Kargil Weather: Best Time To Visit & Average temperatures

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Kargil Weather: Best Time To Visit

What is the best time to visit Kargil? Thanks to my visit to Ladakh many times, I have a clear idea of the best season to visit Kargil. Home to many ancient Buddhist remains, Kargil is a year-round destination. However, you should read my comprehensive guide on Kargil weather conditions in different seasons of the year. I have also mentioned average temperature and climate of Kargil in a month wise manner in this information packed blog.

What is the best time to visit Kargil?

“What is the best season to visit Kargil?”, many ask me. Although the most popular season for a visit to Kargil is summer but, in my opinion, the other months reveal a different side of Kargil and make it a year-round destination. Also, it is not possible for everyone to find paid leaves from office in summer alone. Kargil, being in the centre of the Srinagar to Manali route via Zoji La, Namik La, Photu La and Lamayuru Monastery, is an important stop and remains busy throughout the year. This is why it sees tourists in every season.

Distance between Kargil and Srinagar is 201.6 kilometres and it takes around 5 hours and 11 minutes via NH1. Distance between Kargil and Leh is 216.4 kilometres and it takes approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes via NH1. Thanks to Kargil being equidistant from both Leh as well as Srinagar, it remains a busy place throughout the year.

Best season to visit Kargil

So, if you are open to travel irrespective of weather, then you will enjoy Kargil in every season of the year. However, all said and done, traditionally, summer remains the best time to visit Kargil due to its crisp weather and available tourist facilities. I am sharing some deep insights on the weather, temperature and climate of Kargil in this information packed mega blog.

Kargil Weather forecast

What is the temperature in Kargil today? How is the weather of Kargil tomorrow? Such frequently asked questions can be easily looked up online. Reports on Kargil weather 15 days, Kargil weather 30 days etc can be easily found online as well. You can also confirm the Kargil expected snowfall and present weather conditions with a local on a phone call or text message. Prior knowledge of Kargil current temperature and weather forecasts will always help you in planning well for the Kargil trip.

Kargil temperature month wise

Below is a weather report and average temperature of Kargil for each month of the year. This monthly chart of temperature in Kargil will give you a fair idea of what weather conditions of Kargil to expect in which month. Centigrade and Celsius mean the same thing here.


Average Temperature: -18° Centigrade or -0.5° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: 22.8° Centigrade or -9° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -14.6° Centigrade or 5.7° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -15.1° Centigrade or 4.8° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -19.6° Centigrade or -3.2° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -11.8° Centigrade or 10.8° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -11.9° Centigrade or 10.6° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -17.5° Centigrade or 0.4° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -7.6° Centigrade or 18.3° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -7.4°Centigrade or 18.6° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -13.6° Centigrade or 7.5° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -2.8° Centigrade or 27° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -2.5° Centigrade or 27.4° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -9° Centigrade or 15.8° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 1.9° Centigrade or 35.5° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: 4.5° Centigrade or 40.1° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -2.8° Centigrade or 27° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 9.6° Centigrade or 49.2° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: 11.5° Celsius or 52.7° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: 5.1° Celsius or 41.2° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 16.3° Celsius or 61.4° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: 11.7° Celsius or 53.1° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: 5.8° Celsius or 42.4° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 16.4° Celsius or 61.5° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: 6.6° Celsius or 43.9° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -0.2° Celsius or 31.7° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 11.8° Celsius or 53.2° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -2° Celsius or 28.3° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -9.4° Celsius or 15° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: 3.9 ° Celsius or 38.9° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -11° Celsius or 12.2° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -17.8° Celsius or -0.1° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -5.7° Celsius or 21.8° Fahrenheit


Average Temperature: -17.2° Celsius or 1° Fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature: -22.9° Celsius or -9.2° Fahrenheit

Maximum Temperature: -12.9°Celsius or 8.8° Fahrenheit

Season wise weather of Kargil

The weather, temperature, climate and landscape of Kargil keeps changing throughout the year depending upon the season.

Below is a detailed account of what to expect in various seasons in Kargil.

Spring in Kargil

Kargil has a best kept secret which not many know about! Not many tourists know that Kargil can be equally fun in the spring season, which is April-May. The excess snow of harsh winter months gives way to a riot of colours as the flowers of the apricot tree blanket the sprawling valleys and farms. Picture this! Walking through acres of apricot blooms under dark blue skies and crisp weather?

