People & Co: Live Rock Show, Stand Up Comedy and Great Food. New in Gurgaon!

Imagine a place where you can watch a Stand Up Comedy show, A live music jig and eat food exclusive to that restaurant. People & Co, the cool new hang out zone in the vibrant Cyber Hub of Gurgaon is the place to go to. It was hard for me to believe that it was a newly opened place. The food, the shows, the vibes made it feel like they are running this place for years now. They have a smaller version in Mumbai. The Gurgaon outlet impresses with its size and the variety of activities you can do here. It is divided in 3 sections – The Bar (Great place for music over some drinks!), the restaurant (a formal dining space) and a sound proof theatre (For Stand Up comedy shows, plays)

The theater which hosts plays and stand up comedy shows daily.

I started my evening with the Comdey Show. We waited for the fun to begin in the auditorium as we nibbled on the finger foods over interesting mocktails (Pirated Cane – quirky and delicious twist to the humble sugarcane juice) and cocktails (12 O’ Clock – Coriander liquer, orange chunks and lime juice). The auditorium hosts plays and comic shows. It has a little bar from where you can order mocktails. You can ask any of the server to bring finger food and alcoholic beverages from another bar outside.

The Bar

Stand Up Comedy which you want to continue for eternity.

Pics above – Comic stars – (L to R) Raghav, Amit, Sumit

Soon, the lights went off, smoke fills the stage and appears a half asleep chap Sumit Anand, wearing a tee and pajama. He doesn’t even say anything but his dead pan face is enough to break the audience into hesitant giggles. And then he starts to interact with his audience, basically bullies them in a fun way! He didn’t really present an act but his hosting style was enough to crack you up. His spontaneity and the ease with which he pulled it off made me feel like I can be a stand up comedian too. I know it is easily said than done. First act was in Hindi by Amit Sharma. His ‘cute yet sinister’ face, ‘desi tadkas’ and style of speaking had the audience in splits! Most of his jokes bordered on self pity, self mock and what really goes on in the life of a married, middle class, Indian man. The show was closed by Raghav Mandava. The lean, unassuming 30 year old is one of the pioneers of Stand Up Comedy in India. He fluidly jumped from one topic to another in the manner only a veteran can. His was the most energetic act. The good part is they have live comedy show every day!

People and Co. Stage opposite the bar!

The Livewire Rock performance

Post the show, we moved into the bar area outside and enjoyed the live rock show by the Gurgaon based band Klevoans. The energy of the performers was infectious and I couldn’t help getting glued to the seats like many others. Born in 2014, the other genres the band performs are Metal, Rock and Roll, Blues, Classic Rock, Progressive rock. Their style was unique and inimitable. No wonder, many passer byes stopped to have a look and enjoy the music they made. I hope to catch one of their shows again soon. Full marks to Iris Rose, Andrew Chyne, Jimmy, Ta Ran and Jatin for a livewire performance! Check out videos of their performance here.

Klevoans regaling the audience!

The Fine Dining – Kokum Cocktail, anyone?

Post the music session, I went to the third space which is the fine dining area. I was mighty impressed with their main course menu. It’s short and no nonsense menu. I loved the subtle flavours of Pizza Romagna. Unconventional toppings like chargrilled artichokes, oven dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and baby spinach. Goat cheese along with mozzarella complimented the toppings. It was the first time I tasted goat cheese, soft and delicately flavoured. Hand churned basil pesto was used as a dressing.

Pizza Romagna came in unusual shape – A delicious rectangle

The flavor was delicate and none of the ingredient overpowered the other. For the main course I had Potato Gnocchi. Gnocchi is one of my favourite Italian dish. Their version of dough was made up of potato and flour and caramelized for that extra zing. Served in a bed of sun dried tomatoes, saffron nage and peas, I loved the texture of the balls.  The melt in the mouth Gnocchi was good in portion size. The meal left us with no more capacity to eat more but how do you say no to Raspberry Cheesecake? Masterfully crafted, it came, topped with fresh berries and a fruit mix on the side. Memorable evenings must be concluded on a sweet note such as this. Full marks to the minimalistic and classy presentation!

