10 Decisions That Helped Me Achieve My Travel Financial Goals!

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10 Decisions That Helped Me Achieve My Travel Financial Goals!

More than ten years of travel within India and other countries have taught me life-long lessons on investment planning. There are no free lunches in this world. Unfortunately, there are no free trips in the world either! As an avid traveler, I always try to cut as much of costs as I can. The more I save, the more I am able to travel and longer. In fact, many of my friends who earn in lakhs keep asking me how I am able to afford so many travels with such little money. When I was in a job and earning less than INR 20,000 (USD 300) per month, even then I managed to travel extensively across India and other countries with my own money.

Metro train Melbourne
The metro train I took in Melbourne, Australia everyday. It was rickety and is not as good and well maintained as an Indian metro but what the heck, it saved me a lot of money!


Saving is very important when it comes to building funds for your travels. I did not earn well at the start of my career. I started at INR 19,000 and stayed around INR25,000 for some years. Despite a low salary, I was able to travel well within India and some other countries with my own money.

Me in Art in paradise 3D museum in Bangkok, Thailand. This small country is a backpacker’s delight! Pic by: Parnashree Devi

How did I created a Travel Fund?

Creating a travel fund is really simple. Travel was and is still my priority. I always saved a large chunk of my salary every month for my travel fund. I always cut down on unnecessary costs. That said, I did not live a dull boring life on an everyday basis. I had a smaller fund for parties, movies, theatre outings, exploring Mumbai etc. I would do it on a rotational basis. For example, if I spent too much on a party or restaurant on one weekend, I would go out for a movie or explore Mumbai on my own on next weekend which is much cheaper. So, I have been able to live an interesting and exciting life not only during travels to exotic locations but also on routine days.

United Arab Emirates is expensive. Or maybe it is not! My Pic by: Surabhi Kapila


When I am traveling on my own, I take up only public transport. It can take more time and can be inconvenient at times, but it saves a lot of money. Taking a private cab from Bhopal to Bhimbetka may cost me around INR 3,500 (54 USD), while a Government run roadways bus will do the same job in just INR 50. (less than 1 USD) Isn’t that a huge saving? I always prefer Government run buses as they are punctual and charge the right amount. So, when I am traveling solo, I always prefer sleeper class trains, roadways buses, metro trains etc.


When I was in Dubai and Australia, I took only Metro trains which helped me save a lot. I can’t even begin to think how big a hole it would have burnt in my pocket if I took only cabs in expensive places such as U.A.E. and Australia.

I find most places in India to be very cheap. This is me in centuries old Shore Temple in Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu. Pic by: Swati Jain

I also travelled from Canberra to Melbourne on a bus and Melbourne to Sydney on a train which again saved me a lot of money.

The annual Pushkar fair, Rajasthan is a value for money thing to do! Incredible India!


When I am traveling on my own and not on a sponsored junket, I always book the most basic of accommodation. A passionate traveler like me hardly spends time in the hotel room even if it is a luxurious one. I am mostly out all day and return to hotel only to sleep or sometimes work, thanks to the forced ‘Digital Nomad’ lifestyle I live.

Wildlife sanctuaries like Bandhavgarh National park in India are always expensive. Go with friends and split the cost like I did. Pic by: Mayuri Mandal Sen.

So, I try to find hotels below INR 500 only when in India. Contrary to popular belief, such hotels and home-stays are clean, serve good food and are also centrally located. These are not listed online, so many travelers are not aware of it. I have fond memories of staying with a local family in Fort Kochi for as less as INR 400. Their homestay was at a walking distance from all the points of interest in Fort Kochi.

It cost me nothing to attend the Kumari festival in Nepal. It is free!

Similarly, I always get cool beach facing wooden huts in Goa for less than INR 500 ($8) a day.  A friend of mine found a cool hut on an island in Andaman for just INR 300. Andaman is considered as an expensive destination. It is not always possible to find such cheap hotels outside India. However, you can still find affordable ones in expensive destinations. For example, I thought that an expensive destination like Dubai must have really expensive hotels. But I was surprised when I booked an air-conditioned room (with attached bathroom and bathtub) in a prime location for just INR 2,500 ($38) a day.

I have still not tried living in a hostel. I prefer privacy but someday I would surely want to try it especially if I travel to Europe in future.

Trekking is always low cost and high value! Me at Poonhill trek in Nepal. Pic by: Swati Jain


I have realized that at many places offseason doesn’t mean that the weather is too bad. It can also mean that the salaried workforce is meeting the targets at the end of the financial year. Or it is exam time for students. Such situations result in low demand of hospitality services. If you do not have such limitations to deal with, please go ahead and take advantage of lesser crowds, cheap accommodation and flights and maybe the entire restaurant to yourself.

