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Information about Igatpuri

The refreshing weekend getaway from Mumbai is a must-see place. A little adventure and sightseeing in Igatpuri are very rewarding. The gorgeous hill station of Igatpuri, nestled in the Sahyadri range of mountains of Western Ghats is a popular one day picnic spot for tourists.

Despite being so small in size, the quaint Igatpuri hill station packs in so much that even a weekend is not enough to experience it fully. There are also many farmhouses in Igatpuri where people, mostly owners spent quality time in rainy season.

There are several things to do with family and kids in Igatpuri. This comprehensive travel guide lists down all the top places to visit in Igatpuri. It is the most detailed travel guide on Igatpuri hill station.

Why is Igatpuri Famous?

What is special about Igatpuri? Why Igatpuri is a tourist attraction? What is Igatpuri known for? Igatpuri is a very popular weekend destination from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nasik. Thanks to its hypnotising beauty and the undulating grassy knolls, Igatpuri has attracted tourists since a long time.

The stunning landscape of Igatpuri, especially in monsoon has turned many into poets. Did you know that Vipassana Institute of Meditation in Igatpuri is also the largest in the world? It is therefore one of the most important places to visit in Igatpuri.

What also makes Igatpuri famous is the ample adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking and waterfall rappelling that adventure enthusiasts can do here for a nominal price. The proximity to metro cities such as Mumbai also adds to the popularity of Igatpuri.

The historical hill forts, old temples, iconic treks, roaring watrefalls, sky kissing mountains, grand views, lack of urbanisation and a rich local culture is what Igatpuri is so famous for. The fresh air and good food only add to list of reasons why Igatpuri is so famous! This is why Igatpuri tourism is loved by many.

Nomenclature/Etymology of Igatpuri

Did you know that the fancy sounding Igatpuri was earlier called as Egutpoora?

Igatpuri altitude

The height of Igatpuri is only 1,968 feet or 600 meters. Igatpuri height from sea level is lower than that of the nearby Bhandardara.

Area of Igatpuri

Igatpuri is spread across only 15 square kilometers.

Where is Igatpuri located?

Igatpuri is located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. Igatpuri is also located close to Bhandardara, another nearby tourist attraction.

My friend Jeetendra Sharma in camel valley of Igatpuri during monsoon.

History of Igatpuri

Not many tourists are aware of the historical significance of Igatpuri. Did you know that you can also visit the churches and graveyards of British railway officers from a bygone colonial era? Read on this blog to know more about the history of Igatpuri.

Best places to visit in Igatpuri

What are the must-visit attractions in Igatpuri? Despite its small size there is no dearth of places to see in Igatpuri. You can easily spend a day or even a week exploring all the treks, waterfalls, temples, meditation centres and hill forts hidden in the Sahyadri mountains of Igatpuri.

I have written all that you wanted to know about the tourist attractions of Igatpuri in this elaborate travelogue. Such travel guides are not available mainstream media and traditional guide books.

These tourist attractions of Igatpuri are not to be missed! I am sharing some of the top places to visit in Igatpuri in this information packed blog.

Ghatan Devi Mandir

Trishul and marigold garlands welcomed us as we reached Ghatan Devi Mandir. Ghatandevi is the Goddess Adishakti, the protector Hindu deity of the ghats. Also known as Ghatandevi temple, it is the top place to see in Igatpuri. Tourists and devotees can arrive at the sacred Ghatandevi temple by crossing the famous camel valley.

Located in the backdrop of soaring Sahyadri peaks such as Trimbak, Harihar and Durvar Utvad, the setting of Ghatan Devi is one of the most picturesque ones I have ever seen. Located in Awal Khad, Ghatan Devi Temple is open from sunrise to sundown. Ghatan Devi Mandir which is surrounded by tall green hills, is the best place to visit in Igatpuri.

If you are unable to reach here, hire a rickshaw which will drop you to the Ghatan Devi Mandir. The famous Tringalwadi Fort is right behind the Ghatan Devi temple. Ghatan Devi falls on the left when arriving from Mumbai to Igatpuri. This Igatpuri temple is not to be missed! There is also some benches here where you can sit and perhaps meditate!

Ghatan Devi is a small temple where I saw many statues of Asian Elephants as well. While idols of two smaller strange looking elephants flanked each side of the main door of Ghatandevi Mandir, two large 7 feet tall statues of Elephants are also built near the main entrance. I also noticed small statutes of lions outside an educational building.

Dakshinmukhi Shri Hanuman Mandir of Igatpuri

Not many tourists know about Dakshinmukhi Shri Hanuman Mandir of Igatpuri. Devoted to Hanuman Bhagwan it is located near the Vipasanna Center. It is a must visit place in the silent town of Igatpuri Maharashtra.

Camel Valley: Place to see in Igatpuri

Camel valley is the perfect picnic spot in Igatpuri for those who are looking for a place to relax and chill in the lap of nature. There are several waterfalls here which attract the tourists. There is a must-see place at the popular Camel Valley where 5 different waterfalls coming from various sources fall on the top of each other at a common place. No wonder, camel valley is one of the most spectacular sights of Igatpuri which tourists love! There are many such hidden places in Igatpuri!

Me in Camel Valley in monsoon. Top places too see in Igatpuri Maharashtra.

It is also possible to witness this spectacle from the railway as well. When you are coming from the Bhatsa River Valley, the Camel Valley can be approached on the right. Bhatsa River Valley and Camel Valley are just few kilometers apart. Needless to say, Camel valley is one of the top tourist places to see in Igatpuri hill station near Mumbai.

Camel valley, which lies on the right of the highway, is located just 4 kilometers away from the main Igatpuri town. Popular with both photographers and nature lovers, there is no entry fee here. River rafting and river crossing also takes place here depending on the season.

Soul Window Observation

There are also several mini plateaus where we walked aimlessly for hours and goofed around! The more we walked, the more unnamed view points we discovered.

In fact, I feel that the entire area in and around Igatpuri is made of view-points! No matter which direction I looked at, I was greeted with gorgeous views everywhere!

There is no proper fencing or indication which suggest the location of the camel Valley. This is why it is easy to miss Camel Valley. How to identify the location of Camel Valley then? As I kept walking in this area, I spotted a slope which had a sheer fall of 1,000 feet or 304.8 meters. You can also see a waterfall here with full force.

Camel Valley is also one of the best photoshoot places in Igatpuri. It is a pleasure to watch the lazy mists play hide and seek with tall mountains. Now you see a mountain head, now you don’t!

Dhamma Giri in Igatpuri

People, or rather seekers from India and foreign nations stay at the Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre and practice Vipassana for at least 10 days. The literal meaning of Dhamma Giri is the ‘hill of Dhamma’. It is the main center of the global Vipassna organization.

Dhammagiri Igatpuri registration can be done on the reception as well as online. Dhammagiri is located only 2 kilometers away from Igatpuri railway station. Meditating here is the top thing to do in Igatpuri Maharashtra.

