Exciting Entertainment options aboard the Majestic Princess of the Princess Cruises! With Cruise Professionals

Exciting Entertainment options aboard the Majestic Princess of the Princess Cruises.! With Cruise Professionals

I enjoyed an amazing first cruise experience aboard Majestic Princess facilitated by Cruise Professionals. I boarded the cruise from Dubai (U.A.E.) and disembarked at Kochi in India. In this blog I am sharing the fun filled entertainment options I explored in Majestic Princess – Princess Cruises.


Original Broadway Musical Show. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

During my stay at the Majestic Princess of the Princes Cruises, I first thing I would do on waking up every morning was rushing to open the door of my room. The rack near the door was replenished with a fresh leaflet every morning. The leaflet had the details of the programs aboard the Majestic Princess for a particular day. We also had the option of viewing the same on our mobiles. It would neatly list out which event was scheduled to happen at which section of the cruise and at what time.


Movies Under The Stars. Deck 16. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

The cruise buzzed with myriad activities each day. Some of them were tips on collecting art, dance classes, Solo travelers meet up (Includes LGBT meet ups), Movie under the stars. Original Musical production, musical performances like violin and saxophone gigs, Vegas style casino, shopping arcades, even health workshops.


Acrobats performing at the atrium. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

Original Musical production which had me begging for more:

The much awaited musical show at Majestic Princess was performed 2 times during my stay aboard Majestic Princess. Me and my fellow travel bloggers loved the show so much that we decided to see the repeat show as well. Both times, the cozy Princess Live theatre was jam packed with fans. Some even decided to stand and watch as the seats got full. The imaginative shows created in-house were beyond brilliance.


Saxophone performance at Princess Theater. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

The Princess productions (Princess Cruises) is helmed by world’s top directors and choreographers and it reflected in the jaw dropping flawless performances I witnessed. The reinvented popular hits, dazzling stage sets, Broadway classics and original numbers had me dumbfounded with its brilliance and perfection.


The shopping arcade. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

More fun at Princes Live Theatre:

I daily checked the programs scheduled at the Princess Live Theatre because this is where all the action was. Most of the amazing performances took place here. One of my favourite was the riveting saxophone performance. Branden and James, the Cello and Vocal duo also enthralled the audience with their humour, chemistry and flawless performance. They perform globally and have shared stage with legends like haring the stage with legends such as Loretta Divine, Constantine Maroulis, Sarah Maclachlan, Sally Struthers, Rita Moreno, Kimberley Locke and Bruce Vilanch. By the way, there is a cool karaoke room near the Princess theatre. Just in case it is your thing!


Cozy room for your Karaoke sessions. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

Movies Under The Stars:

A huge open air screen played feature films, songs and even live football games all day and night. One could view it from the pool or the loungers on each floor. The deck 16 of Majestic Princess had a large swimming pool along-with separate Jacuzzi tubs on either side. Imagine watching a movie al fresco with your loved ones as the Jacuzzi rejuvenates you. On one of the nights, I dipped my leg in the swimming pool, savoured the complimentary popcorn and enjoyed the ‘Movie Under the Stars’ as cool sea breeze caressed me. I had not experienced anything like this before. What makes it even more special was that it was aboard a moving ship. What’s more? On some days, the place also hosts dance nights and mesmerizing show of pirouettes, waltzes and fountains shooting water up to 33 feet high all choreographed to music.



The casino. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

Keep the Kids engaged meaningfully:

You would ask what is there for the kids to do aboard the Majestic  Princesss? Plenty! There is an entire section in the cruise to keep the kids engaged meaningfully as the parents let their hair down in different sections of the Majestic Princess. The kids section was divided as per the age groups. The sections were locked by the super wiser to ensure safety of kids.


Gaming zone for kids. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

There is a lot kids can do on a cruise such as indulge in PlayStation®, Nintendo Wii™ and XBOX Kinect consoles or join dance classes,  JrCHEF@Sea class (learn how to make cupcakes and cakes), learn about science or wildlife.


Violin performance at atrium. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

There is never a dull moment at the Atrium of Majestic Princess:

The atrium, second only to the Deck 16, was my favourite place in the Majestic Princess. No matter what time of the day (or night for that matter) I passed through it, the atrium was always abuzz with one activity or the other. The large circular floor in the centre was surrounded by cafes, shops, an Italian restaurant, a 24 hour operational dine in, the works! It was the heart of the Majestic Princess where every-one congregated to have a good time.


