Manila Uttarakhand: The secret hill station of Uttarakhand!

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Information about Manila Uttarakhand

Manila of Uttarakhand is a tiny hamlet located near the more popular tourist attractions of Almora and Ranikhet. Manila is known for breath-taking views of the mighty Himalayan Range. Also popular with avid birdwatchers, Manila is home to several indigenous and migratory birds. Manila Devi temple is the most important place to visit here.

A vacation in Manila is more than therapeutic. Do visit Manila if you want to try an offbeat weekend getaway from Delhi NCR. This is the most comprehensive guide on Manila Uttarakhand where the highlights of an ideal holiday in Manila is mentioned.

Why is Manila Uttarakhand Famous?

What is special about Manila Uttarakhand? A nature lover’s paradise, Manila Uttarakhand is also a popular birding destination in Uttarakhand apart from Sattal etc. The panoramic views of lower Himalayan hills are also why Manila of Uttarakhand is slowly gaining popularity. Manila Devi Mandir, which is an important historical destination is also very famous. This exhaustive article explains all the places in details.

Manila Uttarakhand is famous for bird-watching. Yellow Brown Tit.
Manila Uttarakhand is famous for bird-watching. Yellow Brown Tit. Pic by Rohit Nayal

Manila Uttarakhand: Offbeat place in Uttarakhand

If you are tired of Shimla, Kullu, Manali and Mussoorie and want to go off the beaten track then do visit Manila Uttarakhand. Not only is Manila Uttarakhand blessed with scenic beauty but also with rich history which few know about.

The biodiversity in Manila is unique where you can see dense Pine trees on one side and tall Deodar trees on the other side of the road. These are natural wild forests and not planted by humans.  Deodar forests feel colder than the Pine tree forests.

Nomenclature/Etymology of Manila Uttarakhand

Manila Uttarakhand is not to be confused with the densely populated Manila, the capital of Philippines in South East Asia. Manila of Uttarakhand, India is a sparsely populated birding heaven and an unheard-of hill station.

Manila of Uttarakhand is also, not to be confused with the more popular, crowded and bigger hill station of Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Manila of Uttarakhand is sometimes also spelt as Manela. It means the same. I have shared all you wanted to know about Manila Utttarakhand in this detailed travel guide.

Where is Manila Uttarakhand located?

Manila of India is located in the Almora district of Kumaon in Uttarakhand in North India. Snuggled in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state of North India, Manila is a hidden gem of a place. Located near Ranikhet (Jorasi Range Almora) it is one of the best kept secrets of Uttarakhand.

Do share this information packed travelogue of Manila Uttarakhand with your friend and family. A Soul Window has also been mentioned several times as the Number 1 travel blog of India. The information one can find in A Soul Window is not available in traditional travel guide books.

History of Manila Uttarakhand

Not many know that Manila village of Uttarakhand is more than just another lesser-known hill station. The lesser known Katyuri Kingdom once flourished in this offbeat place to visit in Uttarakhand. On my Uttrakhand trip with friends, I visited many monuments built by Katyuri kings such as Katarmal Surya Temple and Jageshwar Mandir near Kasar Devi.

Katyuri Kings were very powerful and their influence spread over a large area. They left behind some of the most beautiful Hindu Temples of Bharat. Manila was also under their control.

Altitude of Manila, Uttarakhand

Manila Uttarakhand is perched on an elevation of 5971 foot or 1,820 metres. I have been to several high-altitude terrains in Nepal, India and Tibet during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Compared to them the altitude of Manila of Uttarakhand is very low.

Altitude of Manila means that in summer it is still going to be cooler than the great North Indian plains and in winters, Manila become as cold as Mussoorie, Shimla and Manali but minus the crowd, of course.

Himalayan Peaks near Manila, Uttarakhand.

Can I see Himalayn peaks from Manila Uttarakhand? It is a commonly asked question. The tiny village of Manila in Uttarakhand, India, offers breath taking views of the Indian Himalaya mountains such as the famous Panchachuli, Nanda Devi and Mount Trishul.

On a clear day, you can easily have a breath-taking view of these Himalayan giants from Manila Uttarakhand.

The lower Himalayas of Kumaon have a charm of its own. Trishul Parbat is the tallest Himalayan Mountain here while Panchachuli range of mountains are 5 mountains located close to each other.

