Find out how Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston makes a new friend on Emirates Flight!

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Who doesn’t love the TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? I grew up watching it and even now I keep seeing its re runs. It never fails to crack me up. One of my favourite character was Rachel, played so well by Hollywood heartthrob Jennifer Aniston. Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actress partners with Emirates for its product campaign! Hollywood actress par excellence, a director and producer Jennifer Aniston makes a return to the Emirates A380.

She makes a new friend, in a new global digital and TV advertising campaign for the world’s best airline*. The cool new ad is a follow up on the successful first Emirates-Jennifer Aniston ad launched last year. It was a much talked-about campaign and took no time in going viral. On the lines of the first light-hearted TVC, my favourite actress lends her unique personality, classic style, and that quintessential touch of humour (which never failed to crack me up), to put A380 in spotlight.


The advertisement begins with Jennifer exiting her shower room. Jen was freshening up in the Shower Spa when she found the feisty young boy who whiled away his time playing in her Private Suite in the Emirates First Class cabin. Surprised, she remarks to the little boy, “Oh, can I help you Sir?” It is this inimitable style of her which has turned me into her fan for life! As they exchange banter, the two end up finding friendship. The two strike up a conversation. “My name is Jennifer but my friends call me Jen.” Jennifer tells him. “My name is Cooper but you can call me Coop!”, the kiddo retorts, perhaps oblivious to the star

that Jen is!  They build rapport strolling nonchalantly through Emirates’ Business Class cabin and Onboard Lounge, causing much curiosity to the co passengers, the audience is hooked to know what happens next.


What happens next is heartwarming and warms up the cockles. While they were sitting and chatting on the stairs between the lower and upper decks of the aircraft, Cooper confesses to Jen about his dream of becoming a pilot – of ‘this plane’. “But this is the best plane Jen, So I only want to fly this very plane!” He innocently points to his model Emirates A380 aircraft.

As they walk up the aisle, Cooper reunited with his parents in Economy Class. The parents are taken aback when they see Jen. Jennifer swaps the seat with Cooper’s mother and enjoys Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system with Cooper. Cooper’s mother is excited and makes the most of Jennifer’s Private Suite.


Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand explained: “A year ago, when we launched our first ad featuring Jennifer Aniston, we were overwhelmed by what a social phenomenon it became. The humour resonated with audiences around the world, and the ad was viewed by millions of people, generating thousands of conversations. Fans of both Emirates and Jennifer loved her effortless charm and humour, and enjoyed a story that deviated from traditional airline advertising.

“We were overrun with requests to see Jennifer again. She has an enduring, universal appeal that is at once sophisticated, but also down to earth – a great match for our brand. This new ad perfectly captures the fun, spontaneity and glamour of flying on Emirates, and we are confident audiences will find it as memorable as the first.”

The TVC was directed by industry veteran and Oscar-nominee Bryan Buckley, who is acclaimed for his numerous Super Bowl ads. The script and creative concept was a collaboration between Buckley and Emirates’ in-house advertising team and produced in conjunction with the WPP Group.

The TVC can be viewed on the Emirates website or on the Emirates YouTubechannel, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can join the conversation using the tag #JensBack.

Emirates has recently been awarded the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards and I can see why. As I was watching the TVC, my roving eyes got a glimpse of the insides of Emirates. Not only was the suite ultra luxurious but even the economy class looked like a must try in the advertisement. I harbored the dream of flying in Emirates one day and played the TVC one more time. The quintessential Jen fans will understand!


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26 thoughts on “Find out how Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston makes a new friend on Emirates Flight!”

    1. Me too. I have never experienced an Emirates flight myself. This ad makes me want to do that. I would love to review my experience of the much talked about flights of Emirates.

    1. Yes. I have been following her journey since decades. She exudes a warm, witty, approachable and relatable personality. That’s why she’s loved by millions across the globe.

  1. whisperwanderlust

    Jennifer Aniston is a great actress indeed, but I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I first saw her in the commercial. Don’t know why, but it was kind of hard for me to associate her image with the great airline of Emirates. However, this was a really smart move and I’m sure it will attract millions of passenger.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog. I am a huge fan of Jennifer like millions of others. And I listen to her intently when she speaks. It was indeed a great move to cast her in this ad.

  2. I have to admit that I didn’t see the second Emirates ad that stars Jennifer Aniston. I remember the first one through and it was hilarious. I think though that Etihad is one step ahead with their Nicole Kidman VR ad which follows a secret mission on board the A380, from New York to Abu Dhabi. I do understand why airlines are spending so much money on Hollywood actresses to showcase the A380. I have flew with it and it’s an amazing birdie. 🙂

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