Scuba Diving in Tarkarli : Full Guide

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Information about Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Tarkarli vacation is incomplete without scuba diving and snorkeling. I visited Tarkarli scuba diving site with my friends as the half day tour from the beach. The thrilling world under the water had me in splits.

Tarkarli, the village in the Malvan taluka is the only scuba diving site in Maharashtra. Built atop an islet, the massive fort which once symbolized military power is now frequented by many for its scuba diving and snorkeling site.

Me and my friends Vipul Sinha and Rahul Sahani who usually wasted ourselves over drinks on weekends, had decided to take a bus to Tarkali one day. We have been eyeing the destination since a long time as it’s an easy weekend getaway from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

Here I am writing an information packed guide to Tarkali scuba diving.This is the most detailed travel guide on scuba diving in Tarkarli. While my blog A Soul Window has been ranked as one of the top 10 Indian travel blogs, I have also been mentioned as no 1 travel vlogger in India several times.

Why is Scuba Diving in Tarkarli famous?

What is special about scuba diving in Tarkarli. The pristine waters of Tarkali are an apt location for those are places in Maharashtra where people can do scuba diving, like I and my friends did. The crystal-clear water of Tarkarli makes it an ideal destination for scuba diving right next to the historical Sindhudurg fort.

Tarkarli is also famed for its beauty. The lush green palm trees, dense forests and golden sand add to the beauty of Tarkarli. Not many people are aware that scuba diving in Maharashtra is available. In fact, Tarkarli is one of those rare places in India where professional scuba diving is offered by trained and certified people. The low scuba diving rates in Tarkarli also make it popular.

Where is Tarkarli Scuba Diving Site located?

Which beach is best for scuba diving in Tarkarli? There are both shallow as well as deep diving sites in Tarkarli. Located on the Arabian Sea, these diving sites in Tarkarli are distributed across a circumference of a whooping 20 kilometres.

There are several scuba diving points in Tarkarli. You can choose any of the below scuba dive sites:

  • Reti point
  • Juva point
  • Kavda rock
  • Dandi point
  • Achara point
  • Rewala point
  • Dharan point
  • Chivla beach point
  • King’s Garden point
  • Devbaug Scuba Diving point

When did scuba diving in Tarkarli begin?

This exciting adventure has been offered at Tarkarli since a long time. Did you know that it was snorkelling which first started in Tarkarli? It was later that scuba diving was also introduced in Tarkarli, Malvan. It was MTDC which encouraged scuba diving in Malvan originally. Now many tour operators selling scuba diving activities have mushroomed up here. I have shared many more such deep insights in this most comprehensive travel guide to scuba diving at Tarkarli Malwan.

Depth of scuba dive in Tarkali, Malvan

The guests are taken deep under the water. The depth of Scuba dive in Tarkarli approximately ranges between 5 feet and 15 ft of water. This is the best spot to observe the colourful underwater life.

You can do both deep-sea scuba diving as well as shallow sea scuba diving in Tarkarli. Deep sea diving costs slightly more than shallow sea diving. This travelogue is based on my own experience. I had chosen to do the deep-sea dive in Tarkarli.

Types of scuba dive at Tarkarli

The three types of scuba dive offered at Tarkali Malvan are as under:

  • Shallow Scuba Diving: The depth here is shallow and it takes less time
  • Average Scuba Diving: The depth here is average and it takes medium time.
  • Deep Scuba Diving: The depth in this is the highest. It also takes longer time.

Difference between deep sea dive and professional dive

While deep sea scuba diving takes the participants to approximately between 50 to 60 feet in water, professional diving is carried out at the depth of between 10 feet and 25 feet. Deep sea diving takes longer time than the professional dive.

Snorkeling in Tarkarli 

Snorkeling at Tarkarli is as popular as scuba diving if not more. What is the main difference between both Snorkelling and scuba diving? While scuba diving is done deep in the sea, snorkelling is done on the surface of the water. This is why those who are not comfortable in going underwater opt for snorkelling in Tarkarli.

Snorkelers are therefore shown views from only the surface of the sea water. Snorkelling is much easier than scuba diving. Snorkelers breathe through a tube called snorkel. You do not need to have prior knowledge of swimming for either snorkelling or scuba diving. Tarkarli snorkeling rates are also very low. Tarkarli snorkeling is best enjoyed with friends and family.