Potato Gnocchi

What makes the Food and beverage at ‘People And Co’ stand out is the freshness of ingredients and a recipe unique to this particular place. Impressed, I talked to Chef Abhishek Nair who has invented the recipes and designed the menu. “What we have tried to achieve here is use fresh, seasonal ingredients. We have a rotational menu which changes as per season. We have also tried to present the traditional Indian dishes in a contemporary way. The presentation also remains western in spite of the desi flavours of many of our menu items.” Nair has worked in leading restaurants before.

Chef Abhishek Nair with his portrait in the fine dining area. How cool is that!

I was full otherwise I would have definitely sampled some interesting entrees such as  Kidney beans Erissery,Idiappam Aglio Olio & drumsticks relish; Kadai Ratatoullie with Country Cheese Gratin & Samak Rice Upma. Even Baigun Bhaja & Chhena malai Moussaka, sweet Bengal Gram With Green Pees filled Luchi sounded exciting. I wish I had enough space to sample these Indians dishes with a western twist. Many complete western dishes sounded appealing too. Salads like ‘Chili Roast Pears with Arugula & Blue Cheese’ and ‘Mainland Salad with Glass noodles & Tempura caviar’ tempted me. So did pastas like ‘Spinach, wild Mushrooms & Goat Cheese stuffed Crepe Canneloni, Cherry tomato Compote & Walnut Crumble.’

Kokum based cocktail – marriage of traditional and contemporary tastes

Even the cocktails I tasted were unique and not something which I had tried before. Most of you know my love for all things Maharashtra. As I was scanning the beverages menu, my eyes were somehow stuck on a cocktail called ‘God’s Very Own’. What appealed to me was the use of Maharashtrian Kokum in it. I have never before seen a cocktail using kokum as base ingredient, let alone taste it. Blended with white rum, kaffir lime leaves and lime juice, it stood out and was my favourite out of all the 5-6 cocktails and mocktails I shoved down my throat that day!

They added a twist to the humble sugarcane juice

The F & B manager Mohit Negi told me, “Even in our beverages we use fresh ingredients. We prefer using fresh fruits instead of syrups and squashes and that makes all the difference. Twisted Mule (Whiskey, Thai lemon grass, ginger & ginger ale) is one of our most popular cocktails.”

People and Co

In mocktails, while Innocent Mule (Ginger, lemongrass & lemon juice) was passable, People’s Shikanji was refreshing. However, though I prefer cocktails, I was not much impressed with the variety of mocktails on menu!  They need to introduce more mocktails for their teetotaler patrons.

Raspberry cheesecake

What makes this place unique is its exceptional customer relations initiatives. GRE aka Guest Relation Executive is mostly a feature of 5 star properties so it was heartening to see People & Co taking their guests seriously. The suave GRE, Rajat talked to the guests and asked for their preference and likes/dislikes which will help them to have a better time. Even the head chef Abhishek and F & B Manager talk to the guests on a daily basis! The service is friendly and thankfully all the servers are attentive, quick and have sunshine smiles. A rarity these days! The décor is contemporary, minimalistic, classy and cheerful! Give me a reason why I should not go back to this place.

The view from my #SoulWindow is Oh So Good!


Me and the wall with pictures of stand up comic actors

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Shop At Foodhall For Exotic Food Ingredients. Yes You Can eat Those Flowers!

I was invited to Foodhall for a live demonstration by chef showcasing the products offered by this amazing gourmet food store in DLF mall, Saket, Delhi. Not one to say no to gastronomic outings, I immediately said yes. What helped me was the fact that the location of the event was convenient.

Yes, you can use these petals in cooking!

Before we were treated to the chef special dishes, me and other bloggers were taken for a round of the store. I was amazed to see the variety of food available. The many variety of pita bread delighted me. Especially the one topped with zatar powder, a Middle East specialty. The store also stocked exotic spices from Gulf such as Baharat, Zatar, Sumac etc. Just back from a trip to Jordan, I was happy to know that you can get those exotic spices in India too.

Click here to read about my Jordan Trip

They e

These are teas, not cosmetics!

ven stocked many varieties of dry chillies including the very hot Bhoot Zholakia from North East India. Parnashree, a fellow blogger was happy to see a condiment from her region. The tea section called House Of Tea was impressive. Stored in boxes, that looked like boxes of muscle building supplements, the tea were a winner and came in many flavors. I particularly liked the kettle with a strainer on sale there, very convenient for those who are green tea addict. Black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, they stocked it all. Nearby was a tank which stocked flavored water. We were taught how we can have one installed at our home for a daily supply of flavored water. The one we tasted was carrot and herbs flavored.

