Best Indian Grocery Store in Harris Park Sydney NSW

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Indian Grocery Store Harris Park, Sydney

Did you know that it is so easy to find Indian grocery and food in the exclusively Indian super markets of Sydney. Since a large number of Indians live in different part of Sydney as well as other parts of Australia, it is very easy to find local Indian products and Indian FMCG brands in Sydney.

Harris Park is a suburban area of Parramatta, so if you are looking for an Indian grocery store in Parramatta, you need to visit Harris Park. Since Harris Park, also known as Little India of Sydney is where most Indians, NRIs and Indian origin people stay, you can easily buy Indian groceries from these supermarkets.

I didn’t know this before visiting Sydney which is why I had packed ready to eat Rajma Chawal (Beans and rice) and Kadhi Chawal before leaving India for Australia. I was surprised to see that famous Indian aata brands such Aashirwad aata, Fortune aata etc are also easily available at Indians stores of Sydney. You can also buy thick poha, soyabean etc from Indian superstores of Harris Park. What’s more? They even stock Indian water filters.

Even smaller snacks such as rusk, dalia, Indian chips, biscuits like Parle G, Good Day, Tiger biscuits, Krackjack, Monaco etc and savoury Haldiram namkeens like alu bhujiya, khatta meetha, navratna mix, moong daal bhujiya, chana cracker, mathri, papdi, Andhra mixture, methi khakhra, sweet shakarpara, namakpara, chiwda, murukku sticks, chakli, jhalmuri, puffed rice (laiya, murmura), Maggi with Indian flavours etc are easily available for sale in the supermarkets of Harris Park, Sydney.

You will be surprised to know that even Indian beds such as folding beds or folding charpai are available for sale in the Indian super stores of Harris Park Sydney. Taj Mahal tea bags, Bagh bakri chai, frozen Indian food, dhara/fortune mustard oil, jaggery balls or gur, Instant dhokla/khaman mix (they call it Garbanzo cake mix here!), besan, chola, rajma, sattu, suji rusk, sooji or semolina, rice flour, imli chutney, green chutney etc. To add, online shopping in the Indian grocery stores of Harris Park is also very convenient.

Why Westerners should visit Indian grocery store in Harris Park, Sydney?

Are you a non-Indian and a western or Caucasian person who is also a fan of Indian cuisine? Your search for good Indian grocery in Sydney ends here!

Head straightaway to an Indian grocery store in Harris Park of Sydney to pick Indian ingredients for those fun food experiments in the kitchen. Many white people I know love Indian food so much that they learn the recipes from blogs and YouTube and make it themselves at home.

The grocery stores of Harris Park Sydney stock major Indian food ingredients such as various types of daal or lentils (such as masoor daal, arhar daal/toor daal, urad daal, chana daal, moong daal etc), spices, rice varieties such as basmati rice etc.

Many western people search for Indian Grocery Store in Sydney near them. This comprehensive guide will help you easily locate all the major Indian grocery shops in Harris Park. And rest assured, the quality of Indian Grocery in Harris Park is excellent!

A Westerner’s beginner’s guide to Indian grocery store in Harris Park

So many western people these days are waking up to the natural goodness of Indian food. The sheer variety and high nutritional value of Indian food is what attracts white people of Sydney to Indian grocery stores. In fact, instances of news of Western people converting to Hinduism is also on the upswing these days.

This upward trend is also due to the fact that many Westerners are now realising that Hinduism is not an organised religion but rather a way of life.

The Portuguese colonisers left a deep impact on India’s cuisine. This is why, the Portuguese Pao are also quite popular in India and the main ingredients of Indian dishes such as Misal Pao, Vada Pao, Pav Bhaji, Bhajji pao, Samosa Pao etc.

However, it is not the food alone which attracts Caucasian people. Many westerners living in Australia also like to use Indian hair oils, soaps, vessels, incense sticks, pressure cookers (popular in Indian kitchens), idli stands, sprouts maker, shampoos, ayurveda products, ready to apply fresh heena paste, mehendi paste etc.

Top Indian Grocery Stores of Harris Park

I have visited many Indian grocery stores over the years. It is easy to notice that the variety of Indian products are improving with time. This comprehensive guide will help you find good quality Indian groceries in Sydney.Below are some of the best Indian Grocery Stores of Harris Park where I visited many times.

