Tso Moriri weather temperature: What is the best time to visit

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Tso Moriri Lake Weather 

The weather conditions and climate in Tso Moriri Lake depends on which season and time of the year you are visiting in. While the summers in Tso Moriri can be very pleasant and balmy, the monsoon here is almost negligible. On the other hand, the temperature dips very much during the harsh winters in Tso Moriri. The most popular and best time to visit Tso Moriri spans only few months.

If you are thinking about when to go to Tso Moriri and what is the best season to visit here, look no further. I have shared many deep insights on weather of Tso Moriri in this information packed travelogue.

Tso Moriri weather  lake Ladakh Best Time to visit
Tso Moriri Weather

Tso Moriri Weather forecast

You can keep tabs on Tso Moriri Weather forecast on websites which update it on a daily basis. It is always a good idea to check out the present weather report before leaving that cozy hotel of Leh so that you may not be disappointed when you reach Tso Moriri.

This comprehensive guide to weather conditions, temperatures, seasons and climate of Tso Moriri Lake will help you plan a trip as per your liking. You can choose the best season to visit Tso Moriri based on this detailed guide.

You can find out current temperature of Tso Moriri in weather forecasts. Tso Moriri temperature yesterday and Tso Moriri temperature tomorrow can also be easily found on internet with just a click.  

What is the best time to visit Tso Moriri Lake?

The summer months of June, July and August are the most popular months to visit Tso Moriri Ladakh. Many tourists also come to Tso Moriri in April and May because by this time the snow starts to melt. The lake thaws and reveals its incomparable beauty. From my own experience of traveling here, I feel that a comfortable time to visit Tso Moriri is between June and October. It starts to get cold November onwards and remains so till as late as May.

Tso Moriri temperature 

The temperature in Tso Moriri Lake varies from season to season. This detailed travel guide answers all questions pertaining to temperature in Tso Moriri. While the temperature remains moderate in summer, monsoon and autumn, during winter the temperature of Tso Moriri drop down to sub zero levels.

Below is a detailed chart of temperature in Tso Moriri. This chart will give you a fair idea of what temperature to expect in Tso Moriri in each month. This is the most exhaustive guide on this topic.

January temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: -1° Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -25° Celsius

February temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 0° Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -25° Celsius

March temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 8° Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -22° Celsius

April temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 10° Celsius

Minimum Temperature: 15° Celsius

May temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 11° Celsius

Minimum Temperature: 8° Celsius

June temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 13° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: -3° Centigrade

July temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 13° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: 0° Centigrade

August temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 20° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: 1° Centigrade

September temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 18 ° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: -2 ° Centigrade

October temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 15 ° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: -9 ° Centigrade

November temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 5 ° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: -14 ° Centigrade

December temperature in Tso Moriri

Maximum Temperature: 3 ° Centigrade

Minimum Temperature: -17 ° Centigrade

Note: Centigrade and Celsius mean the same here.

Season wise weather of Tso Moriri

There are primarily 5 main seasons in Tso Moriri Lake viz spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter.

Summer in Tso Moriri Lake

Summer is the most pleasant season to visit Tso Moriri Lake. Tso Moriri temperature is moderate in summer. Being a wetland reserve and a Ramsar site, plethora of flora and fauna here can be best appreciated in summer.

Summer is also apt for going on wildlife expeditions and do birdwatching here as many endemic and migratory birds can be seen in Tso Moriri during summer. Expect to see exotic birds like black-necked cranes, Brahmni ducks, the great crested grebe and bar-headed geese.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to Tso Moriri in summer:


  • Atmospheric
  • Birdwatching
  • Wildlife tours
  • Pleasant weather
  • Bright Sunny days
  • Better tourist facilities
  • Shared cabs can be hired easily
  • Better appreciation of flora and fauna
  • Ability to see more tourist attractions
  • Availability of great food and beverages
  • Better opportunities for making photos and videos
  • Interaction with other Indian and foreign travellers


  • Dusty roads
  • High cab rental
  • Beeline of bikers
  • High tariffs of tents and hotel rooms
  • Large number of tourists, often loud ones
  • Unfriendly behaviour of service providers (They are on a peak season high, so behave yourself!)

