Sindhi Food in Ulhasnagar

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Sindhi Food in Ulhasnagar

The best Sindhi food of Ulhasnagar can take days if you want to explore all that, which is on offer. If you love Sindhi food and street food, then Ulhasnagar is the place to be in. A paradise for foodies, Ulhasnagar is not to be missed, especially for its amazing range of Sindhi foods.

Whether it is the local Sindhi people’s favourite Doli Nasta House or the famous Kishore patties wala, there is no dearth of options in Ulhasnagar to sample some of the best Sindhi food near Mumbai. Do not miss the Chole Pattice served here.

The sheer range of Sindhi street foods in the restaurants and roadside stalls of Ulhasnagar left me wanting for more! This is the first time I tasted Sindhi food and I am hooked for life!

Just a mere walk through the busy roads of this Sindhi town will acquaint you with the rich Sindhi food culture of Ulhasnagar. All the top Sindhi food in Ulhasnagar must be tried, if you are a true food lover! Taste of Sindhi food in Ulhasnagar is like nowhere else.

Whether it is the crispy and spicy Indian food or the flavourful curries, you must visit restaurants and street food stalls of Ulhasnagar and sample the below-mentioned vegan and vegetarian Sindhi food. The distinct Sindhi touch in the food here makes it so special.

There are 5 camps in Ulhasnagar. No matter which camp you go to, the streets are alive with delicious snacks or nashta throughout the day, especially in morning and evening. Just say ‘Jai Jhulelal’ and get immersed in the world of electable Sindhi food.

I am mentioning some of the best places in Ulhasnagar for Sindhi food. However, you can also try the food sold on unnamed street side shops as well. Their Sindhi food is just as good, if not better.

Dal Pakwan Sindhi Food in Ulhasnagar
Dal Pakwan in Ulhasnagar. Pic by: Deepali Kudtarkar

History of food in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar has had a rich culinary history which was a result of the tumultuous political history of India when it achieved freedom in the year 1947. This bustling township is populated by a large number of Sindhi people who migrated from what is now Pakistan during the unfortunate partition of India. When partition of India happened, many Sindhis migrated from Pakistan to India.

Needless to say, with migration, they also brought with them the taste of Sindh to the places they settled in Maharashtra and Gujarat in West India. This is also why Ulhasnagar is a paradise for sampling a wide range of delicious and authentic vegetarian Sindhi food.

Apart from food, Ulhasnagar is known for its cloth and furniture markets. Sindhi people are very business minded. Most of the Sindhis who live in Ulhasnagar are entrepreneurs.

Multan is another area in Pakistan now. It was once a part of India. This is what makes Sindhi and Multani cuisines similar. Multani Dhanda in Paharganj area of New Delhi also serves some authentic dishes from the Multan area. Multan Chole Chawal & Geela Kulcha are a must try here.

Where is Ulhasnagar located?

Ulhasnagar is located in the Thane district near Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India. You can have some of the best Ulhasnagar famous food here.

Dal Pakwan of Doli Nasta House

If there is one place where you should try the crispy Dal Pakwan in Ulhasnagar, it should be at the famous Doli Nasta House. Being a food lover, I love it when places serve authentic recipes of dishes such as Dal Pakwan. Many Sindhis who grew up in Ulhasnagar vouch for the brilliant taste of Dal Pakwan in this eatery.

Doli Nasta House is No. 1 place in Ulhasnagar for eating Dal Pakwan. Dal Pakwan is aSindhi crispy flatbread known as pakwan which is topped with cooked chana dal and assortment of spicy, sweet and sour chutneys. Onions, coriander leaves and chillies are added as garnishing. It is a popular Sindhi breakfast.

Dal can also be a mixture of 3 different lentils or pulses. Some protein packed breakfast this! It is a very thick daal preparation which is served here. The pakwan is like a large papdi which is mild in flavour. When combined with the spicy daal, both complement each other.

Address of Doli Nasta wala

Doli Nasta Wala, Station Road, Near Santu Building, Laxmi Nagar, Ramayan Nagar, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra 421003

Phone: 9850876157

Timings: Doli Nasta Wala is open on all days of the week, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Dal sandwich at Doli Nasta House

Serving since more than 30 years now, Doli Nasta House also sells droolworthy Sindhi Koki, Bhajiyas and Dal sandwich etc. Of course, there are many more Sindhi dishes here which you can try. Since, this Ulhasnagar restaurant is very popular so expect lot of crowds! Patience is the key!