Radhe Supermarket Harris Park, Sydney

Radhe Wholesale & Retail, located in the vibrant Harris Park, the Little India of Sydney is very popular with both widespread Indian diasporas settled in Sydney as well as the Caucasian people of Sydney, Australia. Radhe Supermarket is easily the best Indian Grocery Store in Sydney because their variety, prices and store size are some of the most impressive in all of Sydney.

This popular Indian store stands out as the rapidly expanding chain of Indian stores in New South Wales, and the reasons are pretty evident. For Indians and Non-resident Indians aka NRIs living away from India in Sydney, this Indian shop makes sure that you get several Indian products under one roof. No wonder, it is the best Indian grocery store in Parramatta.

The inception of Radhe Wholesale & Retail was driven by the singular goal of providing excellent quality products at competitive prices for shoppers hailing from the Indian subcontinent who live in Australia, especially in Sydney. Being the biggest Indian grocery store in Sydney, it has remained a very popular shops since it opened.

However, over the years many Caucasians who are Sydney residents and are Indophiles, also visit Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park to pick some Indian ingredients for experiment in their kitchens. I have many friends from Western nations such as Anna from Ukraine, Jacomijn from Netherlands and Eileen from Scotland who absolutely love India and Indian products.

Though food is not the only Indian product you get at such Indian shops in Sydney. You can also buy inedible grocery items such as agarbatti (incense stick), Diwali décor items, Indian map, handicrafts, wall-hangings, showpieces etc.

This is why, for more than 15 years, there has been a substantial increase in their dedicated customer base. Needless to say, in their own words,

“Gaining the trust of the shoppers with our quality products are still some of our major accomplishments since we opened shop in Harris Park Sydney.”

Contact details of Radhe Supermarket Sydney

Radhe wholesale and Retail, a popular Indian grocery store in Australia is located in places such as Harris Park, Quakers Hill, Kingswood, Glendenning, Girraween, Blacktown etc. These localities typically have a larger population of Indian origin people.

Do visit Radhe Supermarket Harris Park. I am sharing some important Indian Grocery Store Harris Park Contact Number in this blog.

Address of Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park, Sydney is as below:

8-12, Station Street East,

Harris Park, Sydney

NSW 2150, Australia.

This is also where you can order Indian groceries online in Sydney.

Email of Radhe supermarket Sydney: [email protected]

Phone number of Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park: 02 9687 0024

Timings of Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park

Opening hours of Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park are as below:

Monday9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Tuesday9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Wednesday9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Thursday9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Friday9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Sunday9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

What can you buy at Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park?

So, what does Radhe Wholesale & Retail offer? Well, what are you in search of? You name it, they have it! Whether it is the household essentials or wide variety of Indian spices such as dhaniya powder (coriander), jeera (cumin), choti and badi ilaichi (big and small cardamon), tejpatta (bay leaf), dalchini (cinnamon), laung (cloves), you’ll find a comprehensive range at Radhe Wholesale and Retail, both in-store and online.

As a vegetarian, I can ensure that I buy my regular natural source of affordable protein in the form of different lentil varieties such as masoor daal, urad daal, arhar or toor daal, chana daal, matar, rajma, chola (chickpeas), moong daal, kala chana, soyabean, etc.

You can also buy basmati rice and different types of Indian flours such as makke ka aata (corn flour), jowar aata (Sorghum), bajra aata (pearl millet flour), ragi aata (finger millet) etc. You may also find frozen foods such as Safal matar, Amul cheese, frozen Malabar parotta, frozen samosa, frozen momo etc.

What’s more? additionally, they also provide fresh Indian fruits, vegetables, and delectable Indian sweets such as canned rasgulla, gulab jamun, ghevar etc. Families also rave about their popular Indian evening snack stall where they sell mouth-watering pani puri.

Feel free to explore any of their Indian grocery stores for your preferred Indian & subcontinental groceries. I personally, prefer visiting the store myself because touch and feel shopping is just my style. Call me old school, but I still prefer to buy from stores.

Alternatively, if time is an issue for you, worry not. You can just relax at home (or spend time with your family) as you shop online, and leave the rest to them. In today’s busy world, it is always a blessing to be able to order groceries online. Isn’t it! Though, I repeat, it is not my style, come what may!

The motto of Radhe Supermarket is: “we buy better so that you can have better”!

Membership of Radhe Supermarket of Harris Park

Also check out their reward cards. You need to register with Radhe Supermarket for their membership. Needless to say, terms and conditions are applied. So, please read the terms carefully before registering.