The best part of viewing the Himalayan range is that you get to see unobstructed wide view of the snow-capped mountains. These jaw-dropping panoramic views of Himalayan giants will leave you gasping.

The probability of having the best view of Himalayan peaks rises in the winter months. The view is clear and not hazy unlike other months. However, some times the mighty Himalayan mountains may remain hidden due to fog in winter. This is why Manila is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Ratkhal market is a good vantage point for sweeping views of Indian Himalayan peaks.

Soul Window Observations

While visiting the terai regions of my home state Uttar Pradesh, I realised that many people, including me, mostly visit upper Himalayan regions of India, Bhutan and Nepal. But have we tried to visit the terai regions which lie in the foothills of Himalayas? The weather and landscape in these regions are very unique.

You can read my blogs on Lumbini and Chitwan National Park of Nepal, Dudhwa National Park of India, Kapilvastu aka Piparahwa, Kushinagar and Shravasti in the Buddhist Circuit of Uttar Pradesh. These are some of the most unique places on Earth. Did you also known about the very special and fragrant Kala Namak Rice grown in terai belt of Uttar Pradesh?

Sun Rise and Sun Set in Manila Uttarakhand

Manila Uttarakhand is also one of the best places to experience surreal dawns and dusks. It is very common in Manila to see crimson-coloured skies during sun set in Manila, Uttarakhand. Do not miss seeing the famous Panchachuli Peaks around sunset. The golden glow on the white mountains looks surreal. So is the view of Trishul Peak.

Early mornings in Manila are breathtakingly gorgeous as well. Expect a riot of colours in the sky as sun rises in Manila, Uttarakhand. On a lucky day, you can also see a rainbow in Manila.

Sunset in Manila Uttarakhand.
Surreal Sunset in Manila Uttarakhand. Pic by Rohit Nayal

Soul Window Travel Tip

If you want to appreciate or shoot the pictures of the golden glow of Himalayan peaks, you must park your car on any road just before sun set and wait for the magic of nature to unfold. Such views are also visible from KMVN rest house during sun rise.

The deep red and orange sky reminded me of a surreal sun set I saw in Dzukou Valley in Nagaland in North Eastern India. I trekked here after attending Hornbill festival and visiting places like Kohima and heritage village Khonoma.

Places to see in Manila Uttarakhand

There are not many places to see in Manila Uttarakhand. However, if you read this comprehensive travel guide on Manila Uttarakhand, you can end up visiting some of the best offbeat places in Uttarakhand.

Despite not having many tourist attractions, Manila in Uttarakhand has a charm of its own. This quaint and unexplored hill station grew on me, as I discovered one layer at a time. Most of the major sightseeing attractions of Manila are located next to each other.

Manila Devi Mandir

Manila, the best kept secret of Uttarakhand is also the native place of Manila Devi, the family goddess of the Katyuri clan. In fact, Manila is named after Manila Devi. The main gate of Manila Devi Mandir, with image of Hanuman ji addresses the temple as Adi Shaktipeeth Manila. Though the temple is very old,thismaingate of the temple, paintedin gold was constructed bythe family of late Shri Pratap Singh Jeena Ji in his memory in the year 2014.

People chant ‘Jai Maa Manila Devi’ and tie sacred threads and clothe pieces on a tree here, hoping for wish fulfilment. There is also an old entrance to Manila Devi Mandir. The much-revered Manila Devi Mandir is a major attraction here.

As you will drive towards the upper region in the direction of Dotiyal, you can have darshan at the other Hindu temple here. The hand of Mata had fell here, this is why people worship this place. Just like Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu, you will see many Hindu Devotees chant Jai Mata Di in Manila Mandir. Your visit to Manila and Jhimar is incomplete without having darshan at Manila Devi Mandir.

Manila Mandir is famous not only in Uttarakhand but in other nations as well. You can also seek for wish fulfilment here. Manila Devi Mata Mandir is an important Shaktipeeth and is named after the Manila Mountain it is built upon. A dharamshala is also located here.

There are many temples inside the complex of Manila Devi Mandir, including a Shiv Temple. If you hear carefully, you can hear sounds of dhol-nagada in two smaller temples which are located in the temple complex. It is an 800 years old temple. This is the best place to visit in Manila with family and kids.

Maa Malla Manila Mandir

Located near the Manila temple, the Maa Malla Manila Mandir has an interesting story. It is said that many years ago a thief tried to steal idol of Mata Manila Devi but he had failed. However, he was able to take only a hand of the Goddess. But he could not carry it any further and left it in a place. That place is known as Maa Malla Manila Mandir.