As the name suggests, Dal Sandwich is bread dipped in dal or lentils and topped with bhajiyas, assorted chutneys, spices and nylon sev. Not only does it look good but also tastes great. I am sure you will not stop drooling! This is one of the top Ulhasnagar famous food.

Daal Pakwan at Venus Nasta House

This restaurant in Ulhasnagar also serves lip smacking Dal Pakwan, especially during breakfast. This famous Sindhi breakfast dish is best enjoyed early morning when the crowd is less. Dal Pakwan is often accompanied with fried green chillies, shopped onions and several assorted chutneys.

The quantity served at Venus Nasta House is very good. Dal Pakwan makes for a heavy breakfast. While I can’t eat it every-day, I do not mind a plate of sinful dal pakwan every once in a while. Along with Sindhi Kadhi, Dal Pakwan sure is the star dish of Sindhi cuisine. Dal Samosa is also served here.

Venus Nasta House is a pretty much under rated place to eat in Ulhasnagar.

Dal Pakwan in Ulhasnagar
My friend Deepali Kudtarkar enjoying Dal Pakwan in Ulhasnagar.

Chole patties at Kishore Patties Wala

This famous Ulhasnagar Street food is the top thing to eat in Ulhasnagar. Kishore Patties Wala, which is more than 50-year-old shop sells sumptuous food. The chole patties of Kishore Patties Wala is their signature dish. People queue up to buy the chole patties from this famous street food stall of Ulhasnagar every day. One of the most delicious foods to try in Ulhasnagar, the Chole patties is not to be missed!

This is what Chole patties is about.Boiled and mashed potatoes aremade into patties and topped with boiled and spices chola or chickpeas. It is further garnished with green chillies, finely chopped coriander leaves, onions and green chutney. Since I love spicy food, so it suits my taste buds. This shop also sells Indian sweet gulab jamun. This restaurant opens in the morning.

The food served here is very delicious, super cheap and a favourite of many local Sindhis. As per some local people, “the Chole Patties of Kishore Patties Wala defines Ulhasnagar.” You will see many people eating this tempting Sindhi dish right on the road itself. The spicy and sour chutneys add to the flavour of this dish.

Address of Kishore Patties Wala

Kishore Patties Wala, Khialram Co-Op Housing Society, Dada Kamal Parwani Marg, Sidhi Vinayak Nagar, Gol Maiden, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra 421001 

Butter Papdi Chat at Jai Mata Di

If you are an Indian Chaat lover like me, then you will absolutely enjoy the Butter Papdi or the Batan Papdi at Jai Mata Di in Ulhasnagar.Crispy deep-fried butter papdisaretopped with boiled potatoes, spices, thin nylon sev, chopped onion, chillies, coriander leaves and assorted chutneys such as green chilli chutney, sour and tangy imli chutney (Indian tamarind sauce) and mint chutney. Crispy pao, water of pani puri, onion and farsan make it special. In fact, you can also try Chutney Shots here.

This food stall is run by Shri Pawan Panjwani. He is a Sindhi, as can be seen with the ‘Ni’ suffix in his surname. Butter papdi or Batan papdi is a Sindhi invention. This is what makes it so unique. The fact that it is served chilled makes it different from other chats.

Butter Papdi Chatis surely one of the best Sindhi foods to eat in Ulhasnagar. This famous Ulhasnagar Street food is loved by locals and tourists alike. The Batan is also available at the bakery stores of Ulhasnagar. You can buy some packets of Batan and make your own version of Butter Papdi. This Sindhi Chat, after all has many takers!

Address of Jai Mata Di

Jai Mata Di, Gol Maiden Road, Sidhi Vinayak Nagar, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra 421001.

Phone number: 9765447171

Masala Sandwich

Masala Sandwich is also a must try when visiting Ulhasnagar. This dish is very unique to Ulhasnagar and I have never seen it elsewhere in Mumbai.

Mahalaxmi Sandwich and Pizza Corner

This is located in Gol Maidan of Ulhasnagar. This is also where you will see the ‘I love Ulhasnagar’ signboard. Gol Maidan is the hub of Ulhasnagar where people come to eat, chill, socialise and relax. Their special chutney is a secret recipe. This is why the sandwich served here taste different than the regular Mumbai Sandwich. This is not a typical Sindhi dish but worth a try nonetheless. It is run by Kannada people. The cheese chilly toast here is a must-eat.