Rekindle your romance. Atrium. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

At times, witty instructors taught energetic dance steps to a group of people interested. The other moment same stage gave way to a romantic couple dancing slowly with poise and grace. When not usurped by amateur dancers, the stage was filled by violin players and an acrobat performing couple. One of my co travelers danced along, as I watched from one of the balcony, smile never leaving our faces.


Me at the atrium. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

Learn on the vacation:  Workshops available in Majestic Princess

There were many interesting workshops available on the Majestic Princess. Health workshops like ‘How to boost your Metabolism’ or art appreciation classes kept the guests busy all day. I was amazed that not only can you indulge in fun but can also learn a thing or two while on this vacation of a lifetime. There were also grooming session and beauty workshops for the ladies.


Basket ball court. Access from deck 16. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

Sports aboard the Majestic Princess. Yes, you read it right! :

You will be surprised to know that the majestic Princess has an al fresco mini Golf Course as well as a basketball court.  But what stole my heart was the huge sea facing gymnasium. The treadmills and other equipments faced large glasses which offered views of the ocean as one sweated it out. And oh, there is a lively Vegas style casino as well. Gaming lessons, latest slot machines, prize tournaments, Vegas rules (including blackjack, three–card poker and midi–baccarat). You name it, they have got it!


You can do your gym sessions al fresco, staring at the ocean and the sun set. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

With so much to do on Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises, I hardly stayed in my room and enjoyed the cruise as much as I could. As I close this blog, my mind races back to fond memories of this trip and yearning for another cruise on some other part of the world.

The view from my #SoulWindow makes me want to go back!


Acrobat performance in atrium. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

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Learn about art. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals

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Shopping arcade. Majestic Princess, Princess Cruises. Cruise Professionals



28 thoughts on “Exciting Entertainment options aboard the Majestic Princess of the Princess Cruises! With Cruise Professionals

  1. These are really exciting entertainment option when on aboard during cruising. Original Broadway Musical is something which I will not miss it. Dancing as romantic couple would be the first thing for me and also the stage filled with violin players and acrobat dancers would be like a Bollywood movie scene. Display of art/paintings is great because as an artist, i always prefer to visit art gallery and if it is in cruise then bonus for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, it looks like there’s never a dull moment on the Princess! What looks so good is that there is something to do for all ages and loads of variety- I’d look forward to waking up each morning and reading the programme leaflet outside my door! The musical shows sound fantastic and a great way to spend time in between ports.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. yes you got it right. It has something for every one. With so many people from different nationalities to look after, it’s an amazing feat that the people at Cruise Professionals have achieved.


  3. this looks like it was a lot of fun. i have always associated cruises with a more older crowd as they are so expensive, but it seems there is a unique experience in a voyage like this. great post

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There was so much to do on the cruise that I think 5 days of our trip were just not enough. There were such world class performances that left us wanting for more. My favorite was watching movies under the sky.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Movies affect me way too much. Titanic makes me not want to ever go on a boat, even if one warm waters. haha. But this post has made me change my mind somewhat. 😀 looks like so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have never been on a cruise and reading this post made me wan to give it a try! I love that there are a variety of shows each night. It makes it even more exciting as you can look forward to seeing different shows!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Princess is my favorite cruise company, I’ve spent months on their ships. There are a couple of interesting additions to this ship which I haven’t seen. The outdoor exercise machines which are a great idea and I’m sure I’ve never seen a basketball court before. I going to check out the Princess cruise sire after reading this, I want to go back on a cruise!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I am not a sea/beach person so cruises are a little off for me, but this one here looks amazing. I love all the events, theatre, music they organized that’s a plus for me. I might want to try this one in future, consider my interest for these kind of events 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It looks like the guests at princess cruise are totally pampered. And they don’t leave any stones unturned to keep the guests fully entertained. A new leaflet every morning with new set of programs through the day is just a testimony to that. What a wonderful time you had!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The entertainment options on the Princess Cruise are really mind-boggling in range and variety. There seems to be something catering to everyone’s taste. Given these spectacular avenues of entertainment, I am sure there is no place in the ship for a single dull moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Awesome! I never knew that at Majestic Princess, there are so many entertainment options available. Although I am not a gym freak but the sea facing gymnasium can surely make me so. Open air movie under stars is just like a dream and to the top of it, here you can opt with Jacuzzi. Superb! I too liked how they have segregated the play zones for kids, to make the life easier for parents. Your pictures are really nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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