But you must be wondering why get a membership of the Radhe Supermarket at all? It sure pays to stay loyal! Well, if you have membership of Radhe Supermarket of Harris Park then you will also get benefits and great perks such as the following:

  • Ability to stick to your health goals.
  • Ability to view your points balance easily.
  • Facility of viewing the grocery shopping list.
  • Ease in managing the regular shopping budget.
  • Amazing offers and discounts which are exclusive for the members.

Soul Window Observations

I know many western people in Australia who love the smell and texture of the widely popular Mysore Sandal Soap. Many westerners use this fragrant soap daily and vouch for how good it is. I even saw this soap in Chinese supermarkets of Kyirong and Taklakot (Purang aka Burang) in West Tibet during the epic Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via a memorable road trip from Nepal.

I was surprised to see that Indian products are in high demand in Tibet autonomous region of China as well. What makes it surprising is that Indians do not even live in Tibet. Do read my blogs on the miracles of Kailash Parvat and Mansarovar Lake as well.

India Sabzee & Grocery, Harris Park

India Sabzee & Grocery is a very popular Indian grocery store located in the Harris Park area. When I visited this store, a poster with a beautiful image of Ganesh Bhagwan accompanied the poster which wished people “Shubh Ganesh Chaturthi” a major Hindu festival celebrated with much fanfare in West India, especially in Pune and Mumbai.  

The shop also had a large poster of Bollywood movie Judwaa 2. Some of the Indian products you can buy here include curry sauces, masalas or spices, various Indian grocery items, frozen Indian food items, assorted Chutneys, mango/chilli/lemon pickle and even chappatti wraps and frozen Malabar parathas.

Their poster also announced that they are a tobacco free retailer. This means that Tobacco products are not sold here. No outside food or drinks are allowed here either.

But what you can buy here makes up for it. Some of the best things to buy in India Sabzee & Grocery, Harris Parkare Amul Pure Desi Ghee, Tata Salt, Sendha Namak or Pink Himalayan Salt, Priya Sona Mansoori Rice, Surbhi’s Khakhra, Roohafza, Maggi Masala, Bournvita, Global Desi Kulfi, Baghbakri Tea, Aashirwad Aata, Britannia Milk Rusks, Bikano Boondi and Singh’s Yoghurt Indus etc.

Also known as Sabzee Supermarket, it claims to be the first ever Indian supermarket in Sydney who offers fresh fruits and Vegetables at lowest prices. The best part is that they stock a huge variety of South Indian, Gujarati and Punjabi (think daal bari and Amritsari papad) Products in their store. Apart from India, many of their products are also imported directly from small South Asian nations such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

What’s more? Apart from Pooja Items, finger foods, snacks, Indian sweets, sub-continental Groceries and condiments, they also sell DVDs of Bollywood movies, and even International Phone Cards. Sabzee Supermarket is located in the suburb of Harris Park in Western Sydney.

So many Indians also want to work in this grocery store. Many Indians also live in the nearby Blacktown area and do not mind working at this grocery store to make some bucks to fund their studies.

Address of India Sabzee & Grocery, Harris Park: 78, Wigram Street, Harris Park, Sydney, New South Wales 2150, Australia.

Telephone: 02 8677 7950

Timings of Sabzee Supermarket

This Indian grocery store in Parramatta is very busy. The business hours or opening time of Sabzee supermarket are very convenient. This Indian store remains open on all days from Monday to Sunday between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Patel Brothers Supermarket, Harris Park

Looking for best Indian grocery store in Harris Park? Patel Brothers Supermarket is one stop shop for all your Indian grocery needs. It is such a relief every-time I see a Patel store outside of India, especially in Europe or the Americas. They sell very good quality Indian groceries in Sydney.

Spotting a Patel superstore outside of India means that I can easily find premium quality Indian grocery products and FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) such as lentils, rice, flour and even Indian fragrant soaps such as Cinthol, Liril, Lux and Mysore Sandal Soap from South India.

Patel Brothers Supermarket, which is located in Harris Park is a trusted name since many years. Indians as well as many Caucasian customers visit this Indian store to buy Indian groceries.