The cheese section got me hooked. I could not help but take a second helping of the exotic cheeses on offer. I just couldn’t take my hands off green olive and chipotle cream cheese. The many dips accompanied with colorful nachos were fab too. I liked the flavored hummus and raw mango dip. They even had packed sushi which is great for those who like their sushi on the go. Being a vegetarian, I am impressed to see the veg sushi, not available commonly.

My favorite!
Melt in mouth Cronuts!

In the Pomme Frites section, I sampled the thick French fries. It tasted good and crispy even after minutes of being fried. Those were accompanied by many dips and sauces such as peri peri sour cream, sambal oelek, chipotle sour cream et al. However, I did not like the Chola Kulcha buns much. Some things I prefer the classic way. The way they are sold on streets.  Paneer Makhni bun also left me craving for the real stuff. Carrot dumplings were tasteful and had a very thin layer of coat over it. Just the way I prefer it. Honey flavored apple pie was another favorite.

Pics above : Click to enlarge

The event was organized to showcase the monsoon special menu of the store. What I appreciated was that most of the items were healthy and low calorie without compromising on the taste. Great for weight watchers! Also, the staff was very friendly and upbeat to guide you through the store. You must go if you are looking for some exotic ingredients for that dish you learnt in Greece or closer home, Nagaland. You name it, they have it.

Apple pie!

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What A Comic Show – Unique Comic Themed Restaurant in Delhi!

Growing up as a child in 1990s in North India, I was addicted to comic books. Diamond comic’s brand of wisecracks were my favorite. While entertaining us, the comics also ensured there was something for the kids to take back as a lesson. Pran, the most famous comic legend was a universal favorite. Who could forget that everytime Sabu gets angry, a volcano exploded somewhere far. And of course, Chacha Chowdhury’s brain always worked faster than a computer in an age when most didn’t even know what a computer was. I always wondered how Billu managed to see the world with all the excess hair hiding his eyes. And Pinki’s cool escapades always made you feel bad about your own childhood. Dhruv, Bankelal and Nagraj would make the boys want to grow up and be like them. Continue reading “What A Comic Show – Unique Comic Themed Restaurant in Delhi!”

The Crazy Burgerthon at Hard Rock Cafe!

Cool Interiors of HRC!

Hard Rock Cafe is hosting its ongoing festival called the World Burger Tour from June 1, 2016 to July 31, 2016. I was invited to sample its eclectic range of burgers and cocktails. I was mighty impressed with the range of burgers on offer here. The idea is to include the quintessential burgers from HRC outlets across the world on the menu.

The dine in area of HRC

As a travel writer, I am always curious to sample the local food of a place I am traveling to. Imagine my delight when I was able to sample the Mediterranean, Lebanese, Caribbean, Mexican burger all under one roof and in my city.

The live bar at HRC

I believe a country’s cuisine comprises an intrinsic part of its social culture, portraying aspects that reflect the customs and traditions of its people. Food, being no longer about ingredients alone, is a celebration of an entire experience, offering insight into different parts of the globe with just one bite at a time.

This is how walls of HRC looks like!

We were surprised when we were told by the host that they have planned a crazy Burgerthon. This meant, that all the participant bloggers had to compete with each other to finish off the burger. Whoever finished first, took away a prize. I was apprehensive after seeing the size of burger. I anyhow jumped at the idea. However, as I took my first bite, I was convinced that I was in no hurry to swallow it fast. I savored the taste while other did their best to outdo each other to win the contest. I love my food and I am a big time foodie so it made more sense to me to enjoy every bite.

Barman at HRC, yes he’s dancing on the counter!

The first burger served to us was a Mediterranean Veg Burger. The patties were made up of vegetables and spices with a dash of spicy mango aioli, cheddar cheese and fresh spinach slaw. It was a lightly spicy burger and I liked the taste. Though it was a bit on the sweeter side for me!

The huge burgers at HRC

Lebanese Veg Burger was a more familiar taste for me as I make hummus at home at least once a week. Predictably, it was a combo of hummus, falafel patties, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, veg pickle and cheddar cheese. Despite the familiarity of taste I could not stop myself from nibbling on it. It was definitely one of the healthier versions of burger.

