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I had crossed the newly opened Pattaya Street at ‪#‎Kharghar‪#‎NaviMumbai so many times but I kept procrastinating a visit for one reason or the other. The restaurant is hard to miss thanks to its opulent façade which has a huge laughing Budhdha welcoming the guests at the gate. It is fast becoming a landmark of sorts for Kharghar (A friend coming from Pune to Mumbai said, “just passed Pattaya Street.”)

Entrance to the restaurant.

So when an opportunity knocked to co-review the restaurant as part of the‪#‎NaviMumbaiFoodies ‪#‎FoodBlogger team , I was delighted to discover that my first review would be on Pattaya Street.


Pic above : The interiors 

The interiors of restaurant is just as delightful, visually. The umpteen Chinese lanterns hung in a cluster transport you to faraway oriental lands while the reclining Budhdha figurines and paintings add warmth to the place, subtly. The dim light and music further helps create a soothing environment. Ain’t it the perfect place to let your hair down; cut off all your internal noises and the ones on the highway, just a stone’s throw away.
Being a hotel management student myself, I was impressed when I noticed their meticulously planned menu. It was deftly crafted and had something for everyone. There’s short description beneath every menu item for those still uninitiated in Pan Asian cuisine. Thai, Japanese, Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian… You name it, they have got it. It’s a delight to find such variety and quality at a stand alone restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Earlier I had to travel to SoBo or Western Mumbai for such culinary experiences.

Pic above : Cottage Cheese Thai cake and Spring Rolls

We kicked off the evening with Tom Kha Phak soup. It bursted with its bold flavours of coconut, galangal and other condiments. I wish I could continue hogging on it, but there’s a thing called main course. 

Vegetarian Sushi


For appetizers, we had carefully picked a variety of dishes. The corn chestnut roll was unique. How often does one see restaurants using chestnuts (Singhada) in fine dining cuisine? The riot of colours that Sushi was, it looked appealing. Though I wish they had taken care with boiling the rice just right. I am a big fan of veg Sushi , so I was a bit let down. The Cottage cheese thai cake were delicious fried patties; crunchy outside yet soft inside. The steamed dumplings were perfectly crafted and were presented in charming bamboo baskets.

All the starters were accompanied by a variety of lip smacking sauces such as sweet soya sauce, peanut sauce, pickled sweet ginger and the pungent wasabi.

The Burmese Khow Suey

The main course was just as exciting. The Burmese Khow Suey (Another personal favourite) was just perfect and creatively presented in a deep bowl. The garnish of fried onion, fried garlic, sprouts and peanuts lent a pleasantly rough texture to a smooth coconut based gravy, inundated with complimenting vegetables.


Assorted vegetables in peanut sauce was thankfully not sweet like some oriental gravies tend to be. It had a nice nutty and savoury flavour and was a perfect accompaniment to any rice or noodles based dish.

I don’t have a sweet taste. So when the team ordered Honey flavoured vanilla ice cream, I was not really excited. But as I tasted the first bite, I found it hard to stop. Served on a bed of honey tossed flat noodles, the very distinct taste of honey and sesame seed infused in the ice cream won my heart. The contrasting textures of noodles and ice cream only added to the experience. Once the ice cream was over, I did not shy from eating the sweet noodles by itself.


The service is just exactly how it should be. Prompt, unobtrusive, quick (very quick,rather) and polite.
Pattaya Street definitely lived upto my expectations. It’s one of the best oriental cuisine restaurants in Navi Mumbai. Be it a romantic dinner date, or a casual meal with family or friends or a corporate lunch, this is one of the best options.

Honey flavoured vanilla ice cream topped with sesame seeds!

* I went to review this restaurant as part of the #NaviMumbaiFoodies trail. For more reviews of restaurants in Navi Mumbai please follow @nuvofoodies on Twitter and Instagram.

WARNING : All pictures and text are mine and shall not be copied without MY permission


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