Randha Waterfall of Bhandardara: Hidden gem of Maharashtra

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Information about Randha Waterfall

Randha waterfall in Bhandardara in Maharashtra turned out to be very different from the other waterfalls in Maharashtra which I had seen in tourist places such as Malshej Ghat or the pilgrimage trek of Bhimashankar or even the tall Thosegar waterfall. Even the Jog falls in Karnataka is very different in appearance and characteristics from Randha falls.

I found the mere sight and sound of lakhs of liters of milky white water splashing down the irregular shaped rocks overwhelming. The Randha waterfall is voluminous especially in monsoon season.

The crystal-clear flowing water of Randha falls is balm to the eyes. This is why Randha waterfalls is the best place to see in Bhandardara near Nashik.

Randha Dhabdhaba Bhandardara Nashik Maharashtra
Picnic with my friends Pooja and Jeetendra Sharma at Randha Waterfall. At Bhandardara Maharashtra in rainy season

Why is Randha Waterfall Famous?

What is special about Randha Waterfall? There are many things to do in Bhandardara and many places to see here. But if you had to choose only one place to visit in Bhandardara, it must be Randha waterfalls.

The deep valley, which surrounds the Randha Valley is a visual delight! The temple of Ghorpada Devi is also built nearby. The white smoke of the water makes it atmospheric. Waterfall at Katalpur on the other side is also worth a dekko in the monsoon season! Randha falls is also known as the major source of hydropower in this region. This hidden gem of Maharashtra is a must-visit place.

Randha falls is also famous because it is the 3rd largest waterfall in entire Maharashtra. Personally, I feel that the Randha waterfalls is not only one of the best waterfalls of Maharashtra but also of entire India. This is why, Randha falls is the top tourist attraction of Bhandardara.

Nomenclature/Etymology of Randha Waterfall

Randha waterfall is also known as Randha Dhabdhaba, Randha Falls, Randha fall. Dhabdhaba is a Marathi or Maharashtrian word which means waterfall. This is the most comprehensive travel guide on the Randha waterfalls.

Where is Randha Waterfall located?

Randha waterfall is located only 3 kilometres away from the centre of Bhandardara near Nashik in Maharashtra. The famous Randha falls is situated just ahead of the Bhandardara dam, another major tourist attraction. Randha falls is located around 11 kilometres away from Wilson Dam, a picnic spot in Bhandaradara.

To be precise, Randha waterfalls is situated on the place where Bhandardhara Road begins on the Ghoti – Shirdi Highway. The picturesque Randha waterfall is the must visit place in Bhandardara.

Randha fall Bhandardara Nashik Maharashtra
My friends Suman Singh and Jeetendra Sharma at Randha Dhabdhaba in Bhandardara Maharashtra during monsoon.

Height of Randha waterfall

The expansive Randha falls plunges from a height of a whooping 170 feet or 51.8 meter in the gorge below. This is also the reason behind the roaring sound of the Randha waterfall. The sight of calm water which navigates through the rocky patches on the flat stony surface suddenly falling down is force is mesmerising.

Gushing frothy water finding its way via the huge stones is a stunning sight indeed! The color of foamy water appears completely white because it falls from a great height.

Randha waterfall on which river?

Randha waterfall is formed on the voluptuous Pravara River of Maharashtra. The Pravara River has its origin in the Kushi of Ratangadda. Before descending in to the valley, the Pravara River meanders through lush green forests for around 10 kilometers. The local people also use the Pravara River for ritual bathing purposes.

It is a pleasure to take long leisurely walks along either of the banks of the beautiful Pravara River. I hope you are finding this detailed travel guide on Randha falls useful!

Viewing deck of Randha waterfall

This information packed blog on Randha falls cover what old school/traditional guide books do not! As I walked through the undergrowth, I noticed several tourists standing on the viewing deck, enjoying the larger-than-life views of the Randha Dhabdhaba.

On my first trip to Randha waterfall, a very roughly made viewing deck was located at Radha falls. However, with time, a modern viewing platform has been constructed at Randha Dhabdhaba so that the tourists and travellers can enjoy the breath-taking views of the waterfall from a safe distance.

What’s more? Several shaded alcoves and benches have also been built here for the tourists to sit. This viewing deck allows tourists to have a closer look at the waterfall without risking falling in the gushing water.

Bridges at Randha Falls

The bridges here also make Randha fall accessible to people from all age, gender and fitness level. There bridges here offer different vantage points of the Randha falls. You can safely walk on these long bridges and enjoy the grand views of the Randha falls from a safe distance. Despite the distance, the foamy water of the fierce falls will however ensure to send some water droplets on your way. Let it!

