Texel Holland: Texel Island Places to see with itinerary

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Where is Texel Holland?

Located in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands, Texel island is a popular destination. Texel Holland is located near Vlieland, Den Helder and Noorderhaaks. Texel also serves as a natural barrier between Wadden Sea and North Sea. Located just 106 kilometers away from Amsterdam, Texel is one of the best places to visit near Amsterdam. If you are looking for some awesome things to do in Holland, zero in on Texel Island. Texel, afterall, is one of the best places to visit in Holland.

Texel Island Information

Texel is an island in the Northwest of The Netherlands. It’s one of the 8 Wadden islands in The Netherlands, and also the largest. The Texel island is surrounded by the North sea and the Wadden sea. The Wadden sea is the inland sea between the islands and the mainland. Texel Island is on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2009 for its high value for nature. Texel is one of the most popular places to visit in Netherlands.

Texel Netherlands Highlights

The largest and the most populated island of the West Frisian islands, Texel is also pronounced as Tessel in Dutch. Texel is also historically important as it is remembered for the battle of Texel (1673 C.E.) and the Battle of Scheveningen (1653 C.E.). What is now one of the preferred tourist places in Netherlands had a rich history in the past!

At present, Texel is famed as a tourist destination in Netherlands. The unique dunes on the western coast of Texel Islands are a part of the Dune of Texel National Park. The wildlife rich area that it is, 1/3rd of Texel Nederland is a protected nature reserve.

What to do in Texel Holland?

There are so many interesting activities to do in Texel Nederland. This 2 days itinerary lists out the best places to see in Texel Holland. Whether it is the Holland beach, beautiful Dutch islands or good food, Texel has a lot to offer to the discerning traveler. So if you are still wondering what to do in Texel, look no further. Read on.

2 Days on Texel: Enjoy island life

Texel is a favorite vacation spot for Dutch and German people for a vacation break, a lot of people own a vacation home here. It’s less known outside of these countries as a vacation spot. The only way to arrive or leave Texel is by way of ferry. The ferry sails between Den Helder (mainland) and Den Hoorn (Texel). After stating the attractions, 2 itineraries for 2 days on Texel Netherlands will be provided. Let’s see what the best places to visit in Holland have in store?

2 Days on Texel: attractions

Biking in Texel Holland

Biking is a typical Dutch thing and an ideal way to get around the Texel island. There’s 140 kilometers of biking path on Texel. Bike through the forests, dunes and polders (diked marshes). Bikes can be rented on several places in all the towns on Texel Netherlands. Single bikes, tandems and e-bikes are all available. Biking is one of the best things to do in Texel Holland. Visit the Netherlands for an enjoyable biking experience.

Hiking in Texel Island : Texel what to do

With so much beautiful nature in Texel Holland, hiking is easy. Stroll over the beach or through one of the picturesque towns on the island. A hike through the dunes is perfect with some wind to get a bit of exercise and to clear your mind.

Lighthouse Eierland – Texel Netherlands

A bright red lighthouse in the Northern top of the island. Lots of ships wrecked themselves on the sandbanks here, hence the lighthouse. Eierland lighthouse was built in 1864. The lighthouse provides sublime views, so luckily you are allowed to climb the 118 stairs to admire the view. On 3 sides you can see the sea, which is unique in The Netherlands. It is one of the popular tourist places in Netherlands.

At some time in the past a new tower was built around the old one, so when walking up the stairs of Eierland lighthouse, you can walk in between the 2 towers. While walking up the stairs the history of the lighthouse is on display. You can still see bullet holes from the Second World War in the lighthouse walls.

National Park Duinen van Texel

Texel National Park encompasses almost all the dunes on the island, sandbank De Hos, forest and the Slufter valley. The national park starts in the South of the island and runs around the whole west of the island to the North. The Slufter is a unique nature area in The Netherlands.

It’s in the northern part of the national park. The land has an open connection with the North Sea. During a (severe) storm the Slufter will flood. The tides have a strong influence on the landscape, making it ever changing. There are lots of migrating birds in the Slufter, among them the spoonbill. Texel Island indeed is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Beaches of Texel Netherlands

The whole west side of Texel Netherlands has beaches; long sandy beaches. Ideal for a beach walk, flying a kite, building a sand castle or for collecting seashells, the Holland beach offer many things to do. The beaches in the North around the lighthouse Eierland are the whitest sand beaches of The Netherlands. Enjoy the sun and the wind on these finest of Netherlands beaches.

On several places there are beach clubs on the sand, ideal to see the sun set in the North sea or for a drink after a long walk on the beach. I hope now you can see why Texel is one of the best places to visit in Netherlands.

Museums – Texel Netherlands

In Oudeschild there’s the Kaap Skil Museum which has a collection of treasures from the bottom of the Sea, a huge combing collection, and an exhibition that tells all about the history of the sea surrounding Texel island.

Another museum on Texel Island Holland is the shipwreck and combing museum Flora. Combing the beach and salviging stuff from shipwrecks is quite popular on Texel. This museum displays in- and outside all the treasures that washed up on theshore. The outside is really cool with some large colored buoys. There have been made some bizarre finds in all those years. The visit to the museum is one of the top Texel things to do.

Picturesque villages – Texel things to do

Den Burg is the largest town on Texel Netherlands. With 64 national monuments, the village still has her original charm. Texel in Holland is rich in history for sure!

De Koog is the most popular destination for tourists on Texel Island Holland. It has amble provisions in restaurants, bars and entertainment.

De Cocksdorp is the most Northern town on Texel and has nature, sun, sea, beach and the lighthouse nearby. It also has the most holiday rentals.

Oosterend is a town on the east side of Texel. It has a monumental mill “Het Noorden”, and the beaken “kaap” and more national monuments.