Contact number: 9975181270

Farsan of Tikamdas Dalwala

Tikamdas Dalwala is more than 30 years old shops in Ulhasnagar. There is a lot you can buy from here. As many as 90 different types of farsan or savouries are sold in this shop of Ulhasnagar market. Take your pick from the delicious and protein rich green moong dal namkeen, dal moth and packed Masala dal sev etc. They also sell Gujarati snacks like Butter Chakli, Soya Chakli, Masala Chakli. Or the oddly named Cocktail papad.

Whenever I visit Mumbai, I always pack in lots of local snacks of my favourite Indian states Maharashtra and Gujarat. I buy packed snackswhich have a longer shelf now. I live in New Delhi NCR. I do this when I travel in other places as well such as Nepal, Jordan, Bhutan, Thailand or closer home in South India and North East India.

Gulan Jo Sharbat

What are the traditional Sindhi drinks? An authentic Sindhi household drink made of fresh Mogra flowers. This unique drink of Sindhi people is not to be missed!


A Sindhi papad made of rice flour, served with a special green chutney. It is easily available at many street side shops of Ulhasnagar. Kheecha can also be paired as an accompaniment with Sindhi Kadhi and piping hot steamed rice. It adds the crunch in the food.

Sindhi Panipuri at A1 Pani Puri

I have grown up eating pani puri in my home state Uttar Pradesh. I still feel that Lucknow has the best pani puri or golgappa in the world. That said, I do not mind sampling the distinct Sindhi style pani puri in Ulhasnagar.

The spicy and sweet Sindhi pani puri indeed tastes very different. The boondi filling in the puris also sets it apart. You can also sample the dahi mirchi here. It is fritters of bhajiya served with yoghurt.

Bhee Pakoda

Lotus Stem Pakoda, a traditional Sindhi evening snack. It is possible to find this unique Sindhi snack if you look deeper.

Aloo Tuk

Crispy deep fried potato wedges, topped with Sindhi masalas. It is easily available at many Sindhi restaurants.

Sindhi Kadhi

Sindhi Kadhi or Sindhi Curry is made withIndian vegetables, cooked in a besan (chickpea flour) curry with tomatoes. It is a very healthy and wholesome meal. Mostly people eat Sindhi Kadhi with the Basmati rice during lunch and dinner.

In the Sindhi language, the literal meaning of the word ‘Kadi’ is to boil. The best flavour of tomatoes and the protein rich besan or chickpea flour comes when you boil it for hours. Unlike the yellow Kadhi of Punjab, no curd is used in Sindhi Kadi.

Sai Bhaji

Sai Bhaji is a very popular vegan Sindhi dish. High on nutrition and taste, every Sindhi has grown up eating Sai Bhaji in their homes. But fret not. Some restaurants in Ulhasnagar do serve Sai Bhaji. This Sindhi dish is made with Kabuli Chana, also known as chickpeas. It is cooked with spices and vegetables such as spinach, onions and tomatoes.

Mostly cooked in pressure cooker, Sai Bhaji is a versatile dish which can be served with rice, Sindhi papad and Sindhi breads such as dhodha, roti, koki, poori, paratha etc. Traditionally, Sindhi families cook Sai Bhaji at events, festivals and family functions.

Hardasmal Restaurant

This restaurant in Ulhasnagar serves Sindhi food as well as North Indian food. You can give it a try. Though variety of Sindhi food here is not much.

Methi Paneer

This is another popular Sindhi dish. It is easily available in many sit-down restaurants of Ulhasnagar.

Hari Shankar Dal Pakwan Nashta House

Some of the best food to try at Hari Shankar Dal Pakwan Nashta House include Dal Pakwan, Dal Sandwich, Dal Moong, Churo [Crushed pakwan in Dal], Jain Dal Pakwan, Dal Koki etc.

Phool Patasha

A traditional Sindhi vegetable which is cooked with makhanas, peas and potatoes.

Baingan Raita

This is a unique rayta made with aubergines or baingan and curd. Some restaurants in Ulhasnagar send Bainagn Rayta.

Sindhi Phulka

Sindhi Phulka is unusual, Do give it a try!

Sindhi Deserts

Below are some of the best Sindhi sweet dishes or deserts.

