6 Popular attractions in Utah, U.S.A. : For Great Outdoors!

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6 Popular attractions in Utah, U.S.A. : For Great Outdoors!

A visit to Utah offers an experience like no other, with serious thrills and adventures awaiting the visitor around every corner. Imagine spending a vacation rafting down the waters of the deep Cataract Canyon, or riding up to Slickrock of Moab Utah on a mountain bike, each step taken here is far away from the ordinary.

Utah has five National Parks and a plethora of state parks, which make it an ideal place to explore the wild from really up close. What makes it an even more exciting destination is the fact that Utah boasts of some really good places to stay. Utah cabin rentals is a good resource to find great deals on accommodation in Utah.

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Going to Utah from India is an expensive fair and not everyone can afford it. Do not lose heart. You can always visit Gandikota , which is popularly known as Grand Canyon Of India. Gandikota is located in the South Indian state of Andra Pradesh and is easy to reach.

Let’s get back to Utah. Some of the top most places to visit in new and unusual backdrops in Utah, both for recreation and education, are listed below:

Arches National Park. Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Arches National Park

The Arches National Park is situated just adjoining Moab town, and is famous for its more than 2000 naturally created stone arches. The park itself is located at an elevation higher than Moab, which makes the access to these impressive and unusual rock formations very picturesque.

Out of all the large number of arches, the one which stands out the most and is absolutely stunning is the inverted horseshoe arch, delicately projecting upwards against the backdrop of the scenic mountains far away.

There are plenty of good walking trails which lead up to these wonders, with the most popular sites being Devil’s Garden, Delicate Arch, Fiery Furnace, Broken Arch, among others.

Monument Valley. Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Monument Valley

The picturesque red colored mesas, buttes and the surrounding desert in Monument Valley have been home to numerous commercials and films because of the scenic environment. Located in the middle of the Navajo Indian Reservation in southeast Utah, near Arizona, the 17 hour drive to Monument Valley passes through some of the most spectacular desert scenery.

Many important rock formations and natural sites can be viewed on the route, which makes this park extremely popular with camera buffs. The visitor centre at the Monument Valley park gate affords stunning views of the huge 27,000 acre reservation. Guides are also available, and recommend, from the park gate for excursions beyond the designated routes.

Zion National Park. Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Zion National Park

For those in search of out of the world scenery and some of the most awesome hiking trails in the whole of US, then Zion National Park is the place to go. A short three hour drive from Las Vegas, will unfold waterfalls, lovely vistas and impressive red stone cliffs.

The best spots in the park are located in the Zion Canyon, which can be visited by taking the park bus. This trip touches all the important sites and hiking points, while passing through some tall sandstone monoliths and tower formations.

For hikers, the Angel’s Landing hike is the most demanding, while simple walks along the valley floor too are sought after. The 11 mile long Zion to Mount Carmel road leads to the park entrance from the eastern side. A chat with the in house artist at Grotto house is highly recommended for the important points of this park.

Dinosaur National Monument. Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Dinosaur National Monument

The breathtaking scenery, the crisp clean mountain air and raging rivers, along with a huge number of fossils dating back to the Jurassic era, makes the Dinosaur National Monument a must visit place in Utah.

The Quarry Hall has been strategically constructed on the top of an area of rock where fossils of the Dinosaurs can be easily and comfortably viewed, at close quarters, embedded in the walls of the Carnegie Quarry.

The Monument National Park also offers visitors other outdoor activities, like rafting, hiking and camping.

Great Salt Lake. Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Great Salt Lake

The 72 miles long, 34 miles wide and roughly 50 feet in depth, the Great Salt Lake has been formed from a larger freshwater lake by the name of Lake Bonneville. The lake can be approached by a 30 minute drive from Salt Lake City.

This lake was created due to a steady fall in the water table, and with no outlet left, the lake gradually evaporated and shrank absorbing with it the rich minerals from the soil of the surrounding desert.

The saline content of the lake is nearly eight times more than the ocean, as a result people can bathe in it without any fear of drowning. Recreational and bathing areas have been set up at the southern end.

Cedar sunset-1740377_960_720
Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)
  1. Cedar Breaks National Monument

Looking like a giant amphitheatre, from a distance, the Cedar Breaks National Monument is situated in southwest Utah. The best vantage point of this colourful and rocky landscape, can be had from Rim Drive. The minerals present in the cliff walls are responsible for the different colors of the cliffs.

Another place for good scenes can be reached by doing the popular 4 mile hike along the Ramparts Trail, which goes around the edge of the plateau to the Cedar Break amphitheatre viewpoint. The Alpine Pond Trail, is a circular 2 mile trek to a sub alpine portion of the forest and a pond. Though the views are not so spectacular, the trail is nonetheless very interesting.

Utah by night. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)

Popularly known as the “Beehive State”, Utah has got its name from the native American Ute tribe, in whose language means people of the mountains. The principal tourist attractions here are jaw dropping landscapes and the parks and monuments. With Salt Lake City, being the capital, these Iconic landmarks steeped in rich Native American History  go into making a visit to Utah rich and unforgettable.

Utah. United States of America (Pic by Pixabay)

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  4. Utah has definitely been on my list for a while now and it’s a dream to visit Arches National Park. I hadn’t heard of Cedar Breaks National Monument but it looks really interesting as well

  5. The landscape of monument valley and the views from the great salt lake are just stunning. So are the night views. Looks like a must visit place

  6. The National Parks of the US are real treasures. Each of them has their unique character and embody the spirit of the great outdoors. Have just visited Yellow Stone National Park and there are so many others to visit… Utah is a region that looks really out of the world with its national parks and stunning landscapes. It has a kind of wild beauty which is so captivating.

  7. No wonder the commercial and movie directors chose Monument Valley as their filming locations. I have also never been to USA but I feel its such a vast country that when I do visit the country I need atleast 6 months to explore even 10% of it! Utah definitely is one of the high-priority destination in US from a tourist point of view.

  8. One of my top most reasons to visit USA is Utah. I have heard so much about it! And on Instagram have across such stellar pics:) now this blogpost makes me want to go ASAP. Such a delight for nature lovers. The landscapes are so picturesque!!
    A hiking trail in Zion national park would be awesome!!

  9. Whenever I visit the US, I usually go to the cities. There are so many places to explore in the great outdoors. I would love to see the arches national park one day!

  10. Abigail Sinsona

    I know the Grand Canyon’s hype is truly well worth it. But Utah has its own range of equally amazing natural wonders. I’ve only heard about Monument Valley and the Zion National Park. It’s cool to know there are plenty more to explore!

  11. I just did a 30 day road trip across the US and absolutely fell in love with Utah! I need to go back when it’s not so damn hot! The arches were so amazing! And hiking in Zion!! I would love to explore the others though!

  12. Arches National Park is a place that has been a dream destination for me and high up on the bucket list. Though after looking reading about all the Mighty 5 they have now all gone to my bucketlist, as all I can say is wow. Btw beautiful pictures too.

  13. I am a huge outdoor enthusiast and visiting Utah is high on my list. I especially would like to visit Arches and Zion. This is quite the beautiful State.

  14. Whenever you want to come to Utah, just let me know! I’ve lived here for the last few years and can attest to how awesome this place is. I still have a few national parks to check out!

  15. Utah is state with plenty to see! I thought that I’d seen most National Parks in the US but I’m ashamed to say I’ve not seen any in Utah! I think the Great Salt Lake is the one I’d like to see the most, you can make some great IG shots out here!

  16. I’ve not yet been to Utah when visiting the US. These national parks all look great but my favourite is the Dinosaur national monument. I’d love to find some fossils from the Jurassic age!

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