Meeting point for scuba diving Tarkarli

We had assembled near the famous Dandeshwar temple, which is located near Dandi beach and Tarkarli beach in the Malvan area. We had arrived before time so we could also visit Dandeshwar Mandir. Since we were staying at a homestay right on the picturesque Tarkarli beach, therefore we just walked to the meeting point.

Ferry to Scuba Diving Site

For safety reason, you must ensure that the boat you hop on is an outboard engine fiber coated boat. Our ferry was engine operated and within no time we reached the diving site next to the historical Sindhudurg fort. Tarkarli beach scuba diving begins when the ferry anchors at the diving site. We were not taken on any land surface. Our training and changing of clothes and wearing equipment were done on the boat after it was anchored.

Briefing and training before scuba dive

What is the training required for doing scuba diving in Tarkarli, Malvan? The instructor took around 10 minutes to brief us about how scuba diving works before we even touched water. The training imparted to us by the instructor was fairly simple and easy to understand.

Under water scuba sign language

Since it is impossible to talk once under water, we were given certain instruction so that we could still communicate once we start the dive. We were taught to talk in sign language under water. For example, thumbs up sign, thumbs down sign, “I have a problem” sign, OK sign, Deep sign etc.

All of these meant different things. Some sign might mean I want to go up, some may mean that I want to stay here longer and so on. The sign language also builds the team spirits!

What to wear during scuba diving in Tarkarli?

The tour company gave us all an individual wet suit to wear without which scuba diving is not allowed. The scuba diving suit stuck to us as if it was a part of body. This helped us in smooth movement underwater. This body-hugging scuba suit might feel awkward to some but it is compulsory to wear this suit during scuba.

My Experience of Tarkarli Scuba Diving

The exciting activity of scuba diving beckoned me since a long time. I am always ready for a little adventure and thrill in my life. So, I was not letting go of this unique opportunity. It turned out to be one of my best experiences. Tarkarli Scuba Diving made me feel alive as an adrenaline rush pump up through my body.

As my scuba trainer pulled me deep inside the Arabian Sea, I could initially not see a thing. The imposing Sindhudurg Fort next to the scuba diving site near the scenic Malvan Beach was nowhere to be seen. Gradually, as I was swallowed by the sea, the silvery water, turned an opaque green as I submitted my fate to my instructor. I didn’t know where I was headed to until the canvas magically exploded into a riot of colors within few seconds.

My first Scuba Diving experience was special

It is not something which I will forget in a long time. Marine life of all colors and hues whizzed past by me and my instructor, inquisitive but not wary of the invaders. They, of course, sitting 40 feet below the surface, were looking for the gifts from the land.

It was a surreal moment, when they surrounded us, expecting fish food. The stationary coral and water plants were akin to a spell binding painting – eternal and sublime. A larger fish, motionless, camouflaged herself in the colourful corals, as if spying on us.

It was eye opening to discover the life beneath. Having seen fish of all sorts only in aquariums and meat markets all my life, I was amazed to see them in their natural habitat. My friend Vipul, who got separated from me under water had seen many more small fish in large groups. I saw in the video later.

It was my first scuba diving experience not only in Tarkarli but elsewhere as well. I was not nervous, but sceptical for sure. Abandoning my comfort zone, I took the plunge anyhow. Thanks to the heavy oxygen cylinder tied to my back, as I grappled to find my balance, I could hear and observe each and every breath of mine. I felt alive in that moment.

Every now and then, I would bump into my friends Rahul and Vipul under water, attached to their instructors. It was weird to share my happiness with my friends in sign language. Just before the dive, the instructor had given us a quick crash course on communication under water.

Surreal sunset at Tarkarli beach

The ferry picked us up from the scuba diving site near the Sindhudurg Fort and dropped us at the Malvan Beach. The afternoon was spent in dozing off in my hotel surrounded by tall palm trees. In the evening, I left my friends in the hotel and walked alone by the sea shore. As the sun started to melt, the sky exploded with colors. The night was spent cracking jokes over bonfire and drinks near the beach.

