Chadar Trek with GIO Adventures : My Dream to conquer icy weather, high altitude and my fears!

My Dream to conquer icy weather, high altitude and my fears!

This post is a part of the Himalayan Dream contest by GIO Adventures: India’s Premier Adventure & Outdoors Travel Specialists since 1999.

There are destinations and tdelete 1hen there are mind blowing destinations. I have travelled to more than 80 destinations till now. Some have been good experiences, some great but some just left a lasting impression on my mind and personality and helped me evolve as a person. I am always on a lookout for journeys which enrich me as a person and make me a better person.

Chadar lake trek is one such trek I have off late set my eyes on. Every year a lucky few go to Chadar lake to accomplish that famous trek on the frozen river in Zanskar river. In winters when all roads to Leh close thanks to heavy and incessant snowfall, the bravehearts head to one of the remotest place in India to test their limits , to fight the temperature below 0 degree, to find themselves amongst the looming presence of colossal Himalayan peaks. I have heard many goosebumpy stories from friends who made it to Chadar. It’s high time , I myself experience how it feels to walk on thin sheet of crackling ice, or to be dwarfed by a mammoth waterfall or face the extremely cold weather. More importantly, I would love to bump into the local villagers for whom this arduous journey is a part of daily routine, a way of life.

I want to face my fears, my demons and my limitations as I embark on this epic journey of a lifetime. The time spent without the intruding technology will allow me to connect with myself and nature What better way to know more about myself and the world around me better?

Just thinking of living in caves at such high altitudes with snow capped mountains as far as the eye can see, gives me thrills and an adrenaline rush. I would also want to spot the unique Himalayan wildlife as I tread the treacherous path to happiness. It’s not an easy trek to do and hence require some preparations beforehand and presence of mind while on the actual trek.

It’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should do it before I turn old and my bones start throwing tantrums.

GIO Adventures offers Chadar trek, the details of which can be found here and many more such exciting treks and other adventure activities in the mighty Himalayas. Check their treks and trips on the website here, and their ecological lodges and camps here


3 thoughts on “Chadar Trek with GIO Adventures : My Dream to conquer icy weather, high altitude and my fears!

  1. One line in your post caught my eyes. The villagers for whom this ardous journey is an every day thing. So true. Also an indication that our fears are mostly demons trapped in our mind. Wishing you all the luck for many such beautiful journeys.

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