Dhamma Giri is the best place to visit in Igatpuri if you are keen to purify your body and mind. What better way to detox your body by eating healthy sattvic food, doing hours of meditation and focusing on the breathing pattern.

Much like the life and times of Buddha, there are individual cells inside the Vipasanna Center where the participants can meditate in solitude as well. It is a strict meditation course where mobiles are not allowed.

Complete disconnection with the outside world is encouraged here. In fact, the participants are not even allowed to make eye contact or talk to each other. The major aim of such strict meditational course is that the participant should focus on himself so that he can inch closer to achieve complete inner peace! That is how it must have been like when Gautam Buddha spent years meditating amidst nature and solitude.

Soul Window Observation

When Buddha roamed the earth, he practiced Vassa regularly. Vassa used to be the 3-months long Buddhist monastic retreat which used to take place every year in the rainy season. Every monsoon, Gautam Buddha used to spend a long time at one place and meditate.

Lasting 3 lunar months, Gautam Buddha spent many rainy seasons in Shravasti near present day Indo Nepal border and Vaishali in Bihar. This is why I feel,monsoon is the best time to do a meditation Vipassana coursein Igatpuri.

Rainy season is also when the mind is calm and joyful due to continuous rains and abundant nature. I also visited places such as Kushinagara, Kapilvastu and Rajgir where Gautam Buddha spent a lot of time.

Vipassana Center of Igatpuri

The Vipassana Center tops the list of places to visit in Igatpuri. The Vipassana Center of Igatpuri reminded me of similar Vipassana meditation centres I visited in other parts of India such as Dharamshala, Jaipur, Pushkar and Shravasti. Vipassana Center of Igatpuri is one of the best places to see in Igatpuri even if you are not enrolling for a meditation course. It is also known as Vipassana International Academy Dhammagiri.

You can choose to do a longer course as well at the Vipassana International Academy. Several meditation courses which are based on the teaching and sermons of Gautam Buddha are taught here regularly. The peaceful environment, silence, abundant nature and the lovely architecture makes it an ideal place for a long-term meditation course. Once the course is completed, especially the popular 10 days long course, the participants can experience ego lessness, mental peace, calm and resilience.

As we all know Vipassana centres were founded by Shri S.N. Goenka in the year 1976. There is no set fee here to do residential courses at Vipassana Centre Igatpuri. The participants can pay as per their wish. Isn’t it amazing that the accommodation, food, course and meditation instructions are given here free of cost?

This mutt is very popular for its picturesque setting. In my experience, the Igatpuri Vipassana Center is the most beautiful one I have ever been to in India. The landmark Vipassna center of Igatpuri is one of the best places to do a serious meditation course in India.

Vipassna Centre is one of the most authentic and largest meditation center of the world. It is a once in a lifetime experience to do Vipassana course in Igatpuri. Toursist are, of course not allowed to enter the meditation courses classes but the tourists can take a free walking tour around the premises of Vipassana Centre.

Vipassana is an old technique which was discovered and practiced by Gautam Buddha himself more than 2,500 years ago. It is said that with this technique even the illness could be cured.

Everyone is welcome to take part in Vipasanna irrespective of religion, skin colour, gender, cast and creed. That said, it is not easy to take the vow of silence for 10 days or more!

You can also go to the main office or reception area of Vipassna Centre and inquire about the courses which are on offer at the institute. There is a proper Visitor’s Hall located within the campus of Vipasanna Center.

The world renowned Vipassana school of Igatpuri is open for walk in visitors from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The unusual architecture of the pagoda also makes it one of the most beautiful places to see at Igatpuri.

Myanmar Gate of Igatpuri

The Dhamma Giri Math and Vipassana Meditation Centre in Igatpuri is accessed through the beautiful Myanmar Gate. It is nothing but the entrance gate of the Vipassna Center. However, the Myanmar gate is so beautiful that it is worth visiting the gate only.

Thanks to the photo opportunities it provides, the Myanmar gate has become a popular tourist destination in Igatpuri. You can arrive at the popular Myanmar gate from the Igatpuri Railway Station from a narrow winding road surrounded by greenery. The gate looks Thai in architectural style. Such places in Igatpuri are tourist magnets. Even the ceilings of Myanmar gate are gorgeous. Beautiful Buddhist style floral patterns are drawn all across the ceiling of this unique entrance gate.

My friend Suman Singh posing with Myanmar Gate near Vipassana Centre in Igatpuri Maharashtra

Soul Window Observations

The ornate decorations and awe-inspiring architecture of Myanmar gate reminded me of the pagodas I visited in Tat Mu or Tamu in the Sagaing region of the north west Myanmar. Tamu is located near Moreh in Manipur, a North East Indian state.

Buddha Park of Vipasanna Center

As I inched towards the famous Vipassana Center of Igatpuri, a colossal golden pagoda greeted me in the far distance. The fresh rain drops on the deep pink lotus flower in the nearby pond started a little dance when I fanned it a little. Located in the lap of nature, I felt positive vibrations here which are hard to explain in words!

This garden is located next to the Myanmar Gate. Many tourists love to sit in the Buddha Park and while away time just appreciating the bounty of nature. When visiting in the monsoon, the lush green mountains that surround the area here act as balm to the eyes. It is the perfect place to unwind.

The tall pillar or Ashok Stambh in the Buddha Park premises are must-see. It reminded me of my visit to Vaishali in Bihar and the ancient stupas of Sarnath, both of which were visited by Gautam Buddha himself.  There are also several paintings around the Buddha Park which depict the life and times of Buddha Bhagwan. My favorite was the painting where Buddha Bhagwan is giving sermon to his followers and the monks bow to him and fold hands in reverence.

My friend Jeetendra Sharma with the local harvest in Igatpuri Maharashtra. Notice the moss on the walls due to heavy rains.

Paramahansa Yogananda Sadhanalaya – Igatpuri

This Igatpuri ashram is off the beaten track. Inaugurated on 7th March, 2002, retreat facilities are available in the Igatpuri Sadhnalaya on both single occupancy as well as dormitory style stay. Accommodation of men and women are separate.

Much like the nearby Vipassana Center, guests are encouraged to maintain silence here as well. This Sadhnalaya or ashram in Igatpuri is perfect for those who are looking for a little peace from the hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle.

Some of the activities offered in this Igatpuri Ashram include YSS Energization Exercises and group meditation classes. This Ashram sprawls across 16 acres. Surrounded with lush green mountains, it is the perfect place to do dhyan and sadhna (meditation). There is also a library and a shop here where you can buy YSS recordings and books.

Below are the contact details of Paramahansa Yogananda Sadhanalaya:

Address: Paramahansa Yogananda Path, Yoganandapuram, Igatpuri, Pin: 422403

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone numbers: +919823459145 and +918087618737. You can call on all days of week except Mondays.

