Destination wedding in Goa: Ultimate Guide for a Beach Wedding in Goa

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“To Have & To Hold,

The most wonderful and beautiful day of 2 individuals’ lives when they decide on forever.”

Without a doubt, weddings are quite an important affair. It’s the next step after engagement. 

‘BUDGET FRIENDLY DREAM DESTINATION WEDDING IN THE LAND OF SUN, SEA AND SAND – GOA’is it a myth? is it just a dream? Or is there a possibility? 

Destination wedding in Goa

Beach wedding in Goa is desired by most people. Not many know that destination wedding in Goa is easily doable within reasonable cost. There are many Goa marriage resorts where people plan their dream weddings. Beach weddings in Goa have been trendy and popular since a long time. This is why destination wedding in Goa is desired by many, whether Indian or foreigner.

How can I get married in Goa? Here is your ultimate guide for a beachy wedding in Goa! I have shared all you wanted to know about destination wedding in Goa in this comprehensive guide. Use this complete guide to wedding in Goa and plan yours. I have visited Goa more than 15 times. Despite so many visits, travel to Goa is always exciting to me. I have even been lucky to attend some traditional weddings in Goa. This detailed and information packed guide will answer all your doubts and queries around destination wedding in Goa.

Destination wedding in Goa
A European couple in Goa!

Goa beach wedding cost 

How much does a Goa destination wedding cost? Are beach weddings in Goa expensive? We all know that as important as having a dream wedding, equally risking your financial goals for a week or a day’s celebration, doesn’t make sense. Marriage in Goa can be both expensive and low-cost depending on your taste and budget.

What is the average cost of an all-inclusive destination wedding in Goa? How much does an Indian wedding cost in Goa? How much does a beach wedding cost in Goa? These are frequently asked questions. The idea of affordability is different for everyone. Average cost of weddings in Goa for 50 guests is approximately INR 20 to 25 Lakhs. Furthermore, the cost also depends upon guest count, number of functions, venue location and time or season of the year. Fortunately, you don’t need to get worked up or give up on your dream of a destination wedding. 

The cost of your dream destination wedding in Goa depends on more factors than one. Goa is a very low-cost state, so you can have a wedding in low, middle as well as high end budget. With so many options available, you will be spoilt for choice. If you live in Mumbai and Pune, then proximity from Goa can also bring down the cost. Doesn’t that make Goa one of the most affordable exotic wedding destinations in all of India?

Which is the cheapest destination wedding venue in India? You will be surprised to know that the ‘exotic’ Goa is one of the cheapest destination wedding venues of India. You can share your budget and needs to the wedding planner and they can arrange cheap destination wedding in Goa.  Even destination wedding in Goa under 5 lakhs is possible if you want to do traditional Marathi style wedding, for example. So, to sum it up, contrary to popular belief, cheap destination wedding in Goa is very much doable.

Beach wedding in Goa
Americans in Goa.

Hire Ideal Wedding Planners

How can I plan my wedding in Goa? It is a commonly asked question. Hiring wedding planners on whom you can blindly rely upon will be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, they help you to keep a check on the budget. Secondly, they help in prioritizing decisions of what to cut down and what to keep, which is quite crucial at times. Thirdly, all the wedding planners have some local connection which helps in availing additional discounts. Last but not the least, they are a big help when it comes to going for venue scouting. You should also check the reviews of wedding planners online before booking.

The wedding planner will also give you an estimate of the Goa destination wedding cost. What’s more? They can also help you keep the beach wedding cost in Goa under check. Whether you are seeking destination wedding in Goa under 20 lakhs or destination wedding in Goa under 15 lakhs, impossible is nothing. For simple weddings, destination wedding in Goa under 10 lakhs is also a possibility. You just need to explore and take quotes from different wedding planners of Goa.

Wedding venues in Goa: Save on the Venue

A memorable Goa wedding in reasonable cost is possible! Finding top wedding venues in Goa with the warm ambience and perfect budget is essential to add up to your celebrations. Once you fix your location, half of your wedding budget accounts for it. Open air wedding halls in Goa are quite popular.

There are lot of budget friendly resort options in Goa which have Portuguese style architecture like: 

  • Alila Diwa Resort 
  • Piranha Beach Resort
  • Zuri White Sands 
  • Grand Hyatt
Goa marriage resort. Best wedding resorts in Goa
Such Luxury hotel and resort in Goa are great for a beach wedding

Top wedding resorts of Goa.

The above-mentioned Goan resorts are some of the top wedding resorts of Goa. Destination wedding venues in Goa are galore. These Goa marriage resorts offer the best of facilities and amenities for a dream beach wedding. Goa being an international destination, has several luxury hotels and 5-star properties. Leela Goa wedding cost is also quite reasonable. These world class Goa wedding venues are preferred by the upper class as well as middle class. They are undoubtedly the best wedding resorts in Goa. For memorable marriage celebrations you need outstanding wedding venues. You can choose from the Goa destination wedding resorts as per your budget and requirements.

Where is the best beach in Goa to get married? You can choose places in North Goa or South Goa, for a dream wedding! There are several wedding venues in Goa, both well-known and offbeat! I personally prefer the quitter and cleaner South Goa. Some of the best destination wedding places in Goa are near Palolem beach, Patnem beach, Vagator Calangute beach, Baga beach, Arambol beach, etc.

