Types of mangoes: Guide to Mango varieties of India

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Types of mangoes: Aam variety India

Let’s have a look at some top mango names. These different types of mangoes in India will want you to taste all of them. Let us see how many of these mango species you have heard of? This is the most comprehensive travel guide mango varieties.

The top 36 mangoes varieties to eat this summer in India are listed as below:

  1. Alampur Baneshan
  2. Alphonso of Maharashtra
  3. Amrapali mango
  4. Badami
  5. Banganapalli
  6. Banglora
  7. Black and rose
  8. Bombay Green
  9. Bombay mango
  10. Chaunsa mango
  11. Dasehri
  12. Dudhiya Maida
  13. Fazil
  14. Gaurjeet
  15. Gulab Khas
  16. Himayat
  17. Himsagar
  18. Imam Pasand
  19. Jardalu
  20. Kakshmanbhog
  21. Kalami
  22. Kesar
  23. Kishenbhog
  24. Lalbaug
  25. Langra aam
  26. Mallika
  27. Mankurad
  28. Mulgoa
  29. Neelam
  30. Pairi
  31. Payri
  32. Priyor
  33. Rani
  34. Safeda aam
  35. Sindoori
  36. Totapari

Phew! How many of these different mango names did you know about?

Dasheri mango

Produced in Malihabad near Lucknow, Dasheri mango is one of the most popular mangoes of North India. Every summer, people wait to enjoy this gift from nature. Dashehari aam is available from mid-May to late August. Dasheri is known as the king of all mangoes.

Chausa Mango

Chausa mangoes are grown in Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh. It is available in July and August. This bright colored mango is sucked and not sliced. Chausa is one of the most favorite mangoes of my father.

Langra Mangoes

Langda mangoes are available in June and July. Banarasi Langra mangoes is native to Varanasi. I love the distinct flavor of this mango which has lemon-yellow skin.


Safeda is another popular mango variety popular in North India. You can easily see street side carts selling mountains of Safeda mangoes every summer.

Gaurjeet mango

The very rare and delicate Gaurjeet mango is also my favourite. Produced exclusively in Gorakhpur, my Nanaji (Maternal grandfather) used to pamper us with many petis of Gaurjeet mangoes every summer.

Badami Mangoes

Also known as Karnataka-Alphonso, it is from Badami in North Karnataka or Uttar Karnataka. Badami mangoes flood the market in the month of May and June. Do read my blog on rock cut cave temple of Badami.

Alphonso Mango

Christened after Afonso de Albuquerque, this is one of the most popular mangoes of Maharashtra. There is also high demand for Alphonso mango in international market. It is available for consumption in mid-July. Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is known for producing finest quality of Alphonso aam.

Types of mangoes in India

In Uttar Pradesh, the mangoes are produced in the mango belts of capital city Lucknow, Varanasi, Ayodhya, Faizabad, Gorakhpur, Mathura, Hardoi, Basti, Sitapur, Prayagraj, Moradabad, Meerut, Pratapgarh, JP Nagar, Unnao, Bulandshahar, Basti, Barabanki and Saharanpur etc. The largest mango producing state in India sure lives up to its reputation!

Which is the best mango variety in India?

It is a frequently asked question. Some of the famous varieties of mangoes are the very expensive Alphonso (Sells for Rs. 1,500 a dozen) and Kesar mangoes both of which are grown in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Is Alphonso the best mango variety in India?

Of all various types of mangoes in India, Alphonso is considered to be the best mango in India. But I beg to differ. I prefer the mangoes produced in Uttar Pradesh as the best mango in India. But let’s not get into competition.

The sheer number of mango varieties in India is impressive. As I said before, Mango production in India is unstoppable. And let us leave it to you to decide which is the best mango variety in India.

How many types of mangoes are found in India?

How many varieties of mangoes are there, did you ask? Can you believe Indian produces over 1500 different varieties of Indian mango tree? I had no idea about it until I visited some mango expos in India Habitat Centre, Lucknow.

