World Travel in Low budget- book by Shrinidhi Hande

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I am happy to review a latest international travel guide book to the readers of ‘A Soul Window’ blog. As you already know that every year, I make it a point to read some travel books. The ones which I really enjoy reading end up being reviewed on my blog because why not? I love sharing my views on the travel books I read. My 2nd blog of 2020 is a book review of Shrinidhi Hande ‘s book titled ‘World Travel In Low Budget.’

I have always admired how Shrinidhi manages to travel to faraway places like U.S.A, Central America, South America and many Asian nations. Now I know how does he do it. I am going to apply many of the tips shared in this book in my future international trip. Here is a review of the book “World Travel in Low Budget” by Shrinidhi Hande.

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Traveling is a passion, traveling is a dream, traveling is an aspiration. That said, traveling is also an art. If you don’t learn how to travel in low budget, a trip that could have cost x rupees can easily cost 2x-3x more.  Most people go for commercial tour packages sold by travel companies- which might be convenient but not at all economical. While it is possible to plan a trip in low budget, most of us are not sure how. The fear of not knowing, fear of something going wrong often discourages people from exploring a destination on their own. As per the author, Shrinidhi Hande, “While there have been lots of books related to travel, there were hardly any book teaching someone how to plan a trip at low budget. I have made an attempt to fill that gap. My latest book, “World Travel in Low Budget” is designed to help winnable travelers plan all aspects of an international trip on their own, without having to depend on expensive tour packages.”

World Travel in Low budget- book by Shrinidhi Hande

This post provides an insight into various chapters of the book, so that your decision making to purchase the book is simplified. Book is about 126 pages in total and covers following topics:

Chapter 1: Selecting a destination

Some of us might wish to explore every country in the world. But the time, money and effort we can spare is limited, so we need to decide how best to spend them. How will you chose from over 200+ countries in the world? This chapter provides some tips to help in your decision making.

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Chapter 2: Getting cheap flight tickets

Second chapter is most crucial one- it helps locate and book cheapest flight tickets. Practical tips to illustrate how to do your research, identify price range and book cheapest tickets- this chapter alone can save you thousands of rupees in flight tickets, providing excelled ROI on money spent on the book.

Chapter 3: Visa & Forex

Next chapter helps on Visa and Forex. It includes topics such as mistakes to avoid, things to keep in mind while applying for visa as well the concept and need for visas. Follow the instructions in this section to better your chances of getting visa approved. Forex is another important function- various options as well as their pros and cons are listed in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Stay & Food

This chapter covers pros and cons of various stay options, viz. Hostels vs AirBNB vs hotels . It also elucidates on how to go about managing vegetarian food abroad? Tips to select right kind of stay, avoiding budget hotel scams and other crucial aspects are also explained in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Language Problems

How to manage destinations where English won’t work? Many countries have their own native languages and managing with English will be difficult. This section shares tips to prepare well if you are planning to visit such countries.

Chapter 6: Local commute and sightseeing-

How to get to city for cheap without spending a lot on airport taxi? What are the drawbacks of hop-on-hop-off? Why Package tours are not the best option? How to identify places to visit? How to manage local SIM card? This section explains all the means to explore a destination once you reach there.

Chapter 7: Checklist

This chapter gives a set of preparation pointers to ensure you don’t miss key items/steps. Also gives an illustration on how I plan a trip.

Chapter 8: Saving for travel

Money saved is money earned. From our everyday life we can make some simple modifications to cut unnecessary expenses and save a lot for our dream trip. This chapter shares several such ideas to help you save.

Chapter 9: Safety aspects

Travel involves risk- from being robbed at gun point to various other crimes and frauds committed against tourists around the world. This chapter shares some tips to minimize the safety risk.

Shrinidhi in Dubai

Chapter 10: Risk and mitigation

For a trip to be successful, a lot of things need to fall in place. At times some of these do not happen. If we are not prepared, disruptions throw our plans out of gear and cause lots of inconvenience and expenses. This section of the book helps you identify potential risks, try to minimize their occurrence and tips on what to do if it occurs, so as to minimize the impact.

Chapter 11: Being Responsible tourist

Travel harms environment- it is our responsibility to take every possible step to minimize the impact of our travel. This chapter shares all the little things we can do to minimize our carbon footprint and be as green as possible.

Chapter 12: Travel experiences

Author has shared a set of unique experiences that he had encountered during his travels, in brief. It makes for a fun read as you vicariously travel through the same path taken by author.

Appendix: This section has a set of terms and their meaning, a compilation of visa free, e-visa and visa required countries for Indian passport holders.

This book is also available in Kannada language. Initial reception has been good- over 200 copies have been sold in first two months. You can check amazon reviews as well.

Main reasons to buy “World Travel in Low Budget” by Shrinidhi Hande

  1. You will save a lot right on your next trip-instant ROI
  2. The book mentions lots of minute details that we often overlook
  3. The book lists step by step process to identify cheapest flight tickets
  4. This book is an ideal gift idea to your friend/family member who loves travel
  5. This is a ready-reckoner / Do it yourself Guide– In this book, you will get all travel planning info in one place, instead of having to scramble the net for various info. Eliminates dependency on travel agents and their expensive packages.
Shrinidhi in Hollywood

Book is published on a print on demand model with NotionPress’s express publishing. It is priced just INR 220 and is available on Amazon, Flipkart and NotionPress store. Your investment on the book can be recovered in just one trip, as various tips and tricks can save you thousands of rupees on your next international trip.

Do get your copy today.

About Author:

Shrinidhi Hande started blogging in 2006 and is one of the earliest travel bloggers in India. He blogs at and also runs a blog dedicated to cheap air tickets, air travel deals and more. Shrinidhi has travelled to over 39 countries and his blog provides honest reviews, practical tips and first hand experience accounts. He has won Best Blogger Tamil Nadu in IIBA 2017, Best Chennai Urban Blogger 2015 and multiple other recognitions.

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