Access to the pool

There is also a foot path here, walking on which tourists can gain access to the pool below. This path is also steep at places. This walkway offers great views of Randha fall. However, the tourists must be very careful while walking here because the currents in this pool are swift and very strong generally. Bathing in the falls is strictly prohibited due to the safety reasons. I am able to share these travel tips with you because I have written this exhaustive travelogue based on my own travel here.

Landscape of Randha Falls Bhandardara

Here is all you wanted to know about the Randha waterfalls and its stunning landscape. The surreal landscape of Bhandardara, especially during monsoon months is what attracts weekender tourists from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nashik etc. Of all the places to see in Bhandardara, the massive, breath-taking canvas of Randha falls stands out!

Come rainy season and the hills and deep river valleys of Bhandardara burst into umpteen shades of green, the name of which not even many know.

The lush green shrubs, trees and plants add to the unparalleled beauty of Randha falls. The emerald green coloured water of Randha falls have turned many travellers into poets.

A seasonal fall which is located next to the Randha falls is also very popular with tourists. It generally flows with full capacity. The depth of this waterfall is also good. The entire area around the Randha falls is full of several brisk waterfalls and busy water streams.

Can I see a rainbow in Randha Falls?

Yes, on a lucky day it is possible to see rainbow over Randha waterfalls! It is one of the most beautiful sights ever. The rainbows are often formed here due to the droplets. Told you, Randha falls is a must-see place in Bhandardara.

Temple of Ghorpada Devi

The large complex of Ghorapada Devi Temple is located very close to the Randha waterfalls. You can have a darshan at the temple before or after visiting the Randha falls. There is a beautiful idol of the deity inside the main hall here.

Ghorapada Devi mandir is off the beaten track. I have never seen such Hindu temples elsewhere in India. This unusual temple is located at walking distance from the Randha Fallls.

Birdwatching near Randha falls

If you enjoy birding in India, then you will also love to do a little birdwatching near Randha waterfalls. Since the avian life stay near water body, it is easy to spot many bird species near the massive Randha waterfall and Pravara River. You can take a nature walk near Randha falls and the exotic birds will start revealing themselves. The shore of the lake behind MTDC resort is also a great place for such birding walks.

Bhandardara Dam

Bhandaradara dam is also located very close to the Randha waterfalls. You can easily club Randha falls with the Bhandardara dam. We were able to visit both the dam as well as Randha falls on the same day. These are some of the major attractions of Bhandardara.

Which movies are shot in Randha fall?

The sheer beauty of this waterfall in Maharashtra has inspired several Bollywood directors to do film shootings in Randha falls. The hub of Bollywood, Mumbai is located very close to Randha waterfall, so that makes it easy and low cost to shoot movies at Randha falls.

Bollywood movies such as Kurban, Maine Pyar Kiya, Raju Chacha and Prem, most of which were super flop movies were shot at Randha falls. Not many know this lesser-known fact about Randha waterfall.  

My Experience of visiting Randha Falls

I was rendered speechless when I saw the scenic beauty of the Randha falls. I visited Randha falls with my college time friends Suman Singh, Jeetendra Sharma and Pooja Sharma. The natural beauty of Randha fall overwhelmed us. It is not easy to define the grandeur of Randha waterfalls in mere words. One has to visit Randha falls to see how special it is.

Other Places to see in Bhandardara

There are many places of interest near Randha falls. Below is the complete list of places to visit in Bhandardara hill station.

Top things to do in Randha Waterfall

There are many activities which you can do with friends, family and kids in Randha Falls of Bhandardara if you love to go off the touristy trail. Some of the top things to do around Randha Falls are

  • Yoga
  • Vlogging
  • Trekking
  • Meditation
  • Village walk
  • Nature walk
  • Photography
  • Birdwatching
  • Temple hopping
  • Picnic with friends and family
  • Enjoying local snacks and chai

With so many unusual things to do near Randha falls, there is never a dull moment here.

Excursions from Randha Waterfall

Some of the best tourist places to visit near Randha falls are

  • Pune
  • Kasara
  • Nashik
  • Igatpuri
  • Mumbai
  • Kalsubai trek
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Sandhan Valley
  • Tringalwadi Fort

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Randha Waterfall

Since Randha falls is a major sightseeing attraction in Bhandardara, I noticed many locally run food stalls here, most of which are run by the modest local people of Bhandardara. Buying food from them also helps the local economy.

During monsoon, it is a delight to buy boiled sweet corn, roasted ground nuts, and boiled ground nuts, also locally known as seengdana. The hot piping cutting chai or ginger tea adds to the delight of the tourists, especially on a weekend in rainy season.

I enjoyed eating kanda bhajji (onion fritters), vada pao and bhutta (corn on the cob) at the Randha falls. Some stalls also sell local berries, fruits like ber and cucumber, kakdi etc. The local sweet Rajur pedha is also quite famous.