Aquatic Life seen during Scuba Diving

Which underwater life can I see during scuba diving in Tarkarli? I was amazed with the rich aquatic life and numerous types of colorful fish which I saw underwater. I was most excited to see corals for the first time in my life. Corals are oddly shaped marine invertebrates which are known for growing very slowly. It takes approximately one years for the corals to grow by only one inch.

Below are some of the sea plants and fish you can see if you do scuba diving near Sindhudurg fort in Tarkarli, Malvan:

Scuba Diving Course in Tarkarli

Can I professionally learn scuba diving in Tarkarli, Malwan? Is there a good scuba diving institute in Tarkarli? IISDA or Indian Institute of Scuba Diving & Aquatic Sports is a renowned scuba diving institute in Sindhudurg district.

Situated right on the pristine Tarkarli beach, IISDA is the first institutes of its kind in India. This integrated scuba diving resort has 25 feet deep pool devoted for teaching scuba diving. This Tarkarli beach resort is very popular with the tourists.

Apart from several rooms and a sea view, pool side restaurant, the institute also boasts of conference rooms, several class rooms as well as advanced multimedia presentation facility.

It is a safe place to do a scuba diving course with certified professional trainers who know their job well. The scuba diving course here range from 2 days to more depending upon your interest. Open water course offered here is also worth a try.

During the 2 days long course, training is first given in classroom via theory and video tutorials. It is followed by simulating a scuba experience in the deep swimming pool. The next day, the students are taken to actual scuba diving site and given the training there as well. The trainers at IISDA are qualified PADI SSI and the ratio between the coach and student is a perfect 1:1.

Other water sports in Tarkarli

I also observed that many other water sports were being offered in and around the Tarkarli beach and Tsunami beach.

Below is the complete list of water sports you can do at Tarkarli

Is scuba diving safe in Tarkarli?

Is it safe to do scuba diving in Tarkarli? Safety is a major concern here. To be on a safer side, choose your tour operator wisely. You must examine the safety equipment before wetting your toes for a dive.

Is swimming necessary for scuba diving in Tarkarli?

No, swimming is not compulsory for scuba diving in Tarkarli. Can non-swimmers do scuba diving at Tarkarli? Yes, I am a non-swimmer and I did scuba diving many times including in Malaysia.

Scuba Diving package

If you buy an all-inclusive scuba diving package in Tarkarli, you can club several other water activities such as parasailing. Combo package includes many facilities such as deep-sea scuba diving, other water activities and even stay for a night. You can choose from the various packages on offer, depending upon the time you have at hand, budget, mood and interest. For a memorable experience, it is important to book with only the best Scuba Diving operator in Tarkarli. You can choose from Scuba Diving packages in Tarkarli on the spot as well. Scuba Diving in Malvan and Tarkarli Water sports are the best things to do here with friends and family. The rates of these activities differ.

Me at the Scuba Snokeling Booking Centre of Tarkarli, Malwan, Maharashtra

Tarkarli beach scuba diving packages sometimes also include Tarkarli sightseeing tour by air-conditioned car, backwater sightseeing, stay on a houseboat, dolphin safari ride and a local tourist guide. Cultural and entertainment programs are also organised at some places.

Cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli

What is the price of scuba diving in Tarkarli? The scuba diving charges in Tarkarli are well within the budget of most tourists. Tarkarli scuba diving cost depends on the services you want to avail.

The packages which offer Konkan coastal tour with scuba diving are generally priced very low. However, you should be careful while choosing a low-cost scuba diving package as it compromises on many fronts to keep the cost low.

This is why, I always say that only people should do scuba diving with only reputable and reliable scuba diving organizers. Instead of novice, you should choose tour operators who have years of experience in running a variety of water sports in Malvan area. You should also compare the scuba diving rates in Tarkarli with various tour operators.

Scuba diving in Tarkarli price is also openly written outside several kiosks which sell the packages.

How to book Scuba Diving package

You can book a diving package at good rates both online and on the spot. You just have to fill an online form and submit the same. We saw many local service providers, selling scuba diving packages at low rates near the town around Tarkarli. Your experience of scuba diving in Malvan Tarkarli depends a lot on which tour operator you chose to go with.

Our local guide took us to a place on scooter from our homestay. The kiosk had a board which said: Snorkeling Scuba Booking Center. We booked thescuba package over the counter.