My burgers had a veg flag. Kudos HRC for doing that!

Caribbean Veg Burger was also innovative. Vegetables and brown lentil patties were clubbed with Cheddar Cheese, quinoa relish and sunflower relish.

The man behind the show. Meet the Chef!

However my favorite was Mexican Quesedilla Veg Burger. As soon as I bit into, I was happy as a kid to chew on the crunchiest burger I have eaten in a while. It was a mélange of varied flavours, ready to burst in the mouth. A fusion of polenta, spices, sweet corn, kidney beans and vegetables made up the patty. It was topped with tangy enchilada salsa, swiss cheese, avocado and nacho straws. It left us begging for more, even though we were full by this time. I wish we had this burger first thing during the bloggers meet. I would have hogged more of this star burger.

When beer cocktail comes laced with chili flakes!

All the burgers were accompanied by French fries, dips like chimi chimi mayonnaise, salsa etc, garlic aioli, sweet chilly dip and an exciting variety of cocktails. All the cocktails were class apart. This was the first time I had so many beer cocktails.

The refreshing cocktails accompanied the burgers!

El Matador had fresh strawberries fused with basil leaves, Bacardi rum, fresh lime juice and topped with beer. We enjoyed sipping it over our burgers.

What’s not to love?

Next in line was All Jacked Up. We smiled after having our first sip. It was a delicious mix of Jim Beam Whiskey, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and honey mixed with pineapple juice and lime juice. Very refreshing indeed!

When all the bloggers climbed up the stage and shook a leg or two!

Watermelon Hoedown was the most simple yet tasty drink. Vodka, watermelon juice, lemonade topped with beer and voila you have this drink!

Barmen dancing at the Bar Counter!

Crisp Sipper was the most unusual of all the cocktails. It was a refreshing crisp blend of gin, cucumber syrup, tonic water, fresh cucumber, maraschino cherries, orange and lime with a touch of rosemary and thyme. I didn’t know someone is innovating with herbs in cocktails. It was just what you needed on a hot summer afternoon, even if one is sitting in an air conditioned premises.

Parnashree and Swati on stage!

Hangman’s Blood (Dark rum, whiskey, brandy, gin, red wine, sweet & sour mix topped with beer) and Melonpalooza (Bacardi Rum, coconut rum, Midori Melon Liqueur, Pineapple juice and sweet and sour) were equally good.


The wonderful afternoon was ended with an impromptu song and dance gig on stage. The barmen joined the fun by hopping on to the bar counter and shake a leg or two. Even the chef joined us and discussed the nitty gritties of Burger Marathon in detail once we were done strutting our stuff on the jazzy stage of HRC. It was surely an afternoon to remember!


You can enjoy the many variety of burgers and cocktails till 31st July, 2016 at HRC outlets across India. With this festival, Hard Rock Café aims jubilate the strong connect between food and travel through its World Burger Tour.


Disclaimer: I was invited by HRC in the blogger’s meet at the Saket outlet along with blogger friends Swati Jain, Manjulika Pramod, Parnashree Devi and Dipanshu Goyal.

Our table at HRC


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Sushi Junction : Heard of Rajma Sushi anyone?

I discovered Sushi Junction as a recommendation by a friend. Sushi junction is the new exciting delivery portal focused only on Sushi with a desi twist. However it successfully also retains the authenticity of original Japanese flavours, which I discovered with each bite. I ordered four varieties namely :

  • California veg with asparagus , avocado, carrot and Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • Umekyu with cucumber and plum paste
  • Oshinko with Japanese preserved radish (Japanese radish pickle)
  • A very innovative Kidney bean version with Curry Sauce. It was like the regular rajma chawal with a Japanese kick. Unique. Though the kidney beans version was good, I feel it could have been better if it was a bit less Indian in flavor.
Left : Kidney Beans Sushi; Middle : Oshinko; Right : California Veg

Being a vegetarian I ordered the veg version and I was not disappointed despite the protests from my  purist friends. The flavors were well balanced and nuanced. The subtle flavors left no room for any single ingredient to overpower the taste. I was also impressed with the accompaniments.

