Discovering My Dad’s Adventurous Side – Road Trip to Offbeat & Adventurous Weekend Getaway to Kanatal, Dhanaulti, Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand!

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Discovering My Dad’s Adventurous Side – Road Trip to Offbeat & Adventurous Weekend Getaway to Kanatal, Dhanaulti, Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand!

Recently I have completed 10 years of my independent travelling across India and beyond. I realized that my parents had not travelled much for pleasure. So, I gifted them a road trip to Kanatal, Dhanaulti and Tehri Dam. I made my dad do some adventure sports like Jet skiing and flying fox. It was the first time he did it went for adventure sports and loved it. It’s often that in a bid to satisfy our personal goals we tend to forget that we have to give back to our parents. It was heartening to see my dad doing adventure sports for the first time at the age of 60 plus. Age, as the new age Gurus say, should never be a barrier for indulging in new experiences. It was a road trip which I will remember for a long time.

My dad attempting ziplining at Eco park, Dhanaulti

This blog is about my road trip to Kanatal, Dhanaulti and Tehri Dam and my father’s will to try something out of his comfort zone. The last time when I visited the offbeat Sursingdhar, I combined a trip to the nearby Kanatal and Dhanaulti. Kanatal is located just 78 km from Dehradun and 38 km from Mussoorie in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. Located at the height of 8,500 ft. Above sea level, Kanatal was a perfect destination for my parents for a quick weekend getaway from New Delhi and me.  We stopped at Chamba to shop for Rhododendron juices, pickles and jams made of local fruits. It is an offbeat and adventurous destination and a weekend getaway from New Delhi and Gurgaon.

My dad trying out jet skiing for the first time near Tehri Dam.

All set for the road trip to Kanatal- Life’s Enduring Journeys:

My father attempted the adventure sports only because I insisted and I was there to support him. Just like how people can depend on the Amaron batteries for road trips. Road trips such as this one demand the car to be in good condition. In life, you need to take risks and be strong from within to enjoy Life’s Enduring Journeys.

My dad after finishing Jet Skiing near Tehri Dam.

Kanatal is a family-friendly offbeat destination near New Delhi.

Apart from the picturesque views and fresh air, Kanatal, Tehri, and Dhanaulti also offer myriad adventure activities. No wonder, I visited Kanatal along with my parents. It is always a blessing to be able to travel with your parents and forge bonds over good food and conversations. We had a great time slowing down in the mountains, breathing fresh air and strengthening family bonds.

The awe inspiring bird’s eye view of Tehri Dam.

The adventure was not on my agenda when I planned this trip with my parents. Conventionally, we don’t really associate adventure with senior citizens. However, once we reached, on a whim, I made my dad do many adventure activities which he had never attempted before. It was great to see him doing all the stunts with aplomb. When we travel, we reveal a hidden side to our personalities, isn’t it? Travelling with loved ones also reveal new sides to our interpersonal relationships and strengthen bonds.

My dad enjoed ziplining at Eco park, Dhanaulti

Adventure activities for senior citizens in Kanatal, Dhanaulti, and Tehri Lake 

We visited some of the popular destinations of Kanatal such as Dhanaulti, Dhanaulti Eco Park, Tehri Lake and Tehri Dam, Chamba, and the Surkanda Devi Temple.

There are various options for adventure activities to do in Kanatal, Dhanaulti and Tehri dam, all within few kilometers from each other. These include:

I would like to retain the text on adventure to maintain the soul and voice of the blog. From my experience, it also helps lend credibility to the campaign.

Mom and dad having Maggi outside Eco park, Dhanaulti

My dad enjoyed flying fox in the forests of Kanatal:

The Dhanaulti Eco Park is a great place for families and is senior citizen friendly. We strolled around the park and soaked in the views with my mother and father.

On realizing that one can do Flying Fox on a shoestring budget, I insisted that my dad attempt it. On much cajoling, I made my dad attempt the flying fox. This was the first time he was doing an adventure activity and he loved it! Once he agreed to it, there was no hesitation. I was delighted to see that my dad loves adventure as much as I do. And one flying fox ride cost us just INR 100.





