Cape May Winter Getaway

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Cape May Winter Getaway

Everyone heads to Cape May – the southern tip of New Jersey in the summers and winters, known for its lovely beaches, historic districts reflecting the Victorian Era culture, and tourist resorts. There is plenty to explore, and we will tell you just what you need to know to make your visit more exciting.

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Things to do in Cape May in the Winters

Cape May is where you need to go if you’re looking to travel to the States during winters.

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks

A seaside amusement park with a history of more than half a decade – Morey’s features more than 100 rides. Surfside Pier has water rides like log flumes, a drop tower, and a substantially inverted rollercoaster. Mariner’s Landing is another significant part of Morey’s, featuring bumper cards, teacup & musical rides, a horror ship, and a Ferris wheel. Apart from this, the park is on a beach; you can stroll around and imbibe the classy Jersey atmosphere.

Cape May County Park & Zoo

A huge 220-acre zoo is located in Cape May’s heart and houses animals across more than 250 species. The zoo’s various reserves include the African Savannah, an aviary, and an exclusive reptile housing area. Apart from the typical zoo attractions, you can also take a toy train ride and enjoy the in-house carousel. The spacious enclosures ensure that the animals do not feel caged and restricted.

Cape May Historic District

Cape May was one of the first North American towns where explorers from the British Empire and other European Colonial empires anchored their ships. It has a history going back more than four centuries – can be seen in the massive 380-acre historic district housing more than 600 Victorian-style buildings. The construction is said to be Late Victorian, Gingerbread, and Eclectic Style architecture.

Where can you stay in Cape May?

Angel of the Sea

A 3-star hotel addressed at 5 Trenton Avenue – what can you get here? This place highlights the Victorian style architecture, exquisite interior design and accommodation, and an Old-English vibe. You will get high tea, complimentary morning breakfast, and quick access to the beach when you’re here. The per-day price ranges between $150-$250.

Colton Court Motor Inn

If you are looking for budget stays – head over to Colton Court at 105 Beach Avenue – close to the beach. You will get prompt amenities here like free Wi-Fi, access to a decent pool, and proximity to public transport and other attractions. The per-day room rate ranges between $75-$150.

Best places to eat in Cape May

Lucky Bones Back Water Grille

Get the best of New Jersey food and the classic Northeastern US seafood flavor at Lucky Bones – addressed at 1200 NJ-109, Cape May. You can try various dishes and a cocktail of your choice to go with it – the restaurant has an exclusively vegetarian and vegan menu with the most delicious pizzas and salads.

The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar

The Mad Batter is known to serve some of the best and authentic American food – you can order the Seitan vegan hot wings, assorted sandwiches, and a lovely fruit smoothie or a refreshing mojito. It is addressed at 19 Jackson Street, offering scenic views of the beach.


A hidden gem in New Jersey – Cape May is a popular tourist destination – when here in the summers finding a place to stay is challenging; the same can be said about quality services at popular spots. Book your tickets to Cape May in the winters when crowds are low, and services are good.

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