Murudeshwar temple: Of Huge Shiva Statue, Big Gopuram & Atma Linga

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Information about Murudeshwar temple

Murudeshwar temple in Karnataka is a great weekend break from Bengaluru. This blog is about my solo budget trip to Murudeshwara. I traveled on a very low budget to Murudeshwar from Bangalore. Despite being small in size, I was impressed to that there are so many interesting places to see in Murudeshwar.

The tall Shiva statue, gorgeous Murudeshwar beach and fun activities such as scuba diving in nearby Netrani Island makes Murudeshwara one of the best offbeat places to visit in Karnataka in South India.

You can use this handy and quick guide to plan a solo budget trip in Murudeshwara. On the Hindu festival Mahashivratri, devotees from Karnataka and other Indian states throng in large numbers at Murudeshwar Temple and offer their prayers.

Nomenclature of Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is also known as

  • Mrideshwar
  • Murudeshwara

Shiv Bhagwan is addressed here as

  • Sri Mridesa Linga
  • Lord Murdeshwar
  • Murudeshwar Mahadev

Murudeshwara Temple is also known as

  • Murudeshwara kovil
  • Murudeshwar beach temple
  • Shri Murudeshwar temple
  • Sri Murudeshwara temple
  • Murudeshwara devasthana

Which God is in Murudeshwar temple?

The presiding deity here is Sri Mridesa Linga or Lord Murdeshwar. Devoted to Shiv Bhagwan, this temple is visited by thousands of devotees every day.

When was Murudeshwar temple built?

How old is Murudeshwar temple? It took many years to build Murudeshwar Temple. The colossal Gopuram of Murudeshwar temple was built in the year 2008? The construction of this Gopuram began in 1990. The second phase began in the year 1998.

Where is Murudeshwar located?

Located at a small town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttar Karnataka (North Canara) district in Karnataka, South India, Murudeshwar is a very famous destination of India. It was one of my first visit in the Uttar Karnataka aka North Karnataka.

Murudeshwar, I found, had a mixed features of Karnataka and the bordering state of Maharashtra, both my favorite states in India. The famous Murudeshwar Temple is located on the holy Kanduka Hills, surrounded by Arabian Sea on all 3 sides.

I discovered that the unique cuisine, language, weather, landscape, people etc living in Uttara Karnataka is quite distinct from other parts of Karnataka. The temple town of Murudeshwar is located very close to many places in Goa, the backpacking paradise of Gokarna and Karwar beach, both in Karnataka.

Why is Murudeshwara Famous?

Which is the tallest temple in India? Murudeshwar is famous world over for its tall Shiva Statue and Temple Gopuram. Murudeshwar devasthana is also famous for its pristine beaches and scuba diving opportunities in the lovely Netrani Island. I was lucky to visit all these places during my 2 months long temporary travel writer freelance job in Bangalore.

The night view of the Shiva Statue of temple Gopuram adds to the fame of Murudeshwar. Murudeshwar is also very popular with locals and tourists alike for the fact that you can take a lift to the top floor of the tall Murudeshwar temple Gopuram for sweeping bird’s eye views of the Murudeshwar beach, fishing village and the Murudeshwar town. And it costs almost nothing! It is thus also a popular picnic spot.

Despite its fame, I found Murudeswar to be an unexplored place, located away from the crowds in touristy places.

Why is Murudeshwar famous? The Murudeshwar temple is famous the world over for the gigantic Gopuram, tall Shiva Statues and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea from the top floor of the Gopurum accessed by a lift. What also makes the Murudeshwar temple famous is the 249 feet tall Gopuram. It is famous because the Raja Gopura is the tallest Gopura of the world.

The beauty of Arabian Sea surrounding the Murudeshwar Temple and the pristine Murudeshwar beach adds to its fame. Murudeshwar is also popular with young people because it allows them to indulge in Scuba Diving in nearby Netrani Fort or head to Mirjan Fort. The Gokarna Beach Trek is also popular with young adults.

