Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling To Kerala During Monsoons

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Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling To Kerala During Monsoons

When it comes to family vacation destinations during the monsoons, there is no better harbour than God’s own country – Kerala. However, if you are setting out for this mesmerising destination, do not forget to carry the following things to make your family holidays a more splendid experience.

Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (6)

Kerala is so much fun in monsoon! I saw local Keralites enjoying the monsoon after I disembarked from the cruise in June 2017. Incredible India!

A backpack with a rain cover

You don’t want to ruin the family vacation by carrying a bag full of wet and soiled clothes. Use a good quality backpack that can sustain the heavy rain showers and protect clothes and all your other essentials.

Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (5)
It was raining heavily. It had just stopped when I clicked this in Fort Kochi. Kerala. Incredible India!

  Umbrella and jackets for extra protection

To enjoy the tourist places in Kerala, having an umbrella, especially during the rains is a must. Make sure every family member, including your little ones, have their own umbrella or windcheater so that you can enjoy the beauty without any hassles.

Comfortable footwear

Kerala tourism motivates its visitors to witness the monsoon. However, to make the most that this season has to offer, ensure you are well equipped for it. This means carrying proper footwear like gumboots and rain shoes, which can make walking around comfortable and safe no matter where you go.

Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum
This is the cruise we took from Dubai to Fort Kochi. When we arrived, it was raining heavily. Fort Kochi. Kerala. Incredible India!

  Ample warm clothes

Southern India can get quite cold in the rainy season, especially if you are travelling to hill stations. This makes it essential to carry along adequate warm clothes such as sweaters, long-sleeve t-shirts, jackets, pyjamas and even socks. This will ensure you stay warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets.

  Keep a sturdy dry bag handy

Things like mobile, camera, wallets need to be kept dry while you are on an expedition. Carry a sturdy dry bag for every member of the family when visiting tourist places in Kerala during the rainy season. A sturdy dry bag will also come in handy if you are carting about things for kids and baby including food and toys.

Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (4)
Fort Kochi is very close to Munnar. Please see my blogs on Munnar. Kerala. Incredible India!

Apart from these, many Club Mahindra reviews mention other things that should be taken along when visiting this beautiful state. These include-

  1. Mosquito repellent
  2. Travel clothesline (to dry your wet clothes)
  3. Clothes and shoe fresheners (to avoid the smell of the dampness of the weather.)
Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (3)
David Hall looks beautiful in rains. Fort Kochi. Kerala. Incredible India!

Needless to say, that with a Club Mahindra membership, a family can enjoy monsoon to the fullest at some of the best loved monsoon getaways in the country. Going by the reviews, besides the pleasant weather, members have enjoyed great views of the scenic landscapes of the destinations where the resorts are located.

Plan a vacation with Club Mahindra today & have a pleasant and memorable stay at Munnar Resort in Kerala with family.

Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (2)
Bird’s eye view of Kochi drenched in rain. I shot this from the cruise. Fort Kochi. Kerala. Incredible India!

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Kerala Monsoon Fort Kochi Ernakulum (7)

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