Soul Window trivia

Patels are the members of highly successful Indian business families who hail from Gujarat in West India. You will find many Patel superstores in places as diverse as United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom. A large number of Patels and other people of Gujarat have also settled in important countries of Africa such as Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Many South Asians from other nations of the vast and prosperous Indian subcontinent also visit Patel Brothers Supermarket on a regular basisbecause it is easy and very convenient to buy Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangadeshi & Asian grocery products in this Asian grocery store of Sydney.

On must visit Patel Brothers Supermarket in Harris Park for Specials & Mega Special offers on festival occasions.

What can I buy at Patel Brothers Supermarket, Harris Park?

I highly recommend that you buy their bountiful selection of all kinds of nuts, luscious dry fruits, and nutritious seeds such as flax seed, melon seeds, Goan cashew orkaju, almonds or badam, walnuts or akhrot, chilgoza aka pine nuts, kishmish or raisins etc.

Address of Patel Brothers Supermarket:

Ground Level, 85, Marion Street, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW 2150

Phone number of Patel Brothers Supermarket: 0468 421 215 / 0420987825

Email of Patel Brothers Supermarket: [email protected]

Timings of Patel Brothers Supermarket in Harris Park

Opening hours of Patel Brothers Supermarket in Harris Park are as below:

Monday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Wednesday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Thursday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Little India Supermarket, Harris Park

Located right in the heart of Harris Park, the Little India Supermarket is also very popular with Indians living in Sydney and also the Caucasians interested in Indian lifestyle. Many white people are attracted by the Hindu way of living and thus they love to include Indian elements to their everyday routine. Such as starting the day with a bath using Mysore Sandal soap or preparing a delicious Indian dinner.

Places like Little India Supermarket in Harris Park make it very easy to adapt a Hindu lifestyle. For example, the festival of Raksha Bandhan where sisters tie a Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers is celebrated with much fanfare across India. Thankfully every August (this is when the festival takes place), the Little India Supermarket stocks a variety of Rakhi in their store.

This is such a blessing for Hindus living away from India in a foreign land. Many sisters (from Sydney) also send Rakhi to their brothers, living in India. Easy availability of such festive items make Little India Supermarket so popular with the Indian diaspora of Sydney.

You can also buy Indian vegetables at the Little India Supermarket such as fresh nariyal (coconut), kadhi patta or curry leaves, sinqua, raw mango (for chutneys), raw banana, betel leaves, turnip, ground nut with shell, chikoo etc.

Needless to say, you can also buy all the major varieties of Indian spices, lentils, daals etc in the Little India Supermarket, much like other Indian general shops. Now you know why Little India Supermarket is the top Indian Grocery Store in Sydney.

Address of Little India Supermarket: 78, Wigram Street, Harris Park, Sydney, New South Wales – 2150, Australia.

Timings of Little India Supermarket

Opening hours of Little India Supermarket: It closes at 10 p.m.

Phone number of Little India Supermarket: +61 2 8677 7950

Home delivery service options: They offers same-day delivery of groceries to your home.

Thanks to the rising number of Indians living in Australia, Little India Supermarket has many stores across Australia. This is very convenient for those Indians who have sacrificed a lot in a bid to leave their country forever.

Address of other stores of Little India Supermarket in Australia are as below:

  1. 1/29 Amax Avenue Girraween, Australia / 1300 546 342
  2. 78 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Australia / +61 2 8677 7950
  3. 13-15 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114, Australia / +61 2 9808 1403
  4. 2/50-52 Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155, Australia / +61 2 8824 7450
  5. 20/326-336 Great Western Hwy, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia / +61 2 9896 1771

Go Cool Fresh Fruit Mart, Harris Park

Go Cool Fresh Fruits Mart sells fresh Indian vegetables and fruits in Harris Park. Popular with Indians, I came across Go Cool Fresh Fruits Mart after I devoured Indian snacks at the Teekhazz restaurant which is located right next to it. Nader Salon (02 96357773) is also located next to Go Cool Fresh Fruit Mart. Nader Salon is located at 54A Marion Steet, Harris Park.

This store is owned by Indians and you can easily source Indian fruits and vegetables in this store.

Address of Go Cool Fresh Fruit Mart: 54, Marion Street, Harris Park, New South Wales (NSW), 2150, Sydney, Australia.

Timings: Opens at 7 am every day.

Phone: +61 2 3153 2895

Where to buy Indian sweets in Harris Park, Sydney?

If you want to taste freshly made Indian sweets, then head to one of the Indians restaurants of Sydney. I have also written a detailed guide to Indian restaurants of Harris Park which you may also refer.