Timings: 9 am – 5 pm

Ram Mandir

When you are coming from Kasara to Igatpuri, Ram Mandir lies a little before the Igatpuri Railway Station.

Bhatsa River Valley: Place to visit in Igatpuri

Trekking around the Bhatsa River Valley is popular as you can get breathtaking bird’s eye view of the serpentine Bhatsa River and the verdant valleys that surround it. The azure sky adds to the beauty of the landscape here. The trekking trail here are not very difficult which is why many trekking enthusiasts head to Bhatsa valley, especially in monsoon and winters. Being one of the top Igatpuri tourist spots, the Bhatsa River Valley attracts a lot of weekenders.

Lying in the basin of the beautiful Bhatsa River, the green hillocks around this place are a must-visit place near Igatpuri. The scenic views, abundant vegetation, good food, fresh air and unusual rock formations make Bhatsa River Valley very popular with the tourists.

Bhatsa River Valley is located between Thal Ghat aka Kasara Ghat and Igatpuri. When you approach Igatpuri from Mumbai, Bhatsa River Valley falls on the route. It is located at the end of Thal Ghat and right before Igatpuri when you travel from Mumbai.

Bhatsa River valley is one of the most popular tourist spots near Igatpuri. It is possible to see Camel Valley, Ghatan Devi and Bhatsa River valley in a single day as all of these tourist attractions are located very close to each other.

Soul Window Thoughts

The perfect dreamy valleys that we all drew in our classrooms (rebels are not counted!) when we were young students exists right here in Igatpuri! At every turn and corner! To my romantic eyes, everything looks so perfect in Igatpuri during monsoon, that it is hard to believe that it is not a man-made paradise, where everything is kept at its place as a part of a master plan!

Railway Bridge: Watch a rail pass by

The iconic railway track poetically cutting across the valley adds to the charm of Igatpuri. Watching the train pass on this railway track is a favourite pastime for many. This Igatpuri tourist point is a hidden gem. We spent a lot of time finding this offbeat place in Igatpuri. Once we located the railway bridge cutting through the verdant hills. we actually waited for a long time for a train to pass by so that we could stand witness to this spectacle.

The railway tracks cutting through the mountains look like they are from some postcards. It is nothing less than a visual treat to just sit on the grass and see the trains pass through the verdant mountains spread as far as the eye could see.

However, one needs to wait for a train to pass through this. This is one of the most unusual things to do in Igatpuri. I waited for a long time on grass for the train to pass in far distance on a bridge between two hills.

Soul Window Observations

During rains, this spectacle is worth waiting for! I also observed a huge waterfall gushing down behind the railway bridge when the train passed through it. It looked like as if some precocious kid had placed these props in an aesthetic manner. It looked too surreal to be true!

Beautiful flowers in Igatpuri

Several other exotic flowers in vibrant colors such as red, pink, white, yellow, purple, cream etc broke the largely monochromatic visuals of the Buddha Park. Needless to say, the flowers also attract beautiful butterflies in various colors, determined to perform their duty of pollination.

I saw even more flowers in the gorgeous Kaas plateau of Satara. Most of these Beautiful flowers in Igatpuri can be seen in rainy season. Monsoon is also a good time to see mushrooms around Igatpuri. This is when mushroom grows in large number in most places of this side of Maharashtra. You can see them on stems on thick trees or even amongst the undergrowth.

Birdwatching in Igatpuri

Thanks to the undulating green fields, incessant rains and vast water sources around Igatpuri, there is rich biodiversity here. From exotic native birds to small colorful insects, there is a lot which photographers can click in Igatpuri. Many birdwatchers and wildlife photographers come to Igatpuri solely for this experience. During Igatpuri trip, I was particularly engrossed with clicking the picture of a slow-moving snail near a beautiful lotus flower.

Soul Window Thoughts

The snail moved past us languorously, as if encouraging us to slow down by setting an example. Hardly do city dwellers pause and listen to the sounds of nature. Hardly do we stop and smell the roses (Or is it lotus?) We indeed have a lot to learn from the gentle snail I made friends with in Igatpuri.

Yoga and wellness retreats in Igatpuri

Quiet places like Igatpuri are apt for a quick Yoga session. The open spaces, fresh air and general good weather of Igatpuri is conducive for several Yoga sessions. This is why, do not forget to pack in your Yoga mat and Yoga dress while preparing for Igatpuri tour.

Nourishing for the mind, body and soul, Igatpuri is a must visit place near Mumbai. There are many Yoga and Wellness retreats in Igatpuri where you can enroll for a rejuvenating holiday. The Yoga Centers of Igatpuri have well trained professionals.

Village walk in Igatpuri

We had also walked around the small villages that dot Igatpuri. There is a certain joy I find in connecting with the local people of the destinations I travel to. While walking around in the villages of Igatpuri, I interacted with many local people. It taught me many things not only about the local lifestyle but also the local customs. For example, I saw a man carrying a huge pile of leaves.

During the walk, I also noticed some walls with thick moss on it. The effects on monsoon left a beautiful art on the unplastered brick walls. A snail walked past slowly as if taking the modern lingo of ‘taking it slow’ a bit too seriously.

I could have failed to notice such small things had I skipped the village walk. During my perambulations around the lanes of Igatpuri, I also interacted with many local people, which added to my immersive Igatpuri experience.

Heritage walk in Igatpuri

During the walk in Igatpuri, I also noticed several buildings or Wadas that reflected the Marathi architectural style. I saw many such old historical wadas in Wai. The heritage walk will take you to a bygone era. History will reveal itself to you, one layer at a time! You can take a self-guided heritage walk or hire a local tourist guide.

Igatpuri Jain temple or Jain teerth

You can also visit a Jain Temple which is located near Igatpuri and around 12 kilometers away from Nashik. The lovely architecture of this Jain Teerth is worth appreciating. The Jain temple premises are also very well maintained by the temple authorities. Pink sand and marble are used in constructing this larger-than-life Jain temple near Igatpuri.

Pure Vegetarian ingredients are used in making the holy food or prasad of this temple. The sattvic food at bhojanalaya is also worth eating. However, the bhojanalaya closes before sundown.

Jain pilgrims worship a huge idol of the Jain deity, the 24th Tirthankara. You must dress modestly if you want to visit this 3 storey tall Jain temple around Igatpuri. Do not wear shorts or bermuda pants here as it is not allowed.

Address: Khalchi Peth, Girnare, Igatpuri, Maharashtra, 42904.

Pracheen Digamber Jain Mandir

Pracheen Digamber Jain Mandir is located on the way to the famous Tringalwadi Fort in the Igatpuri Taluka of the Nashik district. It is a very old temple. However, much of the idols, decorated temple pillars, details on the walls and even old inscriptions on the wall are intact.