If this doesn’t make the spring season one of the best times to visit Kargil, then I don’t know what will? The apricot flowers are white in colour, as if it is a snow flake. The dash of pink in its centre adds to its beauty. You can appreciate the creation of nature by visiting Kargil in spring.

If you are keen to see apricot blossoms then you can head to near-by villages such as Karkichu, Hardass, Garkone, Darchik and Sanjak.

Soul Window Thoughts

Even when I am travelling in hilly areas such as Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand or even North East India, Bhutan and Nepal, I prefer to travel during the spring season. Some of the most spellbinding spectacles I have seen while traveling to hills during spring are the snowwhite apple flowers I saw Paro, Mukteshwar, Almora, Nainital etc or Rhododendrons and Jacaranda blooms I saw in Punakha. This is why spring also makes for a perfect spring destination.

The Apricot Blossom Festival of Spring

Also watch out for a related spring festival organised in Kargil every year by tourism department of Ladakh. The Apricot Blossom Festival takes place in Kargil in the third week of April every year. You can also enjoy stall hopping set up by the animal, sheep husbandry, horticulture department and handloom department.

Not only is the Apricot Blossom Festival of spring season a good opportunity to see apricot blossoms but also see and buy various products made of it. Do not miss this visual treat which takes place once a year. Events are also hosted at Karkichoo and Sonjok. This place which falls under the Aryan belt also makes visiting Dah Hanu Village near the Indo-Pak border an interesting add-on.

Soul Window Travel Tips

Other places in Leh Ladakh where you can witness apricot blossoms, the grand spectacle of nature are tourist attractions such as Turtuk near the international border of India and Pakistan, Dha, Tyakshi and Biama etc. Also keep your eyes peeled as you travel around Kargil in a car, bike, cycle or bus. There are high chances that you can see apricot blooms from the road itself.


  • Greenery
  • Sightseeing
  • Apricot blooms


  • Can’t think of any!

Summer in Kargil

It is needless to say that summer is when most of the tourist head to Kargil. The busiest months in Kargil are the months of March, April, May, June, July, August and September. The tourists rush to Kargil in summer due to crisp air, pleasant weather, several stay options, lack of snow, clear roads and easy availability of tourist facilities etc. Summer is also the best season to do sightseeing in Kargil because unlike winters, all the top must-see attractions of Kargil are open and accessible in summer.

Much like nearby Gulmarg, after the winter bids adieu, the valleys are covered in a thick carpet of green shrubs, trees and undergrowth. You can expect moderate Kargil temperature during summer, which lies between the range of 10°Celcius to 17°Celcius Centigrade.


  • Variety of food
  • Many tourist activities
  • Abundant tourist facilities
  • Variety of accommodation
  • Availability of shared cabs and public transport


  • Noisy
  • Dusty
  • Crowded

Monsoon in Kargil

Green meadows, verdant valleys, wild flowers, abundant trees also make visiting Kargil in monsoon so soul satisfying. Summer and Monsoon is also the time when the voluptuous Indus River also flows in its full force. During my visit to Kargil in July, I was amazed with the speed and force of the Indus River flowing under the famous Truss Bridge.

Below is a chart which will give you a holistic view of the rainfall in Kargil throughout the year. This complete weather report of Kargil elucidates precipitation, rainfall in mm (in), humidity percentage and average number of rainy days in a month wise manner.

Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in)   

  • January: 59 (2 mm)   
  • February: 74 (2 mm)   
  • March: 73 (2 mm)   
  • April: 65 (2 mm)   
  • May: 49 (1 mm)   
  • June: 60 (2 mm)   
  • July: 82 (3 mm)   
  • August: 72 (2 mm)   
  • September: 67 (2 mm)   
  • October: 32 (1 mm)   
  • November: 29 (1 mm)   
  • December: 40 (1 mm)

Humidity (%) 

  • January: 67% 
  • February: 71% 
  • March: 72% 
  • April: 76% 
  • May: 80% 
  • June: 73% 
  • July: 67% 
  • August: 65% 
  • September: 63% 
  • October: 62% 
  • November: 65% 
  • December:69%

Rainy days (days) 

  • January: 9 days
  • February: 10 days
  • March: 9 days
  • April: 8 days 
  • May: 7 days 
  • June: 8 days 
  • July: 12 days 
  • August: 12 days 
  • September: 9 days 
  • October: 6 days 
  • November: 5 days 
  • December: 6 days

Note: Pro and Cons of monsoon are same as that of summer.