However, if you want to buy Indian sweets with longer shelf life, then you can easily find these in the Indian grocery shops of Harris Park in Sydney.

Some of the best canned or packed Indian sweets to buy are Kesar Peda, Dharwad peda, Mathura peda, Kaju Anjeer Roll, Kaju Katli, Badaam Ghari, Pista Ghari, Rasgulla, Motichur Ladoo, til laddu, authentic pure desi ghee Mysore Pak (my favourite!), Ice Halwa, Karachi halwa, Golden Halwa, Halwasan, Anjeer Halwa, besan laddu, varieties of gujhia, gajak, soan papdi, rewri etc.

Here is an idea. You can also place a courier order of these Indian sweets from other Australian cities such as Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns etc. These sweets are in high demand during Indian festivals such as Makar Sankranti, Deepawali and Holi.

Where to buy festive Indian food items in Harris Park?

Indian sweets are in high demand during Hindu festivals such as Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan etc. Festivals are also the time when you can taste more variety of Indian sweets which you will not see in stores otherwise.

For example, delicious til laddu (sweet sesame balls) are available only during January or Makar Sankranti. Similarly, gujhia is available only during Holi, which is March as per the Gregorian calendar. Shakarpara and namakpara were traditionally available during Diwali in winter but are now available around the year.

All the Indian grocery stores of Sydney stock these festive food items. These are high in demand, so I advise you to buy these as soon as these are available. Most of these festive sweets have a very long shelf life and can be stored for months in air tight containers.

Where to buy seasonal Indian food items in Harris Park?

Some food such as groundnuts with shells, gazak, rewri etc are available only in winter. Similarly, bamboo shoots are available mostly in monsoon or the rainy season. In summer, you may enjoy the great Indian mango varieties and kheera (cucumber), kakdi, jamun (jambol) etc.

The good news is that most of the Indian super markets and small grocery shops of Harris Park and elsewhere in Sydney stock such seasonal food at reasonable rates. This ensures that the Indian diaspora never misses their favourite food and the white people of Australia enjoy a slice of the Indian seasonal goodness, available for a limited time. What’s not to love?

Where to buy Indian fruits in Harris Park, Sydney?

In the summer season, Indians crave for the taste of their favourite Indian mango such as Dusshehri mango, chausa mango, langda mango and Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangos from the Maharashtra region in West India. The sheer variety of mangoes in India is mind boggling.

Luckily for Indians living in Sydney and other parts of Australia, it is easy (and at times expensive) to find their favourite mango in an Indian grocery store. Most of the mango varieties are available for only 1-2 months, mostly June and July. Just keep an eye on the yellow pages or posters outside the Indian shops and restaurants while walking around the quaint Harris Park, the Little India of Sydney!

Several Indian grocery stores in Harris Park offer the opportunity to purchase the premium and fresh varieties of Indian mangoes. You may also be able to watch out for mangoes at some restaurants and eateries of Harris Park such as Durga Paan & Falooda House.

The sought-after Alphonso and Dasheri mangos have a limited availability, so I advise you to secure your order well in advance. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the delicious seasonal mango lassi sold at many Indian stores across Australia.

Similarly, in the Indian grocery stores, you can also find other seasonal Indian fruits and vegetables such as Durian like kathal (jackfruit), dhaniya patti (coriander leaves), karela (bitter gourd), lauki (bottle gourd), parval (pointed gourd), sharifa (custard apple), lychee, rasbhari or raspberries, singhada (water chestnut) etc.

Where to buy Yoga and Ayurveda products at Indian grocery stores of Harris Park?

Yoga and Ayurveda has taken the world by storm. It is now very common to see Ayurveda products such as Ayurvedic scents, Ayurvedic oils, neem products, Chyawanprash, Ayurvedic hair colour, Ayurvedic tooth paste, in the Indian grocery stores of Harris Park and elsewhere in Australia.

You can also easily source Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedicingredients such as Ashwagandha roots, mulethi, guggulu, triphala, amla, haldi or turmeric, aloe-vera, Shilajit, licorice, neem, Brahmi, Manjistha,

This is why several top Ayurvedic & herbal products of India are now easily available in the Indian grocery stores of Harris Park. Many white people have woken up to the long-term benefits of Ayurveda and are a regular customer at Indian stores where they come to pick their Ayurvedic products.