Hindu devotees visit Maa Malla Manila Mandir in large numbers as well. The views from here are also breath taking. It is very windy here as it in perched on a grassy knoll. It is also known as Shakti Peeth Dham Malla Manila temple.

Here, devotees take darshan of both idol of Goddess and her hand. The Goddess is worshipped by Hindu devotees with milk, Gandhashtak, Kumkum and Chandan.

Maa Malla Manila Mandir is around 700 years old. This has been an important place of worship for Hindus since centuries. Devotees come here to fulfil their manokamna or wishes. The hand of Mata is worshiped here.

The campus of Maa Malla Manila Mandir is quite huge and many temples are located here. Satsang is also often organised here in the hall known as Satsang Bhawan. People have darshan of Bhairav ji after darshan of Mata here. A Saraswati Mandir, Hanuman Mandir and Shiv Mandir is also located here.

Maa Bhagwati Mandir, Sainmanur, Manila

Shakti Peeth Maa Bhagwati Mandir or मां भगवती मंदिर सैणमानूर,मानिला is a must visit place in Manila Uttarakhand. This hidden gem is a must-see place in Manila. Of course, no entry fees is charged in any temples of India. It is a free thing to do in Manila as well. People come here in large number with their friends and family.

Shri Chaitanyeshwar Mahadev

Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi for a reason. There are many temples in Uttarakhand which are devoted to the Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon. Shri Chaitanyeshwar Mahadev is another top place to visit in Manila Uttarakhand. There is a school located near this Shiv temple where kids of Pundits stay and study. This is an unusual place to see in Manila Uttarakhand.

Visit Manila Eco Park

Much like the eco-park of Dhanaulti, also in Uttarakhand, the Visit Manila Eco Park is also a great way for families and friends to organise small picnics. As the name suggests, it is very quiet, peaceful and free of any sign of pollution in Eco Park.

You can even see views of Himalayas from here during rain or winter. It is my humble request to both local people as well as tourists to not litter inside the Eco Park of Manila. There are many such offbeat places in Manila Uttarakhand.

Birdwatching in Manila, Uttarakhand

Manila in Uttarakhand is very famous amongst ardent birding enthusiasts. Many birdwatchers from India and other nations visit Manila in India for birding trips. Most of the wildlife photographers club destinations like Manila, Chafi, Sattal, Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal together. This is where the most beautiful and colourful birds, both common and rare, are found.

Koklass Pheasant male. Birding in Manila Uttarakhand
Koklass Pheasant male. Birding in Manila Uttarakhand. Pic by Rohit Nayal

Birdwatching is the top things to do in Manila and Chafi in Uttarakhand. I always hire a guide during birding trips. A local guide known all the spots where specific birds can be easily spotted. You can contact the birding guide at below mentioned numbers:

Rohit Nayal: 8650218808/7456922805

Sandeep Nayal: 7088225369

Do Yoga & Meditation in Manila

Unpolluted and sparsely populated places like Manila in Uttarakhand are great destinations if you want to unwind, disconnect with everyday circus and reconnect with your inner self. Many home-stays and hotels in Manila, Uttarakhand offer Yoga classes where you can also learn Kapalbhati, Pranayam and Anulom Vilom.

The sense of calm and quiet you will experience in Manila of India has few parallels.

Go for long walks in Manila

I am sure, stuck in the boxes of your big cities, you must be craving for a simple walk in the fresh air. The climate of Manila, Uttarakhand is very soothing and apt for long leisurely walks in the hills. A walk in Manila in the season when Rhododendrons (mostly April and May) is in full bloom will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

You can take several self-guided free walking tours in Manila. Also, expect the tree of Manila to be laden with the juiciest fruits. While walking around in Manila, do observe the local homes made in traditional way, drink some water from the handpumps and talk to local people. And who knows, you come across some lesser visited place in Manila?

Do a picnic in Manila

Ask the locals about the hidden picnic spots of Manila. There are several picturesque places in Manila where the locals love to hang around and make merry with friend and family members. The scenic landscape of Manila has many apt locations for day long picnics in the hills.

Thanks to the lack of crowd, expect to enjoy a peaceful picnic in the mountains. Being a weekend destination from Delhi NCR, you can easily plan a quick escape to this paradise with your loved ones.