IMG_0252 (1)
Umekyu (Plum and Cucumber)

The wasabi was milder, so I did not have to shed tears every time I bite into it. The pickled ginger, a palate cleanser, was well done. The quantity of everything was perfect. (Much of my accompaniments were left after all the hogging). Many sushi joints goof up with the rice quality, which makes or breaks a sushi.

Veg Sushi Lunch Combo (4 Oshinko, Soy sauce, Vinegared cucumber, baby corn tempura fried with spicy Mayo and Sushi Rice)

The sticky rice used in my order was just as how it should be in a sushi, well cooked. The packing was neatly done in a compartmentalized tray, wrapped with a cellophane paper. Of course, the black background of the tray made the sushi look even more appealing and tempting. I see no reason why one should not order from here. It’s delivered quick, good in quantity, reasonably priced. But most of all, full points for great taste and the very courteous staff. What’s not to love!

However on the flipside, I wish they delivered outside of Gurgaon as well (They have plans, I have been told)

You can order here


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Disclaimer : Pics used here belong to Sushi Junction. It is used here after permission from the management. This is not a paid review.


I had crossed the newly opened Pattaya Street at ‪#‎Kharghar‪#‎NaviMumbai so many times but I kept procrastinating a visit for one reason or the other. The restaurant is hard to miss thanks to its opulent façade which has a huge laughing Budhdha welcoming the guests at the gate. It is fast becoming a landmark of sorts for Kharghar (A friend coming from Pune to Mumbai said, “just passed Pattaya Street.”)

Entrance to the restaurant.

So when an opportunity knocked to co-review the restaurant as part of the‪#‎NaviMumbaiFoodies ‪#‎FoodBlogger team , I was delighted to discover that my first review would be on Pattaya Street.


Pic above : The interiors 

The interiors of restaurant is just as delightful, visually. The umpteen Chinese lanterns hung in a cluster transport you to faraway oriental lands while the reclining Budhdha figurines and paintings add warmth to the place, subtly. The dim light and music further helps create a soothing environment. Ain’t it the perfect place to let your hair down; cut off all your internal noises and the ones on the highway, just a stone’s throw away.
Being a hotel management student myself, I was impressed when I noticed their meticulously planned menu. It was deftly crafted and had something for everyone. There’s short description beneath every menu item for those still uninitiated in Pan Asian cuisine. Thai, Japanese, Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian… You name it, they have got it. It’s a delight to find such variety and quality at a stand alone restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Earlier I had to travel to SoBo or Western Mumbai for such culinary experiences.

Pic above : Cottage Cheese Thai cake and Spring Rolls

We kicked off the evening with Tom Kha Phak soup. It bursted with its bold flavours of coconut, galangal and other condiments. I wish I could continue hogging on it, but there’s a thing called main course. 

Vegetarian Sushi


For appetizers, we had carefully picked a variety of dishes. The corn chestnut roll was unique. How often does one see restaurants using chestnuts (Singhada) in fine dining cuisine? The riot of colours that Sushi was, it looked appealing. Though I wish they had taken care with boiling the rice just right. I am a big fan of veg Sushi , so I was a bit let down. The Cottage cheese thai cake were delicious fried patties; crunchy outside yet soft inside. The steamed dumplings were perfectly crafted and were presented in charming bamboo baskets.

All the starters were accompanied by a variety of lip smacking sauces such as sweet soya sauce, peanut sauce, pickled sweet ginger and the pungent wasabi.

The Burmese Khow Suey

The main course was just as exciting. The Burmese Khow Suey (Another personal favourite) was just perfect and creatively presented in a deep bowl. The garnish of fried onion, fried garlic, sprouts and peanuts lent a pleasantly rough texture to a smooth coconut based gravy, inundated with complimenting vegetables.


Assorted vegetables in peanut sauce was thankfully not sweet like some oriental gravies tend to be. It had a nice nutty and savoury flavour and was a perfect accompaniment to any rice or noodles based dish.

I don’t have a sweet taste. So when the team ordered Honey flavoured vanilla ice cream, I was not really excited. But as I tasted the first bite, I found it hard to stop. Served on a bed of honey tossed flat noodles, the very distinct taste of honey and sesame seed infused in the ice cream won my heart. The contrasting textures of noodles and ice cream only added to the experience. Once the ice cream was over, I did not shy from eating the sweet noodles by itself.