The display of unheard-of mangoes was mind boggling. I had no idea that India produces so many different species of mangoes. These mango varieties in India have many takers, not only in India but also abroad. Let me know how many of these exotic mango varieties have you tasted?

Mango varieties in India

Most of Indian mango names are derived from the regions they grow up in. Still wondering, how many types of mangoes in India?

One of the most commonly asked question is how many varieties of mango in India. Out of the 1,500 species of mangoes grown in India, 1,000 mangoes varieties are commercially grown in India. These mango varieties in India are too good to resist. The different types of mangoes also have distinct taste and flavor.

Which state is largest producer of mango in India?

It is a commonly asked question. Did you know that Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of mangoes in India? The mangoes produced in India by U.P. alone accounts for 23.47 % of mangoes produced across India. The mango cultivation in India is widespread and abundant.

It would not be an overstatement to call Uttar Pradesh as the mango capital of the world. Malihabadi aam has always been very popular. Mango production in India has always been upwardly mobile.

Other states which are next in line after Uttar Pradesh, with impressive mango production capacity and prosperous mango belts are Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Other states produce mangoes as well but their numbers are nearly not as impressive. Still, Mango farming in India is very impressive overall.

Mangoes produced by Uttar Pradesh alone is 3,623.22 thousand tons followed by Andhra Pradesh which produces around 3,363.40 thousand tons. On the other hand, Karnataka, followed by Bihar and Gujarat produces 1,778.75 thousand tons, 1,334.87 and 911.30 thousand tons respectively.

The Mango varieties produced in these states are impressive. Needless to say the mango growers in these belts are prosperous and content. Uttar Pradesh remains the undisputed largest mango producing state in India. U.P. is home to many types of mangoes in India.

What are the top mangoes to eat this summer in India?

There are many types of mango varieties in India. If you are wondering how many varieties of mangoes are there, let me answer you here.  I am mentioning some popular Indian mango names below.

As for which is the best mango in India, that is for you to decide. You will be impressed to see how prosperous Mango production in India is.

Are Indian mangoes better than other mangoes?

Well, I have tasted many mangoes species in South East Asian nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and some other nations as well. I can vouch for the heavenly fragrance and taste of Indian mangoes.

I simply love the taste of mangoes produced in India, especially in the mango belts of Uttar Pradesh. The Indian mango tree is also used for many purposes such as pooja, making furnitures etc.

The mango varieties I saw and tasted in Sabah in Malaysia were huge in size. But when I tasted them I was not impressed much. No wonder India is not only the highest producer of mangoes in the world but is also one of the highest exporters of mangoes across the world. The types of mangoes found in India have no match! The Indian mango tree are also very strong and robust.

Where are the best tasting mangos in the world from?

I would again say India has some of the best mango species. As far as my experience I am yet to taste a mango better than the Indian mango varieties. The sheer variety and character of Indian mangoes are a class apart.

The mere smell of Indian mangoes can delight you! Indian mangoes just need more marketing and established as a brand. The mango varieties in India can give the best of mango producers a run for their money! I am sharing some types of mangoes with pictures here.

Prove me wrong by suggesting a better alternative and a better tasting mango apart from the Indian ones. Do write your suggestions in the comment section below. Also, let us discuss which is the best mango species in India.

Conclusion: Mango Varieties

Mango Varieties of India are a class apart. The different types of mangoes found in India have a distinct flavor, smell and quality. No wonder, Indian mangoes are some of the best types in the world.

Indian Mango species such as Dasheri, Chausa, Langda, Alphonso, Badami, Totapari, Amrapali are some of the best types of mangoes indigenous to India.

Do share this comprehensive guide to types of mangoes available in India. Do share the blog with your friend and family. A Soul Window has been awarded as number one travel blog of India and top Indian blog on travel several times.

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