Winter in Kargil

Can we go to Kargil in winters? Kargil in winter is exceptionally cold. The sub-divisions of places such as Dras, Sankoo, Shakar-Chiktan and Zanskar also fall in Kargil. As we know that Drass, which is located near Kargil, is known to be the coldest inhabited place in India, it can give you a rough idea about how cold Kargil can be in winters.

Not many people know that Dras, the gateway to Ladakh, is also the second coldest inhabited place in the world, next only to Oymyakon (as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius) in Russia. To compare, the temperature in Drass frequently dips to a bone-chilling minus 30° Celsius during the winter months.

Distance between Dras and Kargil city is only 63.8 kilometres and it takes around 1 hour and 23 minutes via NH1.

Needless to say, the temperatures drop below sub-zero level in Kargil as well during winter. You will find snow everywhere in Kargil much like the heavy snowfall I saw in winter wonder lands of Yumthang Valley of Sikkim and Sela Pass to Tawang route in Arunachal Pradesh of North East India.

Winter in Kargil begins in October and ends in February. During winters, expect temperatures between the range of -5 to -20 degrees centigrade in Kargil which is only slightly warmer than the lowest temperature of nearby Drass.

If possible, you should travel in the winter months of October, November, December, January and February to experience the winter wonderland that Kargil is. What’s more? One more reason why Ladakh is emerging as a popular winter destination is the fact that it is also home to a world-class skiing slope, which is known as Linkipal Skiing slope.

To sum up, now that Kargil is being developed as a winter destination, things are only likely to improve further.

Soul Window Observations

Wouldn’t it be fun to practise and indulge in winter sports such as Snow football, Ice Hockey and skiing in Kargil without breaking the bank and going to Europe for the same? During my visit to the nearby Gulmarg in Kashmir, a local guide showed me his skiing video from the site near Gondola Station.

Auli in Uttarakhand is also being developed as a winter destination. It is a positive sign that winter sports are finding takers in India. Till few years ago, rich Indians used to travel to Europe for winter sports.


  • Low-cost
  • No crowds
  • No noise
  • Great for snow lovers
  • Skiing and other winter sports
  • Opportunity to experience winter wonderland


  • Very cold
  • Road blocks
  • Slippery roads
  • Excessive snow
  • No comfort creatures
  • Lack of tourist facilities

Kargil weather: Month Wise Weather of Kargil

Below is a comprehensive guide to weather conditions in Kargil in a month wise manner. This detailed guide will help you in planning your Kargil tour according to your taste. Such detailed information packed guides are not available in main stream media. Old school guidebooks and travel magazines also do not dig so deep. Therefore, it is my request to share this annual weather report with your friends and family so that more people can benefit from this.

January in Kargil

Can we visit Kargil in January? Which is the coldest month of Kargil? January is the coldest month in Kargil. Expect heavy snowfall in Kargil in January. This is also why not many tourists visit Kargil in January. But if you are adventurous, you can give it a try. Bone chilling cold with snowfall in Kargil is common in January.

February in Kargil

Can we go to Kargil in February? February is also very cold in Kargil. February is also the month of heavy snowfalls. Very often, the temperature of Kargil dips below 0 degree Celsius in February as well.  Again, you will not see hordes of tourists and travellers in Kargil during February.

March in Kargil

Is Kargil open in March? Yes, Kargil is open in march though it sees fewer tourists. If not freezing cold like December and January, it is still very cold in Kargil during March. Even in day, the temperature remains low. That said, the skies are clear in March. The temperature also begins to rise slightly in March, making it a slightly warmer month than January and February.

You should watch out for sun burn because Sun is very harsh in Kargil the month of March.

April in Kargil

Towards the April end, summer starts to knock in Kargil. However, if you are planning a road trip across Ladakh in a bike, car or bicycle, please bear in mind that the high mountain passes which one must cross to reach other places such as Leh, may remain frozen. Very often, the layer of snow is so thick that it is impossible to drive on those roads.