Traditional destination wedding in Goa

If you want you can also go for a traditional wedding in Goa. I once met a young couple marrying in the grand Basilica of Bom Jesus. The couple looked gorgeous in their traditional dress. Wearing a thin veil and holding flowers, the bride looked gorgeous. It was a traditional Christian wedding, in typical Goan style. Goan and Konkani songs played in the background as the couple did a photoshoot in the background of the colossal church. Low budget wedding in Goa in the traditional way is very common and popular. Destination wedding in Goa price can be adjusted if you are clear on what you want and what not!

Wedding venues in Goa. Destination wedding in Goa. Goa wedding
Destination wedding in Goa. Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the best wedding venues in Goa 

Destination Weddings

Whenever deciding upon a destination wedding, it’s quite important to understand that it should be an intimate affair which only includes close friends and family members. Not only will it help in enjoying the wedding to the fullest but also will help in planning your budget. Secondly, the number of functions which you plan during the destination weddings, remember to spice it up by bringing your individuality and uniqueness to your functions. May it be Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet/Bollywood Night or Wedding Function itself. This would be like cherry on a cake. 

Wedding E-Invites

People nowadays have become tech-savvy, so Wedding E-Invites have become quite convenient for everyone. Not to mention but sending Wedding E-Invite or Video is also budget friendly. It saves the cost of printing and dispatching. Nevertheless, a limited number of invitations can always be printed for all the aged close family members. 

Minimal & Subtle Décor

Minimalism is the new trend these days. Having minimal, subtle and elegant wedding decor is a hype and in demand these days. Accepting the minimalistic approach and shaking off the idea of extravagant centerpieces, expensive real flower decor and fancy table setting. Eco-friendly wedding decorations and keeping it subtle can be drop dead gorgeous. It was clearly visible in our favorite duo’s wedding ‘Ranbir-Alia’ who kept everything subtle starting from their wedding outfit, wedding venue and decor. 

Awareness of Hidden Cost

Another way to cut down on the cost or keep a check on our budget is to analyze the miscellaneous costs which you and your partner would have forgotten to calculate while crunching numbers. There are many hidden costs like several licenses, wedding outfit alterations, Make-up & Hair artist, Photographers, wedding priests, their transportation, accommodation, service staff tips etc. So, while setting up and deciding upon the budget, you need to consider the hidden costs as well. 

These factors add to the Goa destination wedding cost.Most importantly, not to get overwhelmed, stressed and worked up. Trust your gut instincts and just go with the flow. It’s supposed to be you and your partner’s day. Keeping the energies intact to coincide with the celebration of beautiful union. 

marriage in Goa
Me in Goa. Calangute and Baga beach behind!

Goa beach wedding packages 

Depending upon your budget and other factors, you can choose from several Goa beach wedding packages available. Destination wedding in Goa package helps you in enjoying the wedding while the wedding planner take care of all the small details. What is included in a destination wedding package in Goa? Many wedding planner offer everything in a wedding package in Goa which includes mehendi, sangeet, decoration, entertainment, dining etc. However, you can choose to include and exclude activities, services and facilities depending on your taste, needs and budget.

Best time for destination wedding in Goa

From my experience, I personally feel that the best time for destination wedding in Goa in is colder months of September, October, November, December, January and February. It starts to warm up in March in Goa. April, May and June are the hottest months anywhere in Goa. July and August are the monsoon season in Goa. It rains heavily in Goa in monsoon season. These days Goa Tourism is encouraging tourists to visit Goa throughout the year. However, you must consider the season, weather conditions, temperature, rainfall etc for a smooth and enjoyable wedding celebration.

Having said that, many Hindu families in East India, North India, West India and South India marry on certain months. That also decides the month of destination marriage in Goa. Similarly, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christian communities consider different months for wedding. This factor also decides the best time for a beach wedding in Goa.

Goa wedding
Goa Wedding I attended in Basilica of Bom Jesus, old Goa

Sightseeing in Goa during wedding

Goa is full of idyllic places where you and your guests can relax and enjoy a beach vacation. This is also the reason why destination wedding in Goa is so popular. Many people club local sightseeing in Goa either before or after the wedding ceremonies. You can easily plan an exciting trip to the beautiful Goan destinations such as Old Goa, Vagator beach, Anjuna beach, Baga Beach, Arambol beach, Sinquerim beach, Fort Aguada in North Goa or Palolem beach and Patnem beach in South Goa while planning that memorable beach wedding in Goa. You can also treat your guests by including fun activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat ride, jet skiing etc.

Conclusion: Is Destination wedding in Goa worth it?

Is Goa Good for destination wedding? Beach wedding in Goa is desired by many. More and more Indians and foreigners are planning their dream destination wedding in Goa because of its charming locations, pleasant weather, world class facilities and a developed service sector. Destination wedding in Goa budget is also within reach of most people. The fact that Goa destination wedding cost is suitable for all pockets make it a desirable place for tying the nuptial knots. What’s not to love?

Destination wedding in Goa beckons!Off late, beach wedding in Goa is gaining popularity especially with the upwardly mobile Indian youngsters and foreigners with disposable income. Whether it is my favourite South Goa or North Goa, both are ideal for a Goan beach wedding. The availability of wide variety of hotels and world class rooms for such grand family event is like cherry on the cake.

A Grand Destination Wedding is waiting for you! Choose from nice Goa beach wedding packages, sit back and enjoy your big moment!

Goa destination wedding cost . Wedding in Goa
Me posing in a Luxury resort in Vagator, Goa

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