I was happy to see that the unhealthy food chains were not present here. However, if you still wish for fancy food or a proper full meal, you can head out to any of the restaurants in the nearby resorts and hotels in Bhandardara.

Is it safe to visit Randha Waterfall?

It is a commonly asked question on the safety of Randha Falls. Thanks to the fencing at the viewing deck, Radha falls cans be enjoyed safely from a distance. However, Randha falls can be very dangerous too if you are not cautious. To be on a safer side, always maintain a distance from the Randha dhabdhaba and enjoy its beauty from a safe distance.

Despite the safety bars built at the viewing deck, parents must watch out for small children all the time. Kids must not be left unattended even on the viewing deck of the Randha falls. You should not act smart and try to swim in the pool or even get near the Randha falls as it is dangerous.

Beehive near Randha Falls

There are more than a dozen beehives which are located on the cliffs around Randha falls. I know the beehives make for an interesting sight; however, it is my advice that the tourists must view the beehive (if at all!) from a safe distance.

Wearing strong smelling deodorant or perfume and smoking may agitate the bees. Such string smells irritate the bees and they may attack you in defence, putting the lives of other tourists in peril as well.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Randha Waterfall

There are some local self-help groups which sell locally made snacks around the Randha waterfalls.

ATM in Randha Waterfall

There are hardly any functional ATM near Randha fall. It makes sense to carry ample cash before leaving the home in the big city for vacation here.

Photography Tips for Randha Waterfall

This lookout point or the viewing deck, which is located just above the Randha falls serves as a great vantage point for taking pictures as well. Wait for some time here for people to move around to get nice photo opportunity.

Hire local tourist guide in Randha Waterfall

If you are not confident of visiting all the sightseeing attractions near Randha fall in Bhandardara, then you can also hire a local guide who knows the places very well. This will help save the time.

Languages spoken in Randha Waterfall

Marathi is the most commonly spoken language in Bhandaradara. Hindi and English are also widely understood and spoken.

Toilet facility in Randha Waterfall

You can use the toilets of some of the restaurants located near the Randha falls

Parking fees for cars

There is enough parking space around Randha falls Bhandardara. However, the tourists need to pay a small fee for parking their cars near Randha fall. The parking place is located just 200-300 meter or 5-6 minutes of walk away from Randha falls viewing deck.

Entry fee Randha Waterfall

Is there an entry fee at Randha Falls? It is a frequently asked question. You will be surprised to know that despite the facilities and gorgeous views, no entry fee is charged at Randha Falls. You can easily take a free walking tour here and pay absolutely nothing.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Randha Waterfall

Randha falls is very inexpensive. What makes Randha falls a pocket friendly and low budget destination is the fact that there is no entry fee here. Also, the cost to reach Bhandardara from Mumbai is as low as you want it.

I had spent only on the cab ride from Igatpuri to Bhandardara, food, local autorickshaw for sightseeing etc. I had not spent on the hotel as I hadn’t stayed at Bhandardara overnight. This saved cost for me. Do read my blog on other budget friendly places as well. I have been rated as one of the best Backpacker travel bloggers of India because I share a lot of tips on low cost travels.

No 1 travel blogger of India Abhinav Singh Randha Waterfall Bhandardara Maharashtra
Me traveling in dam near Randha Waterfall. Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Solo Trip Tips for Randha Waterfall

Randha waterfall is an easy destination for solo travellers if not ideal. Why Randha falls is not ideal for solo traveler is because at a place like this, most people do crave a company. This is why on my first trip, I visited with 3 of my friends. We had a lot of fun together which was not possible had I travelled to Randha falls solo, which is usually my style.

Luxury travel Tips for Randha Waterfall

The services and facilities at the famous Randha falls are same for everyone. So do not expect special treatment here. There are many luxury resorts near Randha falls though where you can throw your kingly tantrums with confidence. You can also hire a luxury car for sightseeing around Bhandardara if you want to spend more and add to your experience and comfort.

Where to stay near Randha Waterfall

There are many accommodation options in Bhandardara which are suitable for all budget types. From luxury resorts and 5-star hotels to low-cost budget lodges and guest houses are also available near Randha Falls in Bhandardara. The government run MTDC resort in Bhandardara is the most popular one.

What to wear when visiting Randha Waterfall

During monsoon, it is advisable to visit rain proof clothes when visiting the roaring Randha Falls. Although only few droplets will kiss your face when you stand on the viewing platform, however one must be prepared for the unannounced rains in monsoon.

It always pours heavily and suddenly in this part of Maharashtra. This is why wearing (or carrying) a raincoat is advisable. Water proof shoes are also welcome. I prefer flip flops and sandals at such places as they dry quickly and there is no fear of walking all day with wet shoes and socks.

