Igatpuri from Mumbai: How to reach

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Igatpuri from Mumbai is very easy to travel to. I have visited Igatpuri from Mumbai many times using different modes of transport such as private car, cabs, long-distance trains, local train and buses.  This is the most comprehensive guide on how to reach Igatpuri from Mumbai using various available modes of transport.

I have written this blog keeping in mind all budget types. It is possible to visit Igatpuri from Mumbai in low budget as well as high budget. I have also suggested transport which are suitable for various traveller types. Igatpuri is an unexplored heaven which is located far away from the city crowds. The picturesque town of Igatpuri is waiting for you!

You must also read my exhaustive travel guide to Igatpuri where I have mentioned about all the places of attractions in Igatpuri in detail. I have been mentioned as the most travelled in India many times. Do read my other blogs on Maharashtra as well on A Soul Window-Top Indian Travel Blog.

How can I reach Igatpuri from Mumbai? This information packed guide is based on my own travel experience to Igatpuri from Mumbai.

Igatpuri from Mumbai: Just another junction?

Igatpuri Railway Station is more than just another nondescript railway station on the ghats. However, most people who travel to Nasik or even Lucknow from Mumbai via long distance train treat Igatpuri as just another stop. For most long-distance train passengers, Itagpuri is just another junction on the way to bigger (and smaller) cities.

Many train travellers never even bother to come back and see what Igatpuri has to offer! Except me, of course!

Me in camel valley of Igatpuri Maharashtra during monsoon.

Igatpuri from Mumbai: How to reach

This is a commonly asked question regarding Igatpuri. There are so many ways you can easily reach Igatpuri from Mumbai. Igatpuri lies somewhere between the Mumbai and Nashik highway.

Igatpuri from Mumbai via local trains

What makes Igatpuri such as easy weekend escape from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nashik is the easy accessibility of this quaint hill station in Maharashtra. The best part is the local trains are available till Kasara. Igatpuri is just a half an hour cab ride from Kasara.

You can easily hop on to a shared taxi ride from Kasara for a nominal fee. This is the cheapest way to travel Igatpuri from Mumbai. This is also the most suitable mode of transport to arrive at Igatpuri from Mumbai if you are a solo traveller on a backpacking budget.

Mumbai to Igatpuri via Kasara in shared taxi

You can also catch a Central Railway local train from CST station or even Dadar to Kasara. There are many trains which head to Kasara from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or CST and Dadar.

There are many shared taxis available outside Kasara railway station. The ticket prices are very low because it is a shared seat. I travelled in these shared cabs in Igatpuri many times. I found the seats to be very comfortable.

However, if you want to sit even more comfortably, then you can pay extra money to book more seats. Front seats are the most comfortable. Shared cabs from Igatpuri to Bhandardara and back are also available frequently. Do remember, that the shared cabs might not be available after dark.

Igatpuri from Mumbai via long distance trains

Like me, you can also hop on to an easy to board long distance trains. My favorite long-distance train on Mumbai-Igatpuri route is the popular Pushpak Express. The long-distance trains always halt for as long as 30 minutes because since the ghat area starts at Igatpuri, therefore the train engines are changed here. Tapovan Express which starts from Mumbai Central also halts at Igatpuri.

Another benefit of boarding a long-distance train and not local train is that you will not have to take a cab from Kasara to Igatpuri. You can directly arrive at the cute Igatpuri railway station. This is perfect because most of the major tourist attractions of Igatpuri are located very close to the Igatpuri railway station. This is also suitable for solo traveller and backpackers. Train tickets in general class are the cheapest while 1st AC is the costliest.

I travel mostly in the sleeper class in India. It is non-AC and is convenient and low-cost. The long-distance express trains such as Nanded Tapovan Express are also available from CST aka Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Dadar railway station to Igatpuri.

Top Train Routes from Mumbai to Igatpuri

Some of the train routes which stop at Igatpuri are as below

  • Trains between Bhader and Mumbai
  • Trains between Surpura and Mumbai
  • Trains between Lucknow and Mumbai
  • Trains between Manihari and Mumbai
  • Trains between Malarpura and Mumbai
  • Trains between Meramandolil and Mumbai

Igatpuri from Mumbai via bus

Several Nashik bound buses also ply between Mumbai and Igatpuri. You can board any Nashik bound buses and request the conductor to alert you when Igatpuri is crossed. You can book your bus ticket only till Igatpuri from Mumbai.

You do not have to pay extra if you are not traveling till Nashik. The best bus services I feel are those red coloured rickety ST buses run by the government of Maharashtra. The ST buses are always punctual and do not waste time waiting for passengers till it is full. The ST buses leave as per their scheduled time. The best part is that the ST buses also costs very low.

The private buses on the other hand charge way more, make whimsical stops on the way, have rude staff and even wait endlessly for passengers to fill in. This is why when travelling in Maharashtra, I always prefer Government run ST buses over the privately run bus services from Mumbai. Igatpuri bound buses include:

  • AC buses
  • Volvo buses
  • Non-AC buses
  • State transport buses.