Despite being warmer than its preceding month March, April still remains a very cold month. However, if you are adventurous like me, you may end up enjoying traveling to Kargil in April. The hibernated plants and shrubs begin to bounce back to life as they sprout again in April. Luckily, it doesn’t rain in Kargil in April.

May in Kargil

Kargil weather in May is also pleasant. By the time May is about to end, towards the last 15 days, tourist season begins to pick up. The nights in Kargil can still be very chilly in May. There is a significant increase in temperature of Kargil in May. By May end, it is officially summer in Kargil. During the day, it is moderately cold in May.

June in Kargil

Which month is best for Kargil? June is the most popular month in Kargil. However, I prefer visiting Kargil in low season or shoulder season. June is when days are moderately cold. Temperature of Kargil in June also remains modest in June. Thanks to the warm weather of Kargil in June, it is also an ideal time for sightseeing, hiking and trekking in and around Kargil. June is therefore, the best time to be in Kargil.

Is there snow in Kargil in June? It is unlikely you will see any snow or snowfall in Kargil during June.

July in Kargil

Which month is hottest in Kargil? July is the hottest month in Kargil. In fact, my first visit to Kargil was in mid-July. I had arrived late night in Kargil from Srinagar. I observed that even during the night in July, it was not very cold. I was comfortably walking bin just a T shirt, shorts and sandals in Kargil during my July visit. Despite officially being the monsoon season, it doesn’t rain much in Kargil even in July.

Is there snow in Kargil in July?

No, it never snows in Kargil in the month of July. July rather has the warmest weather in Kargil. When I travelled in Kargil in July, I didn’t see any snow. It was bright and sunny when I visited. And that’s how I like it personally. If snow is something that you yearn for, then you need to visit nearby places with high altitudes. It is still possible to find snow in July when you travel towards higher terrains. July is the month when tourists and travellers flock to Kargil to enjoy tourism activities such as shopping, cycling, biking, restaurant hopping, hikes, treks, excursion and general sightseeing. Thanks to the pleasant weather of Kargil in July, it becomes a tourist magnet in this part of the year. Kargil is also a major stop for the people who are doing the entire loop of Srinagar-Kargil-Leh-Manali.

My Experience of visiting Kargil in July

I was on an epic 15 days long road trip across Ladakh. We had started from Gurgaon and completed the whole circuit via Jammu, Srinagar, Sonamarg, Baltal, Kargil, Chamba, Namik La, Fhotu La top, Lamayuru, Leh, Rohtang pass, Manali and Gurgaon. We left Ramban near Jammu to arrive at Kargil via Zoji La at 9 p.m.

It was dark when we arrived in Kargil. I was surprised to notice that the weather of Kargil in July was very warm. I was expecting cold weather but that was far from the truth. We passed through a bustling market. It was like any other city in North Indian plains. Most of the people were wearing just thick shirts and sweaters even at 9 p.m.

Kargil weather Best Time to visit Kargil Ladakh

During my visit to Kargil, I didn’t see any snow or rain. July is a rainy month in places where I come from, that is the plains of North India. However, it doesn’t rain much in Kargil in July, in my experience. To sum up, I feel July is the best time to visit Kargil.

August in Kargil

The weather is generally pleasant in Kargil in August. People visit Kargil in large numbers in August with friends and family. The pleasant climate, fresh air and balmy weather are the reasons why August is one of the best months to visit Kargil. Predictably, like much of Ladakh, it is not very cold during the day.

However, you should still pack woollen clothes if travelling to Kargil in August because on some days it can get very cold in night and early morning. Apart from sightseeing, many tour agencies also run various treks around Kargil in July and August. Again, much like July, August in Kargil doesn’t see much rainfall. Neither is there any snow in July. You can see some snow if you drive towards high altitude areas.

September in Kargil

Kargil in September is pleasant. Kargil temperature in September is moderate. September is autumn season in Kargil. Do read my blogs on Leh in September and Pangong Lake in September to get a fair idea of what to expect when visiting Kargil in the fall season.

It starts to get slightly colder in Kargil September onwards. However, the temperature of Kargil is still moderate in September. Clear blue skies and sunny days characterises the month of September in Kargil. Officially, tourism starts to end in Kargil by end of September. However, I feel it is the perfect time to visit Kargil.