  • Tayri
  • Thadal
  • Kheerni
  • Gheeyar
  • Mithi Koki
  • Bori (Kutti)
  • Mongi Mithai
  • Khorak/Majoon
  • Singhar ji Mithai

Singhar ji Mithai

This is one of the best sweet or Sindhi dessert to try in Ulhasnagar.

Sindhi China Grass Pudding

Sindhi China Grass Puddingis an authentic Sindhi dessert which is often served on special occasions such as birthday parties, festival, kitty party or pot luck. It is possible that you may not be able to find it in a restaurant. How to sample this then? Make friends with a local Sindhi family and invite yourself to their home.

Sindhi China Grass Pudding is prepared with ingredients such as dry fruits, china grass and milk. It is a very popular Sindhi style dessert. Some people also add condensed milk to the recipe of Sindhi China Grass Pudding.

Other Sindhi Food

Other Sindhi Food to try are

  • Papad
  • Seel Bhaji
  • Turi Bhaji
  • Sathpuro
  • Bhee Aloo
  • Tri Daali Dal
  • Sata Bhajiyun
  • Chaap Chola
  • Juar Jo Bathu
  • Seyun Patata
  • Sindhi Biryani
  • Vaishnu Bhaji
  • Bheeya Ji Tikki
  • Bajre Jo Dodo
  • Bhuga Chawal
  • Juwar Jo Dodo
  • Kachaloo Tuk
  • Bhindi Bhasar
  • Sindhi Alu Took
  • Daal Patho Phulko
  • Dhaarun Ji Chutney

Where Else Can I eat Sindhi Food in Mumbai?

You can also try the unlimited Sindhi Community Meal at Juss By Sindhful In Khar Mumbai

Where is Ulhasnagar located?

Ulhasnagar comes under Thane district. Mumbai Metropolitan Region managed by MMRDA includes Ulhasnagar as well.

How to reach Ulhasnagar for Sindhi food?

Local Train

Ulhasnagar falls on the Central line of local railway network of Mumbai and its suburbs. Trains on the Karjat Khopoli line and Kasara line also stop at Ulhasnagar.

Long Distance Trains

Many long-distance trains also stop at Kalyan, which is located just 5.5 kilometres and 21 minutes away from Ulhasnagar. You can take a cab or rickshaw or local train from Kalyan to Ulhasnagar.

Distances from Ulhasnagar

Distance between Kalyan to Ulhasnagar is 5.5 kilometers and it takes around 21 minutes via Kalyan – Badlapur Road and Kalyan Ambernath Road.

Distance between Ambernath to Ulhasnagar is 7.5 kilometers and it takes around 20 minutes via Kalyan Badlapur Road.

Distance between Badlapur to Ulhasnagar is 11 kilometers and it takes around 30 minutes via Kalyan Badlapur Road.

Distance between Karjat to Ulhasnagar is 45 kilometers and it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes via Neral – Badlapur Road, Karjat – Neral Road and Karjat – Murbad Road.

Distance between Nalasopara to Ulhasnagar is 55.8 kilometers and it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes via Chinchoti Anjur Phata Road.

Distance between Vashi in Navi Mumbai to Ulhasnagar is 31 kilometers and it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes via Kalyan Shilphata Road.

Distance between Thane to Ulhasnagar is 25.5 kilometers and it takes around 1 hour via NH160.

Distance between Kandivali to Ulhasnagar is 55 kilometers and it takes around 2 hours via NH8.

Distance between Igatpuri to Ulhasnagar is 96 kilometers and it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes via NH160.

Distance between Bhandardara to Ulhasnagar is 140 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes via NH160 and MH SH 44.

Sindhi Food in Ulhasnagar
Dal Pakwan at a local shop in Ulhasnagar. Pic by: Deepali Kudtarkar

Conclusion: Why eat Sindhi food in Ulhasnagar

It is worth it to eat Sindhi food in Ulhasnagar? The iconic street food joints, cafes and restaurants of Ulhasnagar are a must-visit if you are a food lover. Both vegans and vegetarians can sample a variety of authentic Sindhi food in Ulhasnagar. The lip-smacking Sindhi dishes of Ulhasnagar are worth coming back for again and again.

Do not expect fancy seating arrangement, ambiance, decorative lights or even hygiene at some of these restaurants and street stalls. However, this is where you can taste the real food of Sindh, which is now in Pakistan.

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