Igatpuri vineyard

Since Igatpuri is located very close to Nasik, which is known as one of the most famous wine growing regions of India, you can also visit a winery. I had visited the vineyards of Nashik several times especially during the wine festivals.

Not only can you crush the fresh grapes with your feet but also visit grapes gardens, have a factory tour, do wine tasting and even stay in the premises of the vineyards overnight. You can easily club the visit to a vineyard with Nasik trip.

Camping in Igatpuri

This cute little hill station near Nashik has so much to offer to the discerning travellers. Igatpuri is also a popular choice for camping. Many youngsters from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik head to Igatpuri and nearby attractions to enjoy camping in picturesque locations around Igatpuri. After visiting places in Igatpuri, some people love to just chill and unwind at a camping site, preferably next to a dam, waterfall or lake. Talegaon lake, for example is quite popular with camping enthusiasts.

Kayaking in Igatpuri

You can also do kayaking at some places in Igatpuri. Kayaking is organised by many tour operators in Igatpuri. Not many know that kayaking is one of the top activities to do in Igatpuri with friends, family and even office colleagues.

Other activities in Igatpuri

Other water sports such as body surfing, River raft boating etc are also organised at Igatpuri.

Churches in Igatpuri

Have you been to any Igatpuri church? There are a few churches in and around Igatpuri. St Mathias Church of Igatpuri has historical importance. One signboard at this Igatpuri church says, “commonwealth war memorial graveyard”. It is a church from the British colonial era. The graves from the British era at this church now lie in ruins. This is one of the lesser-known Igatpuri tourist places.

The graves here belong to the people who worked in Great Indian Peninsula Railway. You can read the plaques on graves and you can understand the background of the person who was buried here. Some of these graves belong to Doctors, Engineers, Administrators, accountant etc who worked with GIP Railway. Graves of British soldiers of WWI are also found here. Their family members were also buried here.

Once in a while, some of the descendants of people who are buried here come here to pay their respects to their ancestors. One of the epithets reads:

“In Loving memory of Sarah Wright, who died 17th August, 1906 aced 56 years and 8 months.”

Another epithet reads:

“In remembrance of Elizabeth Mary Barnett, who laid the foundation stone of this Church, died easter day 1894. The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Another tablet says,

“In loving memory of Rev Thomas Corfield B.A. who was Railway Chaplain of Igatpuri for 25 years and died here on the 12th August 1894. Regretted by all who knew him. This tablet is erected by members of this congregation and friends as a token of regard and esteem.”

Built in the year 1892, old British era construction style can be seen in the church. It is located on the Church Hill Road. Apart from visiting Commonwealth War Graves, also notice the stained-glass windows inside the main prayer hall of this Igatpuri Church.

Sacred Heart Church of Igatpuri is also visited by some tourists.

Igatpuri Waterfall

There are countless visible and hidden waterfalls in Igatpuri. These unnamed Igatpuri waterfalls come alive in the monsoon months. Some of the best waterfalls of Igatpuri are concentrated in and around the Camel valley area. Tall waterfalls, cutting through the oddly shaped rocks are a common sight in the Camel Valley. Waterfall near Igatpuri can be easily visited.

While I noticed that some of the waterfalls are huge and hard to miss, there are several smaller waterfalls in Igatpuri which reveal themselves when I walked and drove around Igatpuri. It is a pleasure to watch these waterfalls snaking their way into the deep valleys before disappearing from sight! When you will visit here you will realize why Igatpuri is one of the best hill stations near Nashik. This Igatpuri waterfall is a must-see place!

Vihigaon waterfall

Located near Igatpuri and Nashik, Vihigaon waterfall is a must-visit place. The 120 feet tall waterfall here attracts tourist and travelers alike. You can access the Vihigaon waterfall through the pathways in dense woods. What’s more?

If you love adventure, then you can even do waterfall rappelling here for 30 minutes! Waterfall rappelling is the top adventure activity to do in Igatpuri.

You might need to allocate at least half a day here if you want to do all the activities. If all else fails to get you interested, merely sitting here and soaking in the natural beauty of the Vihigaon waterfall is enough!

Vihigaon is also a great getaway for kids and family who can come here to enjoy a weekend, especially after the exams get over. Vihigaon waterfall is located around 58 kilometers away from Nasik. The best time to visit Vihigaon waterfall is during the monsoon months. The large secluded pool surrounded by greenery attracts tourists from various nearby cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Nasik etc.

Soul Window Travel Tip

You can even trek up to the hill that surround the Vihigaon waterfall. From the top of the hill, you can get a brilliant vantage point to soak in the panoramic views of Vihigaon waterfall. Not many know about this secret hack. This vantage point will also get you drone camera like shots of the waterfall without using a drone camera.

Dams in and around Igatpuri

Talegaon Dam and Lake

Formed by the small Talegaon dam, the Talegaon lake is also frequented by tourists in all the seasons. What can be more soul satisfying, than camping near the nature? Some people also like to camp on the banks of Talegaon lake under thousands of stars. Camping can also help you do star gazing on a clear moonless night. The Talegaon lake is one of the most unusual places to see in the hill station of Igatpuri.

Surrounded by tall mountains, Talegaon is a secret haven, located away from the crowds near the Tringalwadi lake. The unexplored Talegaon lake is worth visiting for the solitude that it offers. If you are a water baby like me, you will love spending some quiet time at the Talegaon lake and dam. The soul nourishing sight, smell and the sounds here make it worth visiting.

Vaitarna dam Igatpuri

Built around the year 1950, the Vaitarna dam Igatpuri is now a major tourist spot. Not only does the dam attract lot of picknickers but also the birds. Built on the voluptuous Vaitarna River in the Saturli Village, this dam in Igatpuri is one of the most popular places to visit here. What makes Vaitarna dam stand apart is the fact that it is the first gravity dam of its kind.

Vaitarna Dam is also instrumental in providing water and electricity supply to some areas of the nearby metro city of Mumbai. Many residents of Nasik, Mumbai and Pune love to do picnic at Vaitarna dam amidst the backdrop of lush green western ghats, fuelled by the heavy rains. There is also a park nearby!

Upper Vaitarna

First things first! Upper vaitarna is not same as Vaitarna dam. The upper Vaitarna dam is even more beautiful and secluded. It is a hidden place in Igatpuri which only few people know about. Located away from the crowds, upper Vaitarna is an unseen place. Not many know about Upper Vaitarna because it is off the touristy trail.

Vaitarna Ghat is located 28 kilometers away from Igatpuri town centre. Many people also set camps near the Vaitarna Dam and Upper Vaitarna, so that they can enjoy the surreal sunrise from here. You can either take a public transport to reach Vaitarna Dam or ride your own bike or car. Vaitarna Dam and Upper Vaitarna are one of the most popular one day picnic spots near Igatpuri.