This is the most comprehensive travel guide on Murudeshwar Temple.

Murudeshwar Temple History

Despite appearing contemporary, the modern exterior of Murudeshwar Temple belies its ancient history. The newly built structures of Murudeshwar Temple were commissioned by Mr. R.N. Shetty, A South India based businessman and philanthropist.

In ancient days, Murudeshwara was known as Mrideshwara. It is only after the construction of the impressive Hindu temple, that it was being renamed from Mrideshwara to Murudeshwar.

Architecture of Murudeshwar Temple

The Murudeshwar temple is built in typical South Indian Dravidian style. Murudeshwar temple is built at the visually stunning hillock called Kanduka Giri the beauty of which is enhanced by the gentle sea on all 3 sides of the temple. The other such temple I saw was the ancient Shore temple in Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, also in South India.

Built by Chalukya and Kadamba sculptors, the Murudeshwar temples impressed me with 2 colossal concrete elephants guarding the either side of the Gopuram. These life size elephant statues are a major attraction here. Many tourists flock to get a picture with the elephant statues. The 20 storey high Gopuram itself is impressive.

Who made Murudeshwar Temple?

One of the commonly asked questions is who built Murudeshwar Temple? Businessman and philanthropist Shri R.N. Shetty is credited with constructing the modern part of the Murudeshwar Temple.

Shri S K Achar who is a famous Tamil sculptor and his sons Swaminathan, Dakshinamurthy along with a large team of 500 Tanjore-based sculptors have contributed in the construction of the Rajagopuram. Shri S K Achar is also credited with guiding the construction of the world-famous “Vivekanada Rock” in Kanyakumari.

Places to visit in Murudeshwara

There are so many interesting things to do and unusual places to see in in Murudeshwara devasthana. Some of the top places to see in Murudeshwar are listed as below. These places are not found in the traditional travel guide books.

Murudeshwar Temple

What is the story of Murudeshwar temple? Let me unravel the lesser-known mystery of Murudeshwar Temple. The unique Shivlinga in the form of a rough rock exists here. The ancient Murudeshwar Shivling in the inner sanctum is located 2 feet below the hollow ground. I saw something similar in Siva Dol in Sibsagar in Assam of North East India.

The garbhagriha or the sanctum sanctorum is a pleasant departure from the mostly modern constructions in and around Murudeshwar Temple. The presiding deityat Murudeshwar Temple is Murdeshwar also known as Sri Medisa Linga. As per the Hindu beliefs, the Linga present in Murudeshwar temple Karnataka is a part of the Atma Linga which fell here originally.

Hindu devotees are allowed to enter and perform various rituals such as Rathotsava, Abhisheka and Rudrabhishek from the threshold of the sanctum. The spiritual atmosphere inside the Murudeshwar temple is enhanced by the soft glow of the many lamps which light up the dark interiors.

Expect a long queue as devout Hindu pilgrims line up for a darshan of Shivlinga. Devotees are however not allowed to enter inside the sanctum.

Do share this detailed travel guide on Murudeshwar with your friend and family. This exhaustive blog explains all the stories associated with Murudeshwar Temple in detail. A Soul Window is the best travel blog of an Indian backpacker. It is also a nice travel blog example for students.

Shiva Statue in Murudeshwar

Where is the largest Shiva statue in the world? Here is all you wanted to know about the world-famous Shiva Statue of Murudeshwar. This is the top place to visit in Murudeshwar. The iconic Shiva Statue which is 123 feet or 37 meters tall is the second largest Shiva statue in the world.

I took a small flight of stairs to climb towards the statue of Shiv ji. It is a beautiful statue. I performed a parikrama around the statue to admire it from different angles. This idol is so huge that I was able to see it from far distance.

This statue of Bholenath is built in such a way that it receives direct sunlight. This is also why, I noticed that it sparkles in sunlight. Constructed by Shivamogga’s Kashinath and many other sculptors, it is a must-see place in Murudeshwar.

