Top 10 destinations in 2018 on a budget

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“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

It is not certain how much it will cost to travel around the world, but the fact that one can go on international trips, seems more than enough for most of us. Each country that you travel would offer you variety of parties, traditions and other forms of festivities that, both local and visitors can participate together. Those who have been bitten by the travel bug might find it easier to relate to the reality, that a traveller can explore at least one international destination at a time on a budget set by him or her.


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Here are 10 exotic places that you can visit on a budget.


One of the best foreign trips from India that you can take, is the beach paradise of Maldives. Maldives attract millions of travellers with its serene white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and luxurious over-water villas. You can enjoy you stay for 4 days and 3 nights with various activities to do including Scuba diving at Banana reef, half-day or full-day cruises, snorkelling, fishing and many more.



“Thailand was built on compassion”. Apart from earning a reputation of a party destination, it also attracts lots of water sports enthusiasts to Krabi, which is the heaven for adventure lovers. It is famous for its ancient temples of Buddha and royal palaces. Things to do in Thailand are Hiking and wildlife watching at    KhaoYai National park, enjoy the night life at Khaosan road, and much more. Thailand is a paradise for solo women travellers. So, instead of converting INR to Dollars and then, converting Dollars to Thai Bhat. Carry Thai Bhat from India. This will save you conversion commission.



From romantic sunsets and tropical beaches, to rugged landscapes, as well as infinite temples, Bali is an ultimate destination for all kinds of travellers. You can have fun at the water sports at Benoa Beach, shopping in Seminyak, surfing in Legian, wild life safari at Bali Safari, and many more.



Blending the influences of Chinese, Malay, European and Indian cultures, Malaysia has a surprise for everyone. When you roam around this place you cannot keep your camera down for a minute also. You can shop for antiques in Bukit Bintang, enjoy the cable ride at Genting Highlands, caving at Batu Caves, and much more.


Batam Island, Singapore

Batam Island in Singapore is famous for a lot of things, this place has many beautiful Indonesian islands, and you can enjoy these islands by ferry ride. Apart from this, you can take a tour to the Universal Studios, ride the Singapore flyer, go on a night safari and much more. Singapore offers a lot of variety to the travellers, in terms of attractions, activities, culture, and food.You can also remit your hotel charges from India using online platforms like



Cambodia is a place where you can appreciate art and culture, this place is full of magic with cultural heritage in a mesmerizing form. You can enjoy your 5 days and 4 nights while exploring the beaches of KohThonsay, and hiking with backpacking in the PreahMonivong National park.


Hong Kong

You can enjoy your trip for 4 days and 3 nights in the landscapes of Hong Kong, which is majorly dominated by Rocky Mountains and natural parks. For the lovers of nature, and wildlife, Hongkong also serves as one of the best honeymoon destinations to be at.

There are some amazing places to visit in Hong Kong, being the Victoria peak, Ocean park, Disneyland, Museum of history and many more. To save money on conversion, you can carry prepaid forex cards for easy operation.



Being famed for its delicious street food, Taiwan is a quaint little island that is famous for its night markets. Some of the amazing places that you can visit here is Sun Moon Lake, National Palace Museum, Kenting National Park, Shilin Night market and many more.

Few of the activities that you can enjoy here is Canyoning and cliff diving at Taroko National Park, and shopping at Taipei 101.



Vietnam is a famous Asian country which is popular for its Buddhist pagodas, and its clear beaches. INR holds a greater value than the Vietnamese Dong so, you can actually spend like a millionaire on this trip. You can enjoy your trip cruising at Ha Long Bay, shopping at Ben Thanh market and drinking wine in the roof top bars of Ho Chi Minh many more.


South Korea

One has to visit the beautiful country of South Korea to believe and grab the goodness of its reality. There are breath taking activities to do here, dine at revolving restaurant of N Seoul Tower, hiking at Seoraksan National Park, mountaineering at Bukhansan National Park and shopping at Myeong-dong.

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 destinations in 2018 on a budget”

  1. We are just on the threshold of 2018 and the year awaits with possibilities. These are all some great destinations that we would love to get to in 2018. The one that we would especially love to go to is Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat temple.

  2. Out of all these, I think Malaysia, Thailand are really the ones where you can make a budget for 25,000 INR for all inclusive trip. Other locations may be costlier is what I feel since hotels may be expensive or getting there in a flight may be expensive.

  3. Great recommendations. And I am excited that two of these destinations are on my list for 2018. I will see if I can cover more. Most of the beach destinations you covered are pretty exotic in very less budget which is wonderful.

  4. I totally would love to go to Taiwan just for its delicious street food. And I do agree with going to Malaysia for 2018 – but not sure about shopping for antiques in Bukit Bintang…. it’s more restaurants, bars, and shopping, but not for antiques. But Malaysia is totally a great country with so much to do and best thing is that it is affordable.

  5. So, we have already booked Thailand for early next year and then Vietnam is calling us for some professional commitments. Thanks for this list, makes me happy as a Budget traveller.

  6. I am surprised to see Bali on cheap destinations 😆😆 that said batam island is not in SG. It belongs to Indonesia. People live on Batam island and work in Sg.

  7. Wait – I thought the Maldives was considered an expensive location? But then again, I guess it would more expensive coming all the way from Canada. I’m glad Taiwan made it on the list, as I’ll be going there and I can’t wait to try delicious street food, and explore its night markets. it’s great to know I won’t go broke while here

  8. Great recommendations of budget destinations specially from Far-East for year 2018. I have been to Thailand and it was lovely. Would love to visit South Korea as I have many Korean friends, and they also recommend me to go for South Korea.

  9. I have several items on this list that I have been planning to travel to. Vietnam, Maldives and Bali! I have yet to travel to these destinations but I am really excited to start planning on my next year’s travels!

  10. I never knew Bali & Maldives are budget destinations. I wanted to see Bali this year, but even from India it was costing me a lot as compared to the other Asian destinations. Will look again for Bali on your recommendation!!

  11. It looks like Asia is the place to visit next year! The country I have yet to visit from these destinations is the Maldives. You made me want to visit Malaysia again too!

  12. I’m not so sure that I agree with you on several of these places being budget locations to visit, such as the Maldives, Singapore and Hong Kong but it is a really nice list of Asian places to visit. We’ve been wanting to get to Vietnam sometime soon. Your photo of it looks so beautiful and peaceful, where is the location?

  13. Awesome list! Asia is by far our favorite continent to travel too. We’ve taken our 6 year old to Thailand, Japan and Taiwan in the last year and loved it! Singapore is super high on my list and now you are really making me want to go by mentioning the island! I hope to make it to some other Asian countries really soon!

  14. Lucky you can call the Maldives a budget destination! From Europe, it’s definitely not cheap! I’ve never heard of Batam Island in Singapore, so that really caught my eye, as did Taiwan, I’d love to visit.

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