Bhavali Dam of Igatpuri

Thousands of tourists arrive at the scenic Bhavali dam to enjoy hot tea, bhajiya and sweet corn. The beautiful views around the Bhawali dam are what attracts tourists. Located just 20 minutes ride away from the Mumbai-Nashik highway of Igatpuri, Bhavali dam is a must-visit!

During monsoon, expect countless big and small waterfalls here. Also spelt as Bhavli dam, the sunsets here on a clear day are breath-taking! The water of this dam is also very clean! Monsoon is the best time to visit Bhavali Dam.

Darna Dam near Igatpuri

This man-made dam near Igatpuri is quite popular with tourists and locals alike. Darna dam was constructed in the year 1916 by the British invading settlers, on the Darna River near Igatpuri. Located on the national highway of Nasik and Mumbai, Darna Dam is a must-see place around Igatpuri. The lake is full of water during the monsoon season. This is also when most tourists visit Darna Dam.

If you have timed your visit right, you can also stand witness to the opening of the Darna dam gates. The sight of water rushing out of the gates is a visual delight! Darna Dam is 5,360 feet or 1,634 meters long and 91 feet or 28 meters tall. The total catchment area of the Darna Dam spans a whooping 404 square kilometers.

Treks in and around Igatpuri

Trekking in and around Igatpuri is one of the best adventure activities in Igatpuri. I have also written a detailed guide on the best treks near Nashik city. These treks also offer gorgeous views of Maharashtra scenery in monsoon. Apart from the list of treks I shared in that blog, I am also sharing some of the top one-day treks which you can do in and around Igatpuri.

Tringalwadi Fort Trek

The 10th century old Tringalwadi Fort can be accessed by a day trek from Igatpuri. It is easy to reach Tringalwadi Fort as it is located right behind the famous Ghatandevi Mandir. Perched on an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level, it is one of the best places to visit near Igatpuri.

Tringalwadi fort is one of the top Igatpuri tourist destinations. There are many such forts in Igatpuri but this one is special due to its historical importance and ease of accessibility.

The bird’s eye view of the Nasik and Kokan route from the top of the Tringalwadi Fort is breathtaking to say the least! Much like other fort treks of Maharashtra, Tringalwadi fort trek also attracts trekkers and hikers from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and other cities. It is an easy trek in Igatpuri.

It is a perfect weekend getaway for sure! Overlooking the entire mountain range that carpets Igatpuri and Kasara, the top most point of this trek gives surreal panoramic views, especially in monsoon.

Is Tringalwadi fort trek difficult? No, it is an easy to medium trek. Hiking on these mesa rock formations, it takes only 1.5 to 2 hours to complete this trek one way. Tringalwadi trek is also known for its famous Hanuman Mandir which is accessed by a narrow spiral stairway.

There is also a Jain temple with old stone statues of deities. You can also see some old inscriptions here. From a distance, the top of Tringalwadi fort appears like a pagdi or turban. Also, watch out for the old water tank here. Talegaon lake is also nearby.

Pandav Leni Caves, which are located at the foot of the Tringalwadi Fort is a must-see place in Igatpuri. An idol of Buddha Bhagwan can also be seen inside the caves. In fact, you will see many such caves as you climb to the summit of Tringalwadi Fort. The views of the Tringalwadi fort is also breathtaking from the summit of the Tringalwadi fort! Thank me later!

A small dam forms this pristine lake. The base village Tringalwadi to this trek is just 3 kilometers away from the fort. The Konkan Nasik route which the fort overlooks also served as a trade route once upon a time. 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. is a good time to do Tringalwadi fort trek. The farmers grow crops near the base of the Tringalwadi fort. There is a rough motorway here on dirt track which makes the base village accessible by a vehicle. However, during heavy rains, it is not possible for vehicles to play on the last 3-4 kilometers.

Sandhan Valley Trek

Igatpuri and the surrounding areas are a paradise for those who loved adventure activities and outdoor activities. Sandhan valley which is located in Ahmednagar in North Maharashtra is one of them. The canyon like Sandhan Valley is now one of the top places to see near Igatpuri.

Sandhan Valley Trek is one of the most popular treks of Maharashtra. Also known as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra, Sandhan valley trek offers exclusive views of the rocky terrain it passes through. Sandhan Valley, which is around 2 kilometers long and 200 feet deep is one of the most popular treks near Nashik, Igatpuri and Mumbai.

Sandhan valley is also known as ‘the valley of shadows’ because the sun rays are unable to reach here due to the narrow passages through tall rocks. Alang, Kulang and Madan, the most dangerous treks in Maharashtra are also located near Sandhan Valley. Ratangad and Ajoba are also located nearby. Sandhan Valley trek, located near Samrad villlage is one of the best treks to do in the majestic Sahyadris in Western Ghats. It is are to see such combination of valley and canyon at one place. You should be physically fit to do this trek. Prior trekking experience is always welcome. Several Mumbai based tour operators take regular trips to Sandhan Valley.

Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai peak is known as the Mount Everest of Maharashtra for a reason. Kalsubai is the tallest mountain in Maharashtra. Many trekkers head to Kalsubai shikhar throughout the year. However, monsoon is when the Kalsubai trek is the most beautiful.

Perched at a height of a whooping 5,400 feet or 1,646 meters, Kalsubai is a must visit place near Igatpuri, Nashik and Bhandardara. Anyone can easily reach the top of Kalsubai peak through the man-made stairs which come with railings. There are many other hills around Kalsubai which can be easily scaled. Kalsubai is located only 32 kilometers away from Igatpuri. The trekking trail of Kalsubai falls under the Kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary.

Kulangarh Trek

At 4800 feet or 1463 meters, Kulangadd or Kulangarh fort is one of the tallest hill forts of Maharashtra in West India. Predictable, the views of the other peaks from the summit of Kulangarh fort are awe inspiring! This is one of the best tourist places near Igatpuri.

The summit of Kulangadd peak, which is also known as Kulang Fort is an ideal place to view the Naneghat, Kalsubai and Dhakoba peaks from a distance. These are all located in various directions. A tourist/trek guide can help you identify these peaks.

As you enter this imposing fort, a huge cave can be seen on the right side of the main entrance gate of the fort. The trekkers use the neatly man-made stairs which lead to the top. The rock carved steps make the ascend a little easier. Besides old water cisterns and water tanks, ruins of large rooms have also been found here. Some historians say that these rooms were used as storehouse.

Karoli Ghat Trek

A lot of tourists from Mumbai and Nasik head to Karoli Ghat, a popular one-day picnic spot near Igatpuri. The pouring rains in monsoon make the drive even more scenic. The replica of Konkan Kada from Harish Chandragad is clearly visible when one treks to Karoli Ghat. It is an easy to medium trek that lasts 2-2.5 hours one way till one arrives at the peak of Karoli Ghat.

Located in the Western ghats, Karoli ghat lies within the Kasara range. The pass here leads from Konkan to Deccan plateau. Many Mumbai and Pune based tour companies sell Igatpuri trekking packages at reasonable rates.

