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Disclaimer :All pictures of Mauritius are courtesy Pixabay. I have personally not been to Mauritius. It is a research based article.

Below are the 5 reasons why you should visit Mauritius now:


Off late, Mauritius is emerging as a perfect wedding and honeymoon destination. Imagine taking wedding vows amidst picture perfect landscapes, calming sea breeze and sparsely populated islands. It’s one of the few perfect romantic destinations, renowned the world over for its pristine beaches, luxury resorts and crystal clear waters. It doesn’t matter if you spend just a week in Mauritius or more, time spent here with your better half will go a long way in strengthening your bond. Mauritius was awarded as the best wedding and honeymoon destination by the World Travel Award in the year 2013. Do I need to say more?


It is advised to opt for Mauritius tour packages to experience Mauritius in its full glory. With so many exotic beaches to boast of, the beaches of Mauritius are divided into following zones- North Coast, East Coast, West Coast, South Coast. The tropical island is lined with palm, casuarinas and coconut trees. November to April is summer in Mauritius and hence the temperatures soar. July to September are the cooler months. Fine white sand complement the azure waters, making it an ideal destination for those photo ops. With more than hundred beaches to choose from, one is spoilt for choice in Mauritius. La Cuvette beach, Pereybere beach and Mont Choisy Beaches are some of the easily accessible public beaches of Mauritius.

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Being a huge Scuba Diving fan, what attracts me the most about Mauritius is that it is a perfect destination to try scuba diving and snorkeling. I have never scuba dived near wreck sites. With 22 wreck sites to its credit, I see Mauritius as an exciting scuba diving destination. Exotic coral and fish species make it all the more exciting. Though Scuba diving in Mauritius can be done all through the year, but November to April is the preferred time. With 330 kilometers of coastline, there is no dearth of amazing scuba diving sites such as Colorado, Sirius Wreck, and Roche Zozo in Mauritius. Eagle rays and bull sharks anyone?


There is a lot one can do in Mauritius apart from the predictable water sports and lazing, eh! The lesser explored Balaclava Ruins transports one to 17th century while the bazaar (market) of Port Louis is an apt place for those who love to eat out and shop. Picking local crafts is recommended. It’s crowded but still lot of fun. It is also a good place if you enjoy people watching. Grand bay is popular and must be explored if you are into nightlife. Hip bars, shops, restaurants and discos will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Tourism in Mauritius sure offers a lot more than one can imagine.


I grew up reading about the now extinct Dodo. The flightless bird was endemic to Mauritius which unfortunately fell prey to hunting by Dutch sailors and invasive species. The last Dodo was seen in the 17th century. Unfortunately you can’t spot the Dodos any more. However, Mauritius is still rich in wildlife. Not only does it offer amazing sightings of marine creatures beneath the sea but the wildlife found on the land is equally awe inspiring. Endemic reptiles such as keel scaled boa, skinks, geckos can be spotted in Mauritius. Seychells’ Aldabra giant tortoise also is a major attraction after it was introduced to the island. Mauritius is also an exciting place for the birdwatchers. Exotic birds such as zebra dove, common myna, Madagascar fody, red-whiskered bulbul, Mauritius kestrel, Mauritius parakeet and pink pigeon can be spotted in Mauritius. However, if you are still keen on Dodos, you can visit the Dodo museum (Mauritius Institute) near Government House in Port Louis.

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  1. Mind The Travel

    I bet these reasons totally worth visiting Mauritius at least once in a life time! When I was a kid I just loved Dodo of the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. But since they are extinct, the giant tortoise can be another great reason to go there!

  2. You got me at #3. Not only do I also love diving but I’ve never dived in a shipwreck before! 22 shipwrecks is impressive…though, I wonder how they got down there. As long as I don’t get stuck down there. 😛 But the rest of it still sounds like a great place to visit

  3. Mauritius is definitely very beautiful. I buy all your reasons except for the first one. I don’t need to get married to visit Mauritius. I can go there as a solo traveler too. Or am I not allowed 😛

  4. Mauritius sounds like such a romantic destination, full of fun adventures and things to do! I’d especially love to go beach hopping and scuba diving here, even check out the ruins! 😀 Thanks for putting together such a great guide and putting Mauritius on the map for us.

  5. Mauritius is perfect romantic place with exotic world famous beaches. Beach hopping must be cool thing to do do in Mauritius to enjoy tropical beauty. I would love to try out Scuba Diving there.

  6. Beach hoping in Mauritius sounds like a great idea. Especially when you think that it is so expensive to do it in Maldives, you better do it while in Mauritius! Would love to learn to Scuba dive to do some too while there!

  7. We had our honeymoon in Mauritius can see why you’re so enthusiastic about this wonderful country. We loved it for a number of reasons which can be added to the list, though we agree wholeheartedly to the list you’ve shared. Thanks for sending us on a trip down memory lane 🙂

  8. Beautifully explained.. it really gives a lot of insight that what a place has in store for us as a tourist.. really makes me feel put Mauritius in my bucket list of travelling

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