Statue of Lord Shiva’s manifestation as Bhaghirnath and descending as holy Ganga River is also not to be missed here. There are many such statues carved around the grassy knolls and hill here. These are also the highlights of Murudeshwar tourism. There are so many reasons to plan a vacation to Murudeshwar.

Soul Window Observations

Later I saw similar statue of Shiv Bhagwan in Char Dham atop the Solophuk hilltop of Namchi in Sikkim in North East India.

So, which is the tallest Shiva Statue in the world? The Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in the only Hindu nation Nepal is the tallest statue of Shiv ji at 143 feet or 43.5 meters. It is located in Sanga, about 20 kilometers away from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Raja Gopura of Murudeshwar temple

Which is the biggest temple in Karnataka? Raja Gopura, which I noticed first as I headed towards Murudeshwar temple from Murudeshwar railway junction impressed me with its grandeur. The Raja Gopura is the tallest Gopura of the world. I craned my neck to admire the beauty of the Raja Gopura from all angles.

When I visited the front of the Raja Gopura was blanketed with dark shadow. So, I moved to the other side. I was agape mouthed to see sun casting its soft glow during the early evening hours.

What is Murudeshwar Gopuram height? The Raja Gopuram of Murudeshwar devasthana measures 209 feet in height. Climbing on the top floors of Raja Gopura is the best things to do in Murudeshwara.

Do not miss my video on Murudeshwar Temple. Click to see.

Observation Deck at Raja Gopura

The detailed art work on the exterior walls of the Raja Gopura was worth appreciating. What also impressed me was that visitors were allowed to take the lift to the top floor of Raja Gopura. I took the INR 10 (No kidding) lift to the top floor of Murudeshwar Gopuram.

The top floor has been converted to an observation deck for people to enjoy bird’s eyes view of Murudeshwara town and scenic Murudeshwar beaches. It is the only gopuram in the world which has a lift.

While one window allowed me to enjoy the views of the gorgeous Arabian sea, the other window allowed me to have a panoramic view of the massive statue of Shiv Bhagwan. The view of the Murudeshwar town and the picturesque village was equally mesmerizing. Of course, carrying your drone camera is optional here.

As is common with all Hindu temples, I and other tourists were not allowed to enter the lift with shoes. I deposited my shoes at the nearby shoes counter before entering the observation deck at Raja Gopura. Some of the best offbeat places in Karnataka are here. People come here to enjoy the Murudeshwar 360 view.

Murudeshwar devasthana in Night

Though you can visit all main attractions of Murudeshwar in half day, I would still recommend that you stay overnight in a Murudeshwar beach resort to enjoy the beauty of Murudeshwar in night. Bathed in lights, the Murudeshwar temple looks entirely different from what it looked during the day.

Also, the vibes of Murudeshwar by night is entirely unique. It is absolutely worth it to spend a night extra here to experience Murudeshwara by night. I have covered all the aspects of Murudeshwar in this information packed travelogue, based on my own experience.

It reminded me of my magical experience of Petra by Night in Jordan in the Middle East. You should also see all of my videos on Jordan and read blogs on same.


I also visited an impressive artwork from another Hindu epic called Mahabharata. If you are facing the Raja Gopura, on the right side, you will notice many gigantic sculptures scattered on the well-manicured lawns of the Kanduka Giri hills.

One such sculpture depicts Krishna Bhagwan passing valuable life lessons to Arjuna. These lessons are known as Shrimad Bhagwat Katha or Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. Spending some time here is the top thing to do with family and kids. There are many such free things to do in Murudeshwar.

Sun Chariot

There is a beautiful Sun Chariot located on the lawns near the Murudeshwar temple. Here, the Aruna is depicted as the charioteer of Surya Bhagwan. 7 horses which represent the 7 days drive the chariot. This Beautiful and huge chariot and the sun is a major attraction here. This is one of the best places near Murudeshwar Temple.