Outside the Dhanaulti Eco Park, many stall owners and vendors have set up makeshift shops. We settled for piping hot Maggi noodles and chai – pakoda (Tea and fritters) by the roadside. Just as we savored our ‘Mountain Maggi’, a woodpecker perched itself on a tree close to us. I promised myself to return for a dedicated birdwatching trip with my speech and hearing impaired wildlife photographer friend Sudeep Garg.

Tip: Walk through a pathway in the eco park and you will arrive at an open space with breathtaking views of the green valley.

Mom settled for easier adventures though! At Eco park, Dhanaulti

When my dad said yes to Jet Skiing at the Tehri Lake:

My dad retired from the Electricity Board. So he had a keen interest in the Tehri Dam. We stopped at a viewpoint to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the dam. The Tehri Dam is massive and the design and scale are awe-inspiring. My dad displayed a similar interest when we stopped at the Chukha Dam in Bhutan. It was en route the road from Phuentsholing to Paro.

Just before dad attempted ziplining. Yes, I was a nervous wreck! Eco park, Dhanaulti

You can attempt adventure sports like boating, jet skiing, and surfing, or even take a banana boat ride in the Tehri Lake. Again, I coaxed my dad to try the water sports. After initial hesitation, he did attempt the jet skiing and loved it! Once the ride got over, he emerged thrilled. I have broken stereotypes since decades. I was happy to see my dad breaking stereotypes as well. He is a retired government official. I have always believed that age should never be a barrier to what you should do and what you should not. My mom, however, chickened out when I suggested jet skiing and flying fox. We settled for a harmless swing in the park.

The pathway leads to gorgeous views of valley. At Eco park, Dhanaulti

Moral of the Story:

Conditioning over thousands of years has made us believe that people after a certain age should not attempt unconventional things like adventure sports. I say, why not? If you are physically fit, then I see no reason to miss out on the fun. It was heartening to see my father escape his comfort zone and try something new. I vowed to expose him to more such experiences in the future. I want to take him on more road trips soon. Though, I travel rough when soloing but, I make sure that when I am travelling with parents, I provide them the best of facilities and logistics. From the best of hotels to good hygienic food, I always make sure that I plan it well. Mode of transport is the most important factor of traveling. Though road trips are a lot of fun, one must pay attention to choosing the right vehicle. Small details like music player, storage space, interiors of the car are important. Choosing the right battery is also very important especially for someone like me who travels frequently. I have had good experience with Amaron battery.


The long-lasting and enduring Amaron batteries are a preferred choice for many. Unlike the ordinary batteries, Amaron batteries offer durability and come with zero maintenance. No wonder, it is a leader in its category. The low maintenance and resilience against the harsh chemical reaction within the battery is an added advantage. Selecting the right means goes a long way to build happy memories with your family. So when are you planning a road trip with your family?


Views of valley from Eco park, Dhanaulti. You need to take stairs to get here. Pls see previous pic.

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  2. It is great to see your father enjoying doing all these activities with you. It seems like a wonderful family trip and the happiness on your father’s face says it all!

  3. I am so happy and glad to see someone gifting such precious memories to their parents. My fondest memories from my own childhood are traveling once in a few years with my parents. That made me realize the importance of traveling, for myself as well as for them. That is why, now I try to take them with me on most of my travel. Your dad must have enjoyed himself thoroughly and also made countless priceless memories.

  4. Age is just a number and it something which is all in the mind. This has been amply proved by your dad. I think no age is too late to learn something new or have a totally new experience. It all depends on your own interest and enthusiasm. Looking forward to reading more posts about your road trips with your parents.

  5. Travelling is often touted as the way to self-discovery and exploration into one’s own character and personality. Great to see that you had a great time with your family and got to learn more about your dad as well!

  6. Yes, it is really a blessing to travel with family. I had done that so many times as a kid. I think my travel genes come from them! It was so good to see your father enjoying all the adventure sports and kudos to you too for making him realise his adventure side. What about your mother? Did she try anything?


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