Mango tree grafting: Magical Hybrid tree of Haji Kalimullah Khan

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Mango tree grafting by Haji Kalimullah Khan

Mango tree grafting done by Kaleemullah Khan of Malihabad gained international acclaim few years ago. He displayed an exceptionally brilliant way to graft multiple mango varieties on a single tree.

You must have heard of more than 300 types of Mango varieties by Kaleemullah Khan by Mango grafting techniques in Malihabad. In this exhaustive blog, I will inform you about not only different types of mangoes but also about hybrid mango tree and mango grafting techniques. Let us celebrate the various mango varieties here.

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Haji Kaleemullah Khan of Malihabad with my father Shri Aniruddh Singh

Malihabad Mango Man and his Magic Tree!

Uttar Pradesh is after all the second largest mango producing state in India. Malihabad is the largest of them all with 30,000 hectares of land reserved for growing mangoes. South Indian state Andhra Pradesh sits at number one position.

Where is Malihabad located?

It is a very commonly asked question. Malihabad is located near Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It is the top offbeat place to visit near Lucknow. This is why many people visit Malihabad as a weekend getaway from Lucknow.

Who is Kalimullah Khan?

Kalimullah Khan is a pioneer in the field of Horticulture, mango production and advanced grafting techniques. Kaleemullah Khan has singlehandedly revolutionized the production of mangoes in not only Uttar Pradesh but all of India. Self-motivated and disciplined, Kaleem Ullah Khan ji has made the impossible, possible with sheer hard work and an eternal passion for mangoes.

Who is the Mango Man Haji Kaleemullah Khan ji?

Kaleemullah Khan ji needs no introduction. Awarded Padma Shri in 2008 for his contribution to horticulture, Haji Kalimullah Khan ji is a respected name in India for his unique mango grafting techniques. He is one of the pioneers of mango growers in India.

He has grown 300 types of Mango varieties in one tree, which is also his claim to fame. All thanks to mango grafting. His hybrid mango Tree has grown a fan following of its own.

Also known as the Mango Man of India, Mr. Kaleemullah Khan is one of the most well-known ‘disrupters’ of India. The mavericks who changed the world. One mango tree grafting a time! His plant nursery in Malihabad is now very famous for the various mango varieties available here.

Mango varieties under one roof

The hitherto unknown dusty town of Malihabad rose to worldwide fame, all thanks to the ambitious efforts of a visionary man known as Kalimullah Khan ji. Due to him the nondescript small town has received global acclaim and recognition. No wonder Malihabad is now world-famous mango city. From the best mango in India to the local mango varieties, you will find it all here.

Hybrid mango varieties of Malihabad

It was not long ago when people started talking about the unique mango tree which is home to more than 300 different varieties of mango on a single hybrid mango tree. Amazing, isn’t it? The news spread like wildfire and ever since Haji Kaleem Ullah Khan ji has been giving interviews, collecting awards, certificates and even a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. The mango crop of his Malihabad nursery approves!

They sold Dasheri mangoes of Malihabad to us!

Mango garden Stories

“I am not much educated. I learnt these mango tree grafting techniques on my own.” Afterall, you don’t need formal education for these things. You need passion.” Kaleemullah Khan ji told me in a distinct Urdu spoken in Awadh region. Indeed!

He also told us enthusiastically about how he had studied only till 6 standard. He alone catapulted the little-known town to news corridors. There is a lot to learn from this mango person. Mango farming in India has surely come a long way!

Mango tree grafting

He is also known as the ‘Father of mango Grafting’. His famous mango tree which grows more than 300 different varieties of mangoes in one hybrid mango tree draws travelers and notable personalities and scientists from across the world. The Mango Grafting techniques which helped him grow different kinds of mangoes on one tree have led to this success of Mr. Khan.

Best mango in India – The lure!

