Jolly Nizams : This New Restaurant in Gurgaon impresses with its authentic Hyderabadi Biryani and more!


Have you ever eaten a Paneer Tikka which looks and tastes like this? Pic: Jolly Nizam,Gurgaon

JOLLY NIZAMS IN GURGAON serves authentic Hyderabadi biryani and other cuisines of Hyderabad in a refined manner. A visit to the dine in brought back memories of my travel to Hyderabad. One of the main reasons why I traveled twice to Hyderabad was the delectable food the city has to offer. Despite being a vegetarian, I was able to sample many delicious Hyderabadi dishes when I was in the city. It is a myth that Hyderabadi cuisine is all about meat.

I had always craved for that quintessential Hyderabadi taste. In a crowd of restaurants who claim to serve authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, it is so difficult to identify the outlets which actually serve authentic food.

Jolly Nizam in Gurgaon brought a smile on my lips as I digged into its vegetarian Hyderabadi dishes offerings. Their well crafted menu is unpretentious, simple and yet rich in its offerings.


Adrey Gadrey Aaloo (Pic by: Jolly Nizams, Hyderabadi Restaurant, Gurgaon)

Jolly Nizams is a take away and home delivery restaurant that is started by homechef Shahnaaz Khan and the master chef, where they serve authentic Hyderabadi traditional family recipes. Their home chef Mrs. Shahnaaz Khan has been awarded with The Star chef award – ( Biryani ) organised by ITC fortune select Excalibur. Their Kathal Biryani episode was short on Zee TV for Zee Rishtey awards ( Zindagi ki Mehek )which got selected as the winner . The master chef himself spent quality time in Hyderabad and perfected his dishes before launching. With so much going for it, I got interested in checking out Jolly Nizam. It must be making so much buzz due to a reason.


The award winning Kathal ki biryani. (Pic by: Jolly Nizams, Hyderabadi Restaurant, Gurgaon)

The logo of Jolly Nizam is attractive. It wears a happy-go-lucky spirit and exudes warmth. True to its name and logo, it’s a casual dining space. It has an open kitchen where you can see your food being cooked live. I was intrigued with the unique method which they employed to roast potatoes.  And of course, the fragrance of live cooking is an appetizer in itself.


The cool logo of Jolly Nizams. Hyderabadi cuisine outlet in Gurgaon!

Talking of appetizers, I tried the 3 vegetarian options Jolly Nizam had. Adrey Gadrey Aaloo (Potato kebabs) had a unique sweet and sour taste. The whole potatoes were roasted on the unique shikanja grill and stuffed with spiced cashews and raisins. Soya Malai Pasanda was soya marinated in creamy yogurt sauce. I loved Saufiya Paneer Tikka. Fennel flavoured barbequed Paneer Tikka was stuffed with succulent raisin paste and grilled over charcoal. I have eaten many versions of Paneer Tikka but this was unique.  The smoky flavor in all the above mentioned dishes stood out.


Soya Malai Pasanda (Pic by: Jolly Nizams, Hyderabadi Restaurant, Gurgaon)

In the main course, I settled for their ‘Dum’ cooked Biryani. Jolly Nizam uses high quality long grained Basmati Rice. Thanks to its meat like texture and flavor, kathal (Jackfruit) is an apt substitute of meat. It is widely used instead of meat in many Indian vegetarian dishes. No wonder I chose Kathal Biryani over Tarkari Biryani (Veg BiryanI). It was so delicious and unlike most Biryani Houses who claim to sell authentic Hyderabadi Biryani. I was amazed by the subtle flavours of spices and herbs infused in the marinated jackfruit chunks. Since it is cooked in the same way as the meat based Hyderabadi Biryani, I didn’t feel like I am missing out on much by sticking to a plant based diet. It was served with mirchi ka salan and dahi ki chutney. The salan was so good, I couldn’t resist asking for a second help. I ordered the ‘Single’ portion. At just Rs.90 it was quite a filling and delicious meal.

I was full by this time. However, I still had some space left for my favourite Double ka Meetha. Quintessentially Hyderabadi, it is one of my favourite Indian desserts. I have eaten many versions of it, in Hyderabad and elsewhere. The Double Ka Meetha which Jolly Nizam served was undisputedly one of the best I have eaten till date. Bread chunks, dipped in flavoured syrup and dry fruits, it sent me into a food coma. However, I wish they served Khubani Ka Meetha as well, another favourite of mine.

I still wanted to eat but my stomach was protesting. I am usually a small eater. I over ate at Jolly Nizam, thanks to its sinful offerings. All through my dining experience, my eyes were settling time and again on Baghare Baingan (Brinjal curry). I am an aubergine fan. Apart from the bhareli wangi of Maharashtra and the baingan kalonji which my mother makes, I am a huge fan of the Hyderabadi Baghare Baingan. I decided to pack in and eat later for dinner. Neatly packed in a sophisticated black box, the Jolly Nizam version of Baghare Baingan turned to be even better than my expectation. I savoured it with rumali roti and steamed rice. What surprises me that for its quality and portion size the pricing of food is pretty reasonable. The fact that Jolly Nizam offers home delivery to homes and offices make it all the more attractive.


Baghare Baingan (Pic by: Jolly Nizams, Hyderabadi Restaurant, Gurgaon)

Contact number of Jolly Nizam, Hyderabadi cuisne in Gurgaon –

+91 9958209930
+91 9958209938

How to reach Jolly Nizam, Hyderabadi cuisine in Gurgaon?

The nearest metro station is Huda City Center. Jolly Nizams is open from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. It is a delivery, take away and dine in. Minimum delivery order is Rs. 300.

Address of Jolly Nizam – DG-10 ,Rodeo Drive, Sector- 49, South City 2, Gurgaon- 122018


Double Ka Meetha (Pic by: Jolly Nizams, Hyderabadi Restaurant, Gurgaon)

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9 thoughts on “Jolly Nizams : This New Restaurant in Gurgaon impresses with its authentic Hyderabadi Biryani and more!

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  2. After reading your blog I am feeling hungry and quenching for spicy Hyderabadi cuisine. I lived several years in Hyderabad and just liked all royal feasts. Double kaa meetha is my favourite and now I make it at home after leaving Hyderabad. I used to think I can get this type of cuisine in Hyderabad but now it is available in Gurgaon which is a good news for all food lovers.

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  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I like Indian food but I am not aware of the local cuisines in different regions in India. Hyderabad sounds like a great place to discover Indian foods. I like aubergine or eggplant dishes. The photo of the Baghare Baingan looks delicious and well-presented. After reading your post, I searched for Double Ka Meetha recipes. It sounds like a simple dessert but bursting with flavors. I read that you can add cardamom and saffron. I would definitely remember your post if I would visit India someday.

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