Some of the bus routes which stop at Igatpuri are as below

  • Buses between Ankola to Mumbai
  • Buses between Nashik to Mumbai
  • Buses between Samba to Mumbai
  • Buses between Ariyalur to Mumbai
  • Buses between Bhesawa to Mumbai
  • Buses between Anaikarai to Mumbai

You can also hop on to a State Transport or ST bus from Kasara to Igatpuri at approximately 11 a.m.

Soul Window Thoughts

I prefer non ac ST buses as it provides me unhindered views, especially when I approach the pristine ghat areas Kasara onwards. Another plus point is that the non-AC buses cost way less than airconditioned Mumbai to Igatpuri buses.

Also, if you are travelling to Igatpuri from Mumbai in monsoon and winter, then air-conditioned buses or other modes of transport are not really required. I would rather breathe the fresh air and subject myself to suffocating captive air in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Igatpuri from Mumbai via self-drive road trip

How to reach Igatpuri from Mumbai by road? It is a frequently asked question. The road between Mumbai and Nashik via Igatpuri and Kasara is mostly baby bottom smooth. Being a highway, it is a pleasure to drive on the road between Mumbai and Igatpuri. I have been on road trips between Mumbai and Nashik via Igatpuri several times.

On one such self-drive road trip in my friend’s car, we had stopped several times in lovely little dhabas on the way for a plate of kanda – batata bhajiya and vada paos. Driving to Igatpuri from Mumbai is always a pleasure because of the breath-taking views one gets on the route.

Having a personal car also helps visiting all the sightseeing attractions of Igatpuri conveniently. The downside of the road trip between Igatpuri Mumbai is that the person who is driving gets tired after a while.

Usually, it takes around 2.5 hours to 3 hours with tea breaks and refuelling etc. However, if the traffic is less then it is also possible to reach Igatpuri from Mumbai within 2 hours. Of course, it also depends on where in Mumbai you started from.

Route for self-drive

If you are self-driving, then you should follow National Highway 3 or NH3 which leads to Talegaon. After driving for a little while, you should take the old Mumbai-Agra Road to Khalifa Abdul Haee Marg in Bajrang Wada. After following this road for a while, you will arrive at your destination, the cute little hill station of Igatpuri.

Soul Window Observations

Personally, I never allowed myself to be tricked by advertisements and influencers who insisted that driving is freedom and the best thing you can do while exploring new places. Even the peer pressure never made me want to be a ‘cool looking rider’ who wear fancy gears and drives fancy cars and bikes. It never really made me want to leave the comfort I find in local transports where someone else is driving while you are enjoying the local snacks and the views.

I would personally rather just chill as a pillion on a bike or a car and let someone else do the driving. This also gives me opportunity to spot places of interests en route. This is why I prefer road trip only when someone else is driving. This is also the reason why I have consciously chosen to take only public transports where I can just chill such as read a book, talk to a stranger, eat local snacks, enjoy the views etc. What kind of traveller are you? Tell me in the comment section below!

Igatpuri by hired private cab

Several cab operators and taxi services offer round trips to Igatpuri from Mumbai. In Mumbai there are many places such as Dadar, Kurla, Kandivali etc from where you can book a private taxi to Igatpuri.

From Navi Mumbai, sector 17 is Vashi has many taxi services which you can book to visit Igatpuri from Mumbai. It is a good idea to book a taxi especially when traveling with family and friends. When travelling with friends, you can even split the cost which will come around the same as you would pay for say, an air-conditioned bus or train ticket.

When you hire a private taxi, you can either self-drive or hire a trainer driver as well. A standard AC cab can accommodate as many as 4 people apart from the driver. If you have more people travelling with you then you can hire a bigger car. Needless to say, one needs to pay more for a bigger car.

Igatpuri from Mumbai by air

Igatpuri being a very small hill station on the ghats doesn’t have any airport. It doesn’t get much traffic anyways. Only spiritually evolved people and those tourists who love to go off the beaten track visit Igatpuri. This is why there are no airports in Igatpuri and its unlikely there will be one in the near future either.

The closest airport from Igatpuri hill station is located in the nearby Nashik city. You can fly to Nashik and catch a bus or train or taxi to Igatpuri.

Mumbai has the closest big international airport from Igatpuri. You can easily reach Igatpuri from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai after deboarding the plane. You can book a taxi or hop on to a local train, long distance train or buses from Mumbai to Igatpuri. The connectivity is very easy, making it very convenient. Flights are suitable for luxury travellers and those who have less time at hand.

Igatpuri to Mumbai

While returning to Mumbai from Igatpuri, you can repeat the same above-mentioned ideas. It is easy to board a Mumbai bound long distance train, local train (from Kasara) and state transport buses. Private cars can also be booked from Igatpuri to Mumbai.