Monsoon in Tso Moriri Lake

I visitedTso Moriri Lake in the month if July which was monsoon season. I did experience two days of rains in Tso Moriri when I visited. It didn’t rain heavily but drizzled. However, even in July it doesn’t rain everyday here. Tso Moriri temperature also remains moderate in the so-called monsoon season here. You can still visit Tso Moriri Lake in monsoon of you want to.


  • Birdwatching
  • Wildlife tours
  • Moderate weather
  • Often Bright Sunny days
  • Easy availability of tourist facilities


  • Wet ground
  • Cloudy weather
  • Possibility of getting stuck in rains
  • Poor photography and video-making opportunity on rainy days

Winter in Tso Moriri Lake

Can I visit Tso Moriri Lake in winters? I am often asked, “Can we go to Tso Moriri Lake in winters?” Well, here is the answer. Winter ofTso Moriri Lake is very harsh. It is one of the coldest seasons here. The harsh cold temperature of Tso Moriri Lake in winter is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks to the extreme cold conditions around Tso Moriri in winter, it sees less tourists. Tso Moriri is still one of the most unusual places to see in Ladakh in winters.

Not many tourists know that the nearby Chumathang and Nyoma village are still moderately warmer than the cold harsh weather of Tso Moriri during winter. This is also why those who brave to visit Tso Moriri in winter prefer to stay at these places. The low Tso Moriri temperature of winter makes it unfavourable for an enjoyable vacation here. However, if you are adventurous like me, you may end up appreciating the frozen beauty that Tso Moriri is. You just need to prepare for a war with hard cold winds and sub-zero temperature.

Tso Moriri in winter has its own advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned as below:


  • Lack of noisy tourists
  • Availability of low-cost hotel rooms
  • Complete attention of service providers


  • Dull atmosphere
  • Zilch food variety
  • Cabs rates are high
  • Most shops are closed
  • Almost no tourist facilities
  • Lack of affordable shared cabs
  • Sightseeing attractions are closed
  • Snow and icy roads at some patches
  • Lack of tented accommodation near lake
  • Photography and videography are a challenge
  • Fewer chances of interacting with other Indian and foreign tourists

Is it safe to travel to Tso Moriri in winter?

Yes, it is very safe to visit Tso Moriri Lake in winter. However, you must ensure that you have prior booking made in advance. You should also check road conditions and weather forecast before leaving Leh or any other place in Ladakh. Generally, the road to Tso Moriri is open in all the months, but if travelling in winter, then you should check weather forecast or ask the locals if Tanglang La experienced heavy snowfall? In case of a heavy snowfall there is a high possibility that the road from Tanglang La could be blocked.

Does it snow in Tso Moriri Lake?

  • Does it snow in Tso Moriri?
  • Does Tso Moriri get snowfall?

Here is all you wanted to know. Despite the rainy and cloudy weather, it didn’t snow at all during my visit to the Tso Moriri Lake in July. Howver, in winter months, it snows heavily in Tso Moriri. This is also why the road is also blocked at many places near the lake. Due to excess snow and cold, the lake also remains frozen for much of winter months. Tso Moriri expected snowfall can be checked on websites which predict weather on online weather forecasts.

In which month Tso Moriri is frozen?

Is Tso Moriri Lake frozen right now? It is a commonly asked question. Tso Moriri becomes a frozen lake in the months of January, February and March. Thanks to the thick layer of ice, it is even possible to walk on the frozen lake in winters. It is the most unusual things to do in Tso Moriri in winter. The visual landscape of Tso Moriri in winters completely changes and is even beyond recognition when it is frozen. Very few people witness this spectacle because it is off-season in Tso Moriri.

Why is Tso Moriri so cold?

Tso Moriri Lake remains cold throughout the year, thanks to the cold weather of most of Ladakh. Ladakh being a cold desert remains cold throughout the year. The intensity of cold weather in Tso Moriri changes from season to season.

The height of Tso Moriri Lake, which is a whooping 15,075 feet or 4,595 metres, also contributes to the cold weather of this lake. Being a high-altitude lake, it remains cold throughout the year, much like the lakes of adjoining Tibet. Therefore, Tso Moriri temperature is low due to these reasons.

