Digital Currency may or may not work at some places.

ATM in Khuri Sand Dunes

I didn’t see any ATMs in Khuri Sand Dunes. This is why it is always a better idea to withdraw some cash at Jaisalmer which have many ATMs. Card payment is accepted by only some Khuri desert camp Jaisalmer and hotels, lodges etc. This is why always carry cash when visiting Khuri dunes Jaisalmer.

Camping in Jaisalmer. Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer , Khuri sand dunes
Abhinav Siingh at the reception of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer. In Khuri Village.

Photography Tips for Khuri Sand Dunes

The backdrop of the romantic golden sands of Khuri dunes makes for a pretty setting for a photo shoot. I got some good shots at around 6 a.m. (in November) in and around the campsite. I walked up the Khuri Sand Dunes fromthe back door entry of Pal Rajah Resort.It was a good vantage point for some sunrise and sunset pictures of both the campsite as well as the undulating sun-kissed sand dunes of Khuri village Jaisalmer. There are many such photo opportunities in and around Khuri desert Jaisalmer.

I also ensure that the fine sand doesn’t enter my DSLR camera lens. I took special care especially when I was changing the lens.

Hire local tourist guide in Khuri Sand Dunes

Hiring a local tourist guide in Khuri Sand Dunes acquainted us with the local lifestyle, culture, food, flora and fauna. The tourist guide told us some interesting facts about Khuri Sand Dunes.

Languages spoken in Khuri Sand Dunes

Hindi is understood and spoken by everyone here. English is also spoken by those who are employed in the tourism industry. The local languages popular near Khuri Sand Dunes areMarwari and Rajasthani.

Soul Window Facts

Not many people know that Dharvadi, Thali and Dhatti are 3 of the least spoken languages of Rajasthan which have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

Toilet facility in Khuri Sand Dunes

Clean private and public toilet facilities are available in the campsite of Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort. Apart from these, there are hardly any buildings and toilets here. Since most of the tourists stay in the campsite near Khuri Desert Camp, toilet is therefore not much of an issue.

Entry fee in Khuri Sand Dunes

There is no entry fee for walking on the Khuri Sand Dunes. Visitors can take a self-guided free walking on the sand dunes of Khuri. However, it is advised to take a guide with you so that you don’t lose your way or fall in other unfavourable situations. Fee is charged by only if you book a package of Khuri desert safari Jaisalmer.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Khuri Sand Dunes

Visiting Khuri Sand Dunes in not an inexpensive and pocket friendly affair. Since the facilities here are few and options limited, tourists need to pay a certain fixed amount to avail a package by any Khuri desert resort which mostly includes stay, food, music and dance performance etc.

Being a budget traveller like me, even covering a small distance of 50 kilometres between Khuri and Jaisalmer on a car can be expensive. Since I was travelling with my friends, I was able to bring the transport cost down because we had split the final cost of taxi. However, if you are traveling solo with no one to share costs with, do keep in mind that you will end up spending more than what you generally do on budget trips. There are few buses which can do the job at very low price but those are few and far between.

Solo Trip Tips for Khuri Sand Dunes

It is possible to visit Khuri Sand Dunes as a solo traveller but only if you are willing to shell more money than usual backpacking budget. There is not much of public transport here which forces people to hire private cabs etc. If you are a solo traveller, you can also book a Khuri desert safari with other tourists who are also traveling solo or even in group. This is help you bring down the cost.

Luxury travel Tips for Khuri Sand Dunes

Ours was a luxury trip. We had a private car to ourselves. Not sure if we can call it a luxury but it was a departure from my budget travel style for sure. We had hired a car from Jodhpur to Khuri Sand Dunes via Jaisalmer and other interesting places such as Mandore Gardens, Osiyan or Osian, Khichan Village, Ramdevra Temple, Balagarh Fort of Pokhran.

You can also hire cars, SUVs and Sedans to Khuri Sand Dunes from Jodhpur or Jaisalmer.

What to wear in Khuri Sand Dunes

What should I wear in sand dunes Jaisalmer? We visited Khuri Sand Dunes on 9th, 10th and 11th November or second week of November, which is the onset of winter in this part of Western India. Despite visiting Khuri Sand Dunes in the 2nd week of November, I didn’t feel very cold. The mornings were pleasurable while it did get slightly warm (but pleasant) in the afternoon.

I was able to move around Khuri Sand Dunes even in early morning and late night in just a warm jacket. However, people feel cold differently. This is also why carry extra woollens just in case you may need them.

Also, be warned that the coldest months in Khuri Sand Dunes are December and January. Do pack in lots of thermal wears, jackets and woollens when visiting Khuri Sand Dunes in winter.

Summer in Khuri sand dunes is very hot. No tourists visit Khuri or Jaisalemer in summer anyways.

Timings of Khuri Sand Dunes

There are no fixed timings to visit Khuri Sand Dunes. The best time to visit Khuri Sand Dunes is from morning to evening or sunrise to sunset.

Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Khuri sand dunes Jaisalmer sunrise
Abhinav Siingh enjoying sunrise atop sand dunes of Khuri near jaisalmer. You can see Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer in background.

Best Time to visit Khuri sand dunes?

How would the weather be at Khuri Sand Dunes? Which is the best month to visit Khuri Jaisalmer? These are some frequently asked questions about

The best months to visit Khuri sand dunes are October, November, December, January, February and March. Use this guide to plan that trip to Jaisalmer Khuri.


While April can be very hot in and around Khuri sand dunes, March is still a great time to be here. The travel season here and much of Rajasthan, in fact, starts ending March end onwards. You can still enjoy the dunes in pleasant weather in March.


Summer is the off-season in Khuri, Jaisalmer and much of Rajasthan. Most of the camps, resorts and luxury hotels either pack up or remain closed in summer. That said, in case you do end up in Khuri sand dunes or Jaisalmer in summer, rest assured that you can still find decent accommodation in the latter at least. Even the best desert safari camp of Jaisalmer is closed in summer.


Monsoon is also off-season in Khuri and Jaisalmer. Needless to say, the ecosystem and the lifestyle of local people in this living, breathing desert keeps altering in every season. What we experienced in winters will be a far cry from what this place will be like in monsoon etc. Temperature of Khuri is hot to moderate during these months.


The months of September and October are also a pleasant time to visit Khuri and Jaisalmer. Ensure that you have done your hotel booking on prior because since it’s the beginning of tourist season, several camps, hotels and resorts have yet not opened in September to welcome the tourist arrivals.


Khuri Weather is the best in winter. Winter is the only main season when tourists and travellers head to Khuri Sand Dunes to have a good time in the desert. The pleasant weather is the main reason why tourists visit Khuri sand dunes and Jaisalmer in winter. The tranquillity and peace we experienced in the desert of Khuri in the 2nd week (9th to 11th November) of November will stay with me for a long time.

The winter months in Khuri village near Jaisalmer are

  • November (onset)
  • December (very cold)
  • January (very cold)
  • February (mildly cold)
  • March (pleasantly warm)

If you visit Khuri sand dunes in February, you can also enjoy the Maru Mahotsav which is also known as the International Thar Desert Festival or Jaisalmer Desert Festival. This desert festival around Jaisalmer is the best occasion where you can immerse in the culture and cuisine of Rajasthan deeply. People from all over Rajasthan congregate in and around Jaisalmer and its sand dunes for festivities. It is therefore a great idea to club the visit to Khuri sand dunes and Jaisalmer with the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer.

Christmas and Christian New Year is also when Khuri Sand Dunes sees many tourists because this is when office going people get their much-awaited annual leaves. However, be warned that it is not easy to find rooms in hotels, camps and resorts of Khuri Sand Dunes at New Years’ time because it is the peak season. The room tariffs are also very high during the Gregorian New Year. I would prefer to instead visit at a time when there is no such rush.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Khuri Sand Dunes

There is hardly any public transport I saw in and around Khuri Sand Dunes. While Jaisalmer has many public transport options, there are hardly any in Khuri Sand Dunes region due to its remoteness and lack of population.

How to reach Khuri Sand Dunes and village

How to Get to Khuri Sand Dunes? It is pretty easy, if expensive to reach Khuri Sand Dunes. You will have to cross the vibrant city of Jaisalmer to be able to arrive at Khuri Sand Dunes. Below are all the possible ways to reach Khuri Sand dunes.

How to Reach Khuri Sand Dunes by Air

The nearest airport from Khuri Sand Dunes is located inJaisalmer, followed by Jodhpur.From these airports you can take a cab to your chosen Khuri Camp. It is better to take a morning or afternoon flight, so that you can reach Khuri desert camp before dark.

How to reach Khuri Sand Dunes by bus

There are few buses which run between the Khuri village and Jaisalmer but you will end up wasting time waiting for the bus because the frequency is very low. You can find buses from Hanuman Circle in Jaisalmer.

Khuri bound buses also pass through the center of Jaisalmer but since it is already full of passengers, you might not get a seat. The local people balancing themselves precariously on the rooftop of buses will agree in horror! So, it is better to take an auto-rickshaw to the place where buses to Khuri are available.

Soul Window Travel Tip

Here is a secret tip from my experiences on how to score a seat in the bus in not only Jaisalmer but anywhere in India. That’s how I do it!  

To ensure that you get a seat in the bus, sit much before everyone else enters the bus. If you are a solo traveller like me, better to answer nature’s call, pick water and food before sitting in the roadways buses and waiting for it to fill. You fail at it and anyone else will take your seat when you are away. Just to warn you! Even if you end up scoring a seat, you may end up travelling with rears in your face. For unending hours!