A hot day in June is not really the best time for a family to make travel plans. But when the bait is bucket full of fragrant mangoes, who’s complaining! The famous Malihabad mango Tree was waiting for us. A hot day in June is not really the best time for a family to make travel plans. But when the bait is bucket full of fragrant mangoes, who’s complaining!

The pseudo environmentalist in me took a backseat as I switched on the AC in the car. We left Lucknow early morning, passing families and kids who sold mangoes of many varieties under the harsh sun. Determined to visit the origin of these mangoes, we carried on and within few hours we arrived at the Abdul nursery of Mr. Kaleem Ullah Khan. We could not wait to taste some well-known Malihabadi mango and see the mango crop our self.

Abdulla Nursery in Malihabad

On expressing our desire to meet Mr. Khan, we were asked to wait. We didn’t mind the waiting as we and other visitors were offered complimentary mangoes at a meeting point in his Malihabad mango nursery. A bucket full of Indian mangoes immersed in water was presented to us. Yes, I am in world famous mango city. In the hospitality of mango man Malihabad.

Malihabad mango hospitality

The absence of refrigeration, knives and plates or plush furniture didn’t matter. It is the kind of unadulterated, unpretentious hospitality common in hinterlands of India. Sitting on rickety chairs under a shade, our hands messy with the mango pulp, we glanced over the trees inundated with Indian mangoes.

You can order Malihabad mango online or better still buy it in person. But buying from his personal Malihabad mango garden is a different experience altogether. You can also buy from some plant nursery in Lucknow too.

Abdullah Nursery Services

Some of the services provided by Abdullah Nursery are:

  1. Landscaping Design
  2. Garden Watering
  3. Rush Removal
  4. Lawn Renovation
  5. Planting Flower
  6. Tree Planting

Meeting Mango Man behind Mango Grafting in Malihabad

Mr. Khan suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a starched white chikan kurta payjama. He was in a hurry. He was heading to Lucknow to collect award! Yes, another one! Despite his busy schedules and all the awards, he was grounded and cheerfully showed us around his Malihabad mango nursery. This mango person never gives up and never gets complacent with his work. It is also possible to buy Malihabad mango online.

How many mangoes can you get from one tree?

This is a frequently asked question. His nonchalant demeanor gave way to a proud tone when he showed us the famous mango hybrid tree which has more than 300 different varieties of Indian mangoes. He has been working on this tree since 1978 and still keeps adding new varieties of mangoes. The innovative mango tree grafting ideas helped him achieve his goals.

His plant nursery in Malihabad is now teeming with mangoes and other fruits. This India famous tree attracts not only buyers but also tourists. This Malihabad mango tree is in the news for all the right reasons! Don’t you want to see different kinds of mangoes in 1 tree?

The magical Malihabad Mango Tree – Mango Tree Grafting

We looked at it in awe, nonplussed and amused by the tons of Indian mangoes, in different big and small size, colors and shapes, including the odd ones. This Malihabadi Mango tree was magical indeed! The different mangoes even had different smells from each other despite being a part of the same parent tree. The fruits on this magic tree are countless.

The hybrid mango tree with grafts of 300 variety. My mom and mausi pose!

No wonder, their weight pulled the branches down. Isn’t nature abundant? I feel humans create scarcity. Nature was always meant to be abundant and prosperous. Mango man Malihabad proves it!Mango farming in India owes a lot to him!

Different varieties of Mangoes on Hybrid Mango Tree

It is no magic but sheer perseverance, hard-work and advanced grafting techniques which helped Mr. Khan achieve this insurmountable feat! The mango man invented new grafting techniques to make it possible. You need to do something different from others to stand out. Don’t you?

Hybrid mango tree success secret

He keeps adding to the new hybrid mango varieties. Standing under the shade of his beloved tree, his white clothes stood out in the dark. The Malihabad mango man is a content man and yet hungry for more! May his hybrid mango plant thrive more.Have you ever seen so many different mangoes in one hybrid tree? We did in his prized mango orchard.