What is the age limit for scuba diving in Tarkarli?

Is there a suitable age to do scuba diving in Tarkarli, Malvan? Only adults can do scuba diving at Tarkarli. But not all children are barred from this water sports. People above the age group of 10 are considered the safe age group to do a scuba dive session in Tarkarli. There is no upper age limit to do scuba dive in Tarkarli.

Criteria for scuba dive

The participants must be physically fit to do scuba dive in Tarkarli. It goes without saying that the participants must also be mentally fit as well. Since most people qualify, therefore Scuba diving at Tarkarli Malwan is a major tourist attraction here.

Can people with glasses do scuba in Tarkarli?

Yes, one of my friends Rahul Sahani, was worried how he would do scuba diving since he wears glasses. I do not wear glasses in regular life, so it was not an issue with me.

However, we were told that the goggles which are used in Tarkarli scuba diving come with magnifying glasses so that people with eyesight issues can also have the same experience. Rahul told me that even he was able to see all the aquatic life as clearly as me. Therefore, anyone who wear glasses is able to do scuba dive in Tarkarli successfully.

Declaration Form for Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Before we even dived deep in the sea, we were made to sign a declaration form at our homestay itself. All the clauses and declaration regarding sound health and other such details were clearly mentioned in the form. We just had to tick and sign the form before scuba diving. It is a common practise so that the tour company can-not be held accountable if anything goes wrong. It is mandatory to fill this self-health declaration form before scuba diving in Tarkarli.

My friends Vipul Sinha and Rahul Sahani (Left to right) signing health declaration form before scuba diving at Tarkarli. Malwan.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food on scuba diving day

Local Malwani cuisine is also available on demand in homestays. You can request for local vegetarian and vegan meals. I being a vegetarian enjoyed Poha and poori-bhaji on Tarkarli trip.

Excursions from Tarkarli Scuba diving site

There are many picnic spots and sightseeing attractions located near the diving site at Tarkarli beach. We had easily packed in some places during our Tarkarli tour. Below are some of the places located near Tarkarli.

  • Goa
  • Kudal
  • Karwar
  • Amboli
  • Gokarna
  • Belgaum
  • Kankawali
  • Sankeshwar
  • Sawantwadi

Scuba diving in Tarkarli Festival

In case you are doing scuba diving at Tarkarli in the month of January, ensure that you attend the annual festival of Devi Bhagwati Munge Yatrotsav. This is the best opportunity to understand and appreciate the local culture and customs of the people of Malwan. Not only can you see their culture up, close and personal but also shake a leg with! You can also sample the local vegetarian cuisine during the festival.

ATM in Tarkarli

There are few ATMs in Tarkarli but they may or may not work at times because it is a remote location. It is a much better idea to carry some cash from your home city so that you do not waste time finding a functional ATM.

Photography Tips for scuba diving in Tarkarli

Our scuba diving instructor at Tarkarli shot a long video of our experience. He also took many pictures of not only us but the fish as well. Even now when I look back at those pictures, I remember the wonderful moments with a smile on my lips.

Not only does the secluded Tarkarli beach offer solitude, but it also is a paradise for photographers. Be it the sun set, the fishermen going about their work or the landscapes, the place is great for shutterbugs. I returned to the hotel with sand in my hair and smile on my lips.

Hire local instructor cum guide for scuba diving in Tarkarli

Throughout the scuba diving at Tarkarli, a local experienced instructor helped us finish this water sports successfully. He dived along with us and assist us at every step. In fact, he trained us before the diving even began.

You sure don’t want things to go wrong underwater! This is why, only certified instructor with good quality equipment should be hired. Two instructors handled the three of us easily under water. Preferably, the guides should be PADI certified and mentored by government body, M.T.D.C.

Languages spoken by guides

Language is a concern during scuba diving so that you can grasp the instruction easily. Most instructors can speak and understand fluent Marathi, Hindi as well as English. Since the beautiful Tarkarli is located in Maharashtra near the beach heaven Goa, Konkani and Marathi are widely spoken in this region. Our instructor gave us direction in Hindi as both of us were comfortable with it.