Hikes and Treks around Manila

What else is there to do in Manila Uttarakhand? You can also go hiking and trekking in the lush green mountains of Manila. It is a good idea to go with a trusted guide so that you don’t end up being the lunch of leopards aka guldaar or lose your way in jungles.

These unusual trekking trails are not to be missed! It is very easy to go off the beaten track in Manila.

Excursions from Manila Uttarakhand

Since Manila Uttarakhand is located in the lap of the beautiful Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, it boasts of several offbeat and well known nearby places of interests. Below are some of the best points of attractions which are located near Manila. Most of these tourist attractions are located close to each other.

Sangam (Confluence) of three rivers namely Ramganga, Norara and Gagas can be seen at Bhikiyasain.  Marchula is located on the banks of picturesque Ramganga River, close to the famous Jim Corbett National Park.

Located 25 kilometres away from Manila, you can visit the memorial devoted to martyrs of Quit India Movement in Khumar. This is a lesser-known fact. This is why you must visit the unexplored Manila. There are many such unheard-of places in and around Manila Uttarakhand.

Festival of Manila Uttarakhand

What are the main festivals of Manila in Uttarakhand? It is a frequently asked question!

Though Manila is located away from the crowds, expect heavy footfall during the vibrant festivals of Manila. Below are the most popular festivals of Manila Uttarakhand.

Manila Mahotsav

Aimed at promoting the tourism and culture of Manila of Uttarakhand, the Manila Mahotsav boasts of some world class festivities which include singing age-old local folk songs, bhajans, dancing on local folk songs and so on. You can also sample local food of mountains during Manila Mahotsav.The annual festival mostly happens in summer around the month of May.

Ramganga Festival

This annual festival takes place every year in December in a place which is known as Bhikiyasain. Expect local folk song, dance and vegetarian food in this festival. You will see that there are many unusual things to do in festival which may not be available in other seasons.

Souvenirs Shopping Guide to Manila Uttarakhand

You can buy local products such as shawl, Pahadi cap, bhang seeds or hemp seeds, organic local grains and pulses and jams, jellies, pickles and juices made with local fruits and vegetables. I always buy Rhododendron juice when I visit hills of Uttarakhand.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Manila Uttarakhand

It is possible to taste authentic pahadi food in Manila of Uttarakhand. You just need to ask and request the restaurant or the hotel where you are staying at. Do try eating Dotiyal ke chole and Marchula ke matar chole when visiting Manila, India.

These are some famous vegan foods to try here. You can also try sweets at Kundan’s Sweets & Restaurant. Also try Dubke, Bhat Ki Dal, Gahat Ki Daal, Bhaang Ki Chutney, Nimbu Saan, Manduwe ki roti (Ragi chapatis), Alu Ke Gutke and Chu (sweet).

You can find good (or average) food in restaurants, KMVN guest house, dhabas and homestays. Do not expect cool cafes and urban style fancy restaurants in Manila. You can also try hukka at some random dhaba here.

Solo Trip Tips for Manila Uttarakhand

It is possible to travel to Manila Uttarakhand as a solo traveller, whether male or female. The proximity to popular nearby tourist destinations such as Almora and RAnikhet makes things a little easier for solo tourists.

Backpacking Budget Travel Tips for Manila Uttarakhand

It is easy to find low-cost accommodation, food and local transport in Manila Uttarakhand. Despite being off the touristy trail, Manila has cheaper alternatives.

Luxury travel Tips for Manila Uttarakhand

If you are a luxury traveller, then you can book an all-inclusive package to Manila Uttarakhand where you will be given luxury accommodation, healthy food and private cabs.

ATM in Manila Uttarakhand

There are no ATMs in Manila of Uttarakhand. A local told me that the nearest ATM is in Maulikhal or Sattal.

Is it safe to visit Manila Uttarakhand?

Manila is generally safe for tourists. Just beware of guldaar or leopards, who may be hiding in the bushes and dense trees.

How to reach Manila Uttarakhand

It is fairly easy to reach Manila Uttarakhand from New Delhi or Lucknow.


Both expensive air conditioned and cheaper non-air-conditioned Government run buses run from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal and Scindia House of New Delhi to Ranikhet. Distance between Ranikhet and New Delhi is 357.0 kms and it takes 8 hours via NH9.

Connecting buses to famous touristy places such as Ranikhet and the locally known Bhikiyasain are also available from Marchula and the bustling Ramnagar market near Jim Corbett National Park which I had visited earlier. Indian transport system is very robust even in remote places such as Manila.


