The Brew Estate – Fastest growing award winning microbrewery of India!

The Brew Estate – Fastest growing award winning microbrewery of India!

I have travelled to countries like Australia where brewing culture has evolved and established. I used to wonder why India lacks such a space. After all, Indians love beer and good food. My search ends with The Brew Estate. Within the short span of 3 years, the Brew Estate has altered the way India drinks. Successfully running their outlets in brew pubs in Chandigarh, Patiala, Panchkula and Shimla, all of them in North India, the brand is launching soon in Indian metro cities such as Bangalore and Delhi. I am sure you are excited to know more about the Brew Estate.


Man Behind The Brew Estate

34 year old founder, Arundeep Singla is the founder of the Brew Estate. His father is a retired professor and mother is a home maker. His passion for craft spirits over the bottled drinks led to this innovative concept. As per him, the mass production of beer can never match up with the flavours and quality of craft beer. Much like what I had experienced in Australia, Arundeep too had been inspired to start The Brew Estate when he was pursuing his Master’s degree in Australia. He had experienced brewpubs which offered a cool atmosphere to strike social conversations in a laid back ambiance. It only made sense to present this idea to the upwardly mobile youth of North India.


What sets the Brew Estate Apart?

Whether it is their outlets in Chandigarh or Patiala or Panchkula or Shimla, no other brand in the same category can claim to be in the same league. The kind of range of beers and liquors they have on the menu can give a run for their money to the best of breweries in most of the cities of India. No wonder they are now seen as one of the best microbreweries of India.


What makes The Brew Estate stand apart is the premium artisanal beer and fine dining that it offers in a cheerful atmosphere. It was about time that Indians get a taste of world class beer culture without having to cross the seas for the same.

Ask yourself. How many different types of beer have you taste yet in India? As per my experience most Indians have tried just the same 2-3 mass produced brands. Isn’t it time we sampled some special craft beers produced at the Microbreweries like The Beer Estate.


What Is A Microbrewery?

A Microbrewery is a small place where beer in little quantity is produced. It is meant for small scale production and consumption by a limited number of people. It is usually independently owned. Quality, brewing technique and flavor is what microbreweries focus on.


The best part is that you can even take a guided tour of the microbrewery and see how your beer is produced. Isn’t it an experience in itself? What’s more? You can even taste the frothy craft beer right from the tank. You can also see what ingredients are used to make the beer. You can also see how the production of beer has evolved over the years as both modern and traditional brewery methods are used here. I personally feel it is a great idea to be able to see how your beer is being made. Ask yourself- have you ever seen how beer is produced? Most people will say no to this in India as this opportunity hardly existed before The Brew Estate made its entry in the market and continues to be the fastest growing microbrewery of India.

evening mood


Many people within the same family or friends circle are teetotaler or occasional consumer of alcoholic drinks. But why should they miss out hanging out in a cool place. This is where The Brew Estate comes to the rescue. They offer a careful selection of delicious mocktails. They will make sure that you are not forced to guzzle down gallons of boring cold drinks or breezers.



The well trained chefs of The Brew Estate will make sure that you get the best of the food to wash down with the craft beer. The food they serve will be beyond your expectation. Not many breweries pay attention to the food. The Brew Estate makes conscious effort to serve globally inspired, multi-cuisine food bursting with flavours. This is what makes The Brew Estate a gastronomical delight apart from serving the finest of beers. The presentation of their food is excellent as well and matches the quality of food in any 5 star properties.

Branding at the entrance


Are you bored of sipping beer in dimly lighted indoors with dark wooden furniture? The Brew Estate allows you to sit in the outdoors garden or on the rooftop seating area. It indeed is a refreshing change from clichéd ambiances we have all been so accustomed to. Live performances make it all the more exciting! What’s not to love? They have the best beer gardens of India.


Great for family and friends-

The ambiance makes it a great place to hang out with friends and family. I know a grown up friend from Gujarat whose cool mom always accompanies him to pubs and microbreweries to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. As he keeps traveling and is fond of discovering new places where he can enjoy a drink or two, I am definitely going to recommend The Brew Estate to him. Not only is it a great place for a romantic date but the place is also apt for informal business meetings.

Bar counter

Last Thoughts on The Brew Estate

I feel that is a great concept which the folks at The Brew Estate have come up with. By filling a void in the market, they have succeeded in standing out from their contemporaries. Their unprecedented approach to beer has brought upon a revolution in the way India drinks. The good news is that more of their outlets are coming up in major cities like Bangalore and Delhi. And with reasonable prices, impeccable service and discounts, they have been able to attract repeat customers. The Brew Estate has recently won against 60 microbreweries at the Indian Restaurant Congress Awards which was held in New Delhi


I personally used to prefer to drink at home. But if the overall experience is as good, why stay indoors? Do visit The Brew Estate soon and discover the world of artisanal beer. Thank me later!


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