Pangong Lake in September: The glorious autumn season!

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Pangong Lake weather in September

Pangong Lake in September is also the best time to visit here. What is it like doing a Pangong Lake tour in September? Winters begins to set in Pangong Tso and Leh towards the last week of September, which is why September is considered to be the last month of the official tourist season of Pangong Lake. Not many tourists know this that traveling to Pangong Lake in September can be very rewarding and satisfactory.

September, being the autumn or fall season, indeed is an unusual month to travel to Pangong Tso. But it is also one of the best times to visit Pangong Lake. This comprehensive travel guide on weather of Pangong Lake elucidates on all you ever wanted to know about the same.

The traditional guidebooks, magazines and even websites do not have such detailed information on the weather, climate, temperature of Pangong Lake in September.

Pangong Lake weather temperature climate best month to go Leh Ladakh

Is it good time to visit Pangong Lake in September?

Is it OK to visit Pangong Lake in September? Yes, during my visit to Pangong lake, I noticed many backpackers, tourists and travellers from countries of South East Asia and Europe, U.S.A. etc. I myself travelled with them from Leh to Pangong Tso and back.

There are various reasons why many people do not travel to Pangong Lake during September in hordes. It could be studies, exams, leaves from office, doubts about weather conditions and several other reasons which stop people from traveling to Pangong Lake in September. But I highly recommend that you visit Pangong Tso in September.

Pangong Lake temperature in September

The minimum temperature of Pangong Tso Lake in the month of September is -2 °C. The maximum temperature of Pangong Tso Lake in September is 18°C. This is why September is one of my favourite months to visit the Pangong Lake within low budget.

I found the Pangong Lake temperature in September to be very pleasant, especially in the day. Temperature in Pangong Lake yesterday, today and tomorrow can be easily found on the internet. Do check the current overall temperature in Pangong Lake area before heading here.

This will help you to prepare better and know what to expect when you arrive here. The temperature, after all doesn’t remain the same throughout September.

How is weather in Pangong Lake in September?

I found the weather of Pangong Lake to be very pleasant in September. While I experienced bright, sunny and yet balmy mornings and afternoons in Pangong Lake during September, the evenings were also not very cold. However, as it darkened and night fell, it started to get very windy and cold.

Is Pangong Lake too cold in September?

While I found the water of Pangong Lake to be very cold in September, the area around the lake was not very cold, especially during mid-morning and afternoon. However, be warned that the temperature in Pangong Lake in September can be very low during night.

All said and done, there is nothing to worry about the cold in Pangong Lake in September. You just need to wear proper clothes and the cold weather of Pangong Lake can be easily tackled even in September.

Is Pangong Lake frozen in September?

No, Pangong Lake is NOT frozen in September? If you want to see frozen Pangong Lake, then December, January and February are more suitable months. I am not a fan of frozen lakes, so I prefer visiting Pangong Lake in months such as September when the water is clear and in liquid form.

Does it rain in Pangong Lake in September?

I stayed for many days in Pangong Lake and not once did it rain. It doesn’t usually rain in and around Pangong Lake in September. However, even if it rains, worry not! Even during the peak monsoon season, it doesn’t rain much in most of the places of Ladakh, including Pangong Lake. Also, the rain stops very soon here. So, if it rains, just sit back, relish some hot piping momos with tea and chill.

Pangong Lake temperature weather climate best month to visit. Leh Ladakh

Is Pangong Lake open for tourists in September?

Yes, Pangong Lake is open for tourists in September? But it is not as simple as it seems. Read this complete weather guide to Pangong for an overall understanding of what’s it like to travel to Pangong Lake in September. Let us look as some of the never-ending questions regarding the same.

  • Is Pangong Lake closed in September?
  • Can we visit Pangong Lake in September?
  • Can we go to Pangong Lake in September?

These are some of the frequently asked questing regarding weather, temperature and climate of Pangong Lake in September. Based on my own travel experience to Pangong, I am answering all your commonly asked queries in this exhaustive blog.

So, is September a good month to visit Pangong Lake? Absolutely yes. In fact, I feel September is one of the best months to pay a visit to Pangong Lake. While it is not the same as traveling in Ladakh in the peak season, I found it to be even more rewarding. I can say that with confidence, because I have travelled to Pangong Lake during both peak and shoulder season.