Besides spirituality, many people also come to Murudeshwar as a picnic spot. It is an easy and low-cost weekend destination from Mumbai, Bengaluru and Mysuru after all.

Lord Ganesh Sculptor

The sculpture of Ganesh Bhagwan, son of Shiv ji in the Murudeshwar temple precincts is a must-see. You can take a free walking tour here.

Atma Linga

Located close to the statue of Shiva ji is the sculpture depicting Ravana giving Atma Linga to Ganesh ji. There are many secrets linked to this historical destination. I have shared some lesser-known facts here.

The statues depicting the scenes associated with Atma Linga are built right beneath the tall statue of Shiv Bhagwan. It is a rare example of depicting Atma Linga in statue form. No where else have I seen statues depicting the story of Atma Linga. It is a top place to see in Murudeshwar.

Soul Window Observations

You can read a detailed article on Atma Linga on my blog A Soul Window. These are some amazing facts few know about.

You must also read my blog on another Shiva Temple known as Baijnath Dham. Located in Himachal Pradesh near the hill station of Palampur, McLeodganj and Bir-Billing, this temple also has stories associated with the Atma Linga.

Rameshwara Linga

Rameshwara Linga is where the Hindu devotees do seva themselves. It is located at the bottom of the hill. It is one of the top places to visit in Murudeshwara.

Shaneswar Temple

There are many temples near Murudeshwar. Shaneswar Temple is another must-visit place here. It is located right next to the idol of Sri Akshayaguna. Many devotees visit this sacred temple all day.

Murudeshwar Beach

Beaches in Murudeshwar are some of the most beautiful and unspoiled I have seen in India. Murudeshwar Beach, I observed was very popular with both locals and tourists alike. Most visitors and pilgrims head to the Murudeshwar beach after having Darshan at the temple.

The best time to be at the beaches in Murudeshwar is early evening when the weather is pleasant. The quaint beaches here are some of the best sightseeing places in Murudeshwar.

The Murudeshwar beach is vast and has a long coastline. The other side of the beach is lined with the boats of the locals. It made quite a spectacle to see flags in different colors fluttering wildly on equally colorful boats. What’s not to love? Visiting Murudeshwar Beach from Bengaluru is easy.

Scuba Diving in Murudeshwar Temple

What is there to do in Murudeshwar? Did you know you can also do Scuba Diving near Murudeshwar Temple? Murudeshwar scuba diving is the top thing to do here. It is a lesser-known diving site in India. Scuba diving in Netrani Island is one of the unusual things to do in Murudeshwar. Netrani is a must-visit if you love going off the beaten track.The best part is that Netrani island scuba diving cost is very low. Several Netrani island scuba diving packages are available right at Murudeshwar Temple. Snorkeling in Netrani islands is also very popular activity here.

It is more fun to do scuba diving at Netrani island with friends. Netrani island is located only 19 kilometers away from Murudeshwara devasthana. Clear water of Murudeshwar sea is great for spotting exotic marine life.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food Guide to Murudeshwara

When I was exploring the temple town Badami along with Pattadakal and Aihole, I had a casual chat with a stranger Swapnil Soni who asked me to click his and his wife Rashmi’s photo. “Have you tried the food of Uttar Karnataka?”, asked the stranger, now friend.

I refrained from saying, “Yes I had Idli, Uttapam and Dosa” and accepted my inability to find the unique food of Uttar Karnataka. He then showed me pictures of the food. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it in either Badami or Murudeshwara.

I tried to find the Uttara Karnataka food in few restaurants that lead to Murudeshwar Temple. However, I again ended up eating Idli Vada which I didn’t mind as it tasted very good. The portion size was also quite big for the price of just INR 100.

There are many places to eat in and around the premises of Murudeshwar temple. Expect to snack on local ice creams, idli, vada, dosa, bhajiya etc. The prices of these are reasonable as well.

Murudeshwar Temple Timings

The Murudeshwar Temple and Gopuram Lift is open from 3 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Entry Fee

It is a frequently asked question. Entry is free in Murudeshwara temple. In fact, there are several free things to do in Murudeshwar devasthana.