Bitangad Trek

There are ample adventure activities in Igatpuri. This hike is off the beaten track. This hill fort of Maharashtra is a lesser-known place. Perched at a height of 3500 foot or 1066 meteres, it is an offbeat trek near Mumbai and Nashik. There is not much to see on its summit except for lovely views of the Kalsubai range of mountains.

Needless to say, much like other fort hills of Maharashtra, the plateau on the top of the hill is inundated with dense vegetation. It has a very small summit. Like other fort hills of Maharashtra, some old water cistern can be found on the top. Many trekkers also sit and relax at a cave here while ascending upwards.

Madangad trek

Also spelt as Madangarh, it is easily spotted by the tourists on the busy Mumbai-Nasik highway itself. Located on an altitude of 4,700 feet or 1,432 meters, it is a must visit tourist place in Igatpuri. There are dense forests here.

Trekkers can also climb on the 20 metres long steep rock face to arrive at the hill top Madangad Fort. However, care must be taken while trekking here as it is a technical trek. But if you are interested in thrilling adventure sports, then you will enjoy it. It is not easy to climb on the rough rock patches in this part of Sahyadri mountain range. This is why, the trekkers need ropes to climb here. It becomes even more tricky during the monsoon as the grass is slippery.

Avandha Fort Trek

Located on a height of 4,300 feet, the Avandha fort is quite popular with tourists. During trekking at Avandha Fort, you can also get to see the old rock cut caves and as many as 5 water reservoirs. The Avandha Fort can be accessed from Kadwa and Girwadi village. The Avandha fort trek is one of the most unusual things to do near Igatpuri.

Avandha Fort is a difficult level fort, therefore not many people attempt it. It is still one of the best treks near Igatpuri. From the summit of Avandha Hill, it is easy to see other Fort hills of Maharashtra such as Aad Fort, Patta Fort and Mhasoba Hill. Located in Aundhewadi village, sandwiched between Ahmadnagar and Nasik, Avandha Fort is a must-visit place located close to Igatpuri.

Top things to do in Igatpuri

What is there to do in Igatpuri? Many people underestimate what Igatpuri hill station has to offer to tourists. The sheer choice of things you can do in Igatpuri makes it a great escape from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

What are some must visit places & things to do while visiting Igatpuri? Below are some of the top activities to do in Igatpuri.

  • Get wet
  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Doing Yoga
  • Village walks
  • Visiting dams
  • Rock climbing
  • Temple hopping
  • Temple hopping
  • Doing meditation
  • Waterfall rappelling
  • Camping under stars
  • Have a relaxing massage
  • Walk down the valleys like I did.
  • Look out for several wild, untamed waterfalls during walk.

If you are not into any of the above-mentioned activities, fret not! Doing nothing is also one of the top activities in Igatpuri.

Excursions from Igatpuri

There are many places around Igatpuri which can be easily clubbed with the Igatpuri trip. Below are some of the best excursions from Igatpuri.

Kasara Ghat

Everyone who reaches Igatpuri also ends up passing through Kasara if coming from Mumbai side. Mountain passes are known as ghats in Maharashtra. It is not to be confused with ghats of Varanasi. The mountain pass of Kasara connects Nasik with Mumbai. There is no way you can reach Igatpuri from Mumbai and not pass through Kasara Ghat.

The beautiful Kasara is located very close to Igatpuri. Kasara and Igatpuri are only 30 minutes and 20 kilometres apart. This is why you can easily cover the distance between Kasara and Igatpuri via train or bus or even shared cab.

Also known as the Thal Ghat, Kasara is as stunning as Igatpuri in monsoon if not more! Kasara is located at a height of 1919 meter of 585 meters.

Adventurers and nature lovers also find Kasara exciting. There are several day treks around Kasara which you can do with friends and family. Several waterfalls on the way just adds to the beauty of this small little place.

In rainy season, the verdant ghats of Kasara are carpeted in unending fields of grass. Thick fogs in monsoon may hide the view but the mist keeps appearing and clearing.

The scintillating views from Kasara Ghat and its natural beauty are a tourist magnet. Kasara is a favourite picnic spot for residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Nashik. Located in the Sahyadris range of the Western Ghats, Kasara Ghat is well connected to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane via local trains.


Bhandardara is a nice and quick getaway from Igatpuri. I had taken shared cabs to Bhandardara from Igatpuri at very nominal price. Since I was travelling in monsoon, many small and big waterfalls fell on our way to Bhandardara from Igatpuri.

Lush green fields and cotton clouds were our constant companions. There are many dramatic waterfalls and picnic spots in Bhandardara. Many tourists club Igatpuri and Bhandardara on a single trip.

How far is Bhandardara from Igatpuri? The distance between Igatpuri and Bhandardara is only 44 kilometres. It takes only 1hour and 20 minutes to cover the distance via Maharashtra State Highway 44.

Amruteshwar Mandir

This 1200 years old Hindu temple, which is devoted to Shiv Bhagwan is hidden in the small village of Ratanwadi. It was constructed by King Jhanj of the Shilahara dynasty. He had constructed a total of 12 temples. Built in the year 900 C.E., the architecture of Amruteshwar reflects the temple making style of Maharashtra in that era.

Carved from stone, Amruteshwar is a must-see sightseeing attraction around Igatpuri and Bhandardara. Managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, Amruteshwar Mandir is known for exquisite carvings on stone.

Built with red and black stones, Amruteshwar Temple is located on the banks of the holy Pravara River in the lesser-known Ratanwadi village.

You can reach Amruteshwar Temple from the quaint hill station Igatpuri via Bhandardara dam. You can also do trekking in Ratanwadi.

Distance between Amruteshwar Mandir Ratanwadi and Igatpuri is 59 kilometers and it can be covered in 2 hours via MH SH 44.

Distance between Bhandardara and Amruteshwar Temple Ratanwadi is 15.4 kilometers and it can be covered in just 40 minutes via Ratangad to Rajur road. Amruteshwar Temple is a hidden gem and one of the best offbeat places to see near Igatpuri and Bhandardara.

Do not leave the temple without noticing the unusual murals on the ceiling and wall of Amruteswara temple. Brilliant carvings of floral patterns and statutes can also be seen on the pillars of the temple.

Soul Window Thoughts

I had also seen amazing murals in Brihadisvara temple and the ceiling of Lepakshi Mandir. The exquisitely ceiling of the famous Durga Temple in the temple town of Aihole in the South Indian state Karnataka is also worth a mention!