You should also carry extra polythene bags and umbrella in your day pack. The plastic bags can save your camera, laptop, chargers, battery and other electronics from water.

Timings of Randha Waterfall

There is no set timing to visit Randha falls. However, sunrise to sunset is the best time to visit Randha falls. It is a good idea to visit Randha fall early morning if you want to avoid crowd of tourist, which you are also a part of. Randha falls is usually away from the crowds early morning.

Best Time to visit Randha Waterfall?

Which is the best month to visit Randha waterfalls? Let’s find out below


Since the temperature in Bhandardara will be low in winter, it is also a good time to visit Randha falls. However, you must keep in mind that during winter the volume and flow of the Randha falls will be much less as compared to that of the rainy season. Despite the lovely climate in winter, you will miss out on the grand spectacle of nature’s bounty!


Do not expect much water in the months such as March or April. Summer is not the ideal time to visit Randha waterfalls because the volume of water is quite less as compared to the monsoon season. If you anyways happen to visit Bhandardara during summer, you can consider doing the Ratangarh trek. Even the light emitting display fireflies do in the night is worth a dekko! Weather of Bhandardara in summer is not very pleasant.


The months of July, August, September and October are the best months to visit Bhandardara. Clearly, monsoon is the best time to visit not only Randha waterfalls but any waterfall in South India or North Indian waterfall. During monsoon, the Randha fall comes alive with full force because this is when the water level is at its best! Monsoon is also when the dams of Bhandardara are full to the brink.

However, you must remember that some people who have visited Randha Falls in August have been disappointed as they saw less water than one usually gets to see in the peak of monsoon in Maharashtra which is July. That said, many people have also seen great views of Randha falls even in end of August and September.

I visited Randha Falls on 22nd July, which is why I saw the best views of this popular waterfall in Maharashtra. Also, the waterfall gets even more voluptuous on the day when the sluice gates are opened and the dam water is released here. Many tourists wait for this moment patiently.

When I visited Randha waterfall on my first Bhandardara trip, it was the peak of monsoon season. July is indeed the best time to visit Randha falls. In July, expect Randha fall to display its most magnificent form to visitors. The water level in Randha Falls during July is much more than its regular capacity.

All said and done, monsoon is still the best time to see Randha Fall. This is when the swollen waterfall gushes in to the deep valley with volume and force!

Duration of Visit in Randha Waterfall

How many days to spend in Randha Waterfall? What can I do in 1 day near Randha Waterfall? 5-6 hours are enough if you are planning a picnic at Randha falls. However, a regular tour of Randha falls can be easily enjoyed within just 30 minutes to 1 hour. From my personal experience, I would suggest to spend at least 1 hour at Randha falls. This will allow you to visit other tourist attractions of Bhandardara as well.

What can I do in 2 days near Randha Waterfall? Though one day (few hours) is enough at Randha falls, you can stay at a nearby resort or lodge and enjoy the views for longer. How about working from a hotel near Randha Falls?

Itinerary for Randha Waterfall

  • Check in your hotel (or not)
  • Head to Randha falls. Spend few hours here
  • Enjoy local snacks at Randha falls. A ‘lunch of snacks’ is not a bad idea!
  • Head to other tourist places of Bhandardara or retire to your hotel.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Randha Waterfall

It is good to have own vehicle when visiting Randha falls. However, you can also hire local autorickshaws like I did who can show all the nearby points of attractions such as Bhandardara dam, Arthur Lake and Wilson dam as well.

How to reach Randha Waterfall

Randha falls in Bhandardara makes for an ideal one-day picnic spot near Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

Here are all possible ways to reach Randha falls in Bhandardara.

Local Train: You can catch a local train to Kasara from places like Mulund, Thane, Vashi, CST etc. From Kasara several options to reach Randha Falls in Bhandardara are available.

Shared cab: Shared cabs and taxis to Bhandardara are available from both Kasara and Igatpuri.

Distances from Randha Waterfall

Distance between Kasara and Bhandardara is 64.3 kilometers and it takes around 2 hours via Padgha – Shirdi Rd and MH SH 44

Conclusion: Is Randha Waterfall worth visiting

Why visit Randha Waterfall? Randha Falls is the top places to see in Bhandardara with friends and families. Randha falls is also quite a popular destination with couples because it is an easy romantic getaway from nearby metro cities such as Pune and Mumbai. Randha falls is a must-see place in Bhandardara the rainy season. It is a well-maintained place.

To summarize, the mere sight of watching the water hurtling down on the uneven rocks stays with me even now! In a nutshell, Randha falls is the top place to see in Bhandardara. The bottom line is that the gorgeous Randha waterfalls is the best weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune.

The view from my Soul Window is voluptuous!

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