How to graft a mango tree?

Mr. Kalim Ullah Khan ji invented many unique ways to create a hybrid mango plant. Grafting a mango tree is not rocket science but not simple either. First of all, we need to understand the basics of mango grafting. The ‘Rootstock’ is the main trunk and the connected root system which is also the foundation of the tree.

Now a scion or a stem of the bearing tree is carefully grafted on the rootstock. Only bud woods with active buds are used as the scion. Fresh scions are preferred over the refrigerated ones. The rootstocks also need to be robust and healthy.

It is the foundation after all. Grafting a mango tree is not a big deal if you do it with care and after adopting proper measures. It is also an economical and trustworthy method of doing mango propagation. Warm months are preferred for Mango Grafting.

Mango Orchard, Malihabad Tour

The Mango man also gave us a tour of his labour of love – his Malihabad mango garden. I could feel his touch while visiting his mango orchard. The good part is that hybrid mango plants for sale at his nursery can help you own a part of the same in your garden as well. Sugar free mango is also a thing these days, though I prefer the natural ones.

We saw many different types of mango trees when we visited Abdullah nursery in Malihabad. The sheer numbers of mango tree varieties had us in splits. There were other plants too in his mango orchard such as guava, pomegranate tree, pineapples and some medicinal tree etc. You must visit Kali Mullah ji’s Mango Garden to understand the varieties of Lucknow mango better. The walk in mango garden is also free thing to do here.

Awards, accolades and recognition

What is Haji Kalimullah Khan’s main achievement? The sexagenarian adds new feathers to his cap every year. Having won more than 400 awards and counting still, his magical tree with different species of mangoes on a single tree has a home in the sprawling Mughal Garden of the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi as well. His hybrid mango varieties are well recognized across the world.

 His name also finds a mention in the Limca book of records. Malihabad mango online presence has also grown in leaps and bounds over the years. This India famous tree, the USP of this world-famous mango city has changed things for locals as well by providing more employment opportunities. His Malihabad mango nursery has grown in leaps and bounds in past few years.

Haji Kalimullah Khan contact number 

Contact details of Haji Kalimullah Khan ji are as below:

Phone: +91 9935478239 | +91 9955521500 | +91 9936653445

Email: [email protected]

Meeting Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Website: Abdulla Nursery, Malihabad

Address: You can meet Mr. Kaleem Ullah Khan ji at this address:

NH 25A, Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh 226102

Buy Mango

You too can see and buy his hybrid mango plant. I have assembled all the related Haji Kalimullah Khan information in English here for you. You can also buy different mangoes from him. Yes, hybrid mango plants for sale are available at his nursery.

You can also buy some Malihabad mango tree from Abdulla Nursery, Malihabad.

Yes, Lucknow mango taste very good. Go grab some if you can! You will see many types of mango trees in his mango garden. By the way, some plant nursery in Lucknow also sells hybrid mango trees.

Shopping Guide to Malihabad Mango Mandi

Before you leave Malihabad, do not forget to visit Malihabad mango mandi. We bought many mango peti from one of the wholesalers on the side of the main road. The workers are quick, efficient and pack the mango peti within few minutes of your ordering. You must buy Dasheri mango from this mandi.

Mango peti packed for shopping in Malihabad Mandi

The Malihabad mandi is also great for people watching. You can also buy lots of jackfruits or ‘Kathal’ at a lower rate. We did buy some jackfruits. Ask them to wrap the jackfruits in newspaper otherwise the sticky juice of the fruit will create mess in your hands and car seats.

You will also see many mango tree varieties during the road trip. You should also read my well researched blog on the Dasheri mango or Dashehari Mango belt of Uttar Pradesh.

Which new variety of mango has been developed by the mango man of India?

Haji Kalimullah Khan, the Malihabad mango man, is not the one to sit back on his laurels. Despite his age, he keeps on inventing and developing new varieties of mangoes in his Abdulla nursery. No wonder, he is also known as the mango man of India or the father of mango grafting in India.