Earlier, one had to order Ayurvedic products from India which was a long process and also costs more. With easy availability of Ayurvedic products in the grocery shops of Harris Park, access to healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle for the residents of Sydney has never been better.

Some of the most popular Ayurvedic ingredients are Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) and Guggul (Commiphora mukul), tulsi (Holy basil leaves). All of them have different uses.

You can also buy yoga mats and yoga blankets in Indian Grocery in Harris Park. These Yoga related and ayurveda related products are easily available in the grocery stores of Harris Park. In case, they do have run out of stock, you can request the grocery store owner to order the same for you. Most of the Harris Park Indian shops owners will oblige at no extra cost to you!

Where can I buy havan samagri and pooja samagri in Harris Park?

What’s more? Since most of the Indians who live in Sydney hail from Hindu community, therefore it is easy to find pooja samagri, havan samagri (products used in rituals, satyanarayan katha and Indian festivals) and even idols of Hindu God such as Ganesh Bhagwan, Shiv ji, Ram ji, Hanuman ji, Durga Maa etc. You can also buy beautiful home temples in metal or wood. These are available in small and large size.

Most of Indians and Nepalese people follow Hindu way of life. This is why, Hindus need special items which are used during the holy rituals and ceremonies during the festivals and personal occasions. Thankfully, the Indian shops in Harris Park stock pooja samagri and related paraphernalia. Some of them also keep diyas (mud lamps) and baati (cotton wick) throughout the year. It is also easy to find fresh marigold flowers for worship in these stores. The fragrant orange coloured marigold is the most popular Indian flower used in pooja, havan, prayer ceremonies and even during engagements, mundan and weddings etc. Indian grocery store in Parramatta never disappoints!

Where to buy fasting Indian Grocery in Harris Park, Sydney?

All Hindus also observe fasts regularly as part of their cultural, religious and spiritual upbringing. Hinduism is a highly scientific religion or rather a way of life.

Fasting is known as vrat in North India or upvas in Gujarat and Maharashtra etc. Indian political figure late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also used to fast on a regular basis. In many traditions, the one who is fasting is allowed to eat some permitted vegetarian and vegan food. I am listing down some fasting items below.

Both Patel Brothers Supermarket and Radhe Wholesale & Retail are the one-stop destination for fasting essentials such as the irresistible and crunchy Farali Chevdo, sticky sabudana (tapioca pearl or sago), amarnath grains and flour, nuts, dry fruits, makhana or fox nut or the rich, grainy desi Ghee and even kuttu ka aata (buckwheat flour) and the goodness of Farali Flour.

Soul Window Thoughts

Thanks to their impressive stock, you can rest assured thatyour fasting essentials are covered. I was relieved to know that as an Indian and practising Hindu, I can easily fast in a foreign nation, while also ensuring that the fast is both wholesome, healthy as well as delicious.

How to avail discounts and offers at Indian super markets of Harris Park?

Indian grocery store in Australia comes with many perks. Looking for a cheap Indian Grocery Store in Sydney? There are so many pocket-friendly, low-cost Indian super markets of Harris Park.Radhe Supermarket, Little India Supermarket and Patel Brothers Supermarket are some of the best cheap Indian Grocery Store in Sydney.

Radhe Supermarket in Harris Park is known for its quality Indian products at reasonable rates. Their discounts and regular festive offers help the customers to source excellent quality Indian groceries at good prices. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? This is why their client base is a regular one.

Some Indian stores also offer great discounts and seasonal offers to their exclusive members. Therefore, it makes sense to go for membership at these Indian general stores.

Keep an eye on the posters outside these Indian shops as you walk through the streets of Harris Park. The shop owners always announce their discounts and offers outside the shop. Expect discounts around the festival season such as Deepawali, Holi, Indian Independence Day etc. This is also the trend in India.

Some Indians also offer freebies such as free DVDs of Indian movies etc when you do shopping worth more than a certain amount such as AUD 150 etc. Keep an eye on these offers.

India Sabzee & Grocery, Harris Park also offers special discounts for orders from Hindu temple, Gurudwara and mosques.

Indian Grocery Store in Sydney online

The best part is that most of the Indian shops in Sydney also offer home delivery to nearby areas. For placing online orders for Indian grocery store in Sydney, look up their websites. Almost all Indian grocery stores in Parramatta offer the facility of online order placement.