The nearest railway junction from Manila Uttarakhand is located at the popular Kathgodam, which is also connected with many touristy destinations in Uttarakhand. Ramnagar station is located even more closer at just 75 kilometres.

By air

The nearest domestic airport from Manila Uttarakhand is the Pantnagar airport of the Udham Singh Nagar district in Uttarakhand.

By Road Trip

You can make an easy (but long) road trip from New Delhi or Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Delhi or Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is not all that far from Manila in Uttarakhand, India. As we approached towards Manila of Uttarakhand, our views only improved. We were engulfed in lush green forests and lofty Himalayan mountains were our constant companion.

When driving from New Delhi, you will cross tourist attractions such as Jim Corbett National Park, and the lesser known Mohaan, Marchula and Dotiyal (eat cholas here). The route from Mohaan to Manila and to Jainal is a picturesque one.

Route to Manila India

Here is the route to Manila, Uttarakhand from Kashipur.

Kashipur – Jim Corbett – Mohaan – Marchula – Maulikhal – Manila.

Between the 60 kilometres long Mohaan to Manila stretch, lesser-known places like Marchalu, Maulikhal and Dotiyal fell in our route. You can also take the longer Nainital Ranikhet route to reach Manila.

A little ahead of Chaukhutia on the road to Masi, you will see Ram ganga River, which will be your constant companion for some time right next to the road. You will then cross a metal bridge built on Ram Ganga River in Jainal. You can see two roads from Jainal. You need to take the road that goes to Manila. The other route goes to Ramnagar near Jim Corbett National Park.

Local Transport for sightseeing in Manila Uttarakhand

You can hire a local vehicle for internal travel in Manila Uttarakhand. Shared taxis also run from Manila and other major attractions nearby such as Ramnagar near Jim Corbett National Park and Ranikhet etc.

Distances from Manila Uttarakhand

Some of the distances from Manila in ascending order are as below

Distance between Mohaan and Marchalu is 14 kilometres

Distance between Saraikhet and Manila Uttarakhand is 27 kms.

Distance between Bhikyasen and Manila Uttarakhand is 35 kms.

Distance between Mohaan and Maulikhal is 35 kilometres

Distance between Marchulla on the banks of Ramganga Riverand Manila is 45 kilometres

Distance between Mohaan and Dotiyal is 51 kilometres

Distance between Mohaan and Manila is 60 kilometres.

Distance between Ramnagar and Jim Corbett National Park and Manila is 75 kilometres

Distance between Ranikhet and Manila is 87 kilometres (3 hours)

Distance between Kathgodam and Manila is 145 kilometres

Distance between Pantnagar Airport and Manila is 170 kilometres

Distance between New Delhi and Manila is 365 kilometres and it takes around 9-11 hours in a car.

Distance between New Delhi and Ranikhet is 357 kms and it takes 8 hours via NH9.

Where to stay in Manila Uttarakhand

There are many privately run dhabas and local homestays in Manila Uttarakhand where you can stay. Muluk Homestay Manila is a nice home stay option. Sometimes, even leopards are sighted near this homestay. Most of the hotels and home stays in Manila have brilliant views of the Himalayan Mountains and Green valleys.

Brilliant Sun set views from a home-stay in Manila Uttarakhand
Brilliant Sun set views from a home-stay in Manila Uttarakhand. Pic by Rohit Nayal

KMVN Rest House

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Rest House is situated just 4 kilometres away from Manila Village. KMVN is known for their wide varieties of accommodation options in both luxury as well as budget segment. The best part is that KMVN has properties in both touristy places like the Queen’s meadow Ranikhet and Nainital and offbeat destinations such as Manila, Chaukori and even on trekking routes.

The twin blocks of KMVN Rest House in Manila Uttarakhand are located next to each other. Most people agree that the old block of KMVN Rest House has larger rooms and better views of Himalayan Mountain ranges and the green valley. The bay windows here offer awe inspiring views. A hot shower is also available here. KMVN Rest House is affordable and a comfortable stay option in Manila Uttarakhand. Owing to the cold, they even have British style fireplaces for bonfires in the room.

