Top 5 Awesome Destinations to Visit this Rang Panchami with Family

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Top 5 Awesome Destinations to Visit this Rang Panchami with Family

Rang Panchami, commonly known as Holi, is the festival of colors. It can last for anywhere between two to five days depending on the region. Celebrated as the casting away of a female demon who would torture children and Lord Shiva’s triumph over the God of Desire, this festival is marked by the burning of effigies in fires, followed by fun with colors and water. These legends are great tales to tell your children. Plan a family vacation during this festival and head to any of these holiday destinations in India for a guaranteed fun time.

  1. Vrindavan

During your family holidays here, you can enjoy a week-long celebration at the Banke Bihari Temple while also introducing your kids to mythical stories from the land. DwarkadheeshTemple is the best location to watch magical colors at play.

Rajasthan is anyways a riot of colors. Holi or no Holi!
  1. Jaipur

Enjoy a regal Holi with family this year at Club Mahindra’s property in Jaipur. The Elephant Festival kicks off with much aplomb in the city, making it one of the best places to visit with kids during this season. Folk dances, cultural shows, and beauty contests are the highlights of the festivities, here.

Nihangs aka Immortals!
  1. Punjab

The state is one of the best holiday destinations in India offering a mix of adventure, spirituality, gastronomy, and culture. Here, you can introduce your kids to the Holla Mohalla (Warrior Holi) festival observed by the Nihang Sikhs, in which they perform martial arts and sing.

Visitors at Hola Mohalla, the unique Holi of Punjab!
  1. Uttarakhand

With Club Mahindra resorts in Uttarakhand, you can enjoy a traditional Kumaoni Holi with family. Dress in traditional outfits, croon Khari songs, and dance away to the local tunes here. With music at its center, the festival has different variants called Baithika Holi, Khadi Holi and Mahila Holi in which people move in groups and greet each other.

Hola Mohalla, Punjab! I visited in 2016
  1. Hampi

The ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire come alive during Rang Panchami as the locals come out with great fervor, dancing and drumming to their heart’s content!

You can rest assured that your 2018 Holi celebrations with the family will be amazing with Club Mahindra resorts. This exciting festival gives you a great time to bond together during family vacations and it’s even better with India’s favorite resort chain! Club Mahindra’s properties are located in some of the best holiday destinations in India. They offer a “home away from home” experience and ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the best of the local and regional festivities. These resorts are some of the best places to visit with kids, given the number of activities to indulge in and the fact that you get to try delicious local dishes at their in-house restaurants.

The colorful flowers of Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

You may choose any of these destinations for a fantastic Rang Panchami with family. Just log onto the Club Mahindra website or app to book your colorful family holiday!

Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews& know how our happy members are spending their family vacations at popular destinations of India with Club Mahindra resorts.

Uttarakhand offers great views as well!


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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Awesome Destinations to Visit this Rang Panchami with Family”

  1. Holi is indeed such a colourful festival and has some unique celebrations across the country. I have never personally witnessed the festival in places like Vrindavan and hope to experience the charm some day. Another place that I would love to experience Holi, is in the Holla Mohalla in Punjab.

  2. Festivals are certainly a great way to learn more about foreign cultures and traditions. They all look so colourful and exciting – I’d love to take part or just observe how they are being conducted. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Cultural Insight! The Holi celebration of Vrindavan is on my bucket list and hopefully I’ll tick this experience off the list on next Holi. This year we celebrated with family and friends in Delhi. Great to know about the enthusiastic Holi celebration in other states of India.

  4. Great cultural insight! The Holi celebration of Vrindavan is on my bucket list and hopefully I’ll tick this experience off the list on next Holi. This year we celebrated with family and friends in Delhi. Great to know about the enthusiastic celebration in other states as well, especially Jaipur and Punjab.

  5. I have only experienced the colours and lights side of Holi, not before seen the burning of effigies, so would love to observe this side to the Rang Panchami! I would love to visit Hampi, I’ve not been there, and am interested in the ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire.

  6. I’ve wanted to visit Vrindavan during Holi for the longest time now. I guess it is time to stop procrastinating and pack my bags, though sadly, I’ll necessarily have to wait an year since Holi was yesterday 🙂

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