Festival of Igatpuri

Ganpati Mahotsav or Ganeshotsav is the most celebrated festival in Igatpuri. Buddh Purnima is also celebrated in the Vipassana Center. These are the main festivals of Igatpuri Maharashtra.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Igatpuri

Which food is famous in Igatpuri? Well, what can be a better food to enjoy in rains than a piping hot Vada Pao? Bhajiya Pao and Samosa Pao is also very popular in this region of Maharashtra. Many local vendors also sell delicious sweet corn in monsoon in many touristy places in Igatpuri and in fact all over this part of Maharashtra such as hill station of Lonavala Khandala and the waterfall rich Malshej Ghat.

You should also try to find local staple food of Maharashtra such as Zhunka Bhakhari, Thalipeeth, thecha and puran poli. These local dishes are very healthy and light on stomach.

I don’t know how people can visit a place and be wary of its local food. But if unfortunately, you are also one of those tourists then you can also find North Indian, Punjabi, Continental and Indian Chinese food at most of the restaurants in luxury hotels.

Is it safe to visit Igatpuri?

Igatpuri is totally safe to travel to with friends and family. I visited Igatpuri with a male and female company and felt totally safe. Most of the places to see at Igatpuri despite being in secluded location felt very safe to me and my friends.

If going on the treks, to be on a safer side, always have a company, preferably that of a local guide. This is just to ensure that you do not lose your way on the trek. Also, God forbid, in case something wrong happens on the trek, there should be someone around you to help and rescue you.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Igatpuri

There are some shops at the Vipasana Centre from where you can buy books, CDs and other merchandise related to meditation and Yoga. You may also pick some local snacks which have a longer shelf life. Apart from these there is not much to buy in Igatpuri.  

ATM in Igatpuri

Yes, there are a few ATMs in Igatpuri but not enough. Therefore, it is a wise idea to carry sufficient cash with you from your origin city. Mosy of the ATMs are located near the scenic Igatpuri Railway Station.

Photography Tips for Igatpuri

All Igatpuri tourist attractions are visually stunning! Igatpuri is a paradise for photographers, especially in the monsoon months. During the rainy season, the landscape of Igatpuri comes alive with a certain freshness which is hard to explain in words. Photographers also love to take macro shots of insects and close details of flowers, freshly washed in rains. Bird photography is also quite popular in Igatpuri.

Hire local tourist guide in Igatpuri

Although you will not require a local guide to show you around the main tourist attractions of Igatpuri, you may require them for access to some hidden places of Igatpuri. For example, a local tourist guide can make all the difference when you hire him to hike with you to Tringalwadi Fort. The locals know the places as well as the fish knows how to swim.

Languages spoken in Igatpuri

Marathi is the most commonly spoken and understood language in Igatpuri. While Hindi is also spoken by many local people, few understand English as well.

Toilet facility in Igatpuri

You can find most of the clean toilets around the Igatpuri railway stations. Some dhabas or restaurants of Igatpuri also have clean toilets. Do not forget to order something before you use the toilet in a restaurant in Igatpuri.

Entry fee in Igatpuri

There are many free things to do in Igatpuri. Most of the major attractions of Igatpuri has no entrance fee at all. For example, you can visit several places of interest in Igatpuri such as Ghatan Devi Temple, Camel valley, Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Myanmar Gate, gardens, Vipassana Centre free of cost.

You do not need to pay anything to visit most of the tourist attractions of Igatpuri. That makes Igatpuri a very low-cost destination from Mumbai and Nashik.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Igatpuri

What is the budget required to visit Igatpuri? It is a commonly asked question about cost of travel to Igatpuri. Igatpuri is one of the most inexpensive places I have travelled to in Maharashtra or elsewhere. What makes Igatpuri a pocket friendly destination from Mumbai is that you can take a free walking tour at most of the tourist places of Igatpuri.

Also, the cost of food, local transport and accommodation in Igatpuri is very low which makes it a dream destination for solo budget travellers like me. Being a backpacker, I had an amazing weekend break from Navi Mumbai at Igatpuri. I explored all the top tourist places in Igatpuri without breaking the bank.

Solo Trip Tips for Igatpuri

Thanks to the good connectivity and ease of travel here, it is possible to travel solo in Igatpuri without much of a worry. As a solo traveller, you can easily visit all points of attraction in Igatpuri within a day and return back.

However, all said and done, I feel places like Igatpuri are best enjoyed with friends and family because there is so much to do here.

Luxury travel Tips for Igatpuri

Expenses in Igatpuri can be as low as you want and as high as you can spend depending on the facilities you are looking for. Luxury hotels in Igatpuri have all the modern frills that you can wish for.

You can have a luxurious vacation in Igatpuri. There are many hotels and Igatpuri tour packages which offer luxurious stay in 5-star hotels and resorts. You can also choose from luxury cars for sightseeing in Igatpuri.

Where to stay in Igatpuri

There are many places to stay in Igatpuri for all budget types. If you are a budget traveller, you can stay at one of the low-cost lodges and home-stays near Igatpuri railway Station. Many budget hotels are concentrated near the cute little railway station of Igatpuri.

If you are a luxury traveller, you can opt for some of the high end 5-star properties in Igatpuri. Several hotels in Igatpuri come with swimming pool, luxurious rooms, modern frills and luxury amenities. Best place to stay in Igatpuri are those which are away from the crowd. Igatpuri resorts for family are equipped with facilities which a family may be looking for. There are also some pet friendly resorts in Igatpuri.

The five-star resorts and luxury properties can also arrange a sightseeing tour in Igatpuri on request apart from the usual pick up and drops. You can choose from resorts for couple and family. Many hotels also cater to couple stay in Igatpuri.

Many friends also hire cheap villas and cottages, split the cost and enjoy a fulfilling weekend break from Mumbai and Pune. Many people also book the entire Igatpuri villas when traveling in group of family and friends. Luxury resorts in Igatpuri are also very well maintained. Some of the best places to stay in Igatpuri are located a little away (yet close) from the Igatpuri railway station.

What to wear in Igatpuri

In monsoon, you must carry a windcheater, rain coat or poncho. I prefer wearing sandals and flip flops or chappal over shoes when in rains in Maharashtra because it is much easier to dry flip flops than shoes. There is hardly any escape from rain when it pours in this part of Maharashtra. In winter, carry light woollens or light jacket as it can get slightly cold during the night.

Timings of Igatpuri

All the major attractions of Igatpuri are best visited between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. This one-day trip to Igatpuri is best thing you can gift yourself on a weekend.

Best Time to visit Igatpuri?

Is Igatpuri open now? Which is the best time to visit Igatpuri? Which season is best for Igatpuri? These are some of the most frequently asked questions on climate of Igatpuri. Based on my multiple visits to Igatpuri, I can easily say that Igatpuri weather varies from month to month. Igatpuri temperature, I feel is the most pleasant in monsoon months.

June to mid-September is the best time to visit Igatpuri. This is when the beauty of Igatpuri is enhanced by the rains. Kilometres of green carpets soothe the eyes during the rainy season. That said, Igatpuri, being a hill station enjoys moderate to cold weather throughout the year. In fact, I visited Igatpuri on 5th September. It drizzled all day and the weather was gorgeous!

