Vikings Lounge : The 15th Floor wonder of Navi Mumbai!

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Perched at 15th floor on the top of a high rise, Vikings lounge is the perfect place to let your hair down in Navi Mumbai; we at ‪#‎NaviMumbaiFoodies discovered. Overlooking the Sion Panvel highway and other busy streets, the bird’s eye view that one gets from the lounge is breathtaking. There is an option of either lounging around in the air conditioned indoors or in the spacious balcony for those who like their food and beverages al fresco. For me the inimitable ambiance and dining; overlooking a glittering road below, was the highlight of the evening. But then, that is also their USP.
Kudos to the team! They sure know how to up the ante in improving the nightlife of Navi Mumbai by keeping the standards high and maintaining it!


As we entered, we were pleasantly surprised with an 8 x 6 feet screen, playing live IPL matches. Turned out they have attractive offers and discounts till IPL matches are on. They had fancy wigs and whistles on each table which the guests could use to cheer their favourite teams. It felt like being in a mini stadium of sorts. The air was infused with bonhomie, good cheer and camaraderie between all cricket fans. It’s definitely the best place to enjoy cricket. The sprawling lounge with groovy music by DJ Deep Kontact, ambient lights and an impressive well stocked bar only adds to the ‘Happiness Quotient’. On Saturday nights, the lounge turns into a dance floor where one can let their hair down in style. The crowd starts filling the floor at 11 p.m.
Not to forget, the sense of space that this lounge allows you is so hard to find in an increasingly shrinking floor size of public places.


Coming to food and beverage, we were mighty impressed with the wide selection of drinks and food available. Ginger twist mocktail was a smooth blend of ginger, lemon, litchi crush, cranberry juice & grenadine. It was well presented in a martini glass. The amount of ginger (which can make or break a drink) was just right.


But I was more excited for the cocktails. And it didn’t disappoint. Pink Lips cocktail was all vodka, whiskey, pineapple, orange juice & grenadine and tasted great. But what stole the show was Vikings Bang Bang cocktail. A blend of 5 white spirits, dark rum, and whiskey is topped with red bull to prepare this quintessential signature cocktail offering from Vikings. No wonder it’s also the best tasting and the most expensive.


As soon as the well presented Malibu sunrise arrived, it transported my soul to a tropical beach far away. Coconut, rum, pineapple juice, a dash of lime juice & grenadine makes this unusual cocktail a winner. Who would have thought coconut will taste amazing in a cocktail? And I like the way they do their glasses right. If mocktail was served in a martini, then Malibu surprise was served in a hurricane glass. Bang bang cocktail was served in a Tom Collins/highball glass. The magicians at the bar sure know their job well. We also ordered Beers (Miller & Tuborg) which was served at the right temperature. However, I was disappointed to not find my favourite Kingfisher strong in stock.

Jhalki pander tikka was our starters. Cooked in fiery assamese chillies, it was the perfect accompaniment to our drinks. Being a vegetarian I did not taste Blast chicken
and their signature dish – cheese stuffed chicken supreme but I was told it was good.
And so was their chicken barbeque pizza. Penne a la arrabiata was cooked al dente (Just how a pasta should be cooked) but I wished it had a better coating of the tomato based arrabiata sauce. Also I found it a bit sweeter for my liking.


Overall, I enjoyed my evening at Vikings. It has everything going for it. Great food and beverages, foot tapping music (you will not realise when you start tapping your feet and shaking your head) , a glamourous bar, amazing views of the city and an indulgent ambiance. For those looking for a quieter evening, there is a restaurant also a floor below. What’s not to love!

Check their funky video of the lounge

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