How to Plan a Trip to Arunachal Pradesh?

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How to Plan a Trip to Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal can be a tough nut to crack (except for those two three well-known tourist spots which are famous). Of course, you can just go through a package tour which takes care of everything.

However, that costs more and more importantly, they are usually limited to a few well-known tourist spots with no scope for adventures. That’s why it’s always advisable to plan it well and do things on your own, if you are looking for a serious adventure.

Sort out the ILP/PAP

You need a permit to enter Arunachal. It is possible. Arunachal Pradesh has started an online system for issuing Inner Line Permits (ILP) for Tourists. Earlier, people had to waste a day or two going to their offices, and manually applying for the permit (& then going to collect it again the next day). 

However, if you are a foreigner, you need to get it done personally by visiting respective Indian Missions abroad, or the Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRRO) at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, as well as the Chief Immigration Officer, Chennai. 

Also, if you have booked through a tour operator, they can get it for you.

Get the right Guidebook and understand the state.

Hardened backpackers have always preferred to travel with a good guidebook. There are many major brands of travel guidebooks that cover major touristy areas of India. However, the same is limited for remote areas, such as Northeast India and even among the existing ones, backpacker-friendly information such as public transport and local homestays is lacking.

This is why you want to try this new guidebook called Immersive Arunachal, which seeks to address such issues and provide the information that the hardcore backpackers and explorers have been lacking so far.

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Places to See in Arunachal: Pick the circuits you want to visit

Do know that Arunachal is a vast and diverse state and you can find it confusing if you are new to it. Arunachal Tourism has defined twelve different circuits. These circuits include,

Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang (Shergaon-Rupa)







Jairampur – Manmao- Nampong – Pangsau Pass

Doimukh-Sagalee-Pakke Kesang-Seppa




Barely 2-3 of them are famous such as Tawang and Ziro but even these areas have much more than the main points that general tour operators will take you. So, you need to do your research if you are planning to spend more time in any region and don’t just want to do a generic sightseeing trip.

For example, you can visit Zemithang from Tawang or stop at Shergaon while going to Bomdila. These are delightful detours that no one talks about. So, pick the circuit you want to visit, check the map and read about it I’m detail.

Know the seasons and dates

Many people visit without knowing the basics such as season. For the best experience, you need to know which area offers what in which season, and also to avoid which seasons. 

In general, the peak summer and monsoon season between May to August is avoided in Arunachal because it rains a lot and the roads in the remote areas get even more challenging. However, a few high-altitude treks can be considered worth the trouble because those meadows bloom only during the rains. 

Remain Up to Date

As a remote state, Arunachal is only receiving a lot of infrastructure of late. The tourism boom here is also very new. New roads, bridges, or tourist facilities keep coming up and new places and trails keep getting discovered and added to the tourist map.

For example, even two years ago, no one knew about the seven lakes trek in Anini but now it is the most sought-after thing in the state. That is why you need to remain up to date about what is going on. Follow local news channels on social media and also follow travel bloggers who are regular in these areas to know about such developments.

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