Me feeling cold in Igatpuri even in monsoon. Winter is colder in Igatpuri Maharashtra!

Winter in Igatpuri

What are the places to visit in Igatpuri during winter? You can visit all the above-mentioned places in winter as well. Did you know that Igatpuri is even cooler than the more popular Lonavala Khandala throughout the year, due to its altitude of 2,000 feet?

The temperatures are very cool in Igatpuri in the winter months. Is Igatpuri cold in December? January and December are the coldest months in Igatpuri but do not expect the cold which one experiences in North India.

A light jacket is sufficient to fight the cold in Igatpuri. Though winter is also a good time to visit Igatpuri, however, do not expect the visual beauty which one experiences in the rain-washed monsoon in Igatpuri. All said and done, places to visit in Igatpuri during winter are same as stated above.

Summer in Igatpuri

Can we visit Igatpuri in April? Can we visit Igatpuri in March? Which are the best places to visit in Igatpuri in April? Summer is not really the best time to visit Igatpuri. The green landscape of Igatpuri is replaced by dull, brown dry grass. The cool temperatures of Igatpuri in monsoon and winter is replaced by hot and humid climate, especially during the day.

Monsoon in Igatpuri

What are the best places to visit in Igatpuri in Monsoon? What is the best season to visit Igatpuri? Monsoon is the best time to visit Igatpuri. Rainy season is also my personal favourite time to pay a visit to Igatpuri. It is during monsoon when Igatpuri looks and feels the best. Incessant rains, mist laden landscapes, abundant flowers and great food makes monsoon the best season for Igatpuri.

Rainy season is also the peak season in Igatpuri when hordes of tourists from nearby Mumbai and Pune visit and enjoy their time in Igatpuri. In fact, I have always preferred to visit Igatpuri in the months of June, July, August and September.

These are the best months where you can enjoy a lovely vacation in Igatpuri. This Igatpuri travel guide is based on my own experience of a holiday in Igatpuri during the rainy season.

Duration of Visit in Igatpuri

How many days to spend in Igatpuri? Igatpuri is a small place which can be easily covered in small span of time and most points of attractions and sightseeing places of Igatpuri are located very close to each other.

What can I do in 1 day in Igatpuri? Igatpuri is quite an easy place to travel to. On my first visit to Igatpuri, I had visited it only as a one-day weekend getaway from Sanpada in Navi Mumbai.

I was easily able to visit Ghatandevi Mandir, camel valley, railway bridge view point, Myanmar gate, gardens, Dhamma Giri and Vipassana center.  One day was enough for me and my friends to cover all the major attractions of Igatpuri.

What can I do in 2 days in Igatpuri? However, I recommend to spend at least 2 days in Igatpuri so that you can also include some treks like the easy Tringalwadi trek, right behind the Ghatandevi mandir, Bhatsa River Valley, Vihigaon (Ashoka) waterfall and Dams in Igatpuri such as Darna Dam. If you want to do more treks such as sandhan Valley, then you will need more than 2 days of sightseeing in Igatpuri.

Itinerary for Igatpuri

Here is a simple to follow one day itinerary for Igatpuri.

  • Leave early morning from Mumbai/Navi Mumbai. 8 a.m. is a good time. The earlier you leave Mumbai, the more time you have in Igatpuri.
  • Arrive at Igatpuri by 11 a.m. at least.
  • Visit Ghatan Devi, Camel Valley, railway bridge view point, Vipassana Center, Myanmar Gate etc.
  • Leave Igatpuri and return home the same day via train, bus or car.

Below is a simple to follow 2 day or more itinerary for Igatpuri.

For 2 days or more in Igatpuri, after doing sightseeing in Igatpuri as stated above, reserve the next few days to do treks, water sports, adventure activities and visiting dams and waterfalls around Igatpuri. You can also head out to Bhadardara and Amruteshwar Temple if you have ample time.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Igatpuri

You can hire a local rickshaw or hop on to a shared cab which plies between Igatpuri and Kasara or Igatpuri and Bhandardara etc. These are available right outside Igatpuri railway station. You can also hire an autorickshaw for sightseeing in Igatpuri since most of the major attractions of Igatpuri are located very close to each other. You can also hire a private luxury vehicle if money is not an issue with you.

How to reach Igatpuri

How do I get Igatpuri? Below are all possible ways to reach Igatpuri

Local Train to Igatpuri

Vashi to Kasara local train route is also easy to follow. When I lived in Sanpada near Vashi, I used to catch the earliest possible local train to Thane. From Thane, train to Kalyan is available. Kalyan has a direct connection to Kasara. From Kasara several shared cabs and trains to Igatpuri are available.

Long Distance Trains

If you do not want to change local trains several times, then you can also catch any long-distance train from any metro city which passes through Igatpuri. You can get down at Kasara from where you can take one of the many shared cabs, taxis and auto rickshaws for Igatpuri. Igatpuri Bhusaval Memu train and Mumbai-Lucknow Pushpak Express is quite popular.

Bus to Igatpuri

You can also take a bus to Igatpuri from places like Mumbai, Pune, Kasara, Bhandardara etc. Government run ST buses are very cheap, efficient and punctual. Igatpuri to Pune buses are also very popular.

Road Trip to Igatpuri

It is also a good idea to take the Mumbai Nasik highway and stop at Igatpuri. The roads here are very smooth and well connected. It is a pleasure to drive on this highway. Care must be taken while driving on the highway in monsoon as sometimes the roads can be covered in dense mist.

Fly to Igatpuri

Igatpuri has no airports. The closest airport from Igatpuri is located in Nasik. Mumbai and Pune also have busy airports with very good connectivity with most Indian cities.

Distance from Igatpuri

Distance from Mumbai to Igatpuri is 122 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours via NH160

You can read more on How to reach Igatpuri on my blog. A Soul Window is one of the best Travel blog examples for students.

Conclusion: Is Igatpuri worth visiting

Here are my final thoughts on Igatpuri as a holiday destination! Why visit Igatpuri? In a nutshell, Igatpuri is the perfect weekend destination from Mumbai, Nashik and Pune. The bottom line is that thanks to the proximity of Itagpuri with metro cities like Mumbai, and Pune, it is a popular vacation destination for many tourists.

When I visited Igatpuri, I was amazed that there are so many special places to see in Igatpuri. To summarize why Igatpuri is worth a visit is because of the numerous activities it offers which ranges visiting temples, doing meditation and yoga, indulging in adventure sports like waterfall rappelling, trekking, visiting waterfalls and dam near Igatpuri etc.

The sight of the lone cloud sailing lyrically across the blue sky will always stay with me. With so many places to visit in Igatpuri, it is a favorite picnic spot of many tourists. Do visit Igatpuri either solo or with friends and families.

The view from my Soul Window is so refreshing!

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