Even after 5 decades of relentless work, Mr. Khan keeps inventing new varieties of mangoes.  One of the most recent varieties developed by the mango Man of India is the Amit Shah mango named after an Indian politician. These hybrid mango varieties are all the rage now. The result of his hard work can be seen all across his Malihabad mango garden.

The two new varieties of mangoes which made the headlines are the ‘Police Aam’ and Doctor Aam’ in honor of these two professions for their service to the nation. These new mango hybrids are the talk of the town, thanks to the noble thought behind their name.

Mango names of hybrid variety

He has named some of the varieties after celebrities from the fields of politics, Bollywood and sports such as Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath, Akhilesh Yadav, Amit Shah, Sachin Tendulkar, Amit Shah, Sonia Gandhi, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan etc. I am sure these innovative and different mango names blew your mind.

His family, like many others in Malihabad has been in the mango business since decades. The different mango varieties in India increase every year as Mr. Khan keeps inventing new species of mangoes. These new mango hybrids are making all the right news off late.

What are the different Species of Mangoes Grown in Uttar Pradesh?

I will share some unheard-of mango names with you now. Though Dashehri aam is the king of all mango varieties in Uttar Pradesh, India, some of the other different species of Mangoes grown in prominent mango belts of Uttar Pradesh are my favourite Langra mango, Chausa, Amrapali mango, Gulab Khas, Mallika, Fazli etc.

I grew up eating most of these different types of mangoes and I can vouch for their taste. These popular varieties of Indian mangoes produced by Uttar Pradesh are also my favourites. My family loves the Chaunsa mango a lot. Did you know about the names of different types of mangoes mentioned here?

1st Dasehri tree of the world. Malihabad.

Mango Belts – Our road trip to Malihabad

It was a real hot afternoon in June when I along with my parents and maternal aunt impulsively made a trip to Malihabad, the mango capital of Uttar Pradesh. Summers in North India are harsh. But go we must! Our whimsical road trip from Lucknow turned out to be so enjoyable. And this road trip was also done on a very low budget. There is not much to spend here except mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes.

Yes, Malihabad is one of the best mango belts of India. You must travel to this world-famous mango city every year to experience the delights it offers.

Distance between Malihabad and Lucknow is only 27 kilometers and it takes only 40 minutes via Lucknow – Hardoi – Shahjahanpur Road/Hardoi Road/Lucknow Road or Tiraha -Sandila Road. Malihabad is one of the most unusual places to see in Uttar Pradesh near Lucknow. A visit to Malihabad is one of the top things to do with family and kids.

Excursions from Malihabad

You can also visit below mentioned tourist locations near Malihabad

  • Lucknow
  • Bithoor in Kanpur
  • Naimisharanya
  • Dudhwa National Park
  • Kushinagar
  • Kapilvastu
  • Piparahwa

The above-mentioned tourist attractions are located very close to each other and can be easily covered together or separately.

My dad posing with 1st Dasehri aam tree of the world. Malihabad.

Conclusion: Why visit Malihabad?

As he bid adieu to us, he ended his verbose sentences, in what seemed like a rehearsed monologue, with below lines:

“I have shown how possible it is for 300 different species of mangoes to co-exist together on a hybrid mango tree without any conflict. I just wonder why can’t humans do that as well?”

Food for thought, indeed! Why can’t we be different kinds of mangoes on one tree indeed?

We left Malihabad shortly after but not before devouring more mangoes and stocking 1 months’ worth of different varieties of mangoes in our car. The sweet smell of mangoes refused to leave the car even days after we emptied it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this complete Haji Kalimullah Khan information in English. The article on different types of mangoes with pictures must have added to your knowledge. You must come to Malihabad to see various Mango varieties by Kaleemullah Khan by Mango grafting techniques.

The view from my Soul Window is revolutionary!

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