My Experience of visiting Pangong Lake in September

I have visited the pristine Pangong Lake, Leh and many other tourist destinations of Ladakh in September as well. I noticed that while the days are cooler and warm in day during September, the nights can be chilly and windy. During my visit to Pangong Tso in September, I was able to move around in just a T shirt and Jeans and even Kurta Pyjama during the day.

Autumn Fall colours Pangong Lake Weather in September Temperature Climate Best Time to Go Leh Ladakh

I pulled out a light sweater during sun set in the evening hours. However, during night, I felt very cold. The strong winds were literally shaking my tent accommodation, which was located right on the banks of Pangong Lake. It was so cold during the night in September that I slept in a thick down jacket even inside the safety of my tent.

Also read: Month wise weather report of Pangong Lake

I noticed that the prices of stay, food in both Leh and Pangong Lake etc are generally low in September. I also noticed that in September, many migrant shop keepers and migrant staff employed in tourism industry of Ladakh also start to wrap their business and leave for other places such as the beach destination of Goa.

Fall colors of Pangong Lake in September: Autumn

Which season is it in Pangong Lake during September? It is autumn or fall in Pangong Lake in the month of September. A riot of colors welcomed us as I entered the area surrounding Pangong Lake. Before visiting Pangong Lake, I had no idea that it is autumn time in Ladakh and even the adjacent Jammu and Kashmir. I had not planned this trip. The trip happened to me.

It was a random Ladakh trip where I was invited for a sponsored trip by a company along-with many other top travel bloggers of India. I later extended the trip around Ladakh on my own expense and slow travelled across Ladakh. A friend from Mumbai joined me.

Slow travel has its own charms. It makes you go slow and appreciate the small nuances which we often miss during large group trips. This is when I noticed that the trees and shrubs around Pangong Tso and Nubra valley had turned in to a bright yellow during my autumn visit.

No matter where I looked, I was greeted with beautiful views. It was like someone painted the leaves in yellow. The stark blue of the sky and Pangong lake added to the beauty of it all. I was mesmerised with the beautiful fall colors around Pangong Tso in September.

Autumn fall colors leaves tree Nubra valley in September Hundar Diskit Leh Ladakh Temperature climate

The yellow and orange leaves also make the photographs and videos look bright and different. You can see such fall colors in and around Pangong Tso throughout the autumn months of September and October. In India, such spectacle can be seen mostly in the upper Himalayan region.

The bright yellow poplar trees and the fat willow trees, which line the roads and lake make the landscape look surreal and unusual during autumn. Despite the monochromatic foliage of Ladakh in autumn, it didn’t bore me. Some of the trees were still green when I visited Ladakh.

It is only in these places that the local climate, weather and species of trees are suitable for such a grand spectacle. I have travelled across much of the plains and hills of North India and North East India and never saw anything like this ever.

Soul Window Quirks

Both me and my friend were awestruck when we saw this. Needless to say, next we did an embarrassing photo shoot which lasted an hour. God alone knows why I chose to wear pajama kurta and sadri in that location!

Many of my friends who are NRIs and are settled in USA, post fall pictures on their social media accounts every autumn season. However, in India, we hardly get to see such dramatic fall colors.

Ladakh is one of the few places where I saw bright fall colors in India, much like how I noticed the unadvertised cherry blossoms in many parts of North East India. People pay hefty fees to see fall season in USA and Cherry Blossom in Japan. Did you know that you can do it for a fraction of cost in India?

Why spend a bomb travelling to USA and Japan when you can experience fall colors and cherry blossoms respectively in India. You can expect similar magic in Jammu and Kashmir during September and October.

Soul Window Observations

Having lived in Uttar Pradesh for the major part of my life, I can vouch that such colours can not be seen elsewhere in India during the autumn season, definitely not the great Indian plains. Mostly, we will see tons of leaves fallen on the ground unceremoniously in North India minus all the pomp and show.

This is one more reason why you should travel to Pangong Tso in September and October during the less popular fall or autumn months.

Landscape of Pangong Lake in September

Apart from the flames of yellow and orange raging through Ladakh, I was delighted to see clear blue waters (or rather multi-hued like Mansarovar Lake) and skies during my September visit to Pangong Tso.

Can we see snow in Pangong Lake in September?