Toilet facility while scuba diving in Tarkarli

Ensure that you have a leak before you sit on the ferry. Once I sat on the ferry, I realised that there was no toilet either on the ferry or on the diving spot. For three hours we were on ferry without toilet. I found that harder than the scuba dive. I had to hold on for 3 hours straight and this led to serious urinary condition.

My next 4-5 hours after the scuba trip was over was spent on tending to my urinary problem. It did get better but a part of my vacation in Tarkarli was impacted adversely due to this. If you still end up on the boat with a full bladder, do request the tour operator to take you to a toilet nearby even if he charges extra for this.

Entry fee for scuba in Tarkarli

There is no entry fee to enter Scuba diving zone. But if you want to try scuba dive or snorkelling, then of course you need to pay a fee here.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Scuba Diving at Tarkarli

It is possible to do scuba diving on a small budget as well. The tour operators sell various packages for every pocket. You can simply choose the lowest priced scuba diving package in Tarkarli if you are on a low budget. Tarkarli itself is a very inexpensive and pocket friendly place in Malvan region of Maharashtra.

Solo Trip Tips for scuba diving in Tarkarli

Can I do Tarkarli scuba diving as a solo traveller? If you are a solo traveler, you can still do scuba diving. You can just book a scuba diving package from a tour operator like how people in groups do.

It is compulsory to do scuba diving only with a certified company. You can-not go inside the sea on your own. It is mandatory for a well-trained instructor to accompany you at all times during Tarkarli scuba diving.

Luxury travel Tips for Scuba

You can go for more expensive scuba diving tours depending on your budget. You can get a longer and deeper scuba diving experience if you pay more money. Being a luxury traveller, you can also book one of the luxury resorts in Tarkarli.

Cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli Malvan

Is scuba diving in Tarkali, Malvan expensive? How can I get cheap rates for scuba diving in Tarkarli? These are one of the most frequently asked questions. I was surprised to know that the rates of scuba dive in Tarkarli and Malvan region are the cheapest. When compared to other scuba diving sites in the world, the cheapest rates are found in Tarkarli and Malvan.

In fact, different rates are offered at Tarkarli for scuba diving so that everyone can afford it and choose a scuba dive package that suits them and they are comfortable with. The cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli is therefore affordable to common man as well as those with deep pockets.

Scuba diving cost is very low (a quick photo session round) to very high (includes certification).

I had booked the dive which included 15-20 minutes session, pictures and videos.

Is Scuba Diving in Tarkarli difficult?

What is the difficulty level of scuba diving in Tarkarli? All you wanted to know about the difficulty level of scuba dive at Tarkarli is shared here.

I feel that scuba diving at Tarkarli is easy grade and has low endurance. Anyone with general mental and physical fitness can easily do scuba diving at Tarkarli with a guide. This is also the experience of most of the people. Scuba in tarkarli was my first experience of this underwater sports.

Initially, since I didn’t know anything about scuba, I was intimidated by it. Now that I have done scuba diving in many nations, I feel comfortable with it. The scuba diving in Sabah region of Malaysia was also rewarding.

How do I breathe underwater while scuba in Tarkarli?

Many people wonder how do they breathe once scuba diving starts. I was given an oxygen cylinder which was tied on my back. We were taught to breathe in and out through the oxygen cylinder. Needless to say, proper instructions on how to use oxygen cylinder for breathing are given even before the scuba diving starts.

This oxygen cylinder is completely independent of the oxygen available at surface above the water. This is how we breathe underwater during scuba diving.

Oxygen cylinder and other equipment

The self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (Scuba) helped us enjoy the underwater marine life without a worry. Thanks to the oxygen cylinder, we were able to venture deep into the water without the need to reach the surface for air.

You should ensure that the safety apparatus, instruments and equipment offered to do scuba diving in Malvan are of good quality and branded. The equipment should be approved by authority.

You must make sure that the tour operator offers you below equipment:

Places to see around Tarkarli

Tarkarli and Malvan are located in a picture postcard perfect place near the border of the pristine state of Goa and the culture rich Maharashtra. There is no dearth of natural beauty in this unexplored region. In fact, I think Tarkarli has some of the best beaches which can be explored as a weekend getaway from Mumbai, Pune and Navi Mumbai.