Den Hoorn is the town for the people who want to be away from the tourist areas. It’s on the South side of the island and the first village you drive through after the ferry.

Oudeschild is an old fishing village on the east shore of Texel island Holland. It’s a charming town with a port. There indeed are many things to do in Texel island.

Seals Watching near Texel Beach

Seals swim in the Wadden sea and the North sea. From the town of Oudeschild there are boats and ferries that sail to the sandbanks to spot seals. The seals can come rather close to the boats. The guides on the boats help in spotting the seals and other animals. If you are into wildlife, I am sure you will be excited to visit Texel Netherlands.

De Krim and Calluna – Holland Texel

On the Krim park in De Cocksdorp are several recreational options. You can go swimming, lasergaming, bowling and mor. One of the fun and adrenaline rich activities is the climbing park “Klimmenenzo”.

Calluna is another indoor swimming pool with a cool slide and whirlpools.

Tessel Air – Just another Texel things to do

Tessel Air is roughly in the middle of the Texel island. It provides flying lessons, sightseeing flights and parachuting. If this is all too exciting for you, they have picnic tables and chairs for spectators.

Watersports- Enjoy amazing Netherlands beaches.

On several places you can go surfing, sailing or suppen. With or without lessons is a possibility. Since Texel is a small island, there’s usually enough wind to go surfing. Texel in Holland has many surprises up its sleeves.

Zelfpluktuin : Best places to visit in Holland

In the self-picking garden you can pluck for example strawberries. There’s a playground, a terrace and a “kabouterpad” (munchkin path). A fun learning experience for young and old to relax.

First 2 Day Itinerary

At day 1 we start at De Koog with renting a bike and exploring the town itself.

  • Stroll through the center and visit the beach.
  • When done grab your bike and head on to National Park Duinen van Texel, to immerse yourself in nature.
  • After some biking up North end up at the lighthouse and climb the stairs.
  • After admiring the view visit the beach and have lunch at a beach club.
  • Head on further and explore De Cocksdorp.
  • Go climbing at Klimmenenzo.
  • End the afternoon at Tessel Air to watch the planes and people parachuting and maybe get up in the air yourself.

Day 2 starts again at De Koog, but now we head in the other direction: South.

  • Pay a visit to the enchanting Shipwreck- and combing museum.
  • After the museum bike to Den Burg and stroll around, have lunch here and admire the beautiful, monumental houses.
  • From here on visit the zelfpluktuin for some fresh fruit and
  • end the afternoon at Den Hoorn for some peace and quiet.

Second 2 Day Itinerary

The first day starts at Oudeschild, rent a bike at one of the local shops.

  • Visit the rewarded KaapSkil Museum for some history of the sea.
  • Have lunch in Oudeschild, there’s plenty of choice.
  • After that head to the harbor for a seal safari. Enjoy the fresh sea air and spotting seals.
  • After being back on the island bike to De Koog and watch the sunset at a beach club. A perfect end to a sea and beach day.

The second day is an active day.

  • Bike from Oudeschild to De Koog for swimming at Calluna. Go down the slide and relax at the whirlpools.
  • After a good swim take your bike and head to one of the beaches for kite flying and a brisk walk on the beach.
  • Have lunch at a beach club, there are several at De Koog.
  • After lunch take a surfing lesson.
  • Then bike to Oosterend for some sightseeing around national monuments. History and activity combined in one day!

Where to stay

Texel accommodation

Appartementen complex Bosch en Zee is a great option. You have your own kitchen and space. It’s a cheaper option in De Koog.

Hotel BijJef is a hip hotel in Den Hoorn. It has a splendid restaurant.

Boutique hotel Texel is a family-run hotel near De Cocksdorp, it’s in the middle of the Texel countryside.

Hotel de Lindeboom in Den Burg has 2 restaurants and the best terrace of Texel. It’s right in the middle of Den Burg. This Texel accommodation is worth the stay.

For a fun stay you can book a yurt on Texel.

Where to eat in Texel Netherlands

In De Koog Restaurant Quinty’s serves an excellent lunch. Restaurant La Casserole has a great breakfast buffet in the morning. Strandpaviljoen Paal 20 is a great beach club to sit down for diner.

In De Cocksdorp Strandpaviljoen Faro 2 is great for hot choc and seeing the sunset. ‘t Paviljoen at De Krim is perfect for lunch.

How to get to Texel : Texel tourist information

How to reach Texel island from Amsterdam: Distance between Amsterdam and Den Helder is approximately 86 kilometers by car. It takes approximately over an hour of driving, depending on the traffic.

Ferry Texel: If going by public transport, then take the intercity train from Amsterdam Central Station to Den Helder. This takes an hour and 15 minutes. After this to get to Texel take the ferry. On the island Texel there are no trains, just buses. Hope this Texel tourist information helps you!

What to bring along in Texel Island?

Binoculars are handy to take with you for some bird watching. Clothes depend on the season, The Netherlands has a mild sea climate. This means usually no severe winters, but also moderate summers. Always be prepared for rain. Bring swimming gear with you, a photo camera, a kite or sand castle building stuff. But most of all a good humor, so that you can enjoy your vacation! Texel is one of the prettiest Dutch islands. You will love it!


Are you still wondering, what to do in Texel Netherlands? As you can see Texel is a perfect place for a lot of weekend getaways or a longer break. There’s plenty to do for entertainment. No wonder the Dutch love it so much. Enjoy these Netherlands beaches and indulge in activities offered in Texel Island. Not only is Texel one of the best places to visit in Holland but it is also meaningful place to visit. Texel indeed is one of the best places to visit in Netherlands.

Texel indeed is one of the best places to visit in Holland, if you care to look. The Dutch Islands have a charm of their own. Some of it can be experienced in Texel. So when are you coming to Texel, Holland?

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