The service is just exactly how it should be. Prompt, unobtrusive, quick (very quick,rather) and polite.
Pattaya Street definitely lived upto my expectations. It’s one of the best oriental cuisine restaurants in Navi Mumbai. Be it a romantic dinner date, or a casual meal with family or friends or a corporate lunch, this is one of the best options.

Honey flavoured vanilla ice cream topped with sesame seeds!

* I went to review this restaurant as part of the #NaviMumbaiFoodies trail. For more reviews of restaurants in Navi Mumbai please follow @nuvofoodies on Twitter and Instagram.

WARNING : All pictures and text are mine and shall not be copied without MY permission


Vikings Lounge : The 15th Floor wonder of Navi Mumbai!

Perched at 15th floor on the top of a high rise, Vikings lounge is the perfect place to let your hair down in Navi Mumbai; we at ‪#‎NaviMumbaiFoodies discovered. Overlooking the Sion Panvel highway and other busy streets, the bird’s eye view that one gets from the lounge is breathtaking. There is an option of either lounging around in the air conditioned indoors or in the spacious balcony for those who like their food and beverages al fresco. For me the inimitable ambiance and dining; overlooking a glittering road below, was the highlight of the evening. But then, that is also their USP.
Kudos to the team! They sure know how to up the ante in improving the nightlife of Navi Mumbai by keeping the standards high and maintaining it!


As we entered, we were pleasantly surprised with an 8 x 6 feet screen, playing live IPL matches. Turned out they have attractive offers and discounts till IPL matches are on. They had fancy wigs and whistles on each table which the guests could use to cheer their favourite teams. It felt like being in a mini stadium of sorts. The air was infused with bonhomie, good cheer and camaraderie between all cricket fans. It’s definitely the best place to enjoy cricket. The sprawling lounge with groovy music by DJ Deep Kontact, ambient lights and an impressive well stocked bar only adds to the ‘Happiness Quotient’. On Saturday nights, the lounge turns into a dance floor where one can let their hair down in style. The crowd starts filling the floor at 11 p.m.
Not to forget, the sense of space that this lounge allows you is so hard to find in an increasingly shrinking floor size of public places.


Coming to food and beverage, we were mighty impressed with the wide selection of drinks and food available. Ginger twist mocktail was a smooth blend of ginger, lemon, litchi crush, cranberry juice & grenadine. It was well presented in a martini glass. The amount of ginger (which can make or break a drink) was just right.


But I was more excited for the cocktails. And it didn’t disappoint. Pink Lips cocktail was all vodka, whiskey, pineapple, orange juice & grenadine and tasted great. But what stole the show was Vikings Bang Bang cocktail. A blend of 5 white spirits, dark rum, and whiskey is topped with red bull to prepare this quintessential signature cocktail offering from Vikings. No wonder it’s also the best tasting and the most expensive.


As soon as the well presented Malibu sunrise arrived, it transported my soul to a tropical beach far away. Coconut, rum, pineapple juice, a dash of lime juice & grenadine makes this unusual cocktail a winner. Who would have thought coconut will taste amazing in a cocktail? And I like the way they do their glasses right. If mocktail was served in a martini, then Malibu surprise was served in a hurricane glass. Bang bang cocktail was served in a Tom Collins/highball glass. The magicians at the bar sure know their job well. We also ordered Beers (Miller & Tuborg) which was served at the right temperature. However, I was disappointed to not find my favourite Kingfisher strong in stock.

Jhalki pander tikka was our starters. Cooked in fiery assamese chillies, it was the perfect accompaniment to our drinks. Being a vegetarian I did not taste Blast chicken
and their signature dish – cheese stuffed chicken supreme but I was told it was good.
And so was their chicken barbeque pizza. Penne a la arrabiata was cooked al dente (Just how a pasta should be cooked) but I wished it had a better coating of the tomato based arrabiata sauce. Also I found it a bit sweeter for my liking.


Overall, I enjoyed my evening at Vikings. It has everything going for it. Great food and beverages, foot tapping music (you will not realise when you start tapping your feet and shaking your head) , a glamourous bar, amazing views of the city and an indulgent ambiance. For those looking for a quieter evening, there is a restaurant also a floor below. What’s not to love!

Check their funky video of the lounge