Since Tarkarli is a hidden gem which is located away from the crowds, I highly recommend it as a weekend escape from Pune and Mumbai. Visit to unusual places such as Tsunami Beach depends largely on the condition of sea waves and weather. If it is high tide, then you may not be able to visit Tsunami beach.

Me doing photography at the Tsunami beach near Tarkarli. Malwan, Maharashtra.

Visit to the Sindhudurg Fort

We spent the entire evening in the Sindhudurg Fort near our homestay. It was just a ferry ride away from our homestay at Malvan Beach. We know Maharashtra for its imposing hilltop forts. I have trekked many times to forts in Maharashtra and realised that most of these forts are impregnable if an inexperienced person attempts to visit these.

Some of the famed Maharashtrian forts can be accessed only by experienced trekkers.

What separates Sindhudurg Fort from other forts in Maharashtra is its concealed entrance gate known as the Dilli Darwaza. Being surrounded by water, unique geography of the Sindhudurg fort also makes it different and special.

Surrounded by water on all the sides, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built it in 1656 to fortify the coastal town against the rising influence of the British and Portuguese.

The fort was built on an islet called Kurte. I walked on its wide ramparts, awed by the views of the sea and the colorful sea below. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj must not have thought that centuries later the abandoned fort will be a favorite spot for scuba diving in Maharashtra. I left the fort just before sunset. Sitting on the shared ferry, I turned my head to admire the fort one last time. I couldn’t help but ruminate that how time has replaced approaching armies with excited tourists; weapons with Scuba Diving cylinders. Who would have thought?

Birdwatching and dolphin spotting in Tsunami Island

The next morning, I binged on kanda poha (Flattened rice cooked with onion and spices) as my non vegetarian friends binged on the coastal Malwani cuisine. After visiting Devbaug beach located 10 kilometers away, we hired a boat who offered to show us the unique Tsunami beach.

The boatman told us that had we arrived earlier in the morning we could have spotted dolphins and exotic birds in the same trip. Early morning is the time when wildlife is most active. Several species of exotic birds, dolphins and even crocodiles can be seen here.

Never mind, as our boat passed through the bewitching vistas, I couldn’t help but gaze at the views, silenced by its enormity. Hills inundated with palm trees gave us constant company. Houseboats for those with deeper pockets, dotted the sides.

Picnic spot of Tsunami Island

The silence of the place was interrupted as we reached the lesser-known place called as Tsunami Island. The view of a thin strip of land, surrounded by water amused us. Rows of shops running out of stilted thatched huts sold idli, upma, the works! People daringly perched themselves on chair in the middle of the water and sipped tea. The unusual Tsunami Island is off the beaten track.

Water sports of Tsunami Island

Some of them tried their hand at water scooter, canoeing and other water sports available. I was told, during high tide, the water at the island reaches knee length. I explored it with a childlike curiosity, delighted to discover the joys of the unique island.

Other top places to see in and around Tarkarli are as below:

  • Tsunami Island
  • Devbagh Beach Sangam
  • Tarkarli Beach
  • Sindhudurg Sea Fort
  • Rock Garden
  • Nivti Beach

Things to do in Tarkarli

Top things to do after scuba diving in Tarkarli

  • Water sports
  • Fish spa
  • Walk on the beach
  • Ferry ride
  • Dolphin spotting
  • Birdwatching
  • Sampling Konkani food

Where to stay in Tarkarli for scuba diving

Beach side stay in Tarkarli is the best! There are also several Tarkarli beach resorts where you can stay if you crave luxury and comfort.

Homestay in Tarkarli

I stayed at a home-stay called as AbiGailz run by Mr. Gerwin. It is closed now. It was located at walking distance from the beach. The friendly Mr. D’Souza helped us source Malwani cuisine as well as made all the arrangements for scuba diving.

There are many other homestays in Tarkarli which you can book. I advise you to book a homestay in advance since only limited rooms are available.

You can laze around on hammocks or sit and chat under palm trees. Hot water is also available at many homestays.

Price: The rooms rates are priced very reasonably at the homestays. Breakfast and meals are generally not included in price. We had paid separately for all the meals.

Staying at Tarkarli beach resort

There are several beach resorts in Tarkarli, most of which are concentrated around the major attractions here. Many 5-star hotels and luxury properties in Tarkarli, Malwan also arrange Tarkarli underwater diving for the tourists on demand.

