Are you an Intrepid Traveller? : Blog to win a fun trip to Thailand!

main_ban12As a traveler I have been exposed to some really exotic destinations within India and mesmerized by unique geographies and wildlife. I am always hungry for more travel experiences which enlighten me, enrich me as an individual, change my world view and ultimately change me as a person. Antarctica is one of the most ultimate destinations of the world. The 11 days trip to Antarctica by Active Holiday Company is just perfect to experience Antarctica in all its glory. It’s my long time dream to experience this extreme place first hand, especially the Southern pole of inaccessibility. No experience can beat staring at different species of penguins and seals and orcas in their picturesque habitat as huge icebergs float by poetically. And who knows I might even end up seeing the elusive humpback and minke whale. Stuff dreams are made up of! To discuss and hear tales of other travelers from across the globe, I would be attending the event Adventurers We Love (#AWLMumbai), being held on the 3rd December 2014, Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PST) in Mumbai. For more details and to register, click here. It is organized by Active Holiday Company. (Twitter handle : @activeholidayco ) in association with Intrepid Travel ( Twitter handle : @Intrepid_Travel ). For details on how to participate in blog and win contest, click here .

All the best! happy traveling !

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