What is the high season in Tso Moriri?

Summer is the high season in Tso Moriri Lake. This is when Tso Moriri sees its highest footfall. As per my experience, I feel that the best time to pay a visit to Tso Moriri would be a time when you can completely absorb in the experience, without worrying about the noisy crowds and hoards of bikers. Tso Moriri weather is generally good during June, July and August.

What is the shoulder season in Tso Moriri?

Worried about noisy tourists flocking to the pristine location of Tso Moriri while planning your trip? The autumn or fall months of September and October when the tourist seasons ends. The weather patterns of Tso Moriri are quite similar to weather of Pangong Lake. Do read my detailed blog on the same. Also, do share my blog with your friends and family so that more people benefit.

What is the low season in Tso Moriri?

Winter, no doubt is the low season in Tso Moriri due to extreme cold in this region. During winter, Tso Moriri sees its lowest tourist footfall. It is not easy traveling to Tso Moriri in winter, which is why it is low season here.

Soul Window Observations

During the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in West Tibet, I came across many high-altitude lakes, the most stunning of which were the sacred Mansarovar Lake and the cursed Rakshas Tal. Both Rakshastal and Manasarovar Lake are comparable to the beauty of Tso Moriri and Pangong Lake. Since I have visited both Ladakh and adjoining Tibet region, I can make the comparisons. Even the weather, climate and temperature graph of both lakes in Tibet and Ladakh are more or less same.

Tso Moriri weather: Month Wise Weather of Tso Moriri

The weather, temperature and climate in Tso Moriri changes every month. Below is a detailed month-wise season in Tso Moriri. You can use this elaborate guide to plan your travel well in advance depending on what to expect in which month. Such information is not available even in the best of guidebooks, mainstream media and magazine articles. Here is a guide to Tso Moriri Lake weather by month:

January in Tso Moriri

Which is the coldest month of Tso Moriri? January is one of the coldest months in Tso Moriri. Expect freezing cold weather with occasional snowfall in January. Since due to heavy snowfall, the access roads to Tso Moriri are blocked, January is NOT the best time to pay a visit here.

February in Tso Moriri

Can we go to Tso Moriri Lake in February? February is also very cold in Tso Moriri. Much like December and January, temperature around Tso Moriri remains below 0 °C in February as well. Tso Moriri in winter is therefore not very popular with tourists, bikers and cyclists. Tso Moriri weather in February is so harsh that it keeps tourists at bay.

March in Tso Moriri

Unlike the pleasant weather of the great North Indian plains in March, it is still very cold in Tso Moriri. Expect below sub-zero level temperature when visiting Tso Moriri in March. Much of the area around the lake is still heavily enveloped in thick snow. Tso Moriri temperature is very low in winter.

April in Tso Moriri

April is the month when the temperature around Tso Moriri begins to increase and the lake starts to melt. The monochromatic winter landscapes start giving way to the multi-hued lake in winter. The lake becomes visually stunning April onwards.

Expect cool breeze and blue skies during the day. However, be warned that the nights can be bone-chilling in Tso Moriri during April. It is still very cold here in April.

May in Tso Moriri

May is when the weather is moderately cold in Tso Moriri region. That said, it is still very cold in the night. I have not seen many tourists traveling during Tso Moriri weather in May. Not only are the lodges, hotels, guest houses and homestays are fully operational May onwards but the public transport also starts to ply by May.

June in Tso Moriri

What is the best time to visit Tso Moriri Lake? Which month is best for Tso Moriri? These are some commonly asked weather-related questions on Tso Moriri. Tourism in Tso Moriri is enjoyed best in the month of June.

It is traditionally the most popular month to visit Tso Moriri. The weather of Tso Moriri is quite comfortable throughout June. What makes June an exciting month to visit here is the fact that there are many things to do with family and kids in Tso Moriri area in summer. Most of the nearby points of attractions are also open and accessible in June.

July in Tso Moriri

July is also a very popular month for a tour to Tso Moriri. The weather condition and temperature is pleasant and comfortable in July. The monsoon season is July is not to be worried about. However, if you are a photographer, film-maker or Vlogger then even a drizzle can ruin the trip and add to your cost in case you extend your trip in anticipation of clear sunny days.