During my stay in Harris Park, I noticed that most young Indians left for work early in the morning and returned back late in night. This left them with little time to go for shopping in the grocery shops. However, I also noticed that the ageing parents of many Indians stayed at home and looked after their grandkids. Thus, online shopping is very convenient for such families.

The parents can easily order online without having to make the effort to go the physical shop. The websites of these online grocery shops display all their products with images and prices. This makes it so convenient for the customers to place an order and find their favorite Indian brands. Some of these Indian brands also lets you filter their products by brand. Radhe supermarket online is also very popular.

And to think there weren’t any Indian grocery stores in Harris Park merely a few years ago! Phew!

Job Vacancy in Indian grocery stores of Harris Park, Sydney, NSW

Ordering groceries online also saves the time for the young Indians living in Sydney. Many of these Indians study in classrooms in the day and work odd jobs in the night such as serving as waiter, bartender, cab driver, security guards etc.

Some Indians even clean at the homes of people. I have also heard of Indians who have worked at Pizza Hut as a chef in Glenwood and even as customer service executive at take away shop in Winston Hill Mall.

However, a large number of Indians are keen on getting employed in Indian grocery stores. There are many reasons for this. Working in a grocery store is easier when compared to, say, working in a restaurant.

Also, the timings of working in a grocery store is more flexible. There are also options available to work on certain days instead of working on all days. For example, you can work in an Indian grocery store for Mondays and Fridays or Tuesdays and Saturdays. It depends on the time you have on hand and the negotiations with the store owner.

There are many Indians who live in not only Harris Park but also the nearby Blacktown locality. Many of them are eager to work in the Indian grocery stores of Harris Park to make ends meet. These young Indians do part time work in grocery stores, earn money and still continue their study.

Based on my observations, here are some more tips on how to land a full time or part time job in a grocery store in Harris Park Sydney. Keep an eye on the job vacancies in the yellow pages. Many store owners also post a poster outside their shops announcing job vacancy. Alternatively, just walk-in and ask them if they are interested in hiring you? Here is an exercise for you! Try approaching the Radhe supermarket owner. You may actually land a job there.

Indian grocery store for sale in Sydney 

Harris Park Indian shops are always in high demand. Many Indians and Westerns are also keen on buying an operational Indian grocery store. From time to time, some Indian grocery stores are available for sale in Sydney. Here are my tips. Keep an eye on the websites, Google, yellow pages, relevant Facebook groups, Facebook pages of grocery stores for such deals and offers which are mostly available for a limited time.

Which other places in Sydney have Indian grocery stores?

Indian Grocery in Harris Park is easy to find. That said, Harris Park is not the only place where you can find good Indian grocery stores. What separates Harris Park from other places in Sydney is that fact the concentration of Indian shops is much more here when compared to other localities of Sydney.

This means that you do not necessarily need to visit Harris Park in case you live in some other location in Sydney. So, you can find some Indian grocery store in North Sydney as well as in the nearby Blacktown. Try visiting Radhe Blacktown and Radhe supermarket Quakers Hill. Thank me later!

Conclusion: Why buy at Indian grocery store Harris Park?

Why visit Indian grocery stores of Harris Park in Sydney? Well, if you are an Indian living in Sydney or a white person from Sydney who is interested in Indian lifestyle, then visiting a well-stocked Indian grocery store in Harris Park is worth the effort. You can find most of the popular Indian products at the Indian grocery stores of Sydney under one roof.

There is no dearth of Indian shops in Harris Park because it has a major population of Indian diaspora, mostly Hindus. The best part is that the opening hours of all the Indian grocery stores in Harris Park is also suitable for most working professionals.

I have also shared Indian grocery store, Harris Park’s contact number in this information-packed blog so that it becomes easy for you to do shopping.

Whether it is fresh Indian vegetables and fruits such as karela, kaddu (pumpkin), amla, mangoes, lychees and jamun or kitchen ingredients essential for cooking diverse and rich Indian cuisine such as podi masala, dhokla mix, lentils, basmati rice, kala namak rice, jeera, garam masala etc, you can find it all in Indian grocery shops of Sydney. You name it, they have it! It was never easier to find Indian groceries in Sydney.

What’s more? There are also many Indian beauty parlors and Indian clothing shops in Harris Park. The facility of online shopping and home delivery also make buying Indian products in Sydney so convenient. Are you aware of more Indian Grocery Store in Sydney CBD? Do let me know in the comment section below so that it benefits other readers as well.

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