Is Murudeshwar safe to visit?

Being a male Indian, I have never faced any safety issue anywhere in India, including remote places such as Arunachal Pradesh in North East India or Ladakh in North. All the points of attractions in Murudeshwar are under constant watch of security personnel.

Luxury travel Tips for Murudeshwar temple

If you are on a luxury trip, then you can hire a cab from Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mumbai or Pune. Once you reach Murudesvara, there is not much money can buy.

Budget travel tips for Murudeshwar

Can you believe that the cost of my entire Murudeshwar trip was under only INR 1,000? The total cost of INR 1,000 also includes sleeper class train tickets from Bangalore, random food and water I bought during the train journey and the money I spent at the Murudeshwar Temple vicinity.

Once I got down at Murudeshwar railway junction, I didn’t have to spend a single rupee to arrive at the Murudeshwar temple. I just walked from the Murudeshwar Railway Station to Murudeshwar Temple. Since all the tourist places in Murudeshwar are located close to each other, it saves cost further. Backpacking on a very low budget is very easy here.

This is all I spent during my day trip to Murudeshwar:

Lunch of massive Idli Vada: INR 100

Lift to top floor of Murudeshwar Gopuram: INR 10 (Yes, read that again)

Ice Cream: INR 10

So, once in Murudeshwar, I spent only INR 120 (beat that) apart from the super cheap sleeper class train tickets from Bengaluru. This is my cheapest travel since year 2008, when I started traveling independently across India and foreign nations. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t have spent more! The cost of Lift to the top floor of Murudeshwar Gopuram was just INR 10.

Soul Window Thoughts

In my experience, I have never seen an experience so amazing and yet priced so low. In western countries or Middle East nations, this would have been sold as a premium experience for the price of your diamond studded teeth.

But then Murudeshwar devasthana is in India, where pricing is done reasonably and keeping in mind the varied demographics of this vast nation. India after all is the 7th largest nation and 2nd most populous nations of the world.

What to wear in Murudeshwara temple Karnataka?

Is there any dress code for Murudeshwar temple? Being a highly revered place, it is wise to dress modestly here.

Murudeshwara doesn’t get as cold as North India even in winter. You can easily enjoy Murudeshwar temple trip in cotton shirts and pants/shorts throughout the year.

Duration of Visit in Murudeshwar

How many days to spend in Murudeshwara? What can I do in 1 day in Murudeshwar? I visited all the places of interest in and around Murudeshwar temple within a span of few hours. In fact, I headed towards the temple as soon as I got down from Bengaluru to Murudeshwar Railway station.

What can I do in 2 days in Murudeshwar? If you have some extra time and money, you can spend 2 days in Murudeshwar. I highly recommend enjoying the stunning sunset over the beach here. Also, the lighting of the Murudeshwar Temple is a sight to behold. It is a must-see spectacle.

Best time to visit Murudeshwar


I visited Murudeshwar Temple on 21st September. The morning and evening were very cool this time. Noon was sunny and humid but still good. Expect cooler weather of Murudeshwar in November, December and January. October and February also have mild temperatures as compared to other months.


March, April, May, some days in June are very hot months in Murudeshwar.


June and July are the months when it rains heavily in Murudeshwar. You can still plan Murudeswar trip in rainy months as the climate is very pleasant.

Festival of Murudeshwar temple

Mahashivratri is celebrated at Murudeshwar Temple on a grand scale. Mahashivratri usually falls in the month of February or March every year. This is the time when many people visit this holy Shiva Temple.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Murudeshwar temple

I saw many small shops right outside Murudeshwar temple selling pooja samagri, toys, trinkets and local namkeens, farsan and snacks.

ATM in Murudeshwar temple

There are a few ATMs near Murudeswar Temple. You will mostly visit only Murudeshwar Temple, so it is unlikely that you will go anywhere else for cash withdrawal. It is best to carry some cash from your city of origin such as Bengaluru and Mumbai, Pune etc.

