Road Trips to Take this Holiday Season

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Road Trips to Take this Holiday Season

Woah! That was a long time locked up within the four walls of our homes! The pandemic lockdown has arguably been one of the toughest times to stay indoors- especially for the wayfarers. The gradual unlock process is a fresh breath of air after such a negating situation. As the wanderlust in you creeps up to the surface, remember that it’s still not safe to travel by public transport to other cities. What to do? Get on the wheel!

The tourism sector has suffered quite a bit during this pandemic due to the sudden drop in footfall. However, traveling enthusiasts are here to redeem their agony and enjoy themselves. The best possible mode of traveling for tourism currently is, of course, private transport that is your car. Some people might absolutely love the idea and some would fret over it. Honestly, it is an enthralling experience! Wondering where to take those wheels next? We have the ultimate list of locations that you should absolutely take a road trip to.

Let’s drive right on!

Shimla to Manali Road Trip

The adventure lovers swear by this one trip. Nothing quite matches the fun and excitement that people experience in driving through the lush green valleys and high altitudes. It is always best to plan out this trip with friends or family- the journey would be unmatched!

You can choose between two routes for reaching Manali from Shimla. The first is via Mandi and the second is via Kinnaur and Spiti. The Mandi route is around 250kms long and the view is absolutely breathtaking. With river Beas trudging by the side, it is the ideal getaway for anyone. The Kinnaur and Spiti route is a 650kms stretch and can easily take over 2-3 days to cover. Despite the roads being pretty rough, the scenic beauty is to die for. If you go for this route, you can cover Kalpa, Sangla valley, Nako, Chango, and Ropa as a part of your ongoing journey.

Goa Road Trip

The ultimate party destination for beach lovers. The journey is a treat and all the connecting routes are smooth as butter- regardless of which city you come from. The satisfaction of driving to the horizon on a road canopied by long trees is just irresistible. Since you’re traveling by your personal transport, you can cover a lot of locations while in the state. Different beaches, different parties, everything is hard to forget. Remember to buy motor insurance before you hit the roads for such long journeys though!

Ooty Road Trip

Traveling from Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore is a must-try. The scenic beauty and the refreshing climate throughout the year will leave you with a cherished memory forever. You are sure to get the best of southern India on this one trip. Right after the formal insights of the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, you can make a stop in the ancient city of Mysore to visit some of the heritage-rich locations. You can even spend a day at the comfortable motels in the city before you take on the trip to the beautiful valley of Ooty.

Road trips are extremely enticing and the ultimate fun. As long as you have acomprehensive car insurance and the right mood, just do it! Don’t worry or over plan- just pack your bag, grab your keys, and get rollin’!

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