You can also stay at Tarkarli scuba resort mtdc. The sprawling MTDC properties are run by the Government. They have clean rooms, wide open spaces and ample parking spaces. The MTDC scuba resort Tarkarli is booked fast, therefore I advise you to do an advance booking of your chosen Tarkarli resorts.

Soul Window Top Travel Tip

Homestay owners also helps book water sports. The packages include Banana ride, jet skiing ride, flying fish, sleeper ride and bumper ride. Parasailing is also available for a reasonable price.

Duration of scuba diving at Tarkarli

What is the time taken for scuba diving in Tarkarli? It takes a total of 3 hours to complete scuba diving at Tarkarli. This time span includes 30 minutes of scuba diving + other activities such as reaching the diving site on a ferry or boat and getting back to the shore. This also includes time for getting in to your scuba diving dress.

Also, we must factor in the time taken by the instructor to prepare for the dive. Testing and wearing equipment also takes time. The instructor also takes around 10-15 minutes to give you instruction both before and during the scuba dive. The real scuba experience may last anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on the package you bought.

How many days to spend for scuba diving in Tarkarli?

What can I do in 1 day in Tarkarli? If you want to only do scuba then 2-day 1 night is enough in Tarkarli. You can also include one of the nearby tourist attractions such as the Sindhudurg fort, Devbaug beach or Tsunami Island.

What can I do in 2 days in Tarkarli? In 2 days and 2 nights, we were easily able to do scuba diving along with visiting the beaches, fort and the Tsunami Island. We had also managed to go on a boat ride.

I have more time. What else can I do? You can club the Tarkarli trip with a trip to Goa or Sawantwadi, both of which are located very close to Tarkarli, Malwan.

Timings of scuba diving in Tarkarli

Scuba Diving at Tarkarli can be done between 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

What is the best timing to do scuba diving in Tarkarli?

Early morning is a good time to do scuba diving at Tarkarli as this is the time when fish are very active and the visibility is the best.

We reached the Tarkarli scuba booking counter at 10:30 a.m. Our ferry ride started at 11:15 a.m. We got dressed up on the ferry itself by 12: 30 p.m. After waiting for others to start their dives, I started the dive by 1 p.m. We took the return ferry by 1:20 p.m.

Clarity of water in different months in Tarkarli

Does the clarity of water vary from month to month in Tarkarli? It is one of the most commonly asked question by those who are considering a scuba dive in Tarkarli, Malwan.

What is the best time to visit Tarkarli? It also depends on when the clarity and visibility is the best. Even I was curious if the scuba dive experience will be same in all the months or will it vary according to the seasons.

The visibility of water impacts the scuba diving experience majorly. Whether or not participants are able to see the underwater aquatic life depends majorly on the clarity of water and visibility. Below is a month wise chart, so you can decide which is the best month for a scuba dive or snorkelling in Tarkarli. Tarkarli beach scuba diving images which I shared here will give you a clear idea of what to expect in winter here.

October: 60 % clear water

November: 100 % clear water

December: 100 % clear water

January: 100 % clear water

February: 80 % clear water

March: 80 % clear water

April: 60 to 70 % clear water

May: 40 % clear water

Best Time to do scuba diving in Tarkarli?

Is Scuba Diving open in Tarkarli? When can I experience scuba diving in Tarkarli-Malvan? What is the best season for scuba diving in Tarkarli? The best time to do scuba diving in Malvan and Tarkali is from October to May every year. Out of these months winter is the best season for a scuba dive here. The months of November, December and January are ideal for doing scuba diving at Tarkarli, Malvan.


As we can see from the chart above, winter is undoubtedly the best time to do scuba diving at Tarkarli. I had done scuba diving on the last day of December. The visibility I had was excellent.

Being a dry month, I could clearly see the vivid colour of coral and fish easily. Clearly, winter is the peak season for scuba diving in Tarkarli. Winter is also when the water of the sea is stable and the weather is pleasant. This is why, the pictures and videos taken in winter months have the best quality.


While March and April can still be a good time, if not the best time for scuba dive in Tarkarli, the visibility starts to get poor May onwards. May onwards, the visibility continues to be poor till November. Tarkarli weather is very hot in summer months.


