Frodo – The Most Intelligent Adventure Camera Is Here

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During my many adventure activities, I always yearned for specialized Adventure Camera which is Easy to use and social media sharing friendly. I had little idea, someone was working on it.

Question : What is the most difficult thing in Gadget/Electronics world?

Answer : Making Things or Technology Simple and Uncomplicated

Yes that is the most difficult thing to do in the world of gadgets and gizmos. Fortunately Frodo has cracked the code for Adventure Cameras by making the most Intelligent Adventure Camera.

How? I said above. By making technology simple and easy to use.

I’ve seen many Adventure camera brands and they have multiple options for different use with variation in cost, technology, functionality and later on usability. Frodo has made it happen, all under one gadget and brought us a product which does it all effortlessly. It makes recording the Adventure or Adventure Sports activity easy. What wins my vote is that it allows immediate editing of huge video files on the fly ,in an instant and in different manners according to your choice. What’s more, it further makes it simpler to share instantly with your team and friends on the go.

Its Six-Axis Motion Sensors and Gyro based Video Stabilization makes shaky recording a thing of past. Recording dynamic adventure activity is a child’s play with this camera.  The wide angle lenses record your primary focus and other details which other camera miss because of its Field Of View, Frodo has it a plenty with its 120 degree wide lenses. Moreover it has an excellent aperture for the size, its f/2.6 so it can see more than any other camera on the market. You can also take stills at 8 megapixels which is again higher resolution than most other adventure cameras. All this is useless if you want to shoot anything as soon as you see some action happening, Frodo wins here too as Boot-To-Shoot time is as fast as 0.7 seconds, fast enough to catch any sudden action you may miss if you boot at snail’s pace.

Share is quite easy with lots of connectivity options with Bluetooth 4.0 LE(Low Energy) Wi-Fi 802.11n and USB PnP(Plus n Play) makes it easy to share your content they way you want.

Other features are hidden display, Video Format makes it easy to share and store. You get multiple onboard storage options (16/32/64) and that too without making a hole in your pocket for paying for the difference in upgrading the storage.



Intelligent-Editing: Frodo is the first adventure camera to use Evolutionary Algorithm that edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly.

Strap is the new mount: Frodo tackles bulky and expensive competitors who need Strapmultiple mounts and accessories with its sleek, yet rugged design that’s easy to strap anywhere – Wrist. Forehead. Bike. Or even a tree.

Modular design: Frodo’s design makes it easy to carry everywhere and attaches to a battery pack for those long shoots that are so hard to get away from.

Fastest Boot-to-Shoot: Frodo’s fastest boot-to-shoot time of 0.7 seconds is 4 times faster than current adventure cameras and lets you capture the unexpected in every adventure.

Sharing. Not storing: Frodo’s combination of hardware and software makes sharing an Shareadventure video as easy as sharing a selfie. So instead of piling up videos on a hard drive, you can simply share them on the go.

And I am proud to say that this path breaking product is ‘Made In India’ by a startup run by a bunch of young enthusiasts.

I thought I would have to break the bank to own it. But I was taken aback by its pricing. The team has tied up with me for launch offer. The followers of this blog get great discount not available elsewhere on any platforms. Details below:

For the cost of the product, its retail prices are as following:

16GB Frodo- $199

32GB Frodo- $249

Which is being offered on the indiegogo site as below:

16GB Frodo- $149

32GB Frodo- $179

And being offered exclusively to my readers as:

16GB Frodo- $140 + free shipping

Why these guys are doing a crowdfunding campaign:

Frodo is ready. The Intelligence is ready. All they need is our support to go into manufacturing. By gaining our support and backing through Indiegogo via pre-orders, they plan to manufacture Frodo on a large scale – reducing not just cost of production, but also the effective price of Frodo for the end consumer, us. As contributors and prospective backers, we have the power to help them make innovative technology affordable. So yes, every backer is special to them. Link here.

Any encouragement will go a long way, even if it’s just sharing Frodo’s story with your friends and network.

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Disclaimer : This review has been done without the testing of the product. I will soon be given the product to test which will be followed by another review. I am promoting it because I am genuinly interested in the product and excited to test it.

It is not a paid assignment for me but a favor to a traveler friend Tarun Gupta, who also happens to be the Chief Brand Strategist for this product.  This post is more about the crowdfunding campaign which is aimed to raise money to get into manufacturing.


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