15 Reasons Why Jordan Should Be Your Next Destination!

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15 Reasons Why Jordan Should Be Your Next Destination!

A childhood friend Mitali recently asked me for suggestions for a foreign destination for her brother’s honeymoon. I got usual suspects when I asked her which destinations have already been zeroed in on. I suggested to her that for the same budget you will get more value and variety in Jordan. She asked me details and here they are, for her and for other discerning honeymooners or any travelers in fact and while you are at it, do also read the packing list for Jordan . Jordan is a small country. 5 to 7 days are enough to see the best of Jordan. If you have less time at hand then you can follow this tailor made 5 day itinerary of Jordan. Hope you have as much fun as I did on my maiden trip to Jordan!


1 vibrant city life
The vibrant Rainbow Street at Amman

The cities of Jordan are lively. While the ancient ruins of capital Amman co exists with its more modern counterparts, the port city of Aqaba exudes a charm of its own. I enjoyed walking through the streets of city of Amman with my eyes peeled constantly. The streets of Madaba oozes old world, small town charm. The amenities are good, roads clean and people have a great civic sense. A co traveler Kaushal even showed me ash trays attached to street poles.


2 varying landscape
Me at a siq which leads to Treasury, Petra (This pic and featured image by : Arka Das )

Almost every day, I saw a new landscape in Jordan. While Amman was more about buildings, old and new, Petra had other worldly canyons and mountains. Wadi Rum gave me the illusion of being on Mars, Aqaba had crystal clear blue waters. Dead Sea was surrounded with salt deposits and the next stop Madaba and Mount Nebo had dry, arid landscapes. Wait, there is a secluded Hot Spring too! All these destinations are within few hours of driving distance from each other!


3 border junkie
Spot the Israeli Flag! This is Israel side we could not cross. The water in foreground belongs to Jordan though!

I am a border junkie. I love to be around borders even if I can’t cross it. During a cruise on the very blue ‘red sea’ (in Aqaba), the attendant pointed out Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine to me. This meant I could see 4 countries from my cruise none of which I could cross. Later also I came across many places which gave me a glimpse of other country without entering it. Most memorable moment  was seeing the Israel side up, close and personal at the Baptism Site.


4 wadi
Me at Wadi Rum (Shot by : Arnab Maity)

Wadi Rum was my personal favorite of all the places I visited. I climbed up a high rock only to be rendered speechless. I watched in wonder as the sun cast its orange glow on Mars like landscape dotted with massive rock formations on sand. I am not going to forget what I saw, in a lifetime.


5 road trip
We took this path to reach Mount Nebo, the important biblical site

The roads in Jordan are baby bottom smooth. Jordan is great for memorable road trips. Most of the important places and cities are within a few hours distance. One can reach the Capital city Amman in 4 hours from anywhere in Jordan. Got the drift, eh?

6 – One of the 7 Modern Wonders Of The World!

6 world wonder
The Treasury, Petra and its caretakers!

You sure want to see all the 7 modern wonders of the world. Jordan houses Petra ruins (which includes The Treasury, Monastery, and Little Petra ). For some extra bucks you can also see Petra by night. On every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, the treasury is lit with hundreds of paper lanterns at its base.


7 history architecture
The ancient ruins of Citadel. behind is the city of Amman perched on hills!

Everywhere you go in Petra you will see a mix of architecture styles and history so ancient, it will make your jaws drop. From Nabatean to Roman and Greek, you will see many influences on the architecture of Jordan. It’s an intriguing mix of western and eastern sensibilities. The many historical sites still standing tall after being exposed to the elements for thousands of years. They speak volumes about its culturally rich past.


8 amazing people
A local woman making mural art pieces at Madaba

The people are friendly, cheerful and very welcoming. I have been offered help by random people on the road. The help always came with a smile. Perhaps, what helped further was that most were Bollywood fans and they made out that I was an Indian. Be it sitting with a Bedouin (a nomadic tribe) over a cuppa in his tent or interacting with a random person, each experience was friendly. It is also a very safe country to visit.


9 music
He sung Arabic tunes in the ruins of Petra, adding atmosphere to it!

My mind still keeps racing back to the evening spent in the desert of Wadi Rum. It was made memorable with live music by a visually impaired magician, err, musician who played ‘Oud’ with aplomb. Next was belly dancing in the lap of luxury at Jordan Valley, Marriott near dead sea. And then there were Bedouins (Nomadic tribes) who would break in to a song and dance in the ruins of Petra, Little Petra, Jerash. These music experiences were the highlights of my trips.


10 - luxury hotel
View of Red Sea from Movenpick Resort. And oh that’s a jacuzzi above the road!

