5 Countries which are safe to Travel post CORONA Period

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5 Countries which are safe to Travel post CORONA Period

If there is one lesson that COVID-19 taught us, it is that we took our pre-COVID life too much for granted. Unplanned trips, late-night drives, eating out at your favourite restaurant were so easy that it seems like a completely different era now.

So many of us are craving to bolt out of our home confinement and feel the wind in our hair once again. 

With vaccine trials underway, sooner or later we humans will definitely overcome this pandemic. Keeping an optimistic mind can also work wonders on your mental health while you are cooped up in your home. So why not plan a trip with that bright future in mind?

Here are 5 countries which will be safe to visit post COVID-19 because they had put out an exemplary performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: You can keep a track on the total number of COVID-19 cases in a specific country here.

Queenstown New Zealand. Picture Credit: goodfreephotos

1. New Zealand

New Zealand proved itself to be a well-ruled country with COVID-19 cases dropping next to nil while other countries were in shambles trying to meet the excessive amount of rising cases. 

With a total of just 1,559 confirmed cases all over the country, New Zealand had gone 89 days straight without any new cases being reported. The total number of deaths was 22 and New Zealand was quick in response to reign in the pandemic before it wreaked havoc.

It is also one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. From the untamed wilderness, towering mountains, and deep fjords to their impeccable culture and hospitality, New Zealand should be one among the first destinations that you can plan to travel to. 

And if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you should not miss the unearthly shooting locations strewn around the country. Don’t forget to drop in on the tiny hobbit houses in Waikato town of Matamata.

Seoul South Korea. Picture Credit: pxfuel

2. South Korea

South Korea was one another country, despite being in close proximity to China, that managed to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases successfully. It had one of the highest testing rates in the world. South Korea could control their infection within the range of 15,000. They conducted close to 1,547,307 tests.

South Korea will be the ideal destination for culture buffs as this country moulded through 5000 years of rich culture and diversity. South Koreans are famous for their boundless hospitality. 

From the buzzing city of Seoul to the idyllic countryside, South Korea is replete with an offering for every type of travellers. Chances are you could even land amid a festive season, for South Koreans, with a full packed festive calendar, are always in a celebratory mood.

Mount Vesuvius, Japan. Picture Credit: pexels.com

3. Japan

Japan was another country that managed to stay afloat during the pandemic without going into a complete lockdown, despite having a high old-age population. The recovery rate in Japan was 96% with only a 4% death rate. Their recovery rates surpassed their new cases.

Japan has an unequalled record for being one of the warm and welcoming countries in the world. The land of the rising sun welcomes you with its cherry blossom trees, serene temples and picturesque mountainsides. 

Japan seamlessly matures through each season, and so it is hard to say if Japan ever has an out-of-season period. Japan literally will spoil you for choices, and you will be left confused as to when to plan your trip post the COVID-19 season.

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Iceland. Picture Credit: pxhere

4. Iceland

Iceland’s strategic closed-off location played to its advantage during this pandemic. It has a 99% recovery rate and only 1% death rate. Only 1,861 people were infected in Iceland.

Iceland has always been an out-of-the-world country, with its unparalleled landscapes and dancing Aurora lights. Otherwise rare icecaps, glaciers, volcanoes and whales are what that sets Iceland apart. 

You can dip yourself in one of the hot springs or indulge in the raving nightlife of the capital city; Iceland is a land of extremes.

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Vienna, Austria. Picture Credit: Pixabay

5. Austria

The country that effortlessly struck the right balance between the imperial city limits and spellbinding countryside, Austria too has managed to reign in the COVID-19 cases to a large extend while its neighbours were reeling in on the aftermath. 

Austria had a good record of 96% recovery rate. While its neighbour Germany saw a death rate of 5%, Austria could keep their death rate with 3 figure digit.

Austria was where the classical music rockstars Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert waltzed in with their musical concerts and changed the world forever. 

A trip to this diving country is never complete without snapping the enchanting Hallstatt. The effervescent Vienna and the colourful Innsbruck are other additions that you must not miss here.

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Important things to keep in mind while travelling post COVID-19

  • Maintain good hygiene – Maintaining good hygiene is the only way to defeat the spread of Coronavirus. Here are some of the simple steps that you can don’t have to let go from your lifestyle even post COVID-19
    • Wash your hands often with soap. This is especially important right before you have food or after having used the toilet. If you are unsure of the sanitary conditions of a place you are visiting, it is best always to use a hand sanitiser. It is best to be safe than be sorry.
    • If you have any underlying medical issues, then it is still best to wear a mask even if you are travelling post COVID-19 season. This will reduce your risk to infections. Underlying health issues can further exacerbate your health conditions.
    • Social distancing can still be practised. Opt for more outdoors and open-air experiences rather than closed doors, crowded affairs. Try to take up more adventurous and off-road destinations.
  • Get a travel insurance – Even if your destination doesn’t mandate a travel insurance, get one all the same. It can help you afford emergency medical expenses when you are abroad. Without travel insurance, your medical bills could even amount to more than your whole travel package. It will also cover for loss of passport, baggage or delay and cancellation of flights.
  • Choose safe accommodation options – Opt-out from budget popular hotels and backpacker hostels. Choose safe and individual accommodation options that would minimise your contact with others. Secluded cottages or a place that you can have all for yourself are the best options.
  • Plan your travel thoroughly – Countries could still impose restrictions on travellers from certain countries. So make sure you are well aware of the rules and regulations before setting out on your journey.
  • Keep up to date with the news – Keep yourself up-to-date on latest news, travel and health. Follow the rules laid down by authorities.

You can keep a track on the total number of COVID-19 cases in a specific country here

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