Photography Tips for Murudeshwar temple

You must take a round of Murudeshwara temple and the Shiva statue so that you can get various angles of the temple. If you are not carrying drone then you can take the lift to the top towers of the Gopuram of Murudeshwar temple. Not only can you capture breath taking views of the tall statue of Shiva Ji but also that of ocean. This is a secret photography tip no one knows about!

Hire local tourist guide in Murudeshwar

You do not need to hire a local guide here as most of the tourist attractions here are self-explanatory. However, if you are able to find a local guide, do hire him so that he can show you some hidden gems here.

Languages spoken in Murudeshwar devasthana

Kannada and Marathi are commonly spoken in Murudeshwar as it is located in Uttara Kannada or North Karnataka. This region shares its border with Goa. Hindi is also commonly understood and spoken by many. You can also find many people speaking English here.

Toilet facility near Murudeshwar temple

Clean toilets are located right outside the Murudeshwar temple. These are pay and use toilets. Near the restaurant area also you can find some toilets.

Where to stay in Murudeshwar

From basic guest houses to low-cost lodges, there is a wide range of accommodation where you can stay in Murudeshwara. There are many luxury hotels and resorts also in Murudeshwar. Since I made a day trip to Murudeshwar from Bengaluru, I had not stayed here. You can stay in a sea view beach resort in Murudeshwara as well. If you love luxury, you can stay in a resort near Murudeshwar.

Excursions from Murudeshwar temple Karnataka

What else to see near Murudeshwar Temple? After visiting the best places to see in Murudeswar, I took a bus to Kumta from the highway opposite the Murudeshwar Railway Station. I proceeded to Kumta via a bus halt at Karwar beach town.

From Kumta I arrived at Gokarna in pitch dark. I did the famous Gokarna Beach Trek (It is free) and chilled out at a lovely homestay in Palolem beach for just INR 500. Patnem beach is just few minutes of walk away from Palolem beach.

Mookambika temple of Kollur

Sri Mookambika temple of Kollur which is located just 59 kilometers away from Murudeshwara is the top nearby place to see here. Many people travel to both Mookambika temple in Kollur and Murudeshwara devasthana. A swayambhu (self-born) jyotirlinga is the mainpresiding deity here.

Sri Mookambika temple is a grand temple devoted to Goddess called as Mookambika Devi. Located on the foothills of Kodachadri hills and on the southern bank of Souparnika River, it is a must-visit place near Murudeshwara. A four-handed panchaloha idol of Goddess Mookambika is worshipped by devotees here.

Do not miss the festival of Rathotsava which takes places in Phalguna month of Hindu Calendar. Navratri is another main festival here which is celebrated in the Ashwina months of Hindu Calendar.


I arrived late night at Gokarna from my half day trip to Murudeshwar. Both are in Karnataka. I took a bus to Kumta from the highway After much negotiation, I managed to find a low budget room for just INR 500, right opposite the Kudle beach in Gokarna.


Several Goan beaches are located close to Murudeshwar. It is easy to travel to Goa from here. Distance between Palolem Beach in South Goa and Murudeshwar beach for example is only 143 kms and it takes only 3 hours via NH66.


My almost empty public bus from Murudeshwar to Kumta stopped at Karwar. I was tempted to get down since it was an impulsive trip anyways. But then I reminded myself of my commitment of sticking to my original plan of Gokarna Beach Trek. Karwar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

Murudeshwar Itinerary

You can plan this amazing trip to Murudeshwara, Gokarna, Mirjan Fort and the famous Jog Falls.

Please have a look at below Murudeshwar itinerary:

Day 1

Murudeshwar and Gokarna

I was able to visit Murudeshwar temple Karnataka, Shiva Statue, nearby lawns, views from top of Murudeshwara Gopura and the Murudeshwar beach in half a day. Beaches in Murudeshwar have a charm of their own. This time includes time taken for lunch. If you wish to do scuba diving in Netrani Island then you need one more day in Murudeshwar.