Is there snowfall in Pangong Lake in September? It is a commonly asked question the answer to which you will find in this information packed guide to weather of Pangong Tso.

I didn’t experience any snow in Pangong Tso during my long trip in September. I briefly experienced a very mild snowfall while I was travelling from Leh to Pangong Lake via Khardung La and many tiny villages.

Khardungla Top Nubra Valley Pangong Lake Leh Ladakh Best Time to visit

I also saw a thick blanket of snow on Khardung La and many mountains which fell on the route, including the ones visible from Pangong Lake. To summarise, do not expect to see a heavy snowfall in Pangong Lake in September. Mostly, you can experience a mild snowfall here and there.

Things to do in Pangong Lake in September

Despite being the shoulder season, there is still a lot you can do in September. In fact, there are several free things to do in Pangong Lake in the month of September.

During our visit to Pangong Tso in September, I and my friend spent time going on long walks in evening, doing birdwatching, photo-shooting, sampling local food, visiting nearby offbeat places, sitting silently on the shores of Pangong Lake etc. You can also did camping by the lake in September. If you have some spare time, you can visit offbeat points of attractions around Pangong Lake. Most of the picturesque sightseeing attractions here are located in close proximity with each other. I discovered during my trip that there are many unexplored places here which are away from the crowds even during the peak season. Make it happen! It is always fun going off the beaten track!

Soul Window Thoughts

Despite being a forced digital nomad, personally, I always fail to write, work or even read a good travel book, sitting next to pristine places such as Pangong Lake. I am too distracted. I can always read and write when I go back home. When I travel, I travel. But if it works for you, do it! We were not supposed to be identical tea sets! Were we?

Festivals to attend near Pangong Tso in September

September is also a great time to attend the annual Ladakh festival, Naropa festival and the Cham mask dance festival. I have written about these annual festivals in detail on my blog on weather of Leh in September. Do read it for deeper insights of things to do in Ladakh in September. My blog A Soul Window is counted as leading Travel blogs in India.

All of the above-mentioned festivals happen in the month of September, only in Leh. So, if you are visiting Pangong Lake, then you can easily club the trip with these festivals. The dates of the festivals of Ladakh keep changing every year. This is when you can experience the diverse culture, music, food, dance, cuisine, language, costumes and lifestyle of the people of Ladakh under one roof.

Stay in Pangong Tso in September

Where to stay in Pangong Lake in the month of September? Is it even possible. During peak season you can book everything from fancy Eco Huts, concrete hotels, luxury stays, luxury camps, tents, the works! But is it also, the same in the month of September?

Here is all you wanted to know about this frequently asked question.

Are luxury tents available in Pangong Lake in September?

Where to stay in Pangong Lake in September? I was lucky to find accommodation in one of the last standing semi-luxury camps near the Pangong Lake in September. During our visit, most of the tents were dismantled and were being packed up till the next peak season.

We could see commodes, washbasins and toilets exposed in the absence of tents. Tourists should be careful with accommodation in Pangong area September because it is easy to end up with no place to stay here during these autumn months. It is a very remote place and if you are a solo budget traveller like me, then you can invite trouble with your imprudence.

Soul Window Travel Tips

If possible, then you should book accommodation in Pangong Tso in advance, either online or with an agent in Leh. I took chance and showed up as a walk-in. Luck was on my side like always and I easily found a nice tent within my budget.

Budget stay in Pangong Lake in September

I did inspect a concrete building before booking the tent. It was shabby, unclean and rough. I don’t mind it but I didn’t book it because the option to book a clean tent was available. However, if it was the last option in my budget, I would have taken it. Their rooms were quite huge, some of which were built to accommodate large groups of tourists.

We didn’t stay at this budget hotel in Pangong Lake, but ended up having instant noodles here which arrived very late, despite we being the only tourists there.

Camping in Pangong Tso in September

You should check before visiting if camping is allowed on the shores of Pangong Tso. As per guidelines, camping may not be allowed at Pangong Tso after 15th September.

Some of the white foreign women in their 20s, who accompanied us while returning also did camping a bit far away from the main tourist campsite. They found a little peaceful corner and did their own thing, including cooking and what not! We preferred the luxury of our spacious tented accommodation with a washroom and flush. I don’t really enjoy staying in small tents in sleeping bags.

