6 reasons to do your research before travelling

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Pic above : Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Pre travel research helped me in locating the hidden gem of destinations around it.

Travelling requires bravery, commitment and a decent budget. My experience has taught me that it’s worth doing your research before setting off. It will help you make the most of what’s sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ever since my first trip, I have always researched on the destination before stepping foot on it.

So, before you board the plane, consider these reasons for dedicating at least some time to browsing the web for advice:

You don’t go to Jordan often. Do you know about the ‘Little Petra’ near the more famous Petra. (That’s me posing in Little Petra)
  1. You can prioritise

Having a look at where other people have visited, the places the loved and the attractions they hated will help you decide where to prioritise. Travel blogs are a great starting place to get honest opinions from which you can determine whether somewhere will be to your taste or not. It’s better to know these things beforehand, rather than waste your time. I often look up in Instagram to check out how a place actually looks like.

My Everest Base Camp trek cost me a bomb! Pre travel research helped me save a lot!
  1. You’ll save money


Checking discount sites, being able to haggle, choosing the discounted flights, and being able to ditch the travel agent – all are named as top tips for saving money, but require you to do research. You’ll thank yourself, though, as it will pay off in the long run. Before I traveled to Ladakh I did a research which helped me save money. I planned my days in such a way so that waste is minimised.

Wildlife expedition in Dudhwa gone wrong. Had I researched, I would have known it would be a foggy day with no wildlife sighting.
  1. You can ensure a safe adventure

 Turning up somewhere unprepared and expecting to scuba-dive, trek, bungee jump or take on any other adventure is possible. But it’s not the safest way of doing things. Being able to check out reviews beforehand ensures you have an enjoyable experience, rather than a worrying one. I have been in many dangerous situations. For safety advice for adventure travel, check out these tips for avoiding a Darwin Award.


Do you know if the locals of the destinations you are traveling to are friendly? That’s me posing with happy go lucky locals during Hola Mohalla festival.
  1. You might find unexpected opportunities

 Did you know Patagonia isn’t a country – it is a distinct geographical region spanning the lower sections of Argentina and Chile, or that every day in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour there’s a world-famous light and music show? Well, the more you research, the more you’ll find out. For example, I would have missed out on sampling Rhododendron juice on Roopkund trek had I not known about it beforehand. Similarly, researching for my Everest Base Camp trek not only helped me prepare myself mentally and physically but it also made me alert on which things I should not miss eating en route.

My research told me about the least visited temples of Ikkeri and Keladi near the famed Jog falls in Karnataka!
  1. Understanding different cultures

 It’s important to be a good traveler, not one who disregards the local customs. By doing bit of research on the social norms, you’ll endear yourself to the locals. Stunning Places give the example of appropriate clothing in the Middle East, but other instances include the importance of tipping in the US and slurping noodles in Japan. When I was in South India, I was clueless how to drink the famed filter coffee. After having committed faux paux, I seeked help from social media and did it right.


When in Bhutan, be like a Bhutanese. Can you make out who is Indian (me) and who is Bhutanese here?

The view from my #SoulWindow is alert!

What have you learnt by travelling? Share your experiences with us to help others.

Don’t you want to know beforehand where are they serving the best burgers in town. I had this memorable burger in Thamel, Nepal.

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Make new friends as you go. Like I did in Manali!

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