Next you can head off straight to Gokarna like I did. I reached Gokarna after dark, but if you reach early, you must do the Gokarna Beach Trek which starts from Kudle beach and ends at Paradise beach via the famous Om beach and Half Moon Beach.

Day 2

In case you are unable to do the Gokarna Beach Trek on Day 1, you can do this early morning on Day 2 like I did. If you are able to finish the trek you have two options. Option 1 is that you can just laze at the beach over a good book, casual conversation with friends and just eating, drinking till you waste yourself away.

Option 2 is that you can take a rickshaw to visit all the temples of Gokarna such as the ancient Hindu temple called Mahabaleshwar Temple, built in classical Dravidian architectural style.

Day 3

In case you are unable to visit all the temples, you can reserve this day to visit all the Gokarna temples. You can also rent a scooty to see hidden gems around Gokarna. I, for example, discovered breathtaking bird’s eye views of Gokarna beach and dense canopies of trees as I walked from the Kudle beach towards the Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Day 4

Mirjan Fort is just 32 minutes and 21 kilometers away from Gokarna. You can do it on the Day 3 or Day 4 depending on how much time you have.

After visiting Mirjan Fort, you can head to Jog falls near Shimogaa. Distance between Jog falls and Mirjan Fort is only 92 kilometers and takes just 2 hours via NH69 and NH66.

Day 5

You can visit Mattur early morning from Shimoga. Mattur is the only Sanskrit village in India where people from India and other nations like Germany speak the ancient language Sanskrit in everyday life. Rest of the day, you can explore the small town Shimoga or Shivamogga.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Murudeshwar

You can hire an auto rickshaw from the Murudeshwara railway Station straight to all the sightseeing attractions. Though it will take only 30 minutes to cover this distance on foot but I recommend taking the rickshaw. I hired the rickshaw from one side for a very nominal price. Not only did it save my energy but also helped the local economy of Murudeshwara temple Karnataka.

How to reach Gokarna from Murudeshwar

I visited Gokarna and Murudeshwar as a weekend getaway from Bengaluru. It is very easy to catch a random bus to Kumta from the highway opposite Murudeshwar railway station. I am saying this from my personal experience. Murudeshwara Railway Station lies on the Mangalore–Mumbai Konkan railway route. I noticed that it is set in a picturesque location.

I just waited for few minutes and was able to board a half empty comfortable government bus to Kumta from Murudeshwar for just INR 24. From Kumta I took another bus to Gokarna for just INR 55. And the rickshaw from Gokarna bus stand to Kudle beach made me poor by just INR 100.

Alternatively, you can take a train from Murudeshwar to Gokarna. One of the train which starts at 10:15 am will drop you at Gokarna at 11:30 a.m. The passenger train costs just INR 25. I chose bus because I wanted flexibility of my movement in Uttar Karnataka and Goa which a pre booked train ticket would not have allowed me.

How to reach Murudeshwar

It is fairly easy to reach Murudeshwar. I visited Murudeshwar from Bangalore via an overnight sleeper class train. Murudeshwar is located just 13 kilomegters away from Bhatkal.

Here are all the possible ways to reach Murudeshwar Mandir.

Murudeshwar railway station

It was very easy for me to book Bangalore to Murudeshwara train on a short notice. I arrived at Murudeshwar railway station from Bangalore via sleeper class train on the picturesque Mangaluru Mumbai Konkan railway route.


Buses from Kumta, Gokarna, Goa etc to Murudeswar are also available. The bus drop near all the best places to visit in Murudeshwara.

Road Trip

You can plan a road trip to Murudeshwar from nearby places such as Palolem, Patnem, Gokarna, Karwar etc.


Mangalore international airport is the nearest airport from Murudeshwar. Dabolim airport of Goa is also another option to reach Murudeshwara.

Solo travel tips

It is very easy to travel solo to Murudeshwar. As a solo male traveller, I had booked my sleeper class return trains from Bangalore in advance. My solo trip to Murudeshwar was fun, hassle free and very easy.