Autumn Fall season Pangong Lake Temperature in September weather Climate Best Time to Go Leh Ladakh (2)

What should I wear in Pangong Lake in September?

As a male Indian traveller, I was easily able to manage in T Shirts, lowers, Kurta, Pajama, Sadri in the mid-morning, afternoon and early evening during my September trip to Pangong Lake. Having said that, I did need to wear my down jacket in night even inside my tent which had thick cloth. It was very cold and windy in Pangong Lake in September during my visit.

Soul Window Travel Tips

This is why, keep a mix of both light and woollen clothes if you are visiting Pangong in September. Carrying only woollen clothes will make you feel hot during the day whereas carrying only light cotton clothes will freeze you in your tent. The blankets will not help as much.

Packing list for travel to Pangong during September

Here is a complete checklist of items you will need if you are visiting Pangong Lake in September:

  • Snacks
  • Dry fruits
  • Cash
  • Gloves
  • Muffler
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglases
  • Medicines
  • Paper soap
  • Down jacket
  • Monkey Cap
  • Shawl (optional)
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Torch (Mobile torch is also ok)

You should also read my guide on what to carry for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Since Tibet has similar landscape and weather as Ladakh, the packing list sometimes overlap.

Should I carry cash to Pangong Lake in September?

There are not many ATMs in Pangong Lake even during the peak season. I highly recommend carrying sufficient cash to Pangong lake, especially in September. Digital transactions are also not accepted in Pangong due to its remoteness and lack of infrastructure. Leh city has several ATMs.

How to reach Pangong Lake in September?

Despite being the shoulder season in Ladakh, it is easy to find low-cost shared cabs from Leh to Pangong Tso in September.

Since lesser tourists visit Pangong Lake, visiting it during the shoulder season did threw challenges at me. Leh Market has many shops outside which the boards mention how many more people they need to visit Pangong Lake or even Tso Moriri and Nubra Valley in shared cabs.

Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake via Shyok river Agham Shyok Road Ladakh

If there are not tourists, the rides are often also cancelled in September. In that case, be ready to pay for the entire cab which is very expensive. Or wait for seats to fill up, which is also expensive because you have to pay the accommodation and food charges. In case you are a large group, you can always share costs.

I got lucky though! I waited for 2 days and did local sightseeing of Leh. Luckily, I found one more tourist from South East Asia with whom I could share the cab along-with my co-traveller for a reasonable cost. While returning, 4 European women accompanied us.

On another trip across Ladakh, I also visited the famous Chang La Baba Dev Sthal or Mandir (Hindu Temple) and the high-altitude Chang La pass signboard (17,586 feet or 5360 metres) while traveling between Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake via Agham Shyok Road Ladakh. We also passed through the breath-taking views of the serpentine Shyok River.

chang la pass signboard Nubra Valley Pangong Lake Leh Ladakh Best Time to visit

Pros and Cons of visiting Pangong Lake in September

While there are many advantages of paying a visit to Pangong Lake in September, there are certain disadvantages as well. I will discuss the pros and cons of Pangong Lake trip in September here.

Advantages of visiting Pangong Tso in September

Expect less crowds in Pangong lake in September. I and my friend almost had the entire lake to ourselves. We didn’t see a single tourist either in our tented accommodation or during walks around the lake. The few foreign tourists we saw had camped at a place far from the official tourist campsite.

You may also not get good food variety because most of the places shut or still shutting in September. But, worry not! You will not go hungry. Many restaurants are still open in September.

Disadvantages of visiting Pangong Lake in September

The disadvantage of traveling to Pangong Lake in September is that the cabs from the Leh city to the Pangong Lake might be tougher to get, if not impossible. Also, other tourist facilities dwindle in September. Some shops also shut due to less customers.

Best month to visit Pangong Tso Lake Leh Ladakh temperature weather climate

Conclusion: Why visit Pangong Lake in September

Why visit Pangong Lake in September? While the traditional guidebooks may discourage you from visiting Pangong Lake except the peak season, I feel otherwise. Having experienced visiting Pangong Lake, I can confirm that Pangong Lake in September is easily doable.

The lovely fall colours of autumn, visible lack of crowds, cheaper accommodation and complete attention from the service providers make September one of the best months for visiting Pangong Lake.

The view from my Soul Window is enjoyable!

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