How is the road from Mumbai to Igatpuri?

I observed that the road conditions between Igatpuri and Mumbai and even Nashik are very good. I and my friends enjoyed the scenic drive which passed through the old Mumbai – Agra Road. This route follows the National Highway 3 towards Talegaon. You can stop at the gorgeous Igatpuri for a day picnic.

Igatpuri from Mumbai: My experience!

When I used to live in Sanpada near Vashi in Navi Mumbai for my job in the headquarters of a stock broking company, I often used to visit Lucknow to meet my parents. Perhaps, I used to take the Mumbai-Lucknow train journey every 3-4 months. It was always the Pushpak Express, the most popular train between Mumbai and Lucknow via Igatpuri.

I have moved to Navi Mumbai around 26th May, 2008. As soon as I moved, I wanted to get back to Lucknow as I missed my parents. On one of my first such trips, from the window seat of train, I remember getting excited when I saw deep valleys, gushing waterfalls, voluptuous water streams snaking through the green paradise, mist hiding the heads of the mountains and what not!

The train also moves slowly on the stretch between Kasara and Igatpuri, making the viewing of passing sceneries even more pleasurable. Igatpuri from Mumbai on a train was one of the best things I used to do back then.

I would peep out of my window seat or even stand at the door of the train and soak in the grand views from Kasara to Igatpuri for as long as 30-40 minutes. The view of the tall Vipassana Meditation Center from train always made me curious! What is that unusual looking building in the middle of nowhere?

How Mumbai to Igatpuri train route made me fall in love with travel!

The Mumbai to Igatpuri train, Pushpak Express was a ritual but I never really stopped at Igatpuri and rather allowed the train to transport me towards Lucknow. I promised myself that one day I will return to explore what exactly Igatpuri has to offer if I get down here someday. And I did!

I also feel that perhaps it was the Igatpuri from Mumbai stretch during monsoon which made me fall in love with travel in my initial days. I started solo independent travels from the year 2008 after all! I remember my heart pumping and a foolish smile ran through my lips as I had my first glimpse of Kasara and Igatpuri during monsoon on the Mumbai to Igatpuri via Kasara train route.

Food breaks in Igatpuri Railway Station

One of the highlights of the Pushpak express was the food and tea available at Igatpuri railway junction. I do not drink tea and usually teas served on railway platforms are not even worth drinking. However, I always enjoyed the piping hot teas they served in Igatpuri railway station. Teas served in Igatpuri railway station along with an appetising plate of kanda bhajiya during monsoon tastes even more heavenly.

There is also a shop here which serves small but delicious idli and mendu wada with a sweetish sambhar and coconut chutney. No matter where my bogey was parked, I used to ensure that I get down at Igatpuri and have 2-3 plates of idli and freshly fried medu vadas. I would even pack some for the later part of the Pushpak express. Through the entire route, this was the best food I savoured. It is sacrosanct to me, almost like a pilgrimage! Also, since rarely do we good great food on most railway stations in India, so I always used to look forward to the food in Igatpuri while coming from Mumbai.

Distances from Igatpuri

How far is Bhandardara located from Igatpuri?How far is Nashik from Igatpuri? How far is Igatpuri from Mumbai? Below is a distance chart from Igatpuri. This chart will help you plan a vacation in Igatpuri. You can club any of these nearby attractions for a memorable holiday in Igatpuri. Distances of Igatpuri with other nearby places of interest are given below in ascending order.

Distance between Kasara and Igatpuri is 19 kilometers and it takes around 30 minutes via NH160

Distance between Bhandardara and Igatpuri is 44 kilometers and it takes around 1 hour and 21 minutes via MH SH 44 and Padgha Shirdi Road.

Distance between Nashik and Igatpuri is 45 kilometers and it takes around 1 hour via NH160

Distance between Thane and Igatpuri is 99 kilometers and it takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes via NH160

Distance between Vashi in Navi Mumbai and Igatpuri is 115 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours via NH160

Distance between Mumbai and Igatpuri is 121 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours via NH160

Distance between Pune and Igatpuri is 241 kilometers and it takes around 5 hours via Nasik Pune Road

Me in camel valley of Igatpuri Maharashtra during rainy season

Conclusion: Reaching Igatpuri from Mumbai

Here is the bottom-line. The scenic hill station of Igatpuri is a must visit place for Mumbaikers in the rainy season. Reaching Igatpuri from Mumbai is not only easy but also a pleasure. The grand views en route make the journey a destination itself. It is not every-day after all that you can escape the whirligig of the busy Mumbai life and land in a paradise in just 2 -3 hours.

An excellent alternative to the cliched Lonavala and Khandala, Igatpuri is a great choice for a quick weekend break from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Many people from Nashik as well as the city of Pune also visit Igatpuri as a weekend getaway.

The view from my Soul Window is easy to arrive at!

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