Is there snow in Tso Moriri Lake in July?

It is a frequently asked question. I didn’t experience snow during my 2 days stay on the banks of picturesque Tso Moriri.

My Experience of visiting Tso Moriri Lake in July

I visited Tso Moriri in the monsoon season of July. Although it doesn’t rain much in most of Ladakh, July is when it is the peak of monsoon season here. We were a team of 20 people who visited Tso Moriri Lake. Most of the people on this epic road trip to Ladakh were top travel bloggers of India.

Being content creators, during our visit, we were crestfallen to see a gloomy and cloudy weather. It was raining slightly when we arrived in the evening in Tso Moriri. Since Ladakh comes under rain shadow zone, I didn’t really experience heavy rainfall but the drizzle was enough to restrict our movement and turn the weather dark and gloomy. I was hired to document places of Ladakh on this trip. My blog A Soul Window is hailed as No.1 travel blog of India. I am also one of the most popular Indian Travel Vloggers on Youtube.

Despite the light drizzle, the entire landscape had turned dark and gloomy. Though personally I enjoy such weather. I am one of those rare people who appreciate dark and cloudy weather. However, that also meant that my pictures and videos will not be as good here as I imagined.

Since we travelled to Tso Moriri from Pangong Tso, I was able to click exceptional images of clouds, lake and mountains lit by sun rays. It was unlikely to happen in Tso Moriri during our visit. We waited for a day in Tso Moriri expecting a change in weather but to no avail. It is not easy handling 2 dozen bloggers together anyways!

So, should you travel to Tso Moriri in July? Why not. Chances are that you will see clear weather. Even in the gloomy weather we able to appreciate the sweeping views of snow-enveloped mountain ranges and lush green open fields.

Soul Window Travel Tips

All said and done, it is unlikely that the weather stays this gloomy throughout July. It is quite possible that you get lucky and end up enjoying crisp, sunny weather during your visit.

August in Tso Moriri

Which month is hottest in Tso Moriri? Though August is the warmest in Tso Moriri but fret not, it is still very pleasant and balmy. And of course, the nights are cold here even in August.

It is a pleasure to pay a visit to Tso Moriri in the moderately cold climate of August. Thanks to the lovely weather, it is also easy to visit nearby places of interest in August. The sightseeing attraction near Tso Moriri are best enjoyed in the moderately warm and balmy weather of August. You can also easily go off the touristy trail between June to August.

September in Tso Moriri

As I said before in my other blogs on Leh, Pangong Tso Lake and other blogs on Ladakh, September or the fall season is my favourite time to visit here. Apart from the various hues of blue colour in the Tso Moriri Lake, the autumnal colours of local trees and shrubs also mesmerise. This grand spectacle reveals itself only in September and October.

You can see the full splendour of nature in all its glory. September is only moderately cold here. Also expect bright sunny days and clear blue skies and water in September. The visually stunning hues of blue one gets to see in this season makes a September trip here worthwhile.

September is also the month when the tented accommodation is dismantled and packed or moved elsewhere in anticipation of the upcoming harsh Ladakhi winters. But fret not, you can still find some accommodation in Tso Moriri and surrounding areas. I have also written about September in Leh and September in Pangong Lake. Do have a look at these blogs with pictures of autumnal colours too for a complete idea of what to expect.

October in Tso Moriri

Autumn makes an exit towards the end of October in Tso Moriri Lake and winter starts to knock. Mercury levels gradually start dipping in October. While the days stay comfortable, the weather at Tso Moriri in night gets very cold in October.

Witness the hypnotising colours of the Tso Moriri and the area around it in October. The best part is you can avoid a rush of tourists and bikers and can still enjoy all that Tso Moriri has to offer. What’s more? Low prices and easy accessibility add to the charm of an October visit to Tso Moriri.

However, it may be hard to find a place to stay in Tso Moriri post mid-October. I did inspect some cemented accommodation in Tso Moriri and I am sure they are open throughout October. If not then you can drive to nearby places such as Korzok and Sumdo in search of homestay and guesthouses. Tibetan-Buddhist Korzok Monastery is also a tourist attraction here.