It is as easy as taking a train from Bangalore and dropping straight at venue and leave the same day. I however explored nearby places such as Gokarna and Palolem and Patnem beach in South Goa.

Distances from Murudeshwar temple

Shared below are the Distances from Murudeshwara temple Karnataka to other nearby attractions. You can easily include these nearby places in your Murudeshwar trip. I combined my holiday in Murudeshwar with Gokarna Beach Trek. The distances from Murudeshwara are mentioned below in ascending order.

Distance between Idagunji to Murudeshwar is only 15 kilometers and it takes 20 minutes via NH66

Distance between Gunavante to Murudeshwar is only 19 kilometers and it takes 20 minutes via NH66

Distance between Netrani island to Murudeshwar is only 19.5 kilometers.

Distance between Kumta and Murudeshwar is 46.6 kilometers and it takes 55 minutes via NH 66.

Distance between Kollur (Mookambika temple) to Murudeshwar is only 59.2 kilometers and it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes via NH66 and NH766C

Distance between Gokarna and Murudeshwar is 78 kilometers and it takes 1 hour 30 minutes via NH 66.

Distance between Udupi and Murudeshwar is 104 kilometers and it takes 2 hours via NH 66.

Distance between Karwar and Murudeshwar is 118 kilometers and it takes 2 hours and 22 minutes via NH 66.

Distance between Surathkal to Murudeshwar is 144 kilometers and it takes just 2 hours and 45 minutes via NH66.

Distance between Palolem and Patnem Beach in Goa and Murudeshwar is 145 kilometers and it takes 3 hours via NH 66.

Distance between Mangaluru or Mangalore and Murudeshwara is 157 kilometers and it takes 3 hours via NH 66.

Distance between Gunavanthe to Murudeshwar is only 172.8 kilometers and it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes via NH66

Distance between Shivamogga or Shimoga and Murudeshwar is 187 kilometers and it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes via NH 69.

Distance between Dharmasthala to Murudeshwar is only 198 kilometers and it takes 4 hours via NH66

Distance between Horanadu to Murudeshwar is only 211 kilometers and it takes 4 hours and 40 minutes via NH66

Distance between Chikmagalur and Murudeshwar is 239 kilometers and it takes 5 hours via NH 66 and Chikkamagaluru – Sringeri road.

Distance between Hassan and Murudeshwar is 292 kilometers and it takes 6 hours via NH 66.

Distance between Mysuru or Mysore to Murudeshwar is only 406 kilometers and it takes 8 hours and 10 minutes via NH66 and NH 275

Distance between Bengaluru and Murudeshwara is 491 kilometers and it takes 9 hours and 9 minutes via NH 48.

Distance between Mumbai and Murudeshwar is 744 kilometers and it takes 14 hours via NH 48.

Conclusion: Why visit Murudeshwar Temple?

Is Murudeshwar Temple worth a visit? Here are my final thoughts. In a nutshell, despite being famous, Murudeshwar is one of the best offbeat places to see in Uttar Karnataka in South India. Murudeshwwar, which is cheap and easy to reach from Bangalore is a perfect quick holiday destination.

Both Murudeshwara and Bengaluru aka Bangalore are located in Karnataka. I discovered that this perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore is a charming blend of spirituality and leisure.

The stunning panoramic views of Murudeshwar beach from the top floor of the Murudeshwar Temple Gopuram took my breath away. The scuba diving at the nearby picturesque Netrani Island makes it a must visit destination for adventure and water sports lovers as well.

Having said that, the biggest attractions of Murudeshwar remains the Shiv Bhagwan Statue and the super tall Gopuram of the Murudeshwar temple, both of which some of the tallest in their categories. This is why Murudeshwar is a famous Indian destination.

Like me, you can also use this travel guide to plan a solo, low budget, day trip to Murudeshwar from Bangalore.

The view from my Soul Window is blessed!

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