A Weekend Trip to Darbhanga with Savaari

Impromptu Travel to Darbhanga:

This year for our annual vacation we planned to go to Patna. My friend was recently married there, so he invited us to visit him. We had planned to stay for a fortnight with my friend’s family. Soon we reached Patna and the days were spent in seeing all the sights with my friend’s family. It took us 3-4 days to see the tourist attractions of Patna like Golghar, Oster battery, Gandhi Maidan, museums, etc. After that, two-three days were spent sitting at home and relaxing but soon the kids got bored of sitting at home. So my friend decided to take us on a weekend trip to Darbhanga.

Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India

Cow-dung cakes drying on wall. Common scene in Bihar

The trip was impromptu and we decided to go by car. But accommodating two families in my friend’s hatchback was an issue. So my friend decided to get an AC car on rent in Patna with an expert driver. As the roads to Darbhanga are not in excellent condition, an expert driver would be needed to tackle the congestion on the road.

We searched over the internet to book a reliable and affordable cab in Patna. Savaari car rentals were one of the top results with good passenger reviews. So we contacted them and soon a Savaari executive called back to know our trip details. In a few minutes, the person suggested an affordable plan with an SUV.

Tea shop peta Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India

I drink tea only once in a while. Such as this road trip in Bihar, India Picture by: Rahul Sahani

Overview and daily activities:

We had planned to start early in the morning for Darbhanga and conveyed the same to the Saavari Executive. On Saturday morning, the Sai taxi was at our doorstep a few minutes early. My friend was impressed with the punctuality.

The Saavari chauffeur was courteous and even helped in stowing our luggage. Soon we started off for our road trip. The driver told us that he’ll be the taking the direct route to Darbhanga which goes through NH103 and SH50. The driver was apt at handling the adverse road conditions, which served to show his experience in driving.

Tea shop Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India

A scene from a road side dhaba in Bihar

Though the distance was short, there were quite a few roadside eateries and restaurants on the way. Soon we reached Darbhanga and checked into the hotel my friend had pre-booked. The hotel had the facility for lodging the drivers, so we didn’t incur any extra cost for the room for the Saavari Chauffer. After resting for some time, we had breakfast and went out for sightseeing.

Darbhanga has been and still is considered the cultural capital of Bihar. Even to this day, it still has a lot of focus on art and culture. It is famous for its ancient temples and palaces built by the Maharaja of Darbhanga. Some of those palaces have been converted into universities.

Dhaba Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India

Road side Dhabas of Bihar, India be like this.

We started off by visiting the temples as some of my co travelers were quite religious. We took the blessings of Devi in Shyama Kali temple and Kankali temple. We then went to see the Darbhanga Fort. It had a few temples and residential ruins of the royal family. By lunchtime, we went to a restaurant near the fort and enjoyed authentic Maithili cuisine.

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After lunch, we planned to see a few of the lakes in Darbhanga, so went to Gangasagar, Dighi and Harahi lakes. The lakes were mostly clean and well kept. We took a relaxing walk on one of the lakesides in the evening. After the hectic day, we retired to our hotel and had a comfortable sleep.

On the next day, we went to see the museums of Darbhanga; Chandradhari Museum and Maharaja Laxmiswar Singh Museum which exhibit artefacts, clothes, coins, and arms donated by the royal family of Darbhanga. We then went shopping in the local markets for some good Madhubani paintings. Soon it was evening, so we checked out of our hotel and headed back to Patna.

Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India (2)

My friend and his brother in law having home made packed lunch at a road side dhaba. Bihar, India

How to reach Darbhanga from Patna?

Darbhanga can be reached from Patna by train, bus or car. I prefer travelling by road as it gives me the flexibility to follow my own timetable. Our Savaari driver was polite and really made our drive comfortable and safe. And they even gave us an affordable package with a good car. My friend prefers being traditional, so he wanted to go for an offline booking after checking for everything. Not only did Savaari have online bookings, but offline ones as well, which added another degree of reassurance. They even follow a transparent billing system and offer zero cancellation charge to their passengers.

Gol ghar Patna Bihar Darbhanga Road Trip India

The Gol Ghar of Patna, Bihar, India

Distance and the time took:

The distance between Patna and Darbhanga is 124 km and it takes about 3 and a half hours to cover the journey. The distance and time may vary according to starting point and traffic on road.

Visiting the cultural capital of Bihar is a memorable experience due to its ancient temples and architectural marvels. But I would say that Maithili cuisine was the best part of the entire trip.

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The traditional painting of Bihar – Maddhubani

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