Buses also ply between Jaisalmer and various other nearby places of interests such as Pokhran, Barmer, Jodhpur and Osian. By the way! Have you ever travelled atop a bus? Well, it is very common in many parts of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and even Nepal. Do try it sometime. Just for the thrill of it!

How to reach Khuri Sand Dunes by road

The road from Jaisalmer to Khuri Sand Dunes is pretty simple and straight. The best part is that the roads even in this remote part of India are excellent. If you have booked an all-inclusive desert safari package for Khuri, then most likely your pick and drop is also included in the deal.

Alternatively, like us, you can either rent a taxi from either Jaisalmer or Jodhpur (more exciting!). You can also self-drive but isn’t Delhi too far from Khuri? For people of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, you can still drive to Khuri. If you are from Delhi or elsewhere and still want to drive yourself (it’s exciting indeed, eh!), you can book cars which you can self-drive from Jaisalmer.

We took an unforgettable road trip from Jodhpur to Khuri Sand Dunes via Jaisalmer. It was one epic trip which we shall not forget in a long time! We stopped at many major attractions en route such as Mandore Gardens, Osian, Ramdevra, Khichan and Pokhran. Road trips are indeed the best way to explore Rajasthan. The picnic spots we saw on our way deserved more time though! Each sightseeing attraction is a destination in itself.

How to reach Khuri Sand Dunes by train

I took a train from New Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station to Jodhpur where my friends had already reached. Most of the Rajasthan bound trains run from Sarai Rohilla Railway Station of new Delhi. From Jodhpur, we took a car to Khuri Sand Dunes and Jaisalmer.

While returning, I took an AC 3 train from Jaisalmer to New Delhi which starts at 3:00 a.m. at very low prices. It was a clean, comfortable and punctual train. It is known as Ranikhet Express. Its train number is 15013. It took 18 hours and 15 minutes to cover the distance between Jaisalmer and New Delhi. Surprisingly, trains between New Delhi to Jaisalmer are not many. There are also some trains which run only on certain days. Therefore, do check the trains for all days on the IRCTC website.

There are no direct trains between Jaisalmer and Khuri sand dunes. The only way to arrive at any Khuri Sand Dunes Stay is by road.

Camping in Jaisalmer Rajasthan.
Jeetendra and Pooja at Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer just a few momemnts after they arrived. Camping in Jaisalmer

Distances from Khuri Sand Dunes

Khuri is a tiny village about an hour south of Jaisalmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer to Khuri Distance can be covered easily by a private car. You can make these excursions after a nice stay at a Khuri Resort. And trust me, staying in Khuri Sand Dunes Camp will be unlike anything you have done before! Khuri Sand dune is a must-see place and so are below mentioned sightseeing places.

Below are the distances from Khuri to various places in and around Jaisalmer and Rajasthan:

Distance between Jaisalmer and Khuri sand dunes is 50 kilometres and it takes around 1 hour via NH 11

Distance between Longewala War Memorial and Khuri sand dunes is 151 kilometres and it takes around 3 hours via NH 68.

Distance between Pokhran and Khuri sand dunes is 154 kilometres and it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes via NH 11

Distance between Ramdevra and Khuri sand dunes is 161 kilometres and it takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes via NH 11

Distance between Khinchan and Khuri sand dunes is 218 kilometres and it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes via NH 11

Distance between Osian and Khuri sand dunes is 275 kilometres and it takes around 5 hours via NH 11

Distance between Jodhpur and Khuri sand dunes is 302 kilometres and it takes around 6 hours via NH 125

Distance between New Delhi and Khuri sand dunes is 828 kilometres and it takes around 15 hours via NH 11

Best Travel blogger of India. sand dunes Rajasthan
Abhinav Siingh at the Khuri sand dunes during sunrise. This was shot right behind the Pal Rajah Desert Camp and Resort Jaisalmer

Conclusion: Is Khuri Sand Dunes worth visiting?

Why visit Khuri Sand Dunes? Khuri is an offbeat place to see near Jaisalmer. Not only is it unexplored but it is also unheard-of. The fact that Khuri sand dunes is a lesser-visited place is a blessing in disguise. If you love going off the touristy trail, you will enjoy desert camping and safari in Khuri village.

This part of Rajasthan offers countless excellent desert safari destinations options. Even though Khuri Sand Dune sees fewer visitors when compared to Sam Sand Dunes, it is still a worthwhile experience because of its quiet and beauty.

This unforgettable experience of a lifetime in the Khuri sand dunes left me with so many stories and memories. The resort also helped me gain rich insight into the ancient desert lifestyle, music and culture. Whether it’s the sheer beauty, the visually delightful terrains or spectacular scenery, Khuri sand dunes has few parallels.

Do not miss this bucket list experience of staying in a Khuri resort Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Even after traveling independently in India since the year 2008, the nation never fails to surprise me. The charming Khuri village was one of those surprises.

To summarise, desert safari in the Khuri sand dunes is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Do not miss it! Thank me later!

The view from my Soul Window is mesmerizing!

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