Best beaches in Turkey for families

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A Look at Turkey’s Top Beaches for 2023

Best beaches in Turkey for families are suitable for kids as well. Summer is here and it’s time to start dusting your goggles and sun hats that have been lying there during the long winter solitude. Feel the magic of Western Asia blended with the splendor of Eastern Europe with the fascinating coastline that stretches between the two continents.

The Turkish coast faces the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Aegean Sea towards the west and The Black Sea along the Northern coastal line. Its location is the sole reason for the exclusive and hybrid beaches the country is blessed with. Hundreds of tourists show up at each of the beaches and the Turkish Airlines is making their dreams come true by flying them to these destinations.

Which part of Turkey is best for families? Where is the safest place in Turkey for family holiday? Which part of Turkey has nice beaches? These are some frequently asked questions on the best beaches of Turkey or Türkiye. Here are some amazing beaches in Turkey you should add to brighten your summer itinerary. This is the most comprehensive blog on best beaches in Turkey for families.

Bodrum Peninsula Beaches: Cheers to bougainvillea studded beaches!

The southern coastline facing the Aegean Sea has a series of beaches like they’re straight out of an oceanic dream. These beaches sport a very good climate throughout the year. Visit the stunning resorts, and delicious cuisine and lose yourself to the pristine waves that hit your decks.

Altinkum Beaches: The safe and clean golden sands are at your beckon!

Altinkum meaning, ‘golden sands’ have three beautiful beaches and the Dolphin square center for your shopping trips. The beaches are blue flag certified for you to not worry about safety and hygiene but enjoy the turquoise waters touching the shimmering shores. It is one of the top beaches of Türkiye for families and kids.    

Çesme Peninsula: The salty sea break that you deserve!

This Aegean Sea- facing the modern peninsular hosts a number of beaches that are less crowded. The Ilica Plaji, Cesme Altinkum Beach, and Delikli Koyu are famous for group and couple activities. The refined restaurants, cafes and boutiques offer complete solace for those yearning for it.

Karasu Beach: Lounge in the tree shades along with the pebbles!

This blue water sandy pebbled beach is in the Karasu district in the northern Aegean Sea region. Tumble upon a greenish hue on one side and the dusky orange of the setting sun on the other side of its beautiful horizon.

Patara Beach: Perfect solace for nature lovers and loggerhead turtles!

The longest coastline in Turkey is Patara Beach located in the Antalya province. This Beach is paradoxically beautiful with desert-like sand dunes meeting the waves. Did you read about the famous hiking trail of Lycian Way backing up the serene beaches and Turkey’s longest coastline?

Patara Beach Antalya Turkey Türkiye
Patara Beach Antalya Turkey Türkiye. Pic by

Pebble Beach: Hop the pebbles and scale the rugged cliffs here.

Swim to your heart’s content at the Big and Little Pebble Beach in Kas town. These beaches give you a cove security for you to explore its shores and seek thrill in cliff jumping. If you family loves adventure and water sports then you will enjoy your visit to the Pebble Beach.

Çirali Beach: A Sandy Beach story featuring exciting off beat locations!

The Antalya province with the Taurus Mountain backdrop sports this less populated sandy wonder for you to refresh yourself. You can also explore the famous Mt. Olympos with the Chimaera (burning rock) phenomenon that jets fire from the rock clefts.

Kleopatra Beach: If the name doesn’t convince you romantically, the view will!

The historic facade of Alanya town with its towering castles atop the curtained cliffs meets the romantic shores of Kleopatra Beach. With the Mediterranean-facing romance book cover-worthy facade, the beach with its alluring horizon should be a sure thing to visit in your Turkish Beach hopping trip.

Ölüdeniz Beach/Blue Lagoon: Snorkel, dive and relish the coral beauty!

Where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet, is this most photographed Beach in Turkey known for its still Dead Sea-like waters in the lagoons that lie opposite the beach. The sandy shores facing the lagoon are considered safe for children. With pine trees on the mountains and coral beds through the clear water, this Beach is a wonder indeed.

Blue lagoon beach Ölüdeniz Beach Turkey Türkiye
Blue lagoon beach Ölüdeniz Beach Turkey Türkiye. Pic by:

Icmeler Beach: Sure to shimmer in your favorite beach list!

Marmaris and its 6 km long coastline are all rolled out for you in perfection for you to create memories. The beach is people-friendly with uplifted restaurants, cafes, and shopping units along with turquoise waters and golden dust for sand.

Conclusion: Are beaches of Turkey Family Friendly?

Now that you know about the best beaches in Turkey for families, I am sure you are itching to pack your bags and visit Turkey or Türkiye. These beaches are safe not only for families but for kids as well. You can have a relaxing holiday in some of the top beaches of Turkey which are also suitable for family and kids.

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