October in Kargil

Is there snow in Kargil in October? No, it starts snowing in Kargil only November onwards.

How much does it rain in Kargil in October? It doesn’t rain much in Kargil in October.

How cold is Kargil in October? If not freezing cold, expect very cold weather in Kargil during October. On some days, the temperature of Kargil in October dips below zero degrees Celsius after dark which makes it very cold. Though for this reason many tourists do not visit Kargil in October, but why not give a try to experience this place in a different season!

November in Kargil

November is also a very cold month in Kargil. Does it snow in Kargil in November? Yes, the snowfall in Kargil actually starts in November and ends in April. November is officially the winter season in Kargil. Almost magically, Kargil becomes a winter wonderland though it is really a harsh time for the local people who struggle to even do chores in this weather. Life comes to a standstill due to excess snow and cold. Both, the days as well as nights are very cold in Kargil in November. On days, temperature can dip below zero degree centigrade here.

December in Kargil

My friends often ask me these questions: Is Kargil open in December? Is it OK to visit Kargil in December? In which month Kargil is frozen? Here is all you wanted to know. Freezing Cold weather with Snowfall defines Kargil weather in December. Kargil temperature in December is often found to be below zero.

In fact, much of Kargil stays frozen in December and January. Kargil is a beautiful winter destination and I don’t see any reason why you should skip visiting here in cold months. However, be warned that December is one of the most bone-chillingly cold months in Kargil. There is frequent snowfall in Kargil during December. This may block roads and make the road slippery for driving bikes, cycles and cars.  

Average Sun hours (in hours) in Kargil

The below chart on Average Sun hours (in hours) in Kargil will give you a fair idea of what kind of weather conditions to expect in which month.

  • January: 6.6 hours 
  • February: 6.7 hours
  • March: 8.4 hours 
  • April: 9.2 hours
  • May: 9.4 hours
  • June: 9.3 hours
  • July: 8.6 hours
  • August: 8.3 hours
  • September: 8.1 hours
  • October: 8.5 hours
  • November: 7.7 hours
  • December: 6.9 hours

What should I wear in Kargil

Below is a complete packing checklist for Kargil, season wise.

What to wear in Kargil in summer and monsoon

In summer and rainy season, you can easily move around Kargil in just a T shirt and shorts even during night. Since the altitude of Kargil is lower than that of Leh, it doesn’t get very cold in summer. Sandals and slippers are also suitable for a visit to Kargil in summer months.

What to wear in Kargil in winters

If visiting Kargil in the harsh winters, do not forget to carry extra winter wear here. Protective layers of warm clothing also help in combating the harsh winters of Kargil. Ensure that you carry good quality of footwear, mufflers, gloves, shawls, woollen socks, thermal-wears and headgear etc. I hardly wear shades, but do carry it, especially in winter to avoid snow blindness.

Top Places to visit Kargil

  • Kargil Main Street    
  • Kargil War Memorial
  • Rangdum Monastery
  • Shargole Monastery    

Excursions: Best Places to see near Kargil

Below are some of the top places to see in and around Kargil.

  • Namik La
  • Photu La
  • Suru Basin
  • Kartse Khar    
  • Mulbekh Chamba    
  • Purtikchey Village
  • Nun peak viewpoint
  • Damsna Picnic Point
  • Drass War Memorial   
  • Lamayuru Monastery
  • Sankoo in Suru Valley    
  • Draupadi Kund in Drass
  • Villages of Aryan Valley    
  • Chiktan Khar or Chiktan Fort
  • Hundarman or Hundurmaan Village    
Kargil Bus Stand Ladakh Temperature weather season best time to visit

How To Reach Kargil?

Located in the middle of Leh and Srinagar, Kargil can be easily reached by private vehicle or public transport.

Buses: Buses to and from Kargil are available from both Srinagar as well as Leh.

Train: The closest big railway station from Kargil is located at Jammu.

Road Trip: You can drive on a bike or car or ride a cycle to Kargil from Srinagar and Leh.

Flight: There is no airport in Kargil. The nearest airports from Kargil are located in Srinagar and Jammu. I visited the Jammu airport many times during my trip to Mata Vaishno Devi.