Free Tram CBD Melbourne
Do you know trams in some sections of Melbourne is free? It takes you through points of interests. I always look for free things to do in a super expensive destination like Australia! I shot this in one of the alleys in CBD.

Sometimes, when offseason at a place is due to weather such as Goa and Ladakh, I would suggest book at the far end of the season. You will still enjoy good weather and most of the hospitality services. For example, I enjoyed visiting Leh, Nubra valley and Pangong Tso in off season (October) and got cheap deals. I have been to Ladakh in both peak season and off season. Trust me, I preferred the off season for the reasons mentioned above. Also, go on weekdays, if you can manage that.

Yes, I managed to travel a lot and smile a lot more under a salary of under 300 USD a month!


Though I am more of an impulsive traveler, I myself never plan accommodation or itinerary in advance when traveling within India. However, I always book tickets in advance. Rail tickets tend to be sold out very quickly in India. So, I always book at least 3 months in advance. Even if I have to cancel the trip, I will lose nothing but few rupees (negligible amount) as cancellation fees. Flights and buses are infamous for getting pricier with each day. It is always better to book months in advance. The otherwise expensive tickets to exotic places such as Ladakh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be very cheap if you book a year in advance. I know a friend who has done that many times.

Australian dollar currency
It was so difficult for me to part away from these Australian dollars that I took a picture before spending it, lol. I shot this just as I arrived at Darling harbour. I took a metro train as it is cheap and at walking distance.


Australia is expensive. So is U.A.E. When I visited both I was worried about how I will allocate my budget. I did not want to overspend. Every small expenditure made in these countries has the potential to set you back. I played smart. I stuck to only free things to do in both the nations. And I was amazed that there was just so much to do in both U.A.E. and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) that I did not even have any time left for doing paid things. The only money I spent on was food and metro. I did not take a single cab ride in both the nations. Most of the places of interest are near the Metro station and are at walking distance. If you are fit and healthy, then I would advise you to opt for commute by Metro. For example, Opera House in Sydney is right opposite the metro station. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is also accessed through a metro station. I will write detailed blogs on ‘Free things to do’ in Australia and U.A.E. soon.

Melbourne Sydney Australia
I did a lot of walking in Ausralia!


I am essentially a solo traveler at heart. But I am not a Travel Snob by any means. What I am trying to say is that I will travel with a good company if we have same similar tastes and travel goals. Traveling solo is often more expensive than traveling with a company. Every time I have travelled with someone I trust and gel with, I have been able to save a lot of money on accommodation and food by going Dutch. Splitting costs at a fancy restaurant also means that I can try more (local) dishes and still pay less. And a good company is always more fun.

King coconut. India Sri Lanka Vegan Food
Sri Lanka is a cheap and value for money destination. Amazing experiences at low cost! I prefer such countries!




As I have mentioned above also, I do not live a dull life by shunning all the entertainment, restaurant visits and movie binge watching. I rather strike a balance and enjoy it all. Please read above to know how. I am not really frugal but a minimalist at heart. Minimalist does not mean that you have to sleep on a mattress on the floor. A minimalist, according to me, can still own an expensive camera, laptops, King Size beds, Motor Bikes and even a huge refrigerator. A minimalist can have all of this and still be called a minimalist.

What I do as a minimalist is that I never hoard things. Since more than a decade, I have only enough luggage which can fit into a small van. I keep giving away old clothes and also give away the gifts I receive to my maids and to poor people I meet during my travels. But what is more important here is that I never buy anything which I do not need. Once in a while, I shop something during my travels to support the locals. For example, I bought many Knick knacks from Rann of Kutch (India), Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand but I did not buy anything for myself. I just bought gifts for family and friends.

CBD Melbourne
I always refill my water bottle. This saves both environment and money. Many free refilling stations like this one in CBD, Melbourne, Australia helped me save the world and the money, lol.


Mumbai is so interesting that during my 7 years stay in Navi Mumbai, I always explored different corners of Mumbai every weekend. We often neglect our own cities in a quest to experience the exotic. I have seen more of Mumbai than many other Mumbaikars. And it cost me just around INR 500 for 2 days. How? Local trains, lot of walking, vada pao, the works!  Also, Mumbai has amazing destinations like Malshej Ghat, Matheran, Naneghat Trek, Bhimashankar trek etc. I made all these trips under INR 1000. Yes, it is possible. Again, think local buses, local trains, walking, cheap stays and restaurants, etc!

Vegan Food Australia
Instead of going sit down restaurants in Australia where a meal would cost me at least 20 Australian dollar, I settled for street food. This vegetarian croissant sandwich at a stall near Sydney Harbour cost me only 6 Australian dollar. A small sushi box at a take away in Metro station in Sydney cost me just 3 Australian dollars.