There is no dearth of luxurious stay options in Jordan. My favourite picks are the stay at the simple Evason mai’n Hot Springs done in earthy tones and Movenpick Resort and residences, Aqaba, thanks to its inimitable staff and the sweeping views of Red Sea from here.


11 art
Mural wall pieces at Madaba!

Jordan is full of art. Most noticeable is the ubiquitous bottle filled with colorful sand. It is no ordinary bottle, the artist will write your name in sand through a meticulous process. The background will almost always be a camel against a setting sun. Then there is the centuries old tradition of mosaic paintings and wall hangings. These are the highlights, though the list is longer.


12 bible trail
Al Maghtas, Jesus was baptized here!

Did you know Jordan boasts of one of the most important Biblical sites? I didn’t know until I reached here. Al Maghtas, the site where Jesus was baptized is in Jordan, near the border of Israel. People from across the world come here to get baptized even today. Mount Nebo is another important site where Moses had a view of the Promised Land


13 dead sea, red sea
Me aboard a cruise on Red Sea, Aqaba. (Pic : Stuti Shrimali)

The seas of Jordan offer variety. While Red Sea had one of the bluest water I have ever seen, Dead Sea not only is visually stunning but also lets you float on water due to its high salt levels. I had a great time cruising over Red Sea and cheering my co travelers as they plunged in water for a snorkeling session or just a swim. Why did I not jump? Simply because the food cooked on board was too delicious!


14 veg food
Mutabel with chilli paste; who needs non vegetarian food?

I am a vegetarian and sometimes dread going to foreign shores because you know why? It’s very easy in Jordan to remain a vegetarian, even a vegan! The mezzes like baba ganoush, mutable, hummus etc are not only vegetarian but are high on nutrition and low on calories. The breads are delicious, especially those topped with zattar powder. The deserts are sinfully delicious. I even tried to replicate some back home.


15 shopping heaven
Arabic dolls on sale!

The view from my #SoulWIndow exceeded my expectations!

NOTE : I was invited by Jordan Tourism Board to Jordan on a Press Trip

Dead Sea; notice the salt deposits and blue – green water!

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Me Floating at Dead Sea (Pic by : Stuti Shrimali )

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  5. This is a great and informative article! I especially appreciated the tip about the smooth roads. Knowing that makes it easier to decide whether to rent a car in Jordan! I also love that you pointed out the music. So few travel blogs do that. Nice work 🙂

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  7. Good reasons.. but if I have to pick one then it is very simple…the people of Jordan are just too hospitable and welcome visitors with warm smiles and loads of mint tea…. 🙂 I will go back to Jordan any day so many more places to visit…

    1. I agree with you. I loved talking to them at length. And they love India and Bollywood. I myself am itching to go back. Maybe one day I will go back and stay for longer!

  8. Reasons 6,7,8,9 would do it for me! I remember seeing the mars pic on FB and it looked amazing :-). Now l know why my parents always liked to visit Jordan in the old days. Absolutely stunning. Definitely going to keep this in mind, l think l need to find some space for it on my never ending bucket list. Great images 🙂

  9. Great photos as always Abhinav 🙂 I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit Petra (mostly so that I can pretend to be Indiana Jones) but it looks like there’s so much more to see in Jordan. You’ve captured it really well!

    1. Thank You Emily. Glad you liked it. Like you even I thought Jordan is all about Petra. And then I visited Jordan for a week and realized there is much much more to Jordan 🙂 Make it your next destination. Thank me later 🙂

  10. I love Jordan and it’s such a shame that like much of the Middle East it is getting bad press at the moment. The Dead Sea is incredible and whilst I would agree the country is great for a road trip, I also gave to stress that the driving is crazy there! There’s some great day spas on the Dead Sea too

    1. Trust me the country was very safe and friendly despite being so close to the conflict zone. Plus, there is so much variety. I will not forget this trip in a lifetime.

  11. Jordan is on my Bucket list for years. Your post with pictures evem make it impossible for me to wait to explore this country. I would love to explore the famous Petra and the music of the desert. I don’t even need any reason as I am already mesmerized by everything about Jordan.

  12. What a unique take on it – I never really considered Jordan a honeymoon country, but you make it very appealing. Even more so because I am not going on honeymoon anytime soon and feel like I would not be surrounded (and subsequently annoyed) by too many honeymooners.
    And I love this term – border junkie 😉

    1. Thank you! It is a fab destination for honeymooners, friends and even family with kids. There is something for every one in Jordan. These days, Jordan is also emerging as the destination wedding venue. I think I am the only one who uses the term border junkie. I invented the term for myself. Or maybe, let me google, ugh! Who knows someone else is also using it, haha.

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