Srinagar to Kargil bus service

Every-day, buses ply between Srinagar and Kargil. You can find buses to various places from Kargil as well. AC, Non-AC and Deluxe buses ply on the Srinagar Kargil route.

Run by JKSRTC or Jammu and Kashmir Road Transport Corporation, these buses are efficient, low cost and punctual. It is a good idea to catch the 7 a.m. bus from Srinagar. Here is a quick bus itinerary

  • Leave Srinagar by 7 a.m. in morning
  • Arrive at Sonamarg at 11 a.m. in morning
  • Reach Drass at 2 p.m. in afternoon
  • Arrive Kargil at 5 p.m. in evening.

Buses from Leh to Kargil and Kargil to Leh

Buses to Kargil are easily available. The best part is that Leh to Kargil bus fare is not much.

Places to stay in Kargil

Are there enough places to stay in Kargil during spring, summer, monsoon and autumn? You will be spoilt for choice. Depending upon your budget and taste, you can choose to stay in luxurious hotels, resorts, low budget guest houses, home-stays, cool hostels or Bed & Breakfast accommodation. During my July visit to Kargil, I had stayed in a centrally heated hotel at walking distance from the Truss Bridge. This bridge which falls on the Leh Kargil road is built on the mighty Indus River.

Kargil Hotel Resort Ladakh weather in Kargil
Kargil Hotel offers centrally heated rooms. Ladakh.

Is it possible to find accommodation in Kargil during winters? Though the choices will not be as much as in other seasons, you can still find a place to stay during winters. Some homestays and hotels, lodges of Kargil are still open in winters.

Frequently asked questions on Kargil weather

Below are some commonly asked questions on Kargil weather, temperature, climate, season etc. I have answered them in detail based on my own experience of traveling in Kargil.

Is it safe to travel to Kargil?

Yes, it is very safe to plan a trip to Kargil in winter months. Kargil is a big city. Did you know that Kargil is the name of both district and its main city. It is the joint capital of Ladakh along with Leh. Nestled right in the middle of the picturesque Suru Valley, there is always someone to help, whether it is autumn, winter, spring or summer.

What is the low season in Kargil?

Winter, despite being quite an adventure is low season in Kargil. Very few people visit Kargil during winter because of excessive snowfall and bone shivering weather. The temperature plummets to minus zero levels and only the locals are prepared to handle that kind of weather.

Does it snow in Kargil?

  • Is Kargil frozen now?
  • Does Kargil get snowfall?
  • Is Kargil frozen right now?

Yes, it snows heavily in Kargil during winters. I am personally not very fond of snow, but if it is your thing then you should travel to Kargil in winter to enjoy the snow paradise. If you prepare well for the Kargil weather in winter, you will end up enjoying the snow here like a precocious child.

When can we see snow in Kargil? Snow can be experienced in Kargil in the month of November, December, January, February, March and April. This is when Kargil is covered in a thick layer of snow. December and January are the best months if you want to see abundant snowfall in Kargil.

How cold does it get in Kargil?

Why is Kargil so cold? Kargil is located next to Drass, which is the second coldest inhabited place on Earth. In winters, the sub-zero temperature of Kargil is hard to fight. This is why many tourists stay away from the cold weather of Kargil. Be prepared in case you want to experience Kargil in winter.

What is the high season in Kargil?

The months of June, July and August make up the peak season in Kargil. It’s summer and Kargil is full of tourists, bikers, cyclists, artists etc. The room rates are also quite expensive during the peak season due to a high demand.

What is the shoulder season in Kargil?

September and October are the shoulder season in Kargil. However, being autumn, it is also an excellent time to visit Kargil. Not only can you enjoy the lack of crowd but also that nip in the air. The prices of rooms and other tourist facilities also come down during the shoulder season.

Conclusion: Best Season to visit Kargil

While Kargil remains a year-round destination, the most popular season and the best time to visit Kargil remains summer which includes months of June, July, August and even autumn months of September and October. Traditionally, summer is the peak season of Kargil. This is when you will see most tourists, bikers, cyclists etc in Kargil.

However, if you have time at hand, you can try visiting Kargil in shoulder season and low season too such as spring season and winter season. There is a certain charm in visiting Kargil in off season.

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