This is last but not the least. Investing wisely is the most important task if you have long term goals. I made the mistake of not investing early on when I started earning. I was rash, careless and uninformed. But a decade later, I understand the importance of investing wisely. Now I always buy travel insurance, especially when I am traveling to expensive countries. Carefully done financial planning, such as buying a term plan, goes a long way in safeguarding you from unforeseen events.

Ladakh in India is a cheap destination if you know the hacks. Ask me how in the comments section below!

About Aegon Life:

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Do you know I stayed at a clean, centrally located PEACE GUEST HOUSE in Leh for just INR 600. It is in a quite location and yet at 2 minutes walking distance from Leh main market and the Shanti Stupa (in pic). 

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I loved my experience in Bhutan. It is a very expensive destination for people of many countries. Luckily it is a very cheap and value for money destination for Indians. Take advantage guys!





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  2. Congrats on achieving your travel financial goals! Planning ahead is definitely super helpful for reducing costs. Great tips!

  3. You seem like a very smart and savvy traveler, and I thank you for sharing your wise tips with us. One thing my family and I do to save money (as you do) when we can is to travel off season, and, we did just that, when I was twelve years old and my family wanted to go to Disney World. Thankfully the teachers let me take off about a week from school to travel.

  4. I do a lot of backyard tourism where I am. It’s so amazing to look at your homelike a tourist. You see lots of great things you might miss otherwise. Love that you put away money regularly for travel.

  5. This is so relatable . I do abide by the rules . Being a trekking enthusiast , I believe trekking is a low money, high value investment with so much to explore and retrospect. After climbing a mountain , I am much more confident . Mountains give me strength. Your another point in staying in budget accommodation , well perfect since if you are an avid traveller , you would always prefer a ‘minimalist than on luxuries . Luxuries isn’t an escape, travel is

    1. Agree with you Ashruti. Trekking indeed costs little but gives back life changing experiences. I am hooked ever since my first trek.

      And Minimalism is a way to life now.

      1. Perfect . I have treated myself with a travel treat every month . It doesn’t need to be at luxurious places , bt the little Hamlet at india that satisfies my soul .

        1. Trust me. I find international and luxury trips overrated. I find my सुकून and satisfaction in small villages and hamlets of India as well. Cheers to that.

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  7. Some amazing tips out there … Public transportation and creating a travel fund are some of the things we do too to save money. Having a good travel insurance is of utmost importance. We got all our money back when our flights to Iceland trip was cancelled, all thanks to our insurance

  8. Some really helpful tips here! Starting a dedicated travel fund was the best thing I ever did too. The hardest part of it though is getting it started! I found once you have a base level of savings, then it’s much easier to grow. But those first few hundred dollars always seem to be the hardest to save! It’s hard when you don’t have a high paying job but it’s about hustle, hustle, hustle if you want to travel!

  9. These are definitely smart ways to travel without spending much. If one can have a balanced life, he/ she can enjoy and travel as far as she /he can. These are great tips for travelers.

  10. Yes to off season travels! We basically travel only during off season not only because it is much cheaper, but also there are much fewer people. The only exception is when we want to go to a destination for a festival or event.

  11. Travel Funds are the best! When we were saving for our big RTW trip, payday was my favorite day of the week because I could watch the account inch steadily upward–it was so motivating. Travel is all about balance, like you said–spending on things you value and skipping things you don’t. Backyard travel can definitely be a huge money saver as well–we tend to try to stick to one region for months at a time for that reason.

  12. You give some really great tips on how to save money for travelling. I agree about saving money and using public transport. I like to do that, at home, and also when in a new country. It gets you used to a new destination and also saves you money! A great read.

  13. Awesome tips! Yes, if you make travel a priority, you’ll be able to still travel despite not having a very high paying job. So many people think you have to be rich to travel but you and me are proving that it’s simply not the case. Travel is for everyone who plans right, not just the rich!

  14. We travel quite alike. I try to be minimalist as well and allocate money towards things that I consider important to me like travel, and I always use public transport. I’ve used hostels quite a bit when travelling abroad, especially in Europe, and many of them offer affordable rooms along with the dorms. That may be something you might want to check out on your next trip abroad.

  15. I really like you advises and tips of how to save money for travelling and during travelling. I couldnt give better saving tips! I guess it all about what are your priorities in life. As we both are passionate traveler, some of the tips above are easy for us like sleeping in a low budget hotel…so our money can last longer and therefore we can travel more. But I know much people who are not hardcore into traveling, so they prefer luxury hotel even though they can’t stay as long as us because its too expensive. In any case, I hope your post will inspire a lot of people out there to save their money in a smart way so they can also travel the world!

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