November in Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri weather is not very favourable in November. November is a very cold month in Tso Moriri. Unlike the pink winter of North Indian plains in November, Tso Moriri experiences extreme cold weather. Most of the sightseeing, expeditions, treks and birdwatching is stopped during November in Tso Moriri.

December in Tso Moriri

Is it OK to visit Tso Moriri in December? December, much like January is bone chilling in Tso Moriri. Tso Moriri Lake temperature in December is below 0-degree Celsius. Not only is it freezing cold in Tso Moriri in winter but frequent snow fall also happens. The roads leading to Tso Moriri are also covered with a thick layer of snow, cutting its access to the outside world. Based on my experience of an epic road trip to Tawang via Sela Pass on snow laden paths, I can vouch for the fact that it is not easy to drive on such roads.

Where to stay in Tso Moriri, season wise?

Facilities of Hotels, lodges, camps and tents changes in Tso Moriri depending upon the season. Below is a detailed account of what to expect.

Where to stay in Tso Moriri in summer and monsoon?

You will get plethora of options to stay at walking distance from Tso Moriri if you travel here in the months of June, July, August and September. Since it is high season, it is recommended that you make prior online bookings so that you are not left disappointed. Located in the far away Changthang Plateau, Tso Moriri is a remote area and you sure don’t want to be left stranded here.

Best Time to visit Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh Tent
Tented accomodation in Tso Moriri, Ladakh!

Where to stay in Tso Moriri in winter?

In case Tso Moriri in winters is still your thing, be warned that most of the tented accommodation will not be available because they wind up their shops by September and October. There are some chances that you can find a homestay and cemented accommodation here during winter. However, do not expect sophisticated heat fighting facilities here.

In case you fail to find a stay option around Tso Moriri, you can drive up to Chumathang and Nyoma village. There are some guest houses and homestays there respectively where you can spend the night. You may also find a place to stay in the nearby Korzok and Sumdo. Chumathang being lower in altitude also has hot water spring which must be visited. Many tourists prefer staying in the Hot Spring Guest House of Chumathang in winters. Because of low population, there are hardly any one on the road to guide you to this place. This is why, if possible, hire a local guide.

What should I wear in Tso Moriri

The clothes you carry to Tso Moriri depends upon the season you are traveling in. While Tso Moriri weather is moderate in summers, it is very cold in winters. This is why you need to wear different clothes in different seasons.

What to wear in Tso Moriri Lake in summer and monsoon

Since I travelled to Tso Moriri in the month of July, I wore only a sweatshirt, sweater, Jeans and shoes despite the cloudy and rainy weather. You can always carry some extra clothes in case you feel colder in general anyways. I know many friends who have low tolerance to cold. Since it does get cold around Tso Moriri in night, so it is always better to carry some extra woollens just in case you need them on some days.

What to wear in Tso Moriri Lake in winters

During winter months, you should pack lot of woollen clothes to Tso Moriri. Layering of several clothes also help in keeping the cold away. Do consider packing these:

  • Shawls
  • Mufflers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hand Gloves
  • Down jacket
  • Monkey caps
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Thick Lowers
  • Woollen socks
  • Thermal wears
  • Woollen sweaters
Tso Moriri temperature Ladakh. Best season climate weather
Abhinav Singh with a dog at a tent in Tso Moriri Lake

Conclusion: Best Tso Moriri Lake weather

As compared to Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri anyways receives less tourists and bikers due to its remoteness and high cost. However, that is also what makes Tso Moriri exciting to me. Tso Moriri temperature varies from month to month. So, Tso Moriri weather is best enjoyed in which season? Thanks to a pleasant weather of Tso Moriri in summer, it is the best time to visit here.

The months of June to August are the best months to plan a Tso Moriri trip. While the autumn is visually stunning, winter in Tso Moriri is only for the brave-heart. The temperature and climate condition also varies in Tso Moriri in each month; therefore, it is important to look up weather forecast before paying a visit here.

Prior knowledge of weather, climate, season and temperature of Tso Moriri helps in planning your trip here well. An approximate estimate always helps us to prepare for the trip, well in advance. My practical advice, based on my visits to Tso Moriri is that you should read this guide well and plan to visit Tso Moriri in as season suitable to your needs.

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