Some of the best-known hotels of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN) in Kumaon are located in places such as

  • Binsar
  • Kausani
  • Nainital
  • Almora
  • Bhimtal
  • Ranikhet
  • Chaukori
  • Kasar Devi
  • Munsiyari
  • Darma Valley
  • Pindari Trek trail
  • Adi Kailash Yatra
  • Sunderdhunga Trek
  • Katarmal Surya Mandir
  • Jim Corbett National Park
  • Nanda Devi Base Camp Treks

Best Time to visit Manila Uttarakhand?

Since weather in Manila is pleasant all through the year, it is visited by discerning traveller irrespective of high season and low season. Since Manila s an offbeat destination, not many visit it, making it an uncrowded hill station even when the nearby Nainital suffocates with over tourism, mostly in summer.

Soul Window Travel Tips on Manila Uttarakhand

That said the best months to pay a visit to Manila in Uttarakhand are March, April, May, June, September, October and November.


I know so many people who avoid hill stations in winter, fearing extreme cold. Yes, cold it is in winter as I experienced during my winter trips to places in Sikkim, Mechuka, Basar etc in Arunachal Pradesh and Longwa, Mon of Nagaland in North East India.

But the cold didn’t really make it unpleasant. I enjoy traveling to cold places in winter unless they have hot shower and hot water (and honestly even if not!). Drive carefully in winter, as sudden fogs and mist in New Delhi and Uttarakhand is very common in winter.


The temperature of Manila hovers around 20 degrees Celsius in summers, which is very pleasant than the plains which become hot furnace.  


Avoid visiting Manila of Uttarakhand in monsoon as there are possibilities of landslides and road blocks. You can get stuck in such a situation. Fearing landslides, the roads in hills are also closed at many places during monsoon. Needless to say, many waterfalls are seen in Manila in monsoon.

Snowfall in Manila, Uttarakhand

Does it snow in Manila Uttarakahnd? Since Manila is located on a hilly terrain, you can expect snow fall in Manila, Uttarakhand in the month of December and January. I am not much of a snow fan, but if birding is not your priority or if you are just craving for some snow, then you can consider visiting Manila during extreme winter months.

You can expect up to 3 feet of snow in Manila. Due to such heavy snowfall in Manila in Uttarakhand, I recommend you to carry extra woolen and thermal wear.

Not many people are aware of this but Manila in Uttarakhand is the closest place from New Delhi, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Noida to experience a snow fall.

During heavy snow fall, it is possible that you can get stranded for a few days in Manila. But do not panic because the roads do get cleared soon.

What to wear in Manila Uttarakhand?

I visited Manila Uttarakhand in winter, so I recommend wearing down jackets, thermal wears and gloves in winter. Also carry gloves, monkey cap etc if you are very sensitive to winter.

How many days to spend in Manila Uttarakhand?

1-2 days is enough time to spend in Manila Uttarakhand, if you are visiting here as a tourist and traveller. Many times, serious birdwatchers such as my wildlife photographer friend Sudeep Garg stay for longer so that they can click more lifers.

Photography Tips for Manila Uttarakhand

Manila of Uttarakhand is a paradise for birdwatchers and bird photographers. Also do not forget to click stunning images of sunsets and sunrises in Manila. Do carry telephoto aka zoom lenses with you when you visit Manila. Hire a local guide to show you the best spots for landscape and wildlife photography.

Maroon Oriole (Oriolus traillii), male. Bird photography tour in Manila Uttarakhand
Maroon Oriole (Oriolus traillii), male. Bird photography tour in Manila Uttarakhand. Pic by Rohit Nayal

Languages spoken in Manila Uttarakhand

Hindi is the most understood and spoken language in Manila. The locals speak mostly Kumaoni language. Some people also speak and understand English in Manila.

Toilet facility in Manila Uttarakhand

Clean toilets can be found in restaurants and dhabas.

Conclusion: Is Manila Uttarakhand worth visiting

Why visit Manila Uttarakhand? Manila Uttarakhand is not for those who are looking for a DJ party in Hills. Instead, if you are looking for a laid-back, natural spot, where you can immerse in the local lifestyle organically, then manila in Uttarakhand is an ideal destination for you.

The unexpected interactions with local people here will make you want to ditch your touristy habits. This offbeat place to visit in Uttarakhand near New Delhi is a must visit.

You want to see what local life minus the touristy frills looks like? Do visit Manila in Uttarakhand which is nestled in the lap of mighty Himalayas.      

The natural beauty of Uttarakhand left me speechless.

The view from my Soul Window is!

Pin this blog to save the blog and plan a trip later!

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