Monsoon is the worst time to be in Tarkarli. This is when the water is muddy. The visibility and clarity of water is also at its lowest during monsoon. Additionally, it is not allowed to take passengers on ferry during rainy season. Therefore, monsoon is the off season for scuba diving at Tarkarli.

Itinerary for scuba diving in Tarkarli

Below is an itinerary which I and my friends Vipul Sinha and Rahul Sahani followed. This itinerary of Tarkarli which I made suited me as it allowed me to do scuba dive and sightseeing at slow pace on a weekend. I did not require to take any leave from office to make the Tarkarli tour happen. You can adjust the itinerary as the time, budget and interest you have!

Day 1

  • We took an overnight bus from Kharghar in Navi Mumbai to Tarkarli.
  • Our local host picked us
  • We arrived at the homestay, rested for a while and spent the day sightseeing in Tarkarli. We explored the massive Sindhudurg Sea Fort, Tsunami Island, Tarkarli beach and Devbaug beach etc.
  • We returned at homestay, had sumptuous dinner and slept early.

Day 2

  • We had breakfast of poha early morning at the home stay.
  • Assisted by our homestay owner, we went to book a scuba diving activity on the spot. We didn’t have any prior bookings.
  • After booking, we took a ferry to the scuba diving spot.
  • Scuba diving training was imparted to us
  • Scuba diving session started
  • We returned back to the homestay via ferry
  • We spent the rest of the day resting and enjoying the beach life.
  • We soaked in the grand sunset views of Tarkarli beach, which was at walking distance from our homestay.
  • We slept early

Day 3

  • The weekend trip ends
  • We left early morning to Navi Mumbai

Local Transport for sightseeing around Scuba Diving site

Both public as well as private transportation are easily available in and around Tarkarli beach. We had reached our home-stay from bus stand on a reserved autorickshaw. Since Tarkarli tourism is very well developed, the facilities here are very good.

How to reach Tarkarli for scuba diving?

Tarkali, Malvan is a perfect place to strengthen bonds with family and friends. Whether you drive a car or bike or just hop on a sleeper bus, it’s easy to manage this trip from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

We visited Tarkarli for scuba diving as a weekend destination from our apartment in Kharghar of Navi Mumbai. Pune Tarkarli bus is also very popular.

Distance: Distance between Mumbai and Tarkarli is approximately 535 km

Time: Time taken to arrive at Tarkarli from bus or car is approximately 10 to 14 hours


Below is the route you can take to reach Tarkarli. Here are all possible ways to reach Tarkarli

By Car/Bike: From Mumbai, the road via Pune and Satara is a better option.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop from Tarkarli is at Kasal. Our bus from Kharghar in Navi Mumbai dropped us at Kasal. We took a connecting state transport bus to Malvan from Kasal which is 19 kilometres and 30 minutes away. From Malvan bus stop, Mr. Gerwin arranged a pick up on an autorickshaw.

Bus fare starts at very reasonable prices even for AC Semi Sleeper which we booked. Boarding points in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are Borivali, Dahisar, Kandivali, Goregaon, Malad, Sion, Chembur, Vashi, Belapur, Kharghar. Bus service to Tarkarli starts as early as around 4 a.m. everyday.

Conclusion: Is scuba diving in Tarkarli worth it?

Why visit Tarkarli for Scuba Diving? I am sharing my final thoughts here. The amazing scuba diving and snorkeling in Tarkarli must be done by everyone. My trip to Malvan, Tarkarli and Kokan left me with beautiful memories to cherish.

To summarize, the surreal beauty of underwater life and contours mesmerized me as I was taken deep into the blue water by the well-trained instructor.

In a nutshell, scuba diving in Tarkarli Malvan is a great alternative option. The diving site of the historical Sindhudurg fort adds to the scuba diving experience in Tarkarli.

The bottom line is that Tarkarli being one of the few places in Maharashtra where you can do scuba diving and snorkelling makes it special. The added experiences such as other water sports, houseboats, visiting heritage sites, birdwatching, dolphin watching, lazing at the beautiful beaches etc enhance the overall experience! Low scuba diving cost in Tarkarli also make it an ideal choice for many. This